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  1. Not to be offensive either, but I've heard it said by someone that used to be Mormon that MLM should stand for Mormons Losing Money. As an aside, I saw on a news program that many of the unsold clothes that the US donates to Ghana are clogging their landfills. I just bet a sizable percentage of those are LuLaCrap, and won't rot for centuries, because it's cheap, cheap, cheap polyester.
  2. It reminds me of antifreeze, or that stuff we put in our vehicles to clean the windshields. And yes, aren't most kids energetic enough as is? Why give them something that winds them up further? And has questionable ingredients in who-knows-how-much amounts? Ridiculous.
  3. Gram, I hope you're on the mend, it sounds like you are. I took my 2 1/2 mile walk today, for the first time in over a week. The smoke was so bad on many days that we couldn't even see the hillsides around us. I'm very glad I have a stationary bike for those indoor days.
  4. Mmm, that sangria sounds so good! We are making some blackberry brandy here. My mother-in-law made the best blackberry brandy I've ever tasted. It should be ready in a few months, maybe by Christmas. Same here! @Cetacean, that is a great analogy.
  5. Those forced smiles are painful to look at. They seem awkward around each other.
  6. "miss informed?" Her posts are always misspelled. And this one's pure damage control bullshit. Sorry Sweetie, you're a brainwashed cult member.
  7. That similarity occurred to me, too. Cults both intrigue me, and disgust me. To shun others because they quit shilling? Please. How awful.
  8. Famy and Jill seem to have some kind of relationship, but not the rest of that "toxic family." I too think she just wants her name out there, like a drama queen would. I do agree that the Duggars are toxic, though.
  9. I'd like to know, too. I like the carbonated water with that flavor. Go Jill! I just think how far she's come from her shitty parents. I wouldn't have chosen Dillweed, but they seem to have a happy enough marriage and happy kids, compared to many of their cousins.
  10. I had to shake my head when one of the ex-mentors stated that Deanna told the women to get on their knees for five minutes, and their husbands would let them buy into their pyramid. Just wow. Who says that? Jeez. I too was appalled at the thought of women telling their husbands to quit their jobs and then they'd be totally dependent on LLR. That's so wrong! Predatory tactics like that make me ill. What a rotten scheming thing to do. Despicable.
  11. Yes, Kootie would be sucking up at the speed of light if he thought he could weasel $$$ out of either Meri or Christine, if they were pulling in multi-thousands in bonuses in addition to the profits they net for shilling those ugly clothes. At least, he'd pretend to make nice with them. That said, I hate any and all MLM's for conning people into "buying in" to their cultish bullshit. The only reason Meri and Christine make any sales at all, is that they are Z-list "celebs" with nutso fans and a SM following.
  12. Another poster in Christine's thread wonders about how many "team" members Meri bullied into signing up, just to line her own pockets. I wonder about that, too, and how many have gone bankrupt or otherwise ended up in debt, trying to unload LuLaNo. I don't believe she'd feel a bit bad for anyone who's lost money.
  13. We live in a northern state (WA) and when we bought our first house, we had oil heat that was expensive, even in the 70's-80's. We installed a wood stove, a smaller version of the one my parents had, also in WA. Jotul made good quality wood stoves, and we burned wood when we were home. It worked well for all of us. Robyn definitely exaggerated how dire her circumstances were, IMO, before Kootie, her Knight in Shining Armor, came to her rescue. She knew exactly how to play him, and it got her what she wanted. I don't believe that she EVER felt/feels guilty about essentially getting th
  14. He probably works out, too. He'll blimp out, eventually. Dear wife won't be allowed to, of course. Gotta stay skinny, or she thinks he'll cheat, which he may do, anyway. Patriarchal bullshit gives me a headache.
  15. I have a pair of Ugg slippers that I got on clearance. I call them my ruby slippers a la Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, because they're red and shiny. Best slippers I've ever owned. I have no designer sneakers, though.
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