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  1. Word is he's not even separated. He and his wife co-own a production company, and his appearance on the show seems to be a publicity stunt on his part (his social media IDs are the company name).
  2. Sienna

    S02.E06: Trust a Try

    I definitely see a belly here: I wouldn't call him fat, but chubby? Sure.
  3. I think the theory comes from a comment she made along the lines of "You (Jorge) were only 17 and I wanted you to be able to live your life" (or some such, I'm heavily paraphrasing). I'm pretty sure it came up twice, once during the call between her an Jorge an episode or so ago, and again during her call-in to the host for this episode. It seems an odd thing for a 17 year old to say about a fellow 17 year old, but if she were older, it would make sense. It could also explain why she didn't push harder to legally establish paternity. That said, it's just speculation, like lots of other things in this forum.
  4. I think he was 28 when he was arrested in Arizona in February. The alleged baby momma made a comment about wanting to let Jorge have a life because he was only 17, or something to that effect. If the daughter is past her 10th birthday now, that would fit.
  5. I don't think people automatically assume Annie is a prostitute because she comes from Thailand, I don't recall that assumption being made about Kyle and Noon, for example (or if it was, not to the level of David and Annie). The reason it comes up, frankly, is because David doesn't seem like someone Annie would be attracted to unless the alternate situation was pretty damn bleak. It's not just that he's older, overweight, and not what most would consider good looking, he's got the personality of Eeyore, with zero drive and no sense of responsibility. Annie's personality isn't exactly perfect either, but with David, there's just nothing to recommend the dude. Not to mention Annie wants children, and doesn't seem at all likely to have them with David, for multiple reasons. Throw in the fact that Nikki apparently said that's how Annie and David met (I believe that Nikki knows the real story), and Ashley's assertion that David has a history of seeking out sex workers, and I'm inclined to believe it. I don't judge Annie for it, but I do think the relationship is skeevy. And while I usually tend to defend Annie, it pissed me off when she was so quick to jump on Anfisa over the webcam stuff, especially when Anfisa had already said that she didn't think it mattered if Annie had been involved in sex work. I was also incredibly annoyed when everyone jumped on Anfisa for saying that she would divorce Jorge if the child turned out to be his. I think David said something about that not being what marriage is? Yes please, Obi-Wan, share your relationship wisdom with us. You're our only hope. I might have some sympathy if Jorge genuinely didn't know he had a kid out there, but he knew about the possibility for years, ignored it, and lied to Anfisa when she asked him about it specifically. As horrible as I think it was for Molly to move Luis in to a house with children he'd never previously met, at least he was aware of their existence when he came to the US. I am super curious about the baby momma's age. If she was older and Jorge was under 18, that's statutory rape in California, isn't it? It's one thing if it was just a question of a few months age difference and one was just on the wrong side of a birthday or something, but if she's considerably older, I would absolutely place the responsibility on her, though it doesn't change the fact that Jorge should have been upfront about it to Anfisa. I bet Pao has a punch card. The Tell All was number 10, so they threw in Roos' rental for free.
  6. By rights, Pao *should* be fun to watch, at least in a trashy way. But nope. She's boring AF.
  7. Molly has absolutely NO self-awareness. First, she defended David by saying that she knows what it's like to criticized for having with a much younger spouse. How exactly is that younger man working out for you, Molly? You and Luis are not exactly shining examples of how to overcome an age difference, you're more like a cautionary tale. Then she commented on Jorge's situation by bringing up her own absent babydaddies (not something I'd want to remind the world about). When she got snippy with Anfisa about how she working three jobs to raise a baby alone at 22, I prayed Anfisa would hit back with "Good for you, but I know how birth control works." And when Olivia made the comment about how she didn't want Molly to move anyone else in, Molly's jaw dropped to the floor, as though she couldn't fathom why that might not be a good idea. This just minutes after watching video of her confrontation with Luis, and what it took to get him out of her house. She'll be DAMN lucky if he really does go quietly back to the DR. When she made the comment that he hadn't followed up with his Green Card paperwork, Pedro shot her a seriously disbelieving look, I wonder if he knows something she doesn't. Molly, do yourself a favor and find a coping mechanism that isn't booze, fuckboi, or using your children as emotional crutches.
  8. Pretty sure Anfisa (in an earlier episode) claimed that the baby momma contacted her, back when Anfisa was still living in Russia.
  9. Given Jorge's profession, I wonder what the odds are that a court order for child support would get her very far? It's not like he has a paycheck to garnish, he's always driving a different vehicle (so who knows if actually owns much of anything in his name) and didn't seem to even have a permanent residence when he first appeared on the show (possibly making it difficult to have him served). Maybe she could attach a bank account or tax returns, but I assume if his business is mostly cash, he could hide a lot. My personal theory is that in the beginning Jorge gave her money (at least periodically), and she knew that her chances of getting much out of him via court order were dicey, so she figured it was better than nothing. Then Anfisa came on the scene, and suddenly ALL of Jorge's money (and then some) was spoken for. Jorge completely ghosted the baby momma, leading her to track down Anfisa on social media, because Anfisa was easier to find than Jorge.
  10. Sienna

