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  1. I'm surprised they even did a new intro clip last season. None of that "it makes each of us better (bitter)" crap that we all knew was a big fat lie. I look forward to snarking with all of you come February!
  2. I called around and emailed yesterday, without success. Mr. X and I are both 65+ with health problem(s) and we're ready and willing, but our state, and particularly our county, is behind a lot of others. Patience may be a virtue, but it's running thin as of late. No one seems to have any info or answers for us. It would at least be nice if we could make appointments. I'm overdue for lab work at the doctors, but I hope to hold off until I can get at least my first shot. Sigh...
  3. As the saying goes, she would complain if you hanged her with a new rope. She IS exhausting. I'd hate to have to dill with her in rill life.
  4. From observation, and not having watched a lot of shows, I got the impression that JB guilted Michelle into their cult. I'm sure it pissed him off that Michelle 'had a lot of baggage' from having had previous boyfriends.
  5. Kootie is a big old attention seeker, whether it takes playing the persecuted plyg card, or crowing about his harem. Childish and churlish, that's the Kootie we all love to hate. I do hope catering to Robyn's kids and Miss Entitlement herself, is wearing his hair extensions to baldness. Couldn't happen to a more loathsome man-child.
  6. Jer wrote that update...no way does JinJer know the word 'thus.'
  7. I knew there was a reason I liked Jordyn. My hope is that she is the one to escape the cult.
  8. OK Janelle, how far did you walk? Just putting on an anorak isn't enough for inquiring minds that want to know (and call you out on your bullshit.) So, walking isn't a proper adult thing? Since when? Oh shit, you mean I've been in my second childhood every time I've taken a walk? You are one weird duck, J.
  9. Same here! I haven't colored mine, but no retouches or cuts since last March. Her hair looks greasy and fried all at once, like her ex-husband Kootie's. I would think if she face filters, she would hair filter too!
  10. That honeymoon episode was awful. Kootie was like a dog in heat, and you are right Joan, he was sure impressed with skinny (then) Robo. Somehow, I don't think Janelle was jealous when Christine joined the fambly, like Christine was when Robyn and her chinnie-chin-chin came along (and with her, TLC $.) Why any woman agrees to that shit, is light years beyond me.
  11. Both apply to JinJer 😊 Jer tries to impart his vast(!) knowledge to her, but she doesn't get it. Actually, neither does he! Read the room, J & J. You look ridiculous.
  12. Yeah, what's with that? Does she even have a rill job, or is she sponging off Meri, like Snowflake?
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if RFP and Punchable Aunt Cade got their own cooking show! What a phony-ass bag of hot wind.
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