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  1. Aww dang I will miss it too, it's a great version and I also love the opening pictures.
  2. There may or may not be pictures of me from the era wearing black stirrup pants, black high heels, an oversized geometric patterned electric blue shirt cinched with a hip belt, and a perm that would make a poodle proud. Oh, and enough eyeshadow, liner, and blush to make up all the models in the next Project Runway challenge!
  3. My father is one also. Started seeing a woman three months after my Mom's passing. The family as a whole was a bit thrown at first, but he had been through hell for the past four years with my mother's illness and he deserved some joy in his life. They aren't married, but I'm grateful that his girlfriend has been there to help him carry on.
  4. Cyndi Lauper's aesthetic to me always seemed to be a combination of punk and New Wave. Producer-driven drama and editing or no, Nancy came off a bit arrogant and very whiny. I'm just about over her. It's nice that she switched careers so late in life, good for her, yadda yadda, but that doesn't mean everything she does and says is gold. If she felt marginalized she could've made her feelings known in a calm manner with her teammates, one by one if necessary.
  5. Conversely, I know people who were happily married who started seriously dating within a few months of losing a spouse.
  6. I really enjoyed this episode, and my favorite part was when the buzzed stylist (Rochelle?) was trying hard to convince Diane to shave it all off. I have long maintained that if I were able to get away with it, I would chop off my dry, thinning straight hair. I work with a young Black woman who changes her hairstyle every few days. She's sported just about every style shown in this episode and she looks great in all of them, but my favorite is when she wears it natural.
  7. On a lighter note, I loved the sweater Tammy was wearing when they all went caroling, and I thought it looked familiar. Sure enough, it's from Target, on sale this week for $17.49 - my sister and I both bought one! 😃 https://www.target.com/p/women-s-long-sleeve-holiday-open-cardigan-with-fringe-detail-knox-rose-gray/-/A-77524395?preselect=77247018#lnk=sametab
  8. I do see your (and others') points with regard to Roscoe. It wouldn't hurt for Christy to mention him a bit more. It also wouldn't hurt to have maybe one episode a season where we see them spending some time together. But it doesn't really bother me that they haven't done so. I agree with your assessment of the Violet situation too. She was just such a resting bitch-face bitch that I was very happy when they dropped her from the show. But yes, her feelings really are absolutely understandable.
  9. I don't think they have ever gone even one full season without mentioning Roscoe.
  10. It just doesn't seem like something worth getting all worked up about. It's not "hand-waving", I mean, it's not like I can change it, so I'm not going to get myself in a dither. And I wouldn't change it because I don't miss the kids at all, and if they were never mentioned again I'd be fine with it.
  11. But why do people seem to need that? Why does Roscoe have to be mentioned regularly, or even at all? He lives with Baxter and Candace, and it's easy enough to assume that he and Christy keep in touch offscreen. Exactly. 🙂
  12. Well that was some craziness all around right there. They got me. So when's Tom coming back? It's been long enough already.
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