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  1. Gothish520

    Reef Break

    I was minorly enjoying this show until the last two episodes.They were choppy, poorly-written and badly acted by most of the cast. Bleh.
  2. I disagree, that was the highlight of the episode for me. Lara Spencer was at best insensitive and I'm glad she was rightfully put in her place. I say Bravo to Nigel, I thought his comments were great.
  3. Always been Team Josh. I would LOVE for this show to go the unexpected route and have Liza and Josh be endgame. Charles is just so, so safe and boring and predictable. They have never truly closed the door on Liza and Josh and if they ended up getting together I would cheer heartily.
  4. Everyone is an individual, and while one may share traits with their parents, they are still their own person.
  5. I call bull on anyone who claims that little Eli didn't warm their cold, cold heart. He's adorable.
  6. Oh, there's plenty of things one could do in a situation like that, and I think the description of events was a bit overwrought. But I certainly understand why one would be unsettled by Biden's actions.
  7. Not just smell the hair, but then kiss the back of your head! Definitely a WTF moment.
  8. Absolutely, that's why I said self-medication. I'm certainly guilty of that, as well as self-indulgence. I do agree that fat-shaming does not help. It only makes someone feel worse about themselves. I've gone up and down the scale for most of my life, and whenever someone pointed out that I had gained weight, it only made me feel embarassed and ashamed. It's not like I said, "Oh wow, thanks, diet starts now!" It's not like people don't know they're fat. But I do think being very overweight has gained a measure of acceptance, or at least indifference, by the public and maybe we should be more cognizant of the fact that there is nothing good or healthy about being obese. Even doctors don't push for weight loss and exercise like they did back in the day.
  9. There are plenty, PLENTY of fat middle- and upper-class people in this country, folks who can very easily afford basic healthy food. To claim that the epidemic of obesity is because poor people can't afford fruits and vegetables is nonsense. You don't have to shop at Whole Foods to eat healthier. And the problem isn't only what foods we eat, but the amount. Gluttony is a form of self-indulgence and self-medication. We are a nation of lazy people looking for instant gratification. We eat what we want and we don't exercise. Parents feed their children whatever the kid will eat, they don't teach healthy eating habits, they just want the kid to stop whining. Let's not pretend and make excuses for our own bad behavior.
  10. And then they drop the container next to the first one with the mural facing against it - wtf? Why do they never discuss why Billy has a breathing problem? Asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis? Heart condition? Does he have a rescue inhaler? Does he still smoke?
  11. He made the sled two episodes ago and made that awesome diaper table last ep. I'm telling you, that thing is the bee's knees.
  12. Holy crap guys, Noah did it. He invented something that is actually functional and practical. Seriously, that diaper dispenser is freaking genius. He should shop that idea around, if some baby furniture company hasn't already called him. Obviously he didn't invent the technology, but if he really thought of using it for diaper dispensing on his own, I am impressed.
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