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  1. Yes this was a very good episode. He's getting some great guests. I always think of the scumbag Wes that Scott Glenn played in Urban Cowboy whenever I see him, lol. He was a fun interview.
  2. Is he really that clueless? Maybe he's just messing with us when he goes on those "open the economy now" rants? He has seriously sounded more like Trump than he can possibly be comfortable with when it comes to the virus, and yet still takes the opportunity to seemingly agree with those that criticize the US response. Talk about playing both sides of the fence. Overall a good show though. I loved both Carville's enthusiasm and Moore's cautions about being too optimistic. He is completely right that five months is a long time and anything can happen.
  3. Please let Angelina's behavior be part of the script. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to believe that she is truly batshit crazy. Also, that hamster period tattoo is absolutely gross and not the least bit funny. The best man's speech was worse than the girls. Deena wants everyone to love her and think she's a perfect sweeheart, doesn't she? But the way she flashed that "Let's wrap it up!" motion to Chris when she wanted to leave leads me to believe she's got a dark side, lol.
  4. My DVR didn't catch it either, so I recorded it later in the week. I just reset my recording so hopefully it works tonight. The jerky segment was great, and hope Josh gets a little more cautious again as numbers are spiking in California!
  5. The Wild West Josh Gates Tonight was very entertaining. I loved Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear on Longmire, so that was a treat. I got a kick out of the whiskey bit, and Josh putting his cowboy hat on Gabe, lol. I notice that he's getting a bit lax with the social distancing though, hmmm...!
  6. That's funny, I thought the baseball players seemed super distracting. In fact I told my husband that they were the most distracting thing yet, save those Thunder From Down Under guys - but they were distracting in a different way, lol. Rob was extra hilarious all episode, and I'll never complain about seeing Josh Duhamel on my screen.
  7. I just disagree with most of what he said. Whenever he tells other people the way they should be handling themselves during this, my thought is always "You first, Bill." Not that I want any harm to come to him, but it's easy to tell othes that they should be putting themselves in the line of fire.
  8. Ha! I'm still salty about Manila's AS4 elimination!
  9. Yeah, he thinks Millennials need to jumpstart the economy. And I agree that he is confusing them with Gen Z. The oldest Millennials are pushing 40. Why does Bill think no one is shopping? I work in a retail store deemed "essential" and we've been doing fine throughout this whole thing. In fact, we are often packed and exceeding sales goals. Stores across the country have opened up and people are lining up to shop. Not to mention, online shopping is booming as usual.
  10. Millennials need to stop being anxiety-ridden, stay-at-home gamers and storm the beaches and malls (lol), go to a store and buy some pants, catch corona and shrug it off like it's a cold, because apparently the rest of the world's "time has passed" and it's their time now.
  11. If I recall, Blair had a DUI in her past, from before her Season 10 appearance. I think she's gorgeous, and I found her charming in her first appearance on the show. Her persona now is more confident, bordering on cocky, but I still like her.
  12. Good episode right up until the last New Rule. Just..gah. I don't even know what to say. Yes I do...fuck off, Bill.
  13. Blair was robbed. She and Mayhem were the only ones that made me laugh and the 24K room idea was fun and looked great. The other rooms looked good too but the performances fell flat. Jujubee was the best of that bunch though. LOVED the runway, especially Blair and Ms. Cracker. ALways great to see Monet. The Untucked conversation between Mayhem, Jujubee and Blair was very touching. I can see how substance use and abuse could be a big issue in the drag world. It's important to talk about it and seek advice and help if needed. I hope they all stay on the path that is right for them.
  14. Totally worth it just to get rid of that swill that Dunkin Donuts tries to pass off as coffee!
  15. J. Nielson got beat! Burt Foster is exactly the kind of champion needed to beat the judges at their own game, lol. The damascus camp knife he made for the first round of the competition was gorgeous.
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