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  1. As usual you make excellent points Sloth!
  2. Gothish520

    Mom in the Media

    Not surprised, but very happy, I love Tammy! I loved her from the beginning, and I still do even though they have toned her down some...just don't do anymore toning, she's good, lol!
  3. I completely agree with @Sofa Slothand everone about social media, which is why I disconnected years ago. The pictures and video thing especially, as I found myself more worried about posting pictures than enjoying the moments. My main point was that if one was truly upset about Mariah's posts, they could be easily avoided by simply not reading them. But I think it's that we live in a culture where people seem to actually WANT to get upset. That's the other side of social media - there are people that post things and people that read posts specifically so that they can then get worked up over them. I'm sure there is some interesting psychology behind that. I'm sure guilty of it too, otherwise why do I keep reading? Maybe I'm getting a snarky thrill by seeing other people get upset? I don't know, lol! I get the feeling that some psychologists would say we are healthy and normal and others might suggest we could be doing something healthier. Who knows, but forums like this exist for a reason so as I said before, let us all carry on! 😁
  4. There are two ways off the top of my head that one could avoid Mariah's posts, which are obviously so upsetting to so many of us: One, we could politely ask ginger90 to please stop posting Mariah's social media content here, or two: we could simply not read this thread. Neither one is going to happen, for obvious reasons, so henceforth, I will rejoice whenever any of my fellow posters swear, yell, or otherwise seem terribly upset with Mariah (or any of the Browns) because it's quite obvious that it gives them great pleasure. Carry on.
  5. Gothish520


    Ahh thanks! Yeah, considering it an investment is foolish - it's a crapshoot. Ebay has made collecting easier and has cheapened the value of many things. It always makes me laugh when a seller puts "hard to find" in their item description, when there's five more of the same item listed. Plus, what's really popular now may not be so hot in 10 or 20 years. Reminds me of my mother, who collected Beauty & the Beast memorabilia for years. She actually had a room we all called the Beauty & the Beast room that was filled with stuff on display, everything from pencils, soaps, and mugs to figurines and a very expensive 3D shadow box. She always told us it was our inheritance and to not fight over it, lol. Well, she was considering selling some stuff and had us look online to see what the going price was, and was disappointed to find out that her collection wasn't worth quite as much as she'd hoped.
  6. Gothish520


    Did they say they consider it an investment? I don't have any social media and can't see any comments they may have made about it.
  7. Gothish520


    Eh, they get a pass. I know people who collect all kinds of things. My husband has a large collection of knIves and a small gun stash. But, he does have them all under appropriate lock and key/combo, not displayed on the walls. He does have his extensive baseball cap collection on display in our spare room though. I collect gargoyle statues, have a few gothic/punk fairies, and enough wine glasses and beer steins to open a restaurant, lol. We all have our things.
  8. Gothish520


    I agree, the second outfit is actually cute and age-appropriate. But the first one is HIDEOUS. She looks like she reached into her great-grandmother's closet and pulled out random clothes. Just awful.
  9. Gotta say I disagree about the tanner. Not a fan. I'm as white as a ghost and proud of it. No tan, no bronzer, and SPF 30-50 on all exposed skin!
  10. Gothish520

    Aspyn Brown: She Has The Man, But May Eventually Get "The Family"

    She may be looking and not having any luck. It's unfortunate, but a lot of people find after college that getting a job in their chosen field is not always easy. I agree, Aspyn is sweet but as a tv personality, she's a bit bland. The plyg speculation is just to keep things somewhat interesting. I honestly wouldn't put it past TPTB to fabricate a possible second wife scenario.
  11. Gothish520

    Aspyn Brown: She Has The Man, But May Eventually Get "The Family"

    Kendra Scott is real, brick and mortar jewelry and accessories store. So aside from the not-very-helpful picture, Aspyn gets it right this time, lol.
  12. Gothish520

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Literally any one of us on this forum could write these posts, sans typos, after five minutes of googling.
  13. Gothish520


    But there is a lot of verbiage that suggests Kody wasn't that far off the mark. His statements at the time seemed ridiculous and/or said to try to put the kibosh on any hanky-panky, but it seems he must have read similar articles that suggested the possibilities he warned about.
  14. Omg this is hilarious! And yeah, those tacos look gross.