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  1. "I'm disappointed" (in the weight loss) "I can't do this much longer" (omitting 75 calories a day from her usual 5000) I don't know why I'm not losing" (slops 8oz of Velveeta on her broccoli and ham)
  2. I haven't watched Season One. Was the lump, lipoma, disfigurement on Tammy's forehead ever addressed? Why did her family not pursue surgery or liposuction years ago when she was a teen?
  3. *Slaps my forehead* Of course, your right. And me, thinking she had a 'No Eating in Front of the Camera' clause because she was too embarrassed or mortified to be seen eating. I really gave her too much credit.
  4. He would have to consume 35,000 calories above and beyond his usual intake to gain 10 pounds. Ontreon said several times he was ready to do 'whatever it took' to lose weight but obviously he was all talk.
  5. She must have a clause in her contract that doesn't allow her being filmed while eating because she has to be shoveling 6 to 8 thousand calories a day into that maw just to maintain her weight. The men she calls her "relationships" and "boyfriends" are just using her, but your right, she enjoys the fame and attention.
  6. No, she doesn't. When she was complaining to the camera about the reason they bought the electric wheelchair, she said suspiciously, "Did they get this to help me or them?". Tammy could care less if the wheelchair was a help to her family. She just didn't want to exert herself bending and unbending her index finger on the control lever. That would be work, ya know?
  7. I often fast forward through the psychotherapy visits but so glad I didn't this time. Dr. Paradise was a prince trying to talk sense to that crying, angry, naked lady. I thought she was going to tackle him there for a moment.
  8. I would not want to swim in that pool after Tammy had been in it. That water was getting into deep folds and crevices' that probably had not seen soap or a washcloth in years. I hope they tested the water for bacteria as soon as she hauled herself out.
  9. LOUD, piercing and grating all at once. I finally had to put it on Closed Caption. I'm surprised she hasn't shattered all her kitchen glassware.
  10. I hope Amy's planning for this eventually. The story lines will dry up soon enough and the show will be canceled or even more likely Tammy will drop dead and .... The End.
  11. The school was incredibly accommodating to his weight. Others brought him and the students items as needed while he sat and he was allowed to put chairs in the hall at 10' or so intervals so that he could rest. I've got to believe there are very few teachers of his size anywhere. As mentioned upthread, he would be of little help in a classroom emergency. I wish him well though.
  12. He certainly was. But the one thing that would have kept me from buying - an all sloping backyard with a tiny BBQ area down a long set of stairs - didn't bug him at all.
  13. I think Tarek can't emphasize enough that this year-long train wreck of a flip skirted total financial disaster only because the market was hot and inventory was low. I assume it will find a buyer but for me the bedroom whose only view was the dark underside of the suspended driveway, and the lack of space for a kitchen or dining room table would be a deal-killer for me. I don't like gloomy, viewless rooms and I don't want to eat every meal off a bar stool.
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