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    S06.E13: The Bimbo

    Usually imo when a serious actor does comedy they really overplay it for laughs as a comic character in an almost patronizing in-on-the-joke way (looking at you, Robert DeNiro). Captain Holt is so NOT that character; and thus his delivery and demeanor are even funnier.
  2. MakeMeLaugh


    As I said to Mr MML, Cheers was set in a bar but it wasn’t really about the bar or drinking. This show is only about the bar and drinking, in a time when sobriety is a real thing.
  3. MakeMeLaugh

    S01.E20: Free Fall

    Finally watched this episode last night. I think Bradford collapsing was a cliffhanger that will find him hauled back up on the cliff within five minutes of the first episode next fall if there is one. He’s the only character I really like so if he’s not back, Mr MML will be watching this on his own next fall.
  4. MakeMeLaugh

    S01.E19: The Checklist

    This describes “Line of Duty,” a British series that is so good, so serious, so thought-provoking.
  5. MakeMeLaugh

    Splitting Up Together

    The two leads are charming and have star power imo but that’s it for this show—sorry but all the kids suck both as written and as cast, the extended family are cartoon characters who drift in and out, and omg the leads’ relationship is just stupid. Dumb enough that they stay together in spite of the bonus baby, now the baby and mom will move in? And Lisa Apple’s giant clown glasses are also super-annoying, btw. If this mess gets back based on the leads, I hope they stand up to the writers and demand a whole new show.
  6. MakeMeLaugh

    S01.E19: The Checklist

    I think Fillion is noticeably chunkier than in the first episodes—look at the promos for this show. I’d expect a rookie cop to stay in shape, but okay, guess he’s a special snowflake boot. Show should have had Bishop call him out on training harder. If I’m a defense lawyer I’d be salivating to think that my client was arrested by a cop who had a short-term quota of crimes to check off—entrapment. Under the influence girl with her six crimes could have those cases thrown out. I totally agree with the same-old trope of IA being perceived as rats. Yes to Line of Duty on Acorn I think which shows the painstaking work of investigating police. It would be amazing to have the female IA officer treated with respect.
  7. MakeMeLaugh

    S04.E14 Minor Crimes

    Ditto. I was hoping for Jonah who must have a bachelors in business at least (as he dropped out of an MBA program), so has a management-attractive resumé. His booksmart management style on these clowns and the customers would have been funny. Unpopular opinion but the Amy character to me is super-boring and really frustrating to watch.
  8. MakeMeLaugh

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Omg you are right! Now I’m going to do that to everyone who is attractive enough but not.
  9. MakeMeLaugh


    Sure, a bar operating as a business in a residence. In a city. OMG who thought this was a good idea? Plus isn’t sobriety the new black? Plus aren’t there real bars these morons could go to?
  10. MakeMeLaugh

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    Maybe a spin-off starring Shahi is in the works.
  11. MakeMeLaugh

    The Bachelor in the Media

    That group of women could turn a lesbian straight
  12. MakeMeLaugh

    S01.E18: Homefront

    Nolan is such a dolt. And as if the charges would be dismissed when he ran (slowly—he cannot run) out of the hearing. Give me an effing break.
  13. MakeMeLaugh

    After Life

    I agree about Fred Savage! He was in one of my all-time favorite shows, The Grinder—he masterfully played the hard-working brother against Rob Lowe’s “prodigal son” role. So funny, so hard to play.
  14. MakeMeLaugh

    After Life

    Gervais is actually on a quiz show called Child Support (https://abc.go.com/shows/child-support) where he wrangles five of so lower grade-school kids for their answers to Jeopardy-level questions, while Fred Savage hosts an adult faced with the same questions. Gervais is funny and comfortable with the kids—although I don't see him in a teacher role, I could see him being a headmaster and dealing with kids, parents, and school staff. Heck, I think he’s thoughtfully funny no matter what.
  15. MakeMeLaugh

