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  1. One of the only toddler pictures of my Depression-Era dad has him with the typical bowl haircut (he grew up poor, like many of that era did) and holding my grandma's purse. My dad wasn't gay. Toys don't determine if a child is gay or not. Kids make toys out of everything. My daughter had a Tonka truck and the Go-Bots that were popular in the 80's, and she isn't gay. But of course the Duggars would not allow that. Just another way they suck. I'd hang out with Amy, who has more sense than her completely brainwashed cousins.
  2. I like his red hair...does Mr. Amy have red hair? I don't remember.
  3. Same. Too much downsizing for me would not work. I don't think I could get rid of enough stuff to live in a tiny house. Fine as a vacation home (if I could ever afford such!) but not more than that.
  4. The only good thing that comes out of her stupid posts are the updated and hilarious photoshops by our Sofa Sloth. More-iah is nothing but hot air and ridiculous blather. What a raging sanctimonious dumb bitch. Stick it where the sun doesn't shine, you moron.
  5. I remember Paulie was a real passive-aggressive bitch. Nonie was nuts. Rosemary was always getting her "nights" interrupted by Paulie. That show was even more of a snooze fest than SW is. None of the women seemed happy at all. I forget their version of Sobyn Robyn's name, but she seemed to be a real crier too.
  6. Two questions for @suomi and @Kohola3: Suomi, is B1 a preventative for bug bites? I didn't know that, if true. Kohola, WTH are pasties, other than what exotic dancers wear on their boobs?
  7. Truely is one of my favorite Browns. She's definitely in the top three.
  8. I like the same tuna, and fortunately had bought some in February. It's less salty than the other brands. My mother wouldn't buy anything but albacore, and I'm the same way. Instacart is very worth getting, IMO. My last delivery was great. No thick-sliced bacon for Mr. Xword, but no big dill. I'll be ordering this coming week. I have a Schwan's delivery coming Tuesday, and I'm trying new things there. It's been good thus far.
  9. I got one at Etsy. I haven't worn it yet. Dillweed's looks do not improve with that pornstache. It's nice there was a picture of both kids.
  10. I'm definitely old enough to be your mom, Sofa! Mid-60's here. Your photoshop skills are amazing! RL daughter is tech-gifted, too. It's almost worth reading Snowflake's blathering (thx Ginger for updates,) to look forward to your photo doctoring of her cheesy pics.
  11. We had one too! Mr. Xword and our friend made two of them, and we each had a huge round table. Ah, the 70's! We also had the block and board bookshelves, and a beanbag chair. The chair had too much bean and not enough bag, as I recall. Fondue pots were big then. We listened to James Taylor, the Eagles, and the Doobie Bros a lot. Good times.
  12. Why would anyone follow that miserable mess and make ass-kissing comments? Or buy her ugly, overpriced, putrid LLN crap? Her army of sycophantic skanks are as tasteless as she is. Yuck.
  13. Christine said she thought dating between the Brownies and the Dargies would be a good thingk. Yes, and Meri was quite impressed with scary, bald Joe's dictatorship style "family management." I believe the Browns got the idea for the family mission statement from the Dargers, and then it morphed into that commitment ceremony, with those hideous dresses. I rilly think Meri was like that with the kids (except of course, Snowflake, and spawn of Robyn.) I doubt Maddie is the only one resentful of being chastised by bonus mom Meri.
  14. I will never forgive Meri and Kootie for that cruel act. How heartless they are.
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