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S09.E05: PolygaMexicamist Wedding

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I only wish my cable still had an east coast HD feed, like it used to.  As it is, I'll DVR the Wedding of the Century, and watch and comment tomorrow, since I'm west coast.

Mr. Xword refuses to watch this show with me.  Snarking with all the great people here is so much fun!  I look forward to all of your observations :)

It is very weird that we all know this wedding took place over a year ago, and TLC is just now getting around to showing it.

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4 minutes ago, Armchair Critic said:

Tony looks like he's been eating 10 tacos at a time, he looks sloppy at the wedding

It also looks like Kody has been scrunching his hair

I watch My 600 Pound Life now and then, and I honestly think Tony is heading towards being on that show.

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4 minutes ago, Kyanight said:

I watch My 600 Pound Life now and then, and I honestly think Tony is heading towards being on that show

He has the mentality for it, he thinks everybody should do what he wants and I could see him laying there having Mykelti wait on him

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Toni the wedding planner threw some shade and pretty much confirmed her opinion that Mykelti's insistence (in the face of all common sense) of having an outdoor wedding in December is just dumb. I believe she said something along the lines of "well, she'll definitely remember this".  I'm sure she tried to tactfully talk/hint to Mykelti more than once about changing her mind to no avail. 

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6 minutes ago, Chicklet said:

The gall of Mykelti and her insistence that the wedding be outside. What is her issue? She's just loving having the whole group dance to her tune. I would have turned around and left if I was a guest and found it was outside in December.

I think there's a few people in the family who are pissed at her selfishness. Robin is barely hiding her irritation when she talks about it. 

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I know this is petty and terrible but Mykelti's penciled in eyebrows during the talking recap portion is so distracting and looks cartoonish  along with that terrible hair and lipstick color.  They look slightly better during the actual wedding but not by much. 

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"Three Wives One Husband", looks like TLC is investing in more Polygamy shows... maybe they are moving on from the Browns?

1 minute ago, LucyEth said:

Tony looks like 10 lbs of baloney

He's full of baloney alright, full of bullsh....  And yes he is stuffed into that outfit

Edited by Armchair Critic
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4 minutes ago, trimthatfat said:

Tony looks so sloppy. His shirt just barely covers his gut. Plenty of bigger men have looked classic on their wedding day. Tony couldn't bother.

I agree, my cousin is a big guy but he had a suit on that made him look like a million bucks at his wedding. The problem is that Tony thinks he is hot stuff and doesn't see he looks like crap.

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1 minute ago, LucyEth said:

I wish they would all stop trying to convince themselves that Tony is wonderful.  They are all full of it!

It's like Christine is trying to convince herself that Tony is going to "protect her and take care of her". Unfortunately I think Tony only looks out for Tony.

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