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  1. I don't know. I remember drinking orange juice after eating sweetened cereal in milk, and it was just too sour. Milk and oranges together just doesn't seem right to me. I do like bubble baths. Food in the tub? Uh-uh.
  2. This narcissist gets more self-love than anyone else on the planet. Appalling. Each post more ridiculous than the last. WTAF.
  3. Adam Ruins Everything (TV show) is fun to watch. Damn Duggars Ruin Everything? Not so much! 😖
  4. I agree. RL is better when one is 9 years young. Poor Truely, getting Kootie's cleft, when Mariah is the only other one that has it.
  5. Sponge Robyn Square Head. Can you tell I can't stand her? Yeah. 🤮
  6. Nope. I think they are all either self-absorbed, or maybe they have tried, and have given up. Coddled since birth, Mariah really believes she's the most special snowflake in that whole family.
  7. Hehe, now I just flashed on The Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon says that Priah,(sp?) Leonard's GF, made him eat lamb that he said tasted like sweat.
  8. I have type A blood type, and I have to admit, I've never looked at what that says I should eat. What worked for me is gluten free, no dairy, lean protein, and lots of vegetables and fruit. Janelle just jumps at whatever "quick fix" she reads about online. She buys a huge bag/bottle/can of whatever, eats/drinks it for a day or two, and goes on to the next magic pill. I'm a Clueless Old Lady, but she takes the cake (and eats it!) where diet is concerned.
  9. I'll say this for Christine: what we see, is what we get. No photoshopping for that woman (looking at you, Meri.) Truely is cute, but she's a bit young for eye makeup. Does Kootie have a cleft in his chin? Truely had to get that from someone other than mom.
  10. Dear Mykelti: baby - singular babies - plural Just thought I would tip you off before you have a human baby. Credit where due: they haven't used their "baby" as an ESA animal yet, AFAIK.
  11. Phony smiles. But then, Jin is doing that a lot lately, even with RFP + photo prop baby. Sad, really.
  12. And this from the twin that tortured "mama" by kicking relentlessly while in utero? Master Chef? Where sister Jill learned cream of crap recipes? All righty then.
  13. That's all I could see, too. I've always been busty, and I was enormous when pregnant and breastfeeding in the early 80's, and big cupped bras were not readily available. There's no excuse now, I see ads saying bras are available up to H cup size. I'm surprised she hasn't made a deal with a bra manufacturer, but I suppose modeling one for upswipes wouldn't work for a Duggar.
  14. I'm with you, Kohola. I have never eaten lamb, and don't intend to. I never eat shellfish either. Like one of my favorite movie lines, "don't eat anything that carries its house around with it. Who knows the last time it was cleaned." Janelle will have excuses to kingdom come, to justify her not losing weight. Why does she even still bother with Strive? It's become just fodder for snark, if it's ever been anything else.
  15. Slightly off topic, but I think that may be the reason Janelle couldn't cut it as a realtor. She seems way too passive and introverted (not shaming; I'm an introvert) to sell homes. Now to me, Christine could have succeeded, but refused to work weekends and evenings, even though theoretically she had her dear sister wives to watch her kids. LOL BTT, SludgePudge really overestimated their "specialness" and used the ESA animals just to be cheap and fly their dogs for free. It wasn't too surprising, considering Kootie & the Gang have played the persecuted polygamist card for all its worth, but it still sucks for these pretentious "wokies" to pull this kind of crap, and expect to get away with it with no flak. They got called out for being scammers, and didn't expect they'd have to dill with it. Too frigging bad.
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