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  1. I've been waiting for Tom to return since the day after he "died". Really makes no sense for him to come back now, unless they bring Liz back too. I'm ready for some Liz-free Blacklist. I didn't really feel much sadness when she got shot. Just never really been a fan. It;s all about Red and Dembe, though I do have some affection for the team too.
  2. Reddit says she wanted more money (same/close to Spader's), they said no so she said then I want eight episodes off with no pay cut, which they obliged. Then she decided to leave.
  3. I just started watching these baking shows last year and just finished up a binge of this one. So, thoughts: I love Nancy and her boozy persona and her playfulness with Duff. The "spring-y" comments are a bit annoying, especially if bringing spring into the mix makes no sense based on the brief. But overall, a Nancy fan. I like Duff too, for the most part. He has a few repetitive mannerisms that are a bit eyeroll-y, but still, I like him. I like Lorraine a lot and really missed her this season. Kardea was boring. My favorite host was Jesse, but they all grew on me.
  4. I'm so excited it's finally coming back!
  5. SawBlaze absolutely destroying Son of Whyachi two seasons ago is one of my favorite battles ever. No flipping, just complete and total domination and destruction: https://youtu.be/uiMEr0_TuNQ
  6. Who's "they" and in what ways are they patting themselves on the shoulder? Is it your contention that Pfizer is taking all of the credit and giving none to BioNTech? I see no evidence of that in the States. It is almost always referred to as the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, but occasionally it is shortened to Pfizer which makes sense because it is less of a mouthful and Pfizer is a huge well-known company here. They are partners and both have done their share to create, test, and distribute the vaccine.
  7. Thank you both. Another article on the waiver, which would help to distribute vaccines to other countries: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/05/07/pfizer-ceo-biden-backed-covid-vaccine-patent-waiver-will-cause-problems.html @swanpride Interesting to note that Germany is against the waiver.
  8. Freaking Gen X, never getting the blame for anything in the Boomer/Millennial war, lol! For those who might not know, here is the latest generation breakdown according to Wikipedia: Baby Boomers: 1946-1964 Generation X: 1965- 1980 Millennials: 1981 - 1996 Generation Z: 1997 - 2012
  9. I've always hated Charles and Liza together, but since the last season of Younger I have seen Peter Hermann on Blue Bloods as Bridget Moynahan's lawyer ex-husband and I like his character. I think this is making Charles more tolerable to me, lol. Now, he and Bridget Moynahan have great chemistry!
  10. These houses were definitely a step or three up from the other episodes - but a million dollars? Holy crap! You can get a 5000 square foot house with four large bedrooms and bathrooms in my state for under 700,000. Of course, we have some gorgeous areas but not much English charm, lol.
  11. I love seeing how they live in other countries, but most of the time it makes me really appreciate what we have here in the good ole USA, lol. The homes they've shown so far in the UK are tiny, especially the bathrooms and bedrooms. That was indeed some cleavage the wife was sporting, lol. The couple had great style and some cool things but the decor was too cluttered, like living in an antique store. I love the International host, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. His suits are fabulous and he's charming and funny. He reminds me a little of Tim Curry.
  12. It would be nice to get him back there. If Bill Maher has been able to do it with staff as the "audience" and live guests, John should be able to do it while sitting behind his desk, far away from any audience. But then again, it's easy for me to tell someone else to take chances, lol.
  13. That was Lady Gaga feeding Adam Driver a pastry on the set of their new movie "House of Gucci". Fabulous.
  14. Thanks, i will change it. I wasn't sure since no one else had come out and said Endgame won yet. Apparently you can't remove spoiler tags, annoying, lol.
  15. Scott Galloway's getting some new fans out of this for sure. Bill rails against Communism and then lauds China in his final New Rule. Easy to get things done when you're a one-party state. Sure, that airport is great-looking in a futuristic, sterile kind of way, but I'll stick with less flash and my freedom, thanks.
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