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  1. I'd forgive a lot for some freshly made croissants!
  2. Maybe it's just me, but finding out that the potential birth mother has an abusive baby daddy would make me more concerned about adopting the kid, not less. Why did Regina and Rome think that was a better scenario?
  3. Hey, that "old guy" is only 52, younger than me, lol! I couldn't remember his name either, so I looked it up: it's Russell "Russ" Taylor on the show and Henry Ian Cusick IRL. His biggest claim to fame is Lost, which I never watched. I like his character. When they showed Cheyenne Mountain my husband asked me if I remembered what show it was from, and I didn't, lol. We used to watch Stargate SG-1 too. I thought the first episode of the season was kind of a mess, but I liked this one a lot more. Glad they filled us in on what happened (sort of) with everyone's love lives. I agree with @alexa that the group dynamic is lacking, but I think that's intentional, as Mac tried to invite them to his house and everyone said no. He looked like he felt bad - hopefully it's temporary and the show is going to have them work their way back to being a real team again.
  4. I liked this one a lot. I agree that the actor who played Sammy (Luke Slattery) was very good. I'm mostly meh on Rojas but she was pretty good here. Two strong episodes in a row, both lead by females, I like it - now if they could only give Trudy something to sink her teeth into, that'd be awesome.
  5. This is awesome! They look like babies - I see Stephen Dorff has always had that pout.
  6. I've been somewhat enjoying this show, but this episode was a tough one to swallow. @saber5055 covered some of the more bizarre points, so I will just add that Bishop and the wife's conversation at the house was AWKWARD - talk about dancing around a subject. And the speechifying by Bill and now the Mrs. is getting very heavy-handed. Best part of the ep was the bro nod between Cade and his foster son. I will continue watching because my husband likes the show, but I hope things improve.
  7. I like Dale in both roles. He is a good foil for John, lol. I like that Connie can handle him and takes no guff.
  8. I get what you're saying. I was raised in a diverse city and it wouldn't even dawn on me to ask someone where they or their family are from unless we became friends. How is it my business what a stranger's nationality or ethnicity is? If they bring up the topic first, maybe, but otherwise no. That being said, I do not find it a stretch that the hostess at the restaurant would assume that Regina's mother hadn't shown up yet based on the "evidence", for lack of a better word. If the situation were reversed and the hostess looked into the dining room and saw only people of color, I would expect her to think that my mother hadn't arrived yet just based on my ghostly complexion, lol. Her assuming that Regina's mother was black is not something bad, it's a logical conclusion. I think society as a whole is learning slowly that those types of conclusions are not always right, and the best we can hope for is that when they realize their mistakes, they learn and grow. But teaching people that what they have always known and believed is not always the case, that one plus one does not always equal two, well, that is going to take some time.
  9. Count me in as someone raised in a house where the kids had chores. One of my sisters and I did the laundry and dishes for years. We'd switch off when we got bored. My brother took out the trash, mowed the lawn, and shoveled snow. I always said it was unfair because his stuff was sporadic, whereas I did at least three loads of laundry every darn day, which included schlepping them down steep stairs to an unfinished basement, hauling them back up, folding them and placing them in their respective rooms. I once worked with a guy who was complaining about having to mow his lawn later that day. Wait, I said, don't you have a teenage son? Doesn't he mow the lawn? He told me he "tried" to get him to but the son wouldn't. My mind was blown; since when did kids have a choice? My father told us what to do and we did it. Ah, the good old days...
  10. I do have to admit that even I, as someone who actually likes Delilah, raised an eyebrow at the "best Mom EVER" remark, lol! I guess I just considered the source - as has been pointed out, Gary doesn't have a wealth of good examples from which to draw his conclusions. I am enjoying the Sophie storyline. I think it's relatively realistic for her to be so angry, though I'm not hung up on realism when it comes to tv shows. I like to sit back and be entertained, and I find this show quite the entertaining soap opera. The characters are all hot messes in one way or another, and I'm here for it all.
  11. The scene with Gary and the driver with the gun was very well done. I figured the guy wouldn't shoot, but still held my breath. I used to be more of an angry driver, honking my horn and flipping people off, but I soon realized that it's not worth the possibility of getting hurt just to let someone know they are a dick.
