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  1. Yes, that was a 2012 episode of No Reservations shot in Malaysia. Living communally in close quarters in that traditional long house would have to either take a lot of respect for privacy or a very open attitude to the lack of privacy. I still miss Tony.
  2. Book Hoarders: It's been quite a while since I've watched Hoarders - has the (so-called) background music always been this loud, intense and overly dramatic? It overwhelmed the content and made trying to hear what was being said such a challenge I finally just watched the program on Closed Caption, something I rarely need to do on other sites.
  3. French Riviera. A woman and her much younger longtime boyfriend searched for the perfect apartment. It was pretty clear that her higher budget would win over the far inland (but cheap) house with the endless steps. I found myself huffing and puffing for her. Her new venture would involve expats but I didn't catch what it was.
  4. At 22 she was crazy not to take the $25,000 for life. Someone really should have given her a math tutorial and serious financial advice.
  5. (Sorry for the double post) These offers are aimed at homeowners or heirs that do not have the funds to repair a home for a decent sale. The flipper's offer is usually a low as-is offer and his goal is to make a pretty decent profit after the reno.
  6. Just the property taxes on a $6,000,000 house would be $60,000 a year.
  7. I miss the old David too. Looking at what he's done to his body with tattoos is sad and distracting, especially those tigers running up his neck. What was he thinking?
  8. This makes me think of Anthony Bourdain who once said (pre big fame) that it was hard doing restaurant reviews for magazines, "because just how many ways are there to say "crunchy" when describing a salad?"
  9. 25 years ago I had to use squat toilets many times in France. I'd be in trouble now if that's still common as I can no longer squat like that (and get back up) due to arthritis.
  10. I suspect Dad is way too busy working overtime, double shifts and all national and religious holidays trying to support their massive food costs.
  11. Thank you so much for posting this. Just wonderful to read his brother Christopher's own happy memories of their childhood days in France,
  12. We had a double murder go unsolved for decades here in Ventura , California. Years were spent following dead end leads and it was finally solved with the arrest of the Golden State Killer (Joseph DeAngelo Jr,) using the then new use of reverse geneology.
  13. I'm the opposite. I avoid any program or even commercials with masks as it makes me both angry and sad. I seek out older programs and movies that are mask free as I find it much more relaxing.
  14. Kenzie

    Fix The Show

    All I want is for Jeff to calm down, stop screeching and put a little dead air between his words during challenges. This season I usually watched the challenge with the volume down or off just so I could concentrate on the action instead of Jeff's verbal histrionics.
  15. Yeah, she was very stubborn and too clueless to be flipping. Pulling a renovation budget out of thin air on a house she bought sight unseen was ridiculous. She deserved losing money on those counter tops - who pays in full for work they haven't even seen or inspected?
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