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  1. Sydney and Alli seem mentally dim. Just zero depth there. These people are just trashy drunks and some are downright unattractive. I do like Daisy and Colin, the voices of reason. I don’t care about the Sydney/Gary storyline at all, girl has serious issues. Hope she was mortified when she watched back. Don’t care about Natasha’s body being too good to share with anyone for the last five years. Don’t care why JL was too pissy to hook up with Dani. I just don’t care about a single person on this boat. The first season was so much better, too bad.
  2. I hear you. I think Sonja was just trying to break the ice and said something silly. She was trying to befriend Eboni, no harm meant even it was cringey.
  3. Leah is intolerable. Converting to Orthodox Judaism?? Such a bid for attention, just so fake. I can’t stand anything about her. Whoever compared her to Brandi Glanville was spot on. I hate that preview of her saying, “you’re a ho, you’re a ho...” to the women. She tries SO hard to create “good reality tv”, she is insufferable. And her boyfriend “Pita Chip”? She’s such a dork. WHY was she brought back?? Seriously. Ugh. Eboni isn’t doing it for me, maybe that will change over time. Sonja’s comment about having all colors of fish in her pond was cute, why did Eboni have to comment negat
  4. Yikes, just saw it. So it really is Jean Luc’s baby?! That’s nuts.
  5. I think Dani is waaay prettier than Sydney, just my opinion of course. Sydney’s desperation and stalking make her looks plummet even more. Her white hair is always ratty too. She looks dirty. Dani was on WWHL last night and there wasn’t a whisper about pregnancy.
  6. Sydney is a delusional one, lmao. I honestly don’t find her very attractive but she sure thinks she’s amazing and likes to tell everyone in earshot. How did Daisy sit there and listen to that? “I know I’m the better catch/better looking”. To WHO?? When she had her one nighter with Gary she was telling HIM that she’s the most attractive girl on the boat. He was like, “uhhh..”. She sure needs to announce her “beauty” a lot. She is beyond cringe-worthy. In every single aspect. I hope we don’t have to see her naked anymore. JL and Dani are so cute together!
  7. She looks like a Vanderpump Rules recruit. Completely plastic face and lips before 30-Kylie J. indeed. Kathryn had such a natural prettiness, how sad that she felt the need to jack up her face like this. She’s lost what made her special.
  8. Totally agree with you as always Sun-Bun. She should have thought of the repercussions of giving up her youth and partying life before she screwed half the rich cast, trying to get knocked up. There is one scene that highlights her sociopathic/narcissistic way with her kids/Kensie in this case. Kensie was a baby and Craig came over to visit. Kathryn just lounges around while the nanny (Dawn?) is doing all of the work. Dawn goes to take Kensie up to bed and Kathryn makes a show for the camera of leaning in and affectionately saying goodnight to her daughter. But she turns away too abru
  9. I was absolutely disgusted by this episode and find Bravo contemptible. Those boys need to be removed from that family situation. It is child abuse for them to be subjected to all of those dynamics. Barrie dating the daughter’s ex-boyfriend (and going to propose to him?!) Get the EFF out. SO SICK! Those very young minor boys had to sit there and watch a drag show with their father’s boyfriends (who can keep track of who goes with who??) twerking and shaking their asses in a sexual manner inches from the kid’s faces! I saw those boys exchanging uncomfortable looks. I was outraged and angr
  10. Not just messed up. Creepy AF and scarring to those children. I guess those are the only guests they could find during a pandemic. Depraved weirdos with children exposed to their weirdness. Sick.
  11. Someone else last thread mentioned that this season is shades of Real World Las Vegas and that is spot on. These people are not that appealing and it’s just not compelling to watch them screw each other. I like watching semi-relationships develop (I loved Hannah & Conrad on Below Deck Med as one example), not just naked famewhore storylines. I like Jean-Luc better than Gary because he actually seemed nervous/crushing on Dani. Gary however is just gross. Sydney is a dum dum. Get a clue. I thought Daisy didn’t want to embarrass her yachtie family or “the whole Republic
  12. Ashley was detestable but remember her saying that Kathryn never visited Saint in the hospital and that she (Ashley) saw the kids more than Kathryn? She knew things... It’s utterly reprehensible that Kathryn caused Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in her son. That poor kid, he will suffer with serious issues his entire life because she just could NOT put down the drugs/liquor while pregnant. Unreal and disgusting. Bravo needs to cut her loose. Enough.
  13. Ha ha, great point. I didn’t think about this being filmed during quarantine. 😂
  14. And when Natasha said she had been celibate for five years, one of the skeevy girls-I have no idea who is who except the Irish one-so very kindly offered to have sex with her. WTF?! Again, no flirting, no crushes, no lead up. Just, everyone take their clothes off and dry hump the nearest body. Paget & Ciara now seem like a throwback to a more innocent time-the olden days. 😂
  15. Well, they already ruined the formula. First season there was a long-term couple, lots of overt flirting (Paget/Georgia), Madison flirting but not ending up with Parker, and Jenna & Adam who were annoying AF but did form an actual relationship of sorts. Second season? Instant sleazy reality show, everyone hooking up with everyone else right out of the gate. No flirting, no suspense, no romantic feelings. Right to orgies in the hot tub. 🙄 I had been looking forward to more Sailing Yacht but this was just cheesy as hell. And Gary’s hair looks like a wig and I don’t find him
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