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    The part about refugees being extradited is in the "Historical Notes" section at the end of the book. When speculating about what happened to "our narrator" there's the question of whether she made it to Canada, and from there, to England, which "would have been wise" because "the Canada of that time" didn't want to antagonize it's powerful neighbor, and was known to roundup and extradite refugees such "Offred" would have been. It's also theorized that one of the reasons the tapes weren't made public knowledge during the narrator's lifetime was due to concerns about her family in Gilead, Luke (if he were still alive), or their daughter. There's mention of refugees being sent body parts purported to be from their loved ones, as an incentive to keep quiet. Something like that might add credence to June staying behind on the show, if she not only hoped to rescue Hannah, but feared that Hannah would be endangered specifically because June made it out.
  11. Sienna

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I think it came out somewhere that the original reason he went to Thailand was for a cheap gastric bypass.
  12. Sienna

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I think David deliberately stokes Ashley's resentment. He rubs it in because he knows she's sensitive about it, and it gives him an ego boost to imagine that all the women in his life want his attention so badly they'll get catty over it. It only works because Ashley is so damaged in the first place. In reality, he treats Annie like crap, and they've only been married a few months. It will get worse with time.
  13. Sienna

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I do place the greater blame on Molly (she's older and *should* be more mature, not to mention more cautious, since she has kids to consider), but I don't think Luis is blameless here. And though I agree that trying to make him an insta-stepdad/childcare provider is a HORRIBLE idea, I have no problem with the idea that he should be helping around the large, comfortable house he's living in for free, especially considering the fact that he's not working yet. If he doesn't like it, he's free to fuck off back to the DR. I agree, I don't blame her for being angry. I know she was an adult when he left, but it sounds like David wasn't exactly there for her even before he decamped to Asia. And the four years he left are pretty formative ones when your son is 13 or 14. I do think it's unfair that Ashley focuses so much of her bitterness on Annie. Frankly, Annie is going to get put through the same ringer as everyone else in David's life, and it's already starting. They've been in the US for all of what? A few months? And he's already pawning her wedding jewelry. He's a slimeball, and at this stage in his life, he's not going to change. LMAO You NAILED it. I actually suspect the opposite about Anfisa. She wanted to be in the US, and she'll be fine as long as she is. I think she knew perfectly well that things were not on the up and up with Jorge (IIRC, she hacked his phone and cancelled his plane ticket when he refused to buy her a Chanel bag). I think she only came because she wanted a Green Card, and Jorge was already lined up. Plus she mentioned wanting to be like the Kardashians, and she knew that there was a reality show waiting to film her as soon as she landed in LA. I think she'll stick with Jorge until the Green Card comes through, and stick with the 90 Day franchise until/unless a better offer comes up. Either way, she'll be fine.
  14. Sienna

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    If Nicole really thinks she's going to get married in Morocco, she should check out King Mohammed VIs wedding. Something similar to Princess Lalla Salma's dress would actually flatter Nicole (as much as anything would).
  15. Not sure if his Wikipedia page has been posted here before, but it's an eyeful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Thieneman