  12. I don't recall either Eddie or Delilah saying they were going to abandon their children. They were going to leave their spouses. Yes, Eddie had been unhappy for quite a while, and at the time, Gary was practically begging him to leave Katherine. I took the packing scene to mean that they were going to meet up at a hotel room and figure out the details of their respective divorces later. Most likely Delilah would've hoped to get custody, and maybe even Eddie hoped he would get custody of Theo as well, since he was the stay-at-home parent. And I agree, telling those who do not know the gory details what Eddie and Delilah were thinking or planning at the time will serve no purpose but to rub salt into wounds. I think folks just want the dreaded, hated Delilah, and to a lesser extent Eddie, to keep on suffering for their actions. It's not Sophie, Danny, and Theo's business what was going through grown folks' heads, they're kids. My parents went through a rough patch and they didn't fill me in on every detail of what did or didn't happen and what thoughts were going through their heads at the time.
  13. I'm not religious in the least, but am I the only one who had an issue with Missy praying that a kid would get hit by a truck? I love this show and enjoyed this episode, but that was a bit disconcerting to me.
  14. This has become one of the first shows I watch now. (I DVR everything). I think I can safely say I love it, lol. I'm glad Michelle agreed to keep the necklace. Being practical is important, especially with four kids, but everyone deserves a little splurge once in a while. It is good that she is level-headed with money though, as it can be easy to go crazy and blow it all. I still laugh when I think about Ben saying he would take their daughter to Dillard's for clothes in a previous episode and Michelle was like "Dillard's? Oh, you're going to Dillard's? Are you going to have our driver bring you there?" 😄 Forrest is my favorite character, and his post-firing spiral was hilarious, poor guy. Glad he got another job right away - he needed the self-confidence boost, even though he decided not to take it. I expect his journey of self-discovery will be entertaining.
  15. This was a great episode. Of course Ben and Michelle would spin out over not being chosen guardians - but can you imagine how Delia and Forrest would have reacted? 😄 And Forrest still not knowing who Caroline is, nice callback!
  16. The scenes with Bill and his father were great, and the ending was indeed very sweet. Nice work by Stephen Dorff and Michael Harney. The show is loaded with flaws and yet I'm still enjoying it. Bill could ease up on the pontificating, but I like the rough-and-ready persona. Cade and Bishop are standouts. Bill's wife is meh, I like Cade's wife a bit better, though she has not really been fleshed out.
  17. I thought it was hilarious when I believed she meant a tarp to cover a swimming pool... ...but now I realize she meant a swimsuit coverup, lol I love hearing the judges' comments!
  18. I don't get the Delvin love. Sure, he's hot, but...he's kind of a jerk. In fact, he bugs me more than Sergio. Marquise had some attitude coming back as well, and his garment was not good. I really liked Geoffrey's look. 80s in the best way. I liked Brittany's also. Sergio deserved the win. Lovely dress and it did look very well-made. No way they were going to eliminate Victoria. Her dress was not good but it wasn't a travesty. Chelsey deserved to go, her look was awful.
  19. I do agree that his friends hounding him has been too heavy-handed. And it's not just Delia, Michelle and the guys have been rather insistent as well. I get that they are worried about him, but they could ease up a bit. So very true, and it applies to other family members as well. I was as mentally prepared as one ever can be for such things, whereas a couple of my siblings were in denial until the end. They didn't start processing and grieving until my mom had passed.
  20. I loved Angel from Hell! And I really like Maggie Lawson. She and Jason Biggs have nice chemistry. It's not great, but I didn't hate it. The smart kids were really one-note until the end, when they thankfully showed that they may actually be human. Pro-letariat made me laugh, and I love the song Closing Time so I got a kick out of that joke. I'll keep watching for now.
  21. Looks like there's a third plate behind the flowers too.
  22. Yeah, he really is a sweetheart. Deep breaths, Geoffrey, you're doing fine!
  23. I was still on the fence but I found this episode engrossing. I think I'm in for the duration. Loved Brian Van Holt in Cougartown and I'm enjoying his portrayal of a very different character here. Stephen Dorff is chewing the scenery in an entertaining way.
  24. It's a lovely dress and fit her perfectly, but - it didn't look any more lovely than many off-the-rack dresses I've seen. It's a white dress with lace and a (boring, IMO) tulle veil. Worth all that time, effort, and money? Hmmm...
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