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  1. Well that was some craziness all around right there. They got me. So when's Tom coming back? It's been long enough already.
  2. Tina: "What kind of weird 8-year-old knows the word "cacophony?" LOL It was an ok episode, had a few good lines. My only real criticisms in general are that they can take the laugh track/audience (however they get their laughter) down a notch, and they are putting Gemma in some ass-ugly pants and jeans. That high-waisted look is not cute.
  3. One is the correct answer. A pint of mac & cheese feeds one person. 😄
  4. The convolutions just keep coming. But dammit, I just love Red and Dembe so much, I can't stop watching either. Poor Dembe getting shut down by Sophia: "Not gonna happen, handsome, nice try" or something to that effect. 😄
  5. Yeah this show definitely needs more love. This season has been really funny. Echoing the sentiment of the parent/child pairings working well this episode, and that it was especially nice to see the twins get to display more of their individuality.
  6. Yeah there must be something up with her insomnia. I do think it was weird that no one asked for more details. I've always loved this show and it seems to just keep getting better. Kristen Johnston has been such a great addition. Bonnie was way over the top in her excitement about the coat, but it did provide some good comedy. And William Fichtner is 63? Damn he looks good! So does Allison Janney at age 60. Actually, the whole cast looks great for their ages.
  7. It was nice that Forrest was so concerned about Michelle. And I agree with @Harvey that Michelle's process probably isn't the best approach, especially if someone sees you have a meltdown. It was also nice that Ben tried to help, but yeah, my sister said the same thing about just ordering some pizza. It's a kegger, it's not like people were expecting Filet Mignon and lobster. I loved all the stuff with Wade, Caroline, and Anna. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out. I've never seen Walton Goggins in this type of role before and I have to say, he is really nailing it.
  8. The "Because that's the way Wade likes it" and Wade's reaction were perfect. Nice job by Walton Goggins. The resolution of the Delia/sister storyline was perfect as well. Very touching and I can see both sides. I grew up surrounded by sports fans - there are legitimately people that obnoxious when it comes to that!
  9. I expect it will be something Sophie needs to do, for herself, when she finally has a chance to process everything. Hopefully therapy is in her future, as well as Danny's, and hell let's throw Delilah in there too. She needs a few truth bombs thrown her way. I'm not one who thinks that Delilah deserves to be raked over the coals repeatedly and I don't think she should be walking around riddled with self-loathing, but some overt acknowledgement of her behavior and acceptance of "punishment", for lack of a better word, is in order. Telling the kids is a good first step, and I do have to give her credit for finally doing so, as well as signing the paternity papers for Eddie. I wasn't sure she was going to willingly do either.
  10. Katherine was portrayed as very business-like and abrupt the first few times we saw her. She made a very insensitive comment about not expecting the memorial for Jon to be "an all-day" thing. I think she and Eddie just grew apart and had resentment towards each other for perceived faults. She may have resented Eddie for being a househusband, and he may have resented that she worked so hard and was not always "there" for him, stroking his musician ego when needed. An obvious lack of communication and understanding caused a rift which grew wider and wider. Delilah did make the first move. They fulfilled a need in each other. Affairs suck and there are no excuses for them - but there ARE sometimes reasons. People who engage in affairs are playing with fire, and many get burned, very badly. But I am not ready to paint every person who has an affair as a garbage human being. I have very close loved ones who are less than perfect people. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I loved this episode. It really brought the drama. Gary is way too extra but I understand his feelings with regard to Maggie. He thought they were both all in, on the same page - now that she's better, she's wavering. I guess I'm Team Gary on this one. Regina wanting to adopt is both sweet and complete and utter bullshit. Why can't a woman say she doesn't want kids and mean it? Ugh, such a copout. Sophie smashing the guitars was completely understandable, and Eddie gets it. When she picked up the red one I yelled out loud "Not the Stratocaster!" I'm not sure it actually is one, but it looked like it to me anyway, lol.
  11. The look on Dave's face whenever Sophia laughed was hilarious! All the stuff with the will was great too, very funny episode. Gemma encouraging and supporting Malcolm was sweet. Not all women will write off a man just because he still lives with his parents. My husband and his sister were well into their 30s and still living at home when we first met. Living "at home" is a great way to save money for the future.
  12. I liked the way he looked at Jack and kept shaking his head too, like "Dude, WTF?" And Hudson Hawk is one of my husband's all-time favorite movies too! I'm going to tell him that he's not alone, lol.
  13. I am so not a kid person and I can completely understand Tracy's feelings. I'm glad Poppy made Angie realize it was not that big of a deal, and I'm glad Angie didn't tell Will. I'm enjoying the slow burn of their storyline, but I hope we get a bit of progress this season, lol. Also glad they didn't have Douglas freak out over Poppy trying to break into his locked room. It really annoys me (IRL and on tv) when people act secretive and make things a much bigger deal than is necessary.
  14. I should've also said that the woman should be at least somewhat age appropriate! 😄
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