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  1. I agree-Ashton’s Chippendale dancing is such a turnoff to me-seems the ultimate in douchiness. I like down to earth guys, not try-hards. Ugh, I cringe when he whips off his shirt and starts gyrating.
  2. Tanner’s mom...wow. That baby voice, “oh Tan! I miss you so much! Don’t get any hookers pregnant!” Ewww.... rather strange lady. Tanner is a real douche and very immature. But he’s good looking so Simone is back in his bunk. Eh, we were all young and dumb once, whatever. Brian is really hot AND he’s a stand up guy. A total catch. Lucky Courtney! Kate looked bizarre in those shots of her getting ready in her cabin. Bony body, gigantic, inflated lips, yikes. She’s a rough one, appearance and personality.
  3. Huh?? What sex tape?? A “decent bride price”?? 🤔 I am so grossed out by the editing this season. Hearing people puking is vile. Why are they forcing this on viewers?? And what an invasion of privacy. Somehow I was shocked to see Courtney in Brian’s bunk. She seems so meh about him. And everything, lol. Rhylee is very unattractive. Poor Brian, why didn’t Captain Lee get him medical help a lot sooner?!
  4. So now Courtney is saying she still doesn’t know if she likes Brian and is picky? Being picky is a good thing but come on, Brian is hot, just have fun. She overthinks.
  5. I should have clarified that I DO think Travis really loves Stephanie and that they have a good marriage. I don’t think that she’s *just* a trophy to him at all, just that she’s still slightly in that category due to his chauvinistic views. I wonder what LeeAnne will think when she sees the footage of Rich commenting on all of the hot women at their reception. Remember when she told Kary, “Rich is faithful as a motherf@$!er!” Yea, suuuure he is LeeAnne. Why do people like Rich bother getting married multiple times? Does he have that much money to blow on all those divorces?? Pretty mind boggling....
  6. Wow, so perfectly put, every word of it. You are dead-on about a VERY large cause of Stephanie’s depression. And also dead-on that Travis is quite repellent. Travis and Brian are very chauvinistic and have their wives firmly in exactly the little servant/trophy spot they want.
  7. Once again, I’ll reiterate that I don’t believe that Kate is 36, despite being told that is legit. If true, she’s the oldest 36 year old I’ve ever seen/oldest-acting. She can pass for 44-52. More on Abbi: She should have just sucked it up for a few more charters; I think she was just desperate to see her new text-fiancé. I will not miss her constant complaints about how she’s “chill” and belongs on a sailboat in a tee shirt/shorts. No one cares, K, bye.
  8. Seriously!! Beyond disgusting and I almost started dry heaving in reaction. Damn it would suck to get sick on this boat with cameramen around every corner! Since Abbi is so impulsive (leaving the ship on a whim), let’s see how long her quickie marriage with her “fuck buddy/whatever” lasts. She’s a dork. I’m glad Captain Lee treated her so dismissively. Brian and Courtney are cute together, very natural. Poor Ash, having to kiss Kate to prove his prowess, ha. He came off as SUCH a douche this episode. “Penis ravine”-thanks for this new term Kate, love it! Brian’s was indeed hot!
  9. I also agree that Kathryn is worse than Thomas. He actually seemed to care about/love her early on whereas to me, she was always manipulating him. That’s why she lied easily to his face about sleeping with Whitney. And she slept with the three richest guys on the show in a two week period, trying to see who she could get to have babies with her, and support her in high style. Thomas was the easiest target. I remember her online shopping on her couch while the nanny took care of Kensie. I have always found her pretty disgusting. Finally, what is it that the senator (Joe) said about her putting nanny Dawn up to filing a rape charge against Thomas?? Nothing would shock me.
  10. I always thought that Kathryn was the sociopath too. She was oddly unattached to her son as a baby, and also unmoved when Jennifer Snowden was crying over her newborn son’s brain surgery. There is a lot of other disturbing things I have noted over the seasons. It’s funny that Whitney used to call her a sociopath initially as well. He was actually right. Sadly her mom recently died so I have no clue who can help raise those poor kids.
  11. Rich was already feeling hemmed in as soon as he said, “I do”. Thus, ogling women at his reception. What a guy. No food at the reception put it in the tackiest of categories. Who does that?? So the Westcotts are fine hanging around a low class grifter like LeeAnne? Mm-kay. It would be wonderful for Bruin to have a bio-sibling in the family. Sadly, I don’t recommend it here. Brandi is in over her head. And I have never forgotten all the wine day-drinking she used to do/still does? Plus, Brian seems very checked out and I would not be shocked if he has a girlfriend on the side.
  12. It’s par for the course with a boat load of older women, lol. Is it “right”? Officially, no. But don’t kid yourself, Ashton LOVED being able to whip his shirt off and show off his abs and sexual grinding for viewers to see. He was in his element! So, as long as men are lapping up the attention, women are going to scream at them to “take your shirt off!” It’s just that simple. Wow, Simone got a bum deal this season. She’s just the Laundry Lady-slaving away ironing in the bowels of the ship, no storyline in sight. Abbi is now engaged but a week ago wanted to fuck Ashton? K. 👍🏼 She is seriously annoying. And shiny.
  13. This is spot on. Kate has always been miserable and bitchy. Very mean spirited. These guests creeped me out beyond words. Esp Brandy, but they were ALL so skeevy. Sometimes Simone’s accent is so strong that it’s hard to understand her. The boat looked messy in the shots from above when they were at the dinner table. Did not look luxurious at all. Abbi is already annoying AF, two episodes in.
  14. Courtney mentioning jellyfish being part of the menu in her “biweekly seafood extravaganzas” made me feel a wee bit nauseous.... Abbi of the Too.Much.Hair. I mean, literal *pounds* of red spiral curls. Safety hazard indeed. The bun looks cuter on her. Brandy was grotesque to watch. And those gnarly women pawing at Capt Lee and asking “is that a joystick?” Ewww.... I had flashbacks to that couple seasons back, cornering the stew Jen in their cabin, and propositioning her. I really wanted to like Tom Cruise/Hugh Grant Kevin but nah, he’s an arrogant douche. I guess production hated him too because those bathroom scenes last episode were repugnant. Loving all the cute deck boys & Bosun!
  15. YES CatMomma!! I’m so with you-age is irrelevant, it’s who you vibe with! Close minded people sure miss out on some amazing connections. Congrats on your engagement and wishing you much future happiness!!
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