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  1. While I agree with you, I am in several FB Seeking Sister Wives groups and Patrick has been making jokes about Bernie's death (saying Paige killed him with kindness while he and his cronies laugh it up and add MORE comments), he has been saying out and out lies about it and he has used Bernie's death for his own agendas. He is telling people not to donate to a GoFundMe page that Paige's cousin set up for the family. They are accusing Paige of Poisoning Bernie - it's all really vicious and sick. I don't understand what happened to people's compassion and empathy! While I wouldn't be on Social media if I had just lost my husband, other people grieve and find solace in different ways and Paige doesn't deserve this.
  2. If it was, it was his brother-in-law Patrick who did it. (Yes, I know Bernie died from a heart attack. )
  3. Also, Brandi was looking into this lifestyle and met the McGees PRIOR to knowing she was going to be on TV. Yes she agreed to be filmed, she didn't get any financial compensation at all, and she didn't know what a shit-show it was going to turn out to be.
  4. Thank you. Brandi is a friend of mine and she is a very kind, gentle and sensitive person. Bernie didn't rape her and they didn't have sex. He might have wanted to, but it didn't happen. And TLC told her to bring her daughter and the daughter was never alone with Bernie - although for as creepy as he can be, I honestly don't believe for a second that he's a pedophile.
  5. Now Ashley does a white slash mark for each sister wife that didn't work out. They are up to three so far....... They did. It was ...odd, for some reason creepier than the regular polygamy shows. Yeah... the guys ended up not wanting a physical relationship with the wife but only each other. UGH! (Truth!)
  6. The first wife and kids were never on any TLC episodes and they asked to NOT ever be mentioned - they wanted nothing to do with it, and the family respected their wishes.
  7. She didn't have a baby. She posted pictures of herself a month before she said she had the baby and she was wearing a bikini and had a body like Celine Dion.
  8. Well she ended up going to prison for tax fraud and her husband died in prison. She owes more than $200,000 in restitution, I believe. She said that prison was not that bad, and I believe it's because she has a really positive outlook/demeanor and she's really nice to people. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-heber-city-utah-resident-sentenced-prison-filing-false-claims-tax-refunds Former Heber City, Utah, Resident Sentenced to Prison for Filing False Claims for Tax Refunds The Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that April J. Rampton, 42, formerly of Heber City, Utah, was sentenced today to 21 months in prison for filing false claims for income tax refunds. U.S. District Judge Dee Benson also ordered Rampton to pay $230,678.36 in restitution to the IRS and to serve three years of supervised release upon her release from prison. Rampton was convicted at trial in December 2012 of nine counts of filing false claims for refund. According to the indictment and the proof at trial, in July 2011, Rampton filed a false individual income tax return, based on false Forms 1099-OID, which sought a refund of more than $225,000. On these false Forms 1099-OID, Rampton listed items of debt, such as her home mortgage and credit cards, as if the bank or loan holder had withheld the entire amount of her debt as a federal income tax payment. Rampton received a refund check from the IRS, photocopied the check, and showed it to friends and family members. Rampton then began preparing returns for friends, family members, acquaintances and strangers, all using false Forms 1099-OID that sought tax refunds corresponding to their debts. This case was investigated by IRS-Criminal Investigation and prosecuted by Trial Attorneys Michael Romano and Stuart Wexler of the Justice Department’s Tax Division.
  9. Someone asked Sharis if they all keep in touch and she said "yes". Maybe Bernie calls and asks for advice. :::Snort:::
  10. OHH OHHHH!!!!! :::::Jumps up and down and waves arms and hands wildly in the air:::::: I KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS ONE!!! Answer: "They don't!!"
  11. My own kids are the same way. My oldest daughter and oldest son don't want ANY kids at all - and I totally attribute it to having to help raise their younger siblings.
  12. Someone posted a picture of him in one of my groups and I wanted to copy and paste the photo here but I can't - and I did a search but couldn't find this photo anywhere else. TONY.IS.ENORMOUS.NOW!! He has gained SO much weight that people are actually worried that something is wrong with him, health-wise. I think it's whatever they eat. That family knows diddley squat about nutrition and portion control. We've all joked about him going on My 600 Pound Life, but I don't think that the idea is so far fetched any more!
  13. They are in the process of building a big house. It was being built before this season started.
  14. I'm really disappointed. I liked your post this morning. Then I ended up reading your post again - and wanted to like it again - but I couldn't. There should be an option where you can give a hundred likes on a post.......
  15. Jennifer looks high as a kite. Totally strung out on drugs.
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