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S06.E14: Jennifer & Marissa's Story LIVE CHAT

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1 minute ago, CringeWatcher said:

Yep, but he’s a little pudgster, so he’s sometimes known as “my 600 lb chihuahua.” 

lol...mine was 6 pounds. He's my avatar.

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If you haven't had biscuits and sausage gravy you're missing out. Both my parents were from Oklahoma and B & G were served for breakfast with eggs on the side several times a week. The gravy must be made with sausage or bacon fat for the full post meal comatose effect. Next to the stove was a canister that had a detachable screen for filtering bacon fat. The canister came printed with the word "grease" on it. No one had a weight problem but then we weren't building biscuit pyramids either.

When I moved away from home and not knowing any other way to fry a egg except in bacon fat, I packed a large jar to take with me. My boyfriend was appalled and showed me you could in fact fry an egg in butter, Pam or on Teflon.

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As usual, always a blast watching this show with you all! Not too exciting, but I don't feel like I need to take a shower after two hours with Shit-nee and Freddy last week.

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2 hours ago, CringeWatcher said:

Have I been watching this show too long? Seems like these gals aren’t really that big.

That's me.  I see older shows, with 500 pounders, and think it's cheating.
I haven't finished watching yet, but those looked like a LOT of eggs for 2 people.
I knew Marissa hadn't lost when she mentioned cheating at work.  Do we know what she does?

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3 hours ago, dreadfulLeigh said:

Ok, catching up. 

Holy shit. The daughter is NOT that far behind. I feel like she (the daughter) has convinced herself she’s “not that bad” and only like half her moms weight. Damn. 

Dude. I was thinking exactly that! It's amazing how much your perspective changes. I was in Paris a few months ago and felt like an elephant. It's rare to see someone who is obese. and the city doesn't accommodate fatties either. I had to scan the cafes to locate one where there was a wider aisle between the road of cafe tables  I weigh 240 which is obese and large unless you are watching T LC alot. Lol

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4 hours ago, Miracle Maxie said:

In two weeks we get Melissa with a whole two-hour update (after eleven years!) all to herself. 

I hope it's not the downer I fear it will be.
In most of the follow-ups, she's with a jerk, and has yet another kid, and looks down-trodden.

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