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  1. Well..... a red face can also prove you just drank some margaritas. It can also mean you stayed in the hot tub too long. Or perhaps you got sunburned. Now a smaller waistline after 5 years of striving might prove something....!
  2. Or maybe it's just big "come-on" to get people to send her $45 for this latest two week accountability group. Because other people do tend to eat too many sweets/calories this time of year. Next month it will be because of Thanksgiving... then Christmas... then the New Year... then Valentine's candy... and so on and so forth. Nice way to get some Ka-Ching!! to pay the mortgage. Have people send you $45 for the privilege of posting their accomplishments (or lack of) in messages. NO effort or work really involved. No operating costs... 100% profit. Like taking candy from a baby... or mone
  3. She keeps winning because she gets to sleep until noon or 1:00 in the afternoon and someone else can look after her kids. (I assume Kody these days, since she no longer has Mindy?) She keeps winning because she has an almost million dollar Mcmansion to live in, not some run down place somewhere that she has to actually have a :::gasp::: JOB to pay the rent and buy food and pay the phone/heat/water/all other bills. She keeps winning because her credit card debts are paid for her, and she can buy all of her Victoria Secret crap she HAS to have. She knows those other wives aren't going anywh
  4. I agree. So what's the allure of Robyn? Oh*.... maybe he likes it when she puts on the black leather outfits and cracks the whip.....
  5. You aren't alone. I have tried to take a load of things to the thrift stores - PLURAL - we have them all over the place - and they aren't accepting anything right now because they are too full. On weekends when you drive by you see trucks and cars in a line dumping stuff off next to the closed stores. (After hours). We've also seen couples scrounging through the donations when the stores are closed, and although this outrages my son, I told him that anyone who needs stuff that badly should be welcome to it - afterall, it was unwanted in the first place. Yes, it's stealing - hopefully the p
  6. Janelle: P.S. - To celebrate the calories burned, I am going to make a Frito pie for dinner, and treat the family to 3 dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme for dessert!
  7. HA HA HA HA HA!! I especially enjoyed the video about folding the laundry!
  8. Surely you jest! Meri? She will turn out all of the lights and pretend she isn't home.
  9. I don't think I explained myself well - sorry about that! I was the first of three wives - but I thought I was going to be the only one. And he had two other wives and a herd of kids, so he didn't care after we left. There is definitely favoritism when it comes to kids in plural marriages. This is off-topic (Janelle) so I will shut up now.
  10. It makes Kody happy to have his cookies and eat them, too. Only now he only has Robyn's cookie.
  11. None of the above. My ex-husband grew up in a plural family, I just grew up AROUND plural families, so was familiar with the concept. I met my husband when I was a senior in high school, and he swore up and down that he hated polygamy and would never want to take a second wife. Unfortunately his father was head of his own church and a very strict and authoritarian man, and my husband could never stand up to him - or maybe never wanted to stand up to him... or maybe changed his mind down the road. Personally I think my husband was tempted to cheat after several years of marriage and a few k
  12. That all boils down to religious belief. If you grow up having religious doctrine pounded into you daily from the time you are a toddler, it will dictate your entire life sometimes. While I DEFINITELY think that the TLC money is paramount to this family, their roots of religion still has it's hooks in all of them. When I say that Janelle and Christine are just ex-baby mamas, it's facetious - because that is how Kody TREATS them. In reality, I know that they believe they are Kody's wives and HE sees them as his wives - it's just how it appears to society for the most part... but also in how
  13. LilWharvey - you are hardly being fair. Please consider that taking photos takes time away from bending the elbow and dipping the hand into a bag of Fritos. Priorities!!!!!
  14. We live mile high in Denver... meaning we are closer to the sun and burn quicker than lower altitudes. I am guessing that Flagstaff is also high altitude... you just don't take chances. I kind of understand where she is coming from on the Vitamin D aspect - I know Chris Cuomo swears by it, in helping him recover from Covid... but with her history of Chicken Mcnuggets, it seems kind of risky. I WILL say that either Janelle is totally oblivious (which I believe anyway) or she is totally without vanity. I can't think of a single woman I know or "know" from social media, who would po
  15. What is that white stuff? Does she top it off with whipped cream? Marshmallow Fluff? Sour cream?
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