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S06.E14: Jennifer & Marissa's Story LIVE CHAT

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Our latest Poundticipants are a mother/daughter team . . . .


Jennifer and he daughter Marissa are stuck in a codependent relationship that has put both of their lives in jeopardy, with a combined weight of over 900 pounds.

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will unlock at the start of the US East Coast showing and again for the US West Coast showing.

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And we're off!!!!!

How's everyone doing tonight?  Looks like we're getting a two-fer.  Not a good sign with both of their weights are "unknown".

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Sugarsketti! Yum!

I had some Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies after work. I need to put together salads for the next couple days' lunches. Dinner will probably be breakfast.

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1 minute ago, Giant Misfit said:

I love how every episode begins now with the Poundticipants reading the contents of a nearby inspirational magnet on their refrigerator. 

Maybe they're reading off Sue Heck's bedroom wall... (sorry, reading the forum for last night's The Middle, too).

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