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  1. It was mentioned on the show during the panel, and it was the first thing out of Jane's mouth when Bill introduced her.
  2. Ok that was cute and Nev looks very handsome. Come at me.
  3. I hear you, I haven't watched any celebrity talk shows in years, but Josh is just so darn cute and charming that he pulls it off effortlessly. Combined with his humor and a dash of good-natured sarcasm, it's a win for me no matter who he's talking to.
  4. I'm not gonna lie, Noah and Rhain Alicia's Star Wars cosplay was amusing. And baby Sophie is adorable. Gabe really does seem like a sweetheart of a guy.
  5. I really enjoyed the Gods and Monsters Josh Gates Tonight. The guests were all very entertaining, even though Orlando Jones was the only one I had heard of. The guy with the tattoo seemed cool, even though getting celebs tattooed on oneself seems a bit out there, lol. But what the hell, do what makes you happy, i suppose. The question from the viewer asking about continuing to do the talk show format "after the election when everything goes back to normal " - haha! I loved Josh's response! At least it was cool to hear that they will continue it in some way - he is a natural at playing host.
  6. Oof, that cat feast was hard to watch, yet still, I did - it was both fascinating and grotesque. Even my husband was like WTF? Bird and Noah are quite similar in their love for the macabre. As my username attests, I can certainly appreciate a bit of spookiness, but these guys are a little too out there, lol.
  7. I know he's known for interrupting and talking over his guests, but him constantly cutting off Jessica Yellin seemed especially egregious this episode. Maybe it's just because he hasn't been face-to-face with guests for awhile and I got used to him actually letting people talk via Zoom. I did enjoy getting back to the regular format (for the most part), but Yellin was about to make a point or two that I wanted to hear.
  8. Back in the day my father would participate in a classic car show on Saturday nights at the old Marcus Dairy, which was across the street from the Danbury Mall. Sometimes I would go with him and after looking at the cars, I'd walk over to the mall and shop shop shop, lol. They had a nice three-floor Macy's and a french pastry and coffee shop.
  9. Greeting cards, thank you cards and invitations aren't letters. Plus Bill mentioned greeting cards separately. I've sent a few cards since the pandemic hit.
  10. OMG that Danbury segment was EPIC - it just may be the best thing I've ever seen on this show. John even mentioned my hometown! I'm swooning. The RNC played to their constituency. Make no mistake, there are many, many people in this country who believe every word that was said and who feel exactly the same way - folks who truly think they are good people, who believe they are just trying to protect the American way of life, the American Dream. Frightening.
  11. The idea was to stop clogging it up so people can mail in their election ballots and the post office will be unencumbered by other mail. Most of his examples were dumb though - railing against people mailing letters? Who writes letters anymore? Back in the day I was quite the prolific letter-writer, but I probably mailed my last one sometime in the early 90s. I am sure there are still a few being sent out, but certainly not enough to be a burden to the post office. Same with postcards. So antiquated, but Bill goes on like people are sending this stuff out in droves. And sorry Bill but no one comes between me and my Amazon purchases. He's right about the spam mail though - I'd say 90% of what my household gets in the mail goes straight into the trash.
  12. Boy, "Cancel Culture" REALLY chaps Bill's ass, doesn't it? I mean, I agree with him to a certain extent, but jeez. Being back in the studio with no audience and guests still remote isn't any different than him being home, but I suppose it's a good way to ease back into the old routine.
  13. Nev and Laura's kids are just adorable. Dustin reminds me of Jim Parsons. Both he and Keegan are cute and seemed like basically decent guys, but there wasn't a lot of sparks flying, good or bad. The Zoom format probably isn't going to be the most scintillating platform for every situation, depending on the personalities involved.
  14. Eating onions like apples is definitely a thing. I wouldn't do it, but I've heard about it before. I love onions, but bleh! I'm not sure how long they were officially a couple, but it seems like they "went public" with their relationship and were engaged for two weeks before the expected wedding.
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