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  1. THANK YOU! I knew Symone reminded me of someone but I couldn't figure out who!
  2. My sister and I binged the Christmas seasons and have just started watching the regular seasons. We just finished the season one episode with Betsy Johnson as guest judge. I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention. I think it's really well done and the host and judges are very likable.
  3. I think Michelle always looks great, but yeah, this season she's really bringing it. And when she mentioned saving her money to buy slutty dresses at Merry-Go-Round, I practically shouted "Me too, girl, me too!" Another classic 80s/90s reference. 😁
  4. I am curious as to how the changing face of drag is being received though. It's not my world and anything I know about drag I've learned from tv shows and online reading, but I haven't delved too deeply into this particular subject. I can only imagine that there is controversy and prejudice and some resentment, as there usually is when conventions are challenged. As for the Queens, Symone is divine, and count me among those who gets Nina West vibes from Tina, without the charm. I'm liking Gottmik and Rose. For some reason Rose reminds me of Shuga Cain. Kandy can go any time, the sooner the better.
  5. It's possible she did and the scene was just weirdly edited.
  6. A few times folks doing canisters have skipped the White-out and the judges have said it's a good idea - enough times where my husband and I wonder why the contestants even bother using White-out.
  7. Or skip the White-Out and just grind off the canister.
  8. THANK YOU. I LOVED Regina's hair! I mean, to each their own, but I will take natural over hair beaten into submission and gooped with product any day. Natural Black hair is beautiful.
  9. Her hair was awesome. I liked her makeup too. I did feel kind of bad for her.
  10. Grady Powell is cute enough and seems nice enough, but I definitely miss Wil.
  11. My DVR wasn't recording the new episodes of Josh Gates Tonight either, and I couldn't seem to find them On Demand, but thankfully my husband did and now I have the recording set and we got caught up on everything, lol. He's really getting some good guests lately, and his comedy bits are so funny. The Twilight Zone one was hilarious. As for Expedition X, I've almost bailed on it so many times, but I guess I'm getting used to the hosts and find their staged antics somewhat amusing. I like that Josh is more involved with the show now too.
  12. Somehow my DVR did not record the new episodes so I had to reset my recording and will have to catch them On Demand. The comments leave me skeptical though, as the chemistry and humor between Wil and the judges has always been a highlight for me. Hmmm.
  13. Forty Fort was funny as hell, and everything from Adam Driver on was EPIC. Thanks for all you do John, stay safe!
  14. It seems the issue with Angelina is that she is not a pleasant person to deal with in "real" life, not just on the show. Two different production people from the OG series have done Ask me Anything on Reddit and both said that Angelina was by far the most difficult to work with, and that JWoww was great. They also said Sammi was meaner to Ron than what was shown and that they were both at fault for their tumultuous relationship.
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