    Will & Grace

    I’m really liking Jack’s future husband who makes me laugh and will be soooo pissed if they don’t get married. That would be a good opportunity for different future storylines. I’d love Samira to be a semiregular but have enjoyed Karen more than in this pairing. I actually like Noah with Grace (but can’t see that lasting) as he pulls her out of the tiresome-to-me same old same old with Will (much like the existence of Karen’s ex/late? husband did even though we never saw him).
  16. MakeMeLaugh

    S01.E17: The Shake Up

    I don’t know, I fell asleep again this week during the episode. Mr MML loved Castle and is still enjoying The Rookie but I feel like Nolan has turned into a plodding schlub whom I can’t believe is a cop never mind attracting a superhot girlfriend, and the show’s not as much fun as I had hoped (LA has a lot of oddness it’s celebrated for—perhaps a bit more “only in LA” plotlines might keep me awake). Also for me there are too many characters that I’m neutral to meh about and I really don’t care about three rookies and three trainers and miscellaneous romantic partners and superiors. And open plaid shirt over teeshirt is just cheesy stereotyping. But again, Mr MML really enjoys it. I wish Joel McHale could join the force as captain 😂.
  17. MakeMeLaugh

    After Life

    Pretty sappy ending in the cemetery scenes with Oenelope Wilton and I also feel it was a mistake for Tony to give Justin money to buy enough heroin to overdose (he will live with that forever), but otherwise good as we love Gervais in the MML house. Sort of a mini-Office thing going on in the newspaper office. I would love a prequel with Lisa and Tony.
  18. MakeMeLaugh

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I fell asleep just before the capt got shot but I did catch the Rookie walking into the situation room all supernoble to applause and retched at the supreme self-importance, and then said to Mr MML he is putting them in danger with that big target on his back—he really shouldn’t be there. And look who was right (and yeah, she is dead because of you). Sorry, but Nolan is just such a dumb schlub and so physically slow-moving to me now that I just don't get him as a cop vs someone like Bradford (swoon). And the comic fish-out-of-water theme is just gone now. I’d cancel it.
  19. MakeMeLaugh

    A.P. Bio

    Mr MML and I were laughing so much at this episode I thought we were going to puke. So much funnier than the “Schooled” series in every way. The hamster, and the exercise ball, and the snitch notebook. So good.
  20. MakeMeLaugh

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Just watched most of this last night. Harrison is totally playing the virginity drinking game prompts for Bachelor Nation—I like it. Creepy ending with Cassie—if she’s that much not into him, how can she stand being the one to end his virginity (<drink>); he’ll be stalking her the rest of her life. Stopped watching before Hannah B was announced, but from the little I saw of this season (started with hometowns and she was already gone, right?), I think the guys are going to all be crazy about her, so that will be fun. The MML house is in.
  21. MakeMeLaugh

    S04.E11 Steps Challenge

    So much funnier than last week. I might have to go back and pause the running text feed to catch the throw-away jokes. Mr MML and I were almost crying-laughing at some scenes.
  22. MakeMeLaugh

    A.P. Bio

    Love the school secretary soooo much. More her please, less three women teachers.
  23. MakeMeLaugh

    S04.E10: Cloud 9 Academy

    Probably the least funny episode in quite a while, as in, Why is Glenn babyproofing his office in the first place when he leaves the baby with lunatics in the meantime (and I so love those two lunatics)? Why didn’t Glenn just take the bubblewrap or whatever off the doorknob so he could open the door? Or just call someone else to open the door after the first call didn’t work? Amy is just not funny when she is annoying. Blah.
  24. MakeMeLaugh

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Like the rules don’t apply, whether common courtesy at the minimum in her case or federal laws to her mother (who has quite the record and stints in prison). At 23 she is on the cusp and her complete tone-deafness to her targets’ dismay and delight in hurting them, and her sucking up to those “above” her (Chris Harrison, some of the more polished confident women) are not good signs for her future imo.
  25. MakeMeLaugh

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    The next time I see Demi will probably be on a wanted poster—telling Colton that her nemesis (sorry I don't know these names) had something to say to him and then cackling at the awkwardness she created, after moments before claiming in the hot seat that she was vulnerable. No sympathy here for a bully like that. Or sociopath.