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  1. I say it to my TV often, but she just drones on and on. I'm surprised the film crew never snaps.
  2. I was so sad to hear about Joe Diffie! He was only 61!! He had some great songs. I'm starting to get into Before the 90 Days. Talk about characters.
  3. I have one word for this show: UGH!
  4. Because Robyn threw a honking huge hissy fit over it and HAD to be the legal wife. What Robyn wants, Robyn gets.
  5. oh, lol! I meant you need to finish watching so we can chat about the ENDING! That IS what you were talking about in your post - who Charlotte ended up with at the end! 😄
  6. We've had a bit of snow in the Rockies but most of it has melted. It's just gloomy and overcast - perfect for my mood lately. I went to Mountain Man (fruit/nuts/candy) yesterday - who knew they were considered an essential store? I've mentioned before how much I love their stuff. I was the only person in the store - maybe the only customer she had the entire day. I got a few bags of necessary goodies. If I might die in the next few months, I want to die with a happy tummy and spiked blood sugar. Today I plan on cleaning the house, finishing up some laundry, reading and snarking on the message board here, snarfing my sweets here and there and... no, can't think of anything else. So that about sums it up. I will probably watch Sister Wives tonight and maybe Before the 90 Days, as well. One of my sons wants to get take out (lunch) for us from a new place called "Mugi Ramen and Poke". It's right up his alley - definitely NOT up my alley, but I try to keep an open mind. My oldest daughter and her husband are coming over to work on my garden. Pull out dead stuff and put down a little rich top soil maybe? I have no clue what all they will do.... but my daughter is hyper-vigilant over this virus, so I doubt she will come in to visit. She also has asthma and I have kitties, so that is never a good mix. I'm kind of depressed lately so my thought was "Why bother?" regarding the garden - but that's not thinking very positively. I lead such an exciting life. I love hearing about you other ladies, though! : ) If you decide to share, we are definitely here for you!!
  7. That's my problem! Today I also went to four different stores. I thought after that first couple weeks, stock wasn't going to be a problem - but that simply is not true. I HAVE to have distilled water for medical reasons and it's sold out almost everywhere - along with a lot of other items.
  8. Hopefully this is ok to post here, because we have NEVER seen anything like this in our lifetime, and we might never (HOPEFULLY) encounter anything like this again! I just read that Rhode Island wanted state troopers to stop cars with New York license plates who entered the state so that they could quarantine the people. Governor Cuomo became very angry and said that if this happens, they will sue the state of Rhode Island. As far as I know, we have not had states this angry with each other since the civil war in the 1800's. I am not taking sides here - and no one needs to - but I can understand the fear. New York has SO many cases and deaths - how in the WORLD can other states keep this virus from rampaging through their counties if they don't take measures to stop it? This is from the New York Times: Several governors this week ordered people traveling from New York to self-quarantine for two weeks upon arriving, hoping to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus in their states. Gov. Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island has gone further. Ms. Raimondo, a Democrat, said on Friday that state troopers would begin stopping drivers with New York license plates so that National Guard officials could collect contact information and inform anyone coming from New York that they were subject to a mandatory, 14-day quarantine. Ms. Raimondo also said the National Guard would begin going door-to-door in coastal communities this weekend to find anyone who had recently arrived from New York and tell them of the quarantine order. The National Guard had already been deployed to bus stations, train stations and the airport to enforce Ms. Raimondo’s order, which also applies to anyone who has been to New York in the past 14 days. “I know it’s unusual. I know it’s extreme, and I know some people disagree with it,” Ms. Raimondo said at a news conference on Friday. She added: “Right now we have a pinpointed risk. That risk is called New York City.” Ms. Raimondo insisted that her emergency powers gave her the authority to impose the measures, but the American Civil Liberties Union called her move an “ill-advised and unconstitutional plan.” Mr. Cuomo said on Saturday that New York would sue Rhode Island if the policy of stopping New York drivers was not rolled back. “That clearly is unconstitutional,” he in an interview on CNN, adding that “no state should be using police to prohibit interstate travel in any way.”
  9. Kohola, did you remove your message? I agree with you 100%.
  10. I read that every 17 minutes a person in New York dies from the Coronavirus.
  11. Keep in mind that the wives each have something to do on the way to each other's houses. Janelle has to hit the drive thru at a couple of fast food places. Christine drives by Robyn's house several times to see if she can spy Kody before she finally parks and goes in. Meri has to dump off loads of Lularags to people she recruits in her home town to hawk the crap. And Robyn just stays put because NATURALLY - HER house is the place everyone has to come to.
  12. No problem buying socks at Target. No one cared. My son also grabbed a boxed "entire series" of Parks and Recreation. I love Chris Pratt, so I'm game. We watched the first episode while we ate lunch and all I can say it "Meh". But it almost always takes more than one or two episodes to get into a series. This seems like it might be a nice way to get through quarantine. The grocery department at Target is still majorly picked over. No sour cream, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, very few gallons of milk. Very few frozen foods, canned goods, no T.P. , cat food really picked over. I FOUND BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% whole wheat bread! Thrilled about that! No eggs. There were a bunch of people shopping and these apparently aren't the type of people who care about keeping space between them and others. I had to constantly move away when people would come to stand next to me. Ugh!! I saw one man wearing gloves. Stopped at our local Safeway grocery store because I still needed to find a few things. I found a few containers of sour cream (only needed one!) and ::::::::drum roll::::::: they had several packages of paper towels (didn't need) and a couple of packages of toilet paper! So I bought a package of Scot's brand toilet paper. I also got two containers of yogurt. I used my own large bag in both stores and no one cared. In Target they had an employee stationed by the shopping carts who did nothing but wipe them down for shoppers. (Again, I had my own bag.) The clerk by the four self-checkout lanes would wipe down each area after a customer left. Nice! Well that was MY thrill for awhile. sigh.
  13. Well... lol. I look at it this way. First of all, you TOLD me to lie! Secondly - I suppose you heard the season was cancelled? So there really IS no ending. We all get to make up our own ending. So if you say that Charlotte ended up with Mr. Stringer, that is just as possible as the next person saying that Charlotte ends up with someone else. You need to watch the entire show, though. Then we can chat!
  14. There, there! It's all good - Charlotte ends up with Mr. Stringer! 😄
  15. A thousand likes!! Oh and I want to add - Mitch is NOT having a CLEAR discussion concerning this issue with Aspyn! He totally left it up in the air as to "possibly". And I also totally believe that Mitch was just saying those words about leaving it up to Aspyn so that he wouldn't look bad to the viewing audience. But unless he is involved in church or community with polygamists, I doubt he would find a woman willing to go along with it.
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