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  1. What a colossal flop that was/is. Sponge Robyn Square Head just knew her awesome designs would support the whole fambly. I'm sure they got a huge tax write-off for the whole thing.
  2. I tune all that ad crapola out, too. If I want to look at or buy anything, I'll go straight to the website. Clicking on ads isn't a good idea IMO.
  3. Me too. Little snot needed a slap across her thin-lipped mouth.
  4. That's what the documentary I saw said - that the Kingstons want to keep their bloodline "pure." Very sad for those affected and in that cult.
  5. The Kingston sect believes in interbreeding, I've read. They have many birth defects as a result.
  6. But of course! Meri trusts them all, and she NEVER builds walls. Sure, Jan. You are just the most trustworthy one on the planet. She's an idiot.
  7. When they marched at Salt Lake City, I believe they gave the power to Robyn, who stayed home with King Sol and I believe Areola. Day-un was Robyn's only spawn that got permission to go. I admired Paedon for staying home from it, but all Christine's daughters went, IIRC. Joe Darger saying "families, not felons" and Kootie/Christine speakingk there was pretty much it.
  8. I'm the most ashamed of all of you. I bought the Kindle version when it was available. I'll see my embarrassed self out.
  9. So true! I think they have a toxic relationship, but since Meri will do/pay anything Snowflake wants, Mariah will take advantage of that. A child is not meant to be a built-in emotional support person for a parent. Yet Meri used Mariah in that way, and she's paying the price. FFS, taking her to meet her "imaginary lover" was so, so stupid.
  10. As much as Maddie couldn't wait to get married and pregnant, I wonder if she would have been happier single, or married without kids. She rilly seems ill-suited for motherhood.
  11. Just like Meri would have done. Except for Kootie, Robyn and Meri are the most selfish IMO. Yes, considering the financials, Kootie should have gone in order, 10 years legally married to each "wife." Meri wouldn't have allowed it, and Robyn wouldn't hear of it. Legal marriage is not impor-unt? My ass it isn't.
  12. What is CSA? Does she pay for those to be delivered? How many actually get used and eaten? Janelle, show us something you make with those, and actually eat. Hint: use a plate that isn't chipped.
  13. Quoted myself, oops. I changed their to there. I meant to edit my post, sorry!
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