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  1. I didn’t know “Rose Gold” was a thing, tbh. I don’t think anyone I know is aware of it being a thing either - certainly not enough to dissuade naming a child Rose. Rose Gold is a beautiful name and I’m sure the little girl will be fine with it.
  2. I’m confused - isn’t Gold Steve’s real last name? Rose is a lovely name.
  3. She really is beautiful! On the other hand, I find the situation with his child's mother or "co-parent" quite interesting. It seems Luis has been desperately trying to fill a void in his life for a long time, hence the moving to Europe and back. Doesn't surprise me he landed back in PR for the time being. Methinks that Leela will move around a lot as a child as her dad figures things out. I am wondering if Luis has an arrangement with his child's mother where she was willing to have a baby with him because she wanted one as well. Wouldn't be the first to do so. I didn't get the impression that this was an "oops" baby at all. They've been very careful about the language they use about the baby and their relationship as "co-parents". Also interesting that the child's mother was in a place where she could pick up and move relatively quickly with Luis. Just screams "arrangement". Wouldn't be surprised at all if Luis moved from PR to somewhere else in a year or two. I like Luis, but I think he's hurting inside. Hope he finds peace eventually.
  4. I went to a wedding recently where the reception was scheduled to start 4 hours after the ceremony ended. I ended up heading to a restaurant with my boyfriend and friends and by the time the reception rolled around, we were too exhausted and full to go. Ended up back at the hotel for the night. When there's a gap like that, your whole day becomes about the bride and groom. Yeah, no thanks.
  5. I agree. The company had a good run, but unless they are able to get an investor (and how could they?), D'Andra should cut her losses and move on. It seems like Mama Dee knew this was going to eventually happen and that she's all too happy to pass a failing company on to her daughter. Very odd and sad.
  6. I agree. Tom never wanted Darcy and it was telling how callous he was after Darcy returned home. I can buy that she kept reaching out to him and was frustrated that he was non-responsive. He went from chasing after her in an airport in a corny reenactment of some romcom, only to act like she was a complete nuisance a week later. With Darcy, what you see is what you get. She very clearly wears her heart on her sleeve and is honest that she likes a lot of attention and compliments from her partner. Tom needs to leave her alone because he knows he won’t ever want her in this way. What a coincidence that they are back together now that a reunion needs to be filmed.
  7. If y’all could have heard the collective gasp in my household when Maria appeared on screen...it was like time stopped. I knew she was real because I figured TLC had to get clearance to show her image and the text messages, but I was stunned when she actually appeared for an on-camera interview. Maria is probably to talking to dozens of men. Not a bad hustle. I don’t feel bad for Caesar. If he wants to waste years of his life and all of his money on Maria, I don’t care. He has to know she only cares about his money.
  8. IMO, he doesn’t have to film if he hates it. Acting like a child because he doesn’t want to be on camera is just annoying. The general consensus online is that viewers don’t like him, so no one would feel too badly if he weren’t on the show. Dorinda’s now-ex, John, noticeably reduced his appearances from the RHNY show after fans made it clear that they didn’t like him. I think two things can be true - Emily is high-strung and Shane is annoying and callous. Their marriage is very hard to watch and I don’t want to see Shane on my screen. Much like I didn’t want to see Jim Bellino on television. Another asshole.
  9. If he needs a super organized kitchen to ensure he can find what he needs to make meals, Kate should have just humored his request for a label maker. Given his extensive experience, he may have a method that he prefers to use to keep him on track when in the kitchen. Because Kate doesn’t work that way, she didn’t see the point. People like that irritate me. I used to have a job that required me to be very organized and the label maker was my bff. My boss always rolled her eyes about my method, but it meant I got her assignments done faster. Kevin’s diarrhea didn’t need to be a storyline. I would be mortified if I were him. Let the man shit in peace. Happy to finally see a Black woman on this show. One of the reasons why I’ve been such an inconsistent watcher of the BD franchise is because they lack any diversity. Since there are rumors that the show occasionally casts stews with no legitimate experience, I’ve found it odd it took 7 seasons to find a Black stew. Yay, Simone. I was actually telling my younger cousins to consider yachting since they have some serving experience. Many don’t even know it’s a career option, at least for their twenties. I had to keep double checking that I wasn’t in BDM thread because of the constant references to Capt. Sandy. More BD please.
  10. I watched Emily on WWHL last night and I feel really sad for her. She said that Shane is a dick, but that he has a nice side he shows her privately. I hope for her sake that she leaves the marriage and finds someone better. It’s clear she is the type who wants to be taken care of emotionally, and Shane is too busy looking like a Hot Topic reject. It says a lot that he can’t even fake the funk on camera. He doesn’t care or mind that his comments make him appear callous. Kelly is right that he’s a dork or dweeb or whatever she called him. I know people find Emily annoying and whiny, but that doesn’t excuse Shane’s coldness.
  11. I don’t like Robyn much, but man. I was so annoyed Juan just sat there and didn’t defend the mother of his children. Does he like Michael that much? Is he concerned about jeopardizing a connection to a wealthy man? It’s just bizarre. I also expected more from Chris Samuels. Did the Darbys slip something in their water? What’s everyone drinking that Michael got out of this without all of the men banding together to say this isn’t okay? Kudos to Ray and white Chris for standing up to Michael. I hated the way Michael stood over Gizelle. It’s an intimidation tactic that he wouldn’t have used if she had a man with her. I’m glad Gizelle didn’t back down. She also made a comment on WWHL a couple of months ago about how Ashley doesn’t have much time left in her contract. I mean, her marriage. The prenup has a 5 year term where she’d get enough money to be comfortable. Plus, she would get child support. I’m wondering if she’s just holding on to maximize the amount of money she’d get. This show is definitely tainted if Michael comes back. Every RHW show has had at least one storyline that made things dark. NY, OC, ATL, and BH have all had that moment. Not sure about Dallas. But it definitely changes the show in a way that isn’t very positive. I’d hate to see that happen with Potomac.
  12. Well said. Both Jack and the girlfriend handled the situation very poorly. They are both assholes. Hannah, on one of those after show clips, said that Aesha actually told Jack that she wasn’t looking for a relationship, particularly since the charter season would be short, but Jack kept pursuing her. So she gave him a chance and he played her. What a dick. I have a feeling Jack deleted his social media because he knew Aesha would eventually tell fans what happened. He knows what he did was cruel.
  13. Exactly. That’s my issue with Hannah. She doesn’t try and doesn’t care and it shows. Pinterest has a a million ideas for how to look fancy on a budget. But I think Hannah thinks that kind of work is beneath her.
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