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  1. I wonder how he'd get to Dr. Now from the island. I suppose he could book a small yacht (stocked with treats and fast food) or went by private jet to Houston where he could crankily yell at the pilot to land a couple of times in order for him to pick up snacks.
  2. Agree. Unless I missed the premise, wasn't the whole purpose these folks going to this "resort' was because there would be no fat shaming? I checked out right after the swimming pigs. @Susanlynn9 don't understand why they needed the commentary either. I also found it amusing (but I grew up with British parents and cousins that lived in Scotland) that they felt it necessary to subtitle what some of them were saying. Meh, like I said I was underwhelmed by the entire production - is this going to be a one time TLC freak show or will there be more episodes? Fingers crossed that it wil
  3. For the LOVE of GOD, please tell them to STFU, they're really dragging this one out..................................
  4. OK pounders signing off......may see what trainwreck "My Big Fat Summer" is. Hope Whitney is there! Night all, have a great week, see you next Wednesday!! OOPS I mean two weeks from now.....Happy 4th -watch those eating habit!
  5. Oh no........will Dr. now tell Doug he's a failure?
  6. Yep, got to keep Dr. Now busy!!! Doug, STFU quit being so damn nervous - grow a pair, or perhaps you've lost enough weight to see them. ***Disclaimer for my comments tonight -still recovering from a concussion - feeling much better, but its changed my attitude a bit to being more bitchy than norm. The doctor tells me that I'll eventually return to baseline....but I sorta like saying things that I never thought I'd say....
  7. "'"Us Time"???? You all don't need anymore kids! Sorry that sounded judgy.....slinking over to the corner.....
  8. It's pretty sad when the Subaru commercials are more exciting than this episode.....YAWN!!!!!
  9. Ashley is going to have to find a new Mr, Mom for a couple of months.... The way Dr. Now is talking I think we might have some trouble here still......
  10. Nudge me if I fall asleep. Is Dr. Now slurring his words? Having trouble understanding him a bit before he went into surgery.
  11. Passing around the bottle of eye bleach for y'all.....
  12. Definitely not a field for thin-skinned emotional Doug. He wouldn't last a day.
  13. Also if he really went to work at a design firm, I can guarantee (from personal experience) that the client might say he's failed in not delivering the concept they were wanting. Maybe not so much stress in the world of t-shirt design...
  14. Nah, he's just looking for any excuse to return to carbs!
  15. OH No!!!!! The dreaded appointment with Dr. Now is coming up. What if he's hard on me??? I'll crash and burn!
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