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  1. I'd like to point out that she said she was the oldest of 12 children. Can you imagine that she has no relationship with 11 siblings! This must be a record, and I don't mean for this show, I mean like a World Record for anyone with siblings, to be estranged from 11 siblings. You'd think at least one would still speak to her. She has no one because she did it all to herself. Her toxic personality, people run
  2. I think he confused the IMBRA on the website and the Terms of Service of the company. The TOS I am sure states that you are agreeing not to contact the person off the website. It's like on ebay, you agree not to sell the buyer anything else off their website or conduct transaction privately or they don't get their fee and you are violating eBay terms of service. Or I used to dogsit for DogVacay and both myself and the client had to agree to the TOS that we would not leave the website if we met through the website. I was not supposed to take them as my private client. However, I did do this a
  3. Lana and David: I feel like the production played us. I felt all along that Lana was going to show up, because they were trying SO Hard to make her be an obvious catfish. I think it was a script. He didn't go 5 times to Ukraine. I think he went ONCE. They made up at least the first 3 trips, and came up with ridiculous excuses as to why she didn't meet him those 3 times. If this were true he would not have gone a 4th and 5th time. He wouldn't have gone the 3rd time. Maybe he did go the 4th and 5th time, but I don't see how TLC would have wanted to spring for 2 trips overseas. But I am not
  4. Oh God this was horrible. Both of them: my kids are my priority, I need to be there for my kids. The thing is, when you are dead from obesity related diseases, you are not there for your kids. Cynthia and Dottie, Dr. Now explained you are on your way back to being 600 pounds. Being there for your kids doesn't mean you have to stuff your face. You are NOT at a healthy weight now at all. Cynthia thinks she is skinny? and now she is steadily gaining. But the kids! Dottie, if she says one more time "Landon is my priority" UGH! again you can't stick to the diet because he is your priority
  5. You can't be there for your kids without stuffing your face? Your still at a very unhealthy weight. You ain't gonna be there for your kids. And you are on your way back to 600 pounds
  6. I think they were getting him speech therapy? He wasn't talking or something, unless it was another family I'm confusing them with.
  7. Why do wet need to see Dottie again? One of the most annoying ones of all time and they keep showing her whiny fat asses
  8. Alicia is very pretty- her face is really lovely. He was trying to keep her fat because he knows that if she were a normal weight she would be extremely attractive and out of his league. It was so obvious.
  9. every once in a blue moon, we get someone who really does the 1200 to the letter. These few people who follow it lose much more than the goal. There was that black guy with the nice gf who played the guitar with the pony tail, for example- sorry can't remember his name. He stuck to it and instead of 30 pound in one munt, he lost 50 pounds. Dr. Now knows this too, that his goal can be reached on 2000 a day or 1200 plus a few slip ups. So when they lose less than the goal he knows they are very much overeating. When they are supposed to lose 60 and they think Dr. Now is gonna be happy with 25 l
  10. I actually liked her at first. I thought here is something we NEVER see, a person with a job, who had a happy childhood, and was not fat as a kid, and doesn't have enablers. I was sure she would be a success. I also thought that 1200 calories was not going to be enough for her because she was working 40 hours a week, not lying in bed or sitting in a recliner. It makes a huge difference! She would certainly be more hungry on 1200 calories on her feet 8 hours a day then a bed bound. She could have lost 30 pound a munt on 1600 calories a day. I wish Dr. Now though would have explained to her
  11. Im glad they show this poverty on American TV. People here are so entitled, they whine about everything. First World Problems. I saw a video about a neighborhood of people in Naples staying indoors in tiny 300 sq foot homes. That isn;t easy. I'm always aware that I'm here in a big house, with toilets, and heat and AC. Ed just ticks me off with his "I'm hot", I don't have my 1000 thread sheets. Like I have said before WE didn't DO anything to be born here or in a First World Country, we just lucked out. It was sheer, random luck. I wonder why I wasn't born in Africa, or South America or
  12. I don't think she is gay or knows yet if she is for sure. I think she saw this as an opportunity to promote herself and her youtube channel. I thought I would skip their segments for this reason, that it just seems like blatant self-promotion for both of them, but actually I sort of like the storyline. Here she has Aplastic Anemia, which is extremely serious, and it would be hard for her to do a lot of jobs well, but through her own efforts, has made a successful youtube channel. Well good for her for doing that. I think she is in love with the Australian girl, but more on a platon
  13. Big Egg is just so entitled. When he said to Rose's dad "I didn't get much sleep because I was hot, so I want to take Rose on vacation". She didn't translate to her dad his comment "I was hot" . That really pissed me off. Boo hoo Ed you're hot. That was the first night in your life you ever spent without air conditioning, you poor thing! I feel really sorry for you.
  14. Plus at 475 pounds she didn't have any of the problems that people 150 pounds more have. Usually they cannot move well at all without getting out of breath. They are mostly bed bound, They have massive issues. They can't take a 4 hour car trip easily. They didn't even show her trip to Houston because she was fine. She could walk fine. You really see the difference that an extra 150 pounds makes. She was just hoping that she could get on the show for fame, get the surgery when some other clinic turned her down, and scam the show and Dr. Now into thinking she was over 600 pounds. And she d
  15. What you say about addiction is so true. My brother is an alcoholic and he is not drunk on 6 beers, it only brings him to feeling normal. It has no other effect. He needs 3 six-packs to start acting drunk. He usually drinks to feel normal and to feel not sick, not to get high. There is also something in sugar and fat that makes people feel good that steamed vegetables with seasonings just does not accomplish, brain chemistry-wise.
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