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  1. I had to laugh at Olivia's comment about Grease being her favorite and watching it on repeat as a child. I certainly hope it was the ABC Family edited version. People forget that the unedited is a bit racy at times. The words to Greased Lightning? Yikes! Side comment: when my son was in fifth grade, I helped chaperone a class bus trip to Chicago. The bus had a VCR with multiple screens so passengers could watch a movie. A TEACHER popped in Grease. My comment, "The unedited version? We could get some parental phone calls on this." Sure enough, when the Rizzo-Kenicke-broken-condom-in-the-ba
  2. Maybe a slightly medicated make up? To keep her from break outs, or something like that? So bizarre.
  3. Chock and Bates finished second to P/C at Finlandia. Love her new costume. I hope it's enough to medal ahead of the Entitlement Twins. My hope is that at the Olympics, they choose both C/B and H/D for the Team competition. It's too much to hope that C/B would be chosen for both the Original Dance and Free Dance. Madison Hubble's head would certainly explode and she and Douche Boy would probably once again not show up to support their teammates. C/B were there in 2018, waving flags and supporting the others. They deserve a shot for a team medal as much as H/D do. Maybe more.
  4. I'm still finding it hard that Louise would simply move into Roseanne's house and not do anything to liven up the "early 70's shag and afghan" decor. The kitchen wallpaper, the paint, the general messy clutter. You'd think that she'd try to freshen up the dreariness. THAT would be a storyline. The kids reaction to her changing their mother's white trash motif.
  5. Harris, as well. Shorter, more brooding and curly headed was the way to go on these two. Harris and Mark look like the kids Darlene might have had with Becky's old boyfriend, Dean. Or maybe Barry.
  6. Voight? He's the corrupt cop, but I think the show needs the villain factor. I wouldn't want one of the others playing that role, although the most likely candidate would be Rusek. I don't know if I hate Upton. I think I liked Sophia Bush better, but her character's personal storylines were too melodramatic. I swear I wanted to punch the TV every time Markie Post showed up.
  7. INFURIATING. Becky mistakenly torpedoes her sobriety and clueless Jackie couldn't care less, when it was basically her fault?! And they use it for Whacky Jackie hijinks? WOW. And no real remorse about that mistake also leading to a minor drinking alcohol (Mary). WTF, show? Jackie was overall cringeworthy tonight. The yelling and screaming were so over the top. Darlene is insufferable. She's a selfish, self centered, moody bitch. Run, Ben, RUN. I'm watching this show IN SPITE OF how rudely unpleasant Darlene is. Not like teenage Darlene, who was bitchy and controlling (Roseanne 2.0)
  8. The three story home reminded me of the monstrosities that Windy City Rehab threw up. Overblown, pretentious, with islands that you could park a semi on. Oh, and modern to the point of not matching the neighborhood, devoid of personality. I see it's listed on Zillow: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/930-Elm-St-Indianapolis-IN-46203/1078455_zpid/? There's also a Bates Hendricks house on Zillow that looks like it was probably done by Two Chicks. Call me crazy, but I prefer the smaller houses with character, not building homes to compete with Alison Victoria.
  9. Okay, I had to laugh. Mere and Widower McBoring dated...OFF CAMERA?! I literally did a fist pump and jumped off the couch. THANK YOU, SHOW. Swing and a miss, Cristina. And yeah, Linc deserves better. I have a feeling that Maggie could end up pregnant, to incorporate Kelly's RL pregnancy. She and Winston just got back from their honeymoon. I can see them hiding it for awhile and then writing it in. I could not care less about Megan. She took Riggs away, someone who Mere actually was compatible with, then dumped him? Now he's tending bar up North along the Virgin River. You're
  10. I think Suni is more in the Nastia mold, minus the ice. More serious in comparison to Laurie, Shawn, or even Mary Lou. Laurie was made for a show like this. Personality Plus. I think if Mark Ballas were still around, he might have been paired with Suni. Sure, he's only two years younger than Sasha, but he has a younger, more boyish look. And he's short, too. I saw Jojo for a brief second on Kelly Clarkson's talk show on Tuesday afternoon. No bow or side pony. Kelly even asked her about it and she made a comment about giving it a break. A LONNGGG break. So maybe she's transitioning to a
  11. At least she isn't wearing a giant va-jay-jay this week. I didn't want to like Jojo. Really, I didn't. The little girl next door has Jojo Siwa EVERYTHING. Her parents even took her to a live concert. My granddaughter likes her, but not at the levels that the neighbor girl does. But....yeah, I'm into this pairing. I'm even casting votes to off set the prudes that are so "offended" by the girl on girl dance action. And I guess that I never realized just how tall she was until now. Shows how little attention that I paid to her. I know Jenna is little, but day-um. We know which girl i
  12. This was my thought when the repeat played and wasn't pre-empted or cut into once. Maybe they had to shut down production because of positive COVID tests. Burton was the only one that we knew about, but there could be others. LW would be a prime candidate since they spent time locking lips.
  13. One of the ice cream truck boys was Jackie Aprile. Tony asked if he knew how to drive the truck. I'm not sure who the third kid was. Tony B? Artie Bucco was in the scenes of Tony as a kid. They got off the bus together and shared a cigarette. Artie was musing that he was going to have to take over his old man's restaurant when he got older. I watched a second run through with the closed captioning on, to catch these little easter eggs and nods to the fanbase. Regarding the Moltisanti's being unable to have kids until TA-DAH....baby Christofuh makes his appearance, Laugh out
  14. Watching a lot of the HBO2 marathon. A season a day since Friday to get interest up for the Many Saints of Newark premier. It's nice to revisit these awful motherfuckers again. Pine Barrens was on yesterday. Hilarious to revisit Paulie and Christofuh eating ketchup and relish packets while lost in the woods. And my favorite, "Fuck you, Santa!" from the little kid and all crew simultaneously yells, "OOOH!" Of course, these bit of hilarity are mixed with the horrifically brutal Ralphie, and the downfall of Jackie Junior.
  15. Right? Noticed that as soon as it came out of his mouth. “Mark Conner?”
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