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  1. She looks like a Christine. So much cuter.
  2. I liked when Bugsy told Pete he’s batshit crazy. He is SUCH a creep. He is so aggressive and I’m sure he used to rush to take advantage of drunk stews on his other yachts. THAT is how he got so much action, it’s not due to his prowess. They were likely blackout drunk...ew... When he sat on the counter and stared at Bugsy...he truly believes he’s all that, and too sexy for any woman to resist. He’s grotesque. But I’m laughing because he definitely DOES deserve gnarly Lara. Bugsy. Bugs. Interesting name/s. WHY?? What is her real name again? I would go by that..... Alex is smitten alright! He just gazes at her. Malia’s boyfriend looks really cute. I like Malia this season. But I must admit that I’m shocked she hasn’t once drawn attention to the fact that she’s a “cute, attractive bosun”, lol. Hannah should lighten up, have more fun, smile. Be like Kiko. 🥰
  3. I love your eye for guitars! Good call on them being high-end and seemingly out of place with this crowd. Lol, even Paget tried to get in on getting his big break singing. He was always accompanying Georgia. He looked good in his glasses, I think he is cute. I like how mature and confident he is too. I don’t know how he & Ciara work so closely 24/7 though and don’t get tired of each other. A little mystery is a good thing.... Did Byron get asked anything? If they do another season, please no Jenna as Chief Stew again. And no Madison. She’s too belligerent.
  4. I thought the exact same thing. I saw his detached smirk, a sociopath sign. He enjoys creating chaos and then sitting back and watching the fallout. Jenna is pretty pathological herself. She sure was whitewashing her terrible treatment of Madison (esp) and Georgia. Glen, as usual, had no comment.
  5. Oh, that pissed me off! Colin is a great guy and really cute too. Her quick denial of being involved with him was really bitchy and I agree, she is nowhere close to good enough. GTFO Madison.
  6. I can’t stand Jenna but she looks beautiful tonight. Almost like a different person. But she’s still the same manipulative, gaslighting person. I’m glad Paget apologized to Ciara for his flirty ways with Georgia, and they seem like a strong couple. But, I didn’t believe him that he wouldn’t have gone for Georgia had he been single. Come ON, lol. They had hot chemistry together, there’s just no denying it. I hope Georgia finds her own Pag, I like her. They were all nice about Parker.
  7. Yup. Sociopathic people-they have no guilt/conscience. Jenna and Adam are truly bad humans. And the disrespect she showed Glen was dumbfounding. She really thinks she’s above the law and should be able to give Adam a BJ in the galley if she’s so inclined. Repulsive bitch. Major props to Madison & Georgia for handling Jenna’s bullying without kicking her in those big teeth.
  8. Thank you for this! I’ve only seen Season 3 (BDM), will have to watch more. Others on here have given info on him before that makes me think he is on the sociopath spectrum. He is very humorless too. Very creepy guy, Jenna needs help. He, though, likely is beyond help. Sociopaths don’t change.
  9. Does Adam ever talk about his upbringing and why he is so troubled? He didn’t seem ^as^ angry on BDM (the episodes I have seen) but on Sailing Yacht he is pissed off 75% of the time and very emotionally abusive towards Jenna, the delivery man and a couple others. It’s weird that he prefers life alone in a van. Who is this guy and where did he come from (grow up, family, etc)? Paget and Georgia have it bad for each other-I really feel for Ciara! Chris is sweet and good looking, but he’s not a challenge to Georgia like Paget. I too thought Paget being shy was very endearing! My take on Madison’s emotional outburst at dinner? I think she is still secretly down that Parker rejected her romantically (and then left on top of it). So, here comes a new, really cute deckhand and I think she was hoping HE would be her guy/hookup since Georgia has a flirtation with Paget. But Chris chose Georgia too and I think that was the final straw.
  10. I just saw last week’s episode and hadn’t seen that weird meltdown Adam had when he found out Jenna & Georgia dated the same guy. He is way creepier than I already thought. Why did he lose his shit over that?? Control freak much? He is off in the head, and seems dangerous. Jenna’s mean spirit showed AGAIN when they were all at dinner and she couldn’t contain her smile at Parker leaving and actually wishing he had been fired. I didn’t care for Parker but damn, she is just a bitch. I have seen way too many scenes now of Adam angry. Angry at Jenna for daring to date someone before him. Angry at Parker for not making beds. Angry at Madison for “gossiping” about those assholes using the master suite. Angry at Parker for not cleaning their toilet, lol. He always talks in this gruff way like he’s gritting his teeth together as not to explode. He also chops vegetables angrily. The dude needs to get off my screen. He’s a ticking time bomb. Ciara seems more relaxed lately, I like it. She’s cute!
  11. Very insightful! Adam *really* rubs me the wrong way (as does Jenna) and I like your analysis of them. Adam honestly gives me the creeps. I agree that he is emotionally abusive. I wished I had seen the WWHL with Glenn and Paget & Ciara. I am kind of surprised they are still together but then not. I can’t see Ciara ever dumping Paget, no matter how he acts; she has been with him since she was a kid. Codependency.
  12. I agree. I see a sadistic streak in Jenna. She immediately had to “punish” Madison for daring to talk about her and Adam’s gross entitlement. Jenna gets a little too happy when she gets to reprimand Madison or Georgia. She was positively gleeful that time she made Georgia cry. Jenna & Adam really do deserve each other.
  13. This x1000! Adam is such a tattling little dick. Whining to Jenna about what Madison said, like a 13 year old girl. I hope Glenn is making them clean their scuz-infested master cabin on the daily. They give me the dry heaves. I love the new guy Chris, nice to look at and a professional too!
  14. Glen automatically takes the side of the boss of the department, annoying. Paget (and Ciara together), or in this case, Jenna. It’s not really fair; he didn’t care to hear Madison’s side at all. Jenna is a bitch as a boss but Glen had his mind made up.
  15. I would rather have a night out and get plastered, ha. I have pale Irish skin and happily avoid the sun. I didn’t mind Paget’s pale body, lol. Adam’s “feelings” for Jenna come off as implausible and phony. Talking about having butterflies and things finally going good or whatever...he just doesn’t convince me. He has a wooden, rehearsed way of discussing relationships. Parker seems nice enough but reading his mom’s letter, just odd. And needing all eyes on him while reading!
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