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  1. This is going to be just awful but of course I have to at least watch the first episode.
  2. It's a SITCOM folks. Not 100% real life, not supposed to be. Also, every family member does not have to be present or even mentioned in every episode. Don't get why that is bothering people so much. It's 20 minutes long, they can't show every minute of every day.
  3. I'm sad that no one seems to be enjoying this show anymore. I thought this season started a little weak but it has been getting funnier as the season goes on. I thoroughly enjoyed this last episode especially. Dre being an unself-aware man-baby is the joke. He is hilarious in his ridiculousness, as is Ruby and the entire work crew. And I am loving that Ruby and Bow have finally made peace. They still get their barbs in but there is humor behind them instead of malice. Plus, any episode that has Ruby AND Pops is aces in my book.
  4. Anyone still watching Expedition X? I like Josh for the most part and hate to criticize, but oof, that show is bad. The hosts are decently attractive (don't pretend that doesn't matter 😁), but they do not display enough charm or personality to keep the show interesting. There's very little chemistry between them and their delivery is either flat or obviously fake-excited. And the cases are pretty much nonsense.
  5. I don't disagree with any of this. Delilah was definitely digging in her heels about Charlie's parentage. But she did come to realize that she was wrong. She was afraid her children would hate her, with good reason, but the band aid had to be ripped off. She's far from perfect, but I just don't see her as this horrible person. Goodness knows, the whole lot of 'em have their share of character flaws.
  6. Yeah, the pacing is a bit different because of the commercial breaks, but it's still great to have this gem of a show back!
  7. So happy to have this show back! I don't watch commercials or previews and avoid spoilers so I didn't know about the Netflix joke, lol. This was a nice, light episode to ease in to the new season. Me encanto!
  8. I honestly don't understand why people feel this way, at ALL. I think Delilah is a lovely woman and a very caring mother and friend. Sure, she screwed up, she cheated, she's made mistakes, but she's not evil, she's not malicious, she loves her family and friends. No matter what she does, people just keep saying "she's the worst." Nah, not even close. It's to the point where she could rescue orphans from a burning building and people would still find some fault.
  9. Haven't read all the comments yet, but have to say that this was so hilariously melodramatic but I'm loving it. Not really watching this for any sort of realism anymore, just pure trashy goodness. Gary reading Maggie for filth was a shocker. And then faking us out with the airport scene, wow. Kudos for having him stick with Darcy. I like her. So glad Eddie didn't drink, but damn, again, did not see that accident coming. Not surprised about Eve. Rome and Regina may be the dumbest couple on the show, and that's saying something. Sophie AND Danny making goo goo eyes at Miles was so wrong but so funny. I like that Miles mentioned Delilah being French as part of his attraction, even facetiously. I think Stephanie Szostak is gorgeous and I love her accent. Miles is not my cup of tea though, too Hallmark romance Ken doll perfect-looking.
  10. Well I, for one, have greatly enjoyed the reboot, and was thrilled to be rid of that dreadful original series finale. I loved both storylines, but especially the ASMR stuff. I really like Demi Lovato's character.
  11. I never thought I would stop wearing a watch, but after I got my first smartphone I finally gave them up and don't miss them at all. I always have my phone in a slim holder with a clip and usually keep it on my belt or pocket. If I have to dress up then it just goes in my purse. My husband, however, still wears watches and will never give them up. As for Rolexes, I've always found them rather ugly, but they are iconic so they make a statement. Back in the day I would've gone for a nice Movado if I wanted to spend some bank on a watch. If I wanted to spend Rolex money, I'm sure I could find a nicer high end watch.
  12. She was upset at first, and then she realized it wasn't worth getting all twisted up over it. I am very glad they handled it that way. What is the point of hanging on to anger and resentment for months or even years? It eats you up inside and casts a pall over life. I just don't understand why people think it's at all good or healthy to carry that around. People are hurting themselves as much as they are hurting others, if not more. Again, work out your feelings, talk to someone if you have to, and move on.
  13. Delilah and Sophie were just estranged for months. I am glad Sophie realized immediately that she was overreacting and took the time to talk it out with Delilah. There comes a time when people need to let go of anger and grief and move ON. Life is too, too short.
  14. Absolutely, they have talked about Jon a lot. They also show Regina at the restaurant a lot. I'm honestly not sure where some of the criticisms of the show come from.
  15. Voight popping Staples is the highlight of the season so far.
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