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  1. xwordfanatik

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Whatever, Janelle. Did she get the 5% figure from My 600 Pound Life? As in, that's how many achieve long-term success? This woman is clueless, and it is a miracle that anyone pays for her blathering.
  2. OK, I'm stumped. Who is in the third photo? Gawd, Kootie is an embarrassment. Insufferable asshat extraordinaire.
  3. xwordfanatik


    LOL, I remember on the show when Truely was asked what she thought about Mykelti and FT getting married, and she said "gross." It's obvious that FT and Mykelti don't make healthy eating and exercise priorities, so I do hope Truely wasn't fed a steady diet of street tacos and soda. I wonder if Mykelti makes Christine's unfortunate mock tapioca pudding or tater tot casserole? My guess would be yes.
  4. xwordfanatik

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    I LOVE this! Someone should suggest it on their Instagram.
  5. xwordfanatik


    What if: Truely had stayed the youngest child, Robyn & fam had never married in, AND there had been no TLC or any show about this family? They'd still be in the big house in Utah, and they wouldn't have had all the fakery with their "being run out of the state" crap. We'll never know... It is nice to see Mykelti with Truely. Truely was never given the attention she needed, IMO.
  6. My daily dose of snark is best served by these forums, and I too thank @ginger90 for her braving social media to bring us the latest BrownClown news. It's baffling to this COL how Mariah and most of her family have so many fawning fans.
  7. xwordfanatik

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I have a date to clean my Lucy's litter box. So sorry, Mare!
  8. xwordfanatik


    Kootie said that Truely "gets mean" when she eats crap. He was "doing" her hair for Aspyn's weddingk. She wanted his Shirley Temple do. I wonder how she would be different if she would have had half of the attention Kootie has given to King Sol and AriMae. He barely made it to the delivery room when Truely was born, thanks to dear Robyn.
  9. Sludge looks stoned. Pudge looks maniacal. I'm puzzled by the purple, too.
  10. I know nothing about yoga certification except what I've read here, and yet, it seems to me, that nobody would actually PAY for online yoga "classes." Aren't there free or low cost actual yoga classes in many locations? Or is my COL status showing here? The fine art of grifting is alive and well, but I don't get it.
  11. xwordfanatik


    Isn't it the gastric sleeve surgery that is rumored for LuLaNo higher-ups? Anyway, if that was part of the dill, I'd get a legit job. With you know, all those boring benefits. Medical insurance, a retirement plan, paid vacation, sick leave, etc.
  12. xwordfanatik


    Collect what you love, and you will love your collection. Never assume that anything will increase in value. FT and Mykelti will likely be disappointed if they believe any "collectible" will fund their retirement.
  13. My plus-60 year-old abdomen looks better than Mariah's pudge, and I've been pregnant. I still wouldn't bare mine in public or in photos, FFS. Tankinis are as bare as I go outside of my house. This self-affirming shit of hers is rilly just blathering with anything she thinks will make her look oh-so-self-aware. Blech.
  14. xwordfanatik

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Uh-oh. Now we'll hear about Janelle being up all night, throwing up the outdated creamer. Just another excuse to skip her "workout" that just wears her the dickens out. Poor dear.
  15. xwordfanatik

    Kody Brown: Part-Time Father, Full-Time Asshat

    So Christine, the most devoted sister wife, has never had a legal marriage with Kootie, let alone a 10-year stretch, and who has seldom if ever worked outside the home, will get zip. Unless she's been paying into SS through her TLC earnings? I really hope that Kootie has done some kind of provision for her in his will (assuming he has one.)