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  1. xwordfanatik


    "accudentally?" "goong?" WTAF?
  2. xwordfanatik

    Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    Did you mean Maddie & Caleb? I think they are some branch of Christian, because his dad is or was a pastor.
  3. xwordfanatik

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    Well, we know that if Meri doesn't dump, Mariah will.
  4. xwordfanatik

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    Speakingk of nose rings, why does Sludge insist on wearing a teeny-tiny hoop that is too small, and will likely get embedded there? Not at all flattering, dear.
  5. xwordfanatik

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    I can't believe Janelle didn't yawn a few times. Edited out, for sure. Even Kootie looked bored. Stupid There-From-The-Freaking-Beginning Robo pontificating bullshit about how they all aren't out for themselves. WTF was the whole damn family following YOU, Robo, to Flagstaff, then, if not looking out for your selfish self? Another tell-nothing bites the prairie dog dust.
  6. That's the best picture I've ever seen of those two. I still don't forgive them for the fake ESA thing, though. Bitchy, I know!
  7. I live in a largely Hispanic city. My next-door neighbor who is probably late 20's-early 30's (I am not good at guessing ages) smokes, his wife who is Caucasian also smokes, but I have never seen any of the 3 sons smoke. The adults also go outside to have a smoke. Mr. X and I each grew up with 2 smoking parents, and in the 60's, smokers didn't go outside to partake. So maybe things have improved somewhat, hopefully! I've never heard that SludgePudge smokes, nor any of the Browns either. Since it's dear Mariah's thread, I figured I better mention that! I'm envious of east coast viewers and the live chats. I always DVR the episodes and watch first thing Monday morning. The grand finale is tonight, and I'll be snarking in the a.m. with all of you. Such fun!
  8. xwordfanatik

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    Well, you summed it up pretty well. Meri is rewriting history, just like her dear sister wife, Robo. Whatever they say, or do, over & over, just HAS to be true. Right? LOL
  9. xwordfanatik

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    I guess we have to share? These mega-families like the Browns (never mind the Duggars, ew) are selfish. JMO
  10. xwordfanatik

    Better Things

    I just thought of something. Has anyone said what the hand brace that Sam wears, is for?
  11. xwordfanatik

    S02.E12: Tell All

    That's absolutely right. Taking the daughter was a huge mistake, IMO. Brandi had never met Fibber & Molly, yet she takes the kid along right from the start? Just no.
  12. It's easier when one is young, as SludgePudge are now, to carry some extra poundage. When they reach Janelle's age, or even some years younger, they'll have more aches and pains than they would if they weighed less. That's just the way it seems to work. Never mind risk of hypertension, diabetes, etc., even in young people. I've never tried vegan. What seems to work for me is lean protein, lots of vegetables, some fruit, no dairy, and no gluten.
  13. xwordfanatik

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I decided it may have been split pea soup. ?? Kind of sad, because I don't like Meri at all, and I am sure she deserves the cold shoulder she gets a lot of the time, but the other adults wouldn't be sorry to see her gone, IF it wasn't for the show. What a farce they present.
  14. I haven't heard. I believe one or two of the posters here live near Flag. We need the scoop!
  15. xwordfanatik

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    I just watched. Is it just me, or did that woman take one hell of a piss in that Tupperware container? Her bladder must be supersized, as well. What dentist chair could accommodate her size, in order to get those gold teeth installed? I've been underwhelmed this season. I wonder if it might be time to stick a fork in this series.