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  1. Soooo happy for Artem. But not into Kaitlyn, so I'm half-excited. LOL. Two Bachelorettes in row which is just "meh". Wanted Justina to win. She wasn't technically perfect, but she had such joy while performing that I loved watching her. So cute to see Johnny doing a little shoulder shimmy dance while Nelly performed. Nelly is a great performer and his songs will always get people out of their chairs.
  2. Justina is my pick to win. I adore her. She has a grace and joy that one simply cannot teach which is why every dance of hers is mesmerizing even if it’s not technically perfect. Also, still rooting for Nelly if only because his growth has been awesome to witness. Love Britt and Johnny though I worry they don’t have the fan base to push them to the top. I am not going to miss AJ and Cheryl. I felt nothing while watching them dance, tbh. I’m a long time BSB fan and Cheryl has always been one of my favorite pros, but I just found them to be a little forgettable. Skai’s floor spin was s
  3. I love Justina! She is the epitome of grace and I love that she is just having so much fun. Skai may appear child-like, but she’s an adult. She can’t help her size. I do think Alan takes advantage of the fact that she can easily do lifts by including them so frequently, but I hope he gets more creative with his choreography. I enjoy watching Nelly. Is he the most skilled dancer? No. But he is charismatic and clearly improving. I like watching him as much as I do Justina. I’m glad Artem is being vocal about Carrie Ann’s critiques. I know it’s been mentioned that they dated in the
  4. She has a new business every season. What happened to her PR job? The house flipping? Her lip gloss line? Reminds me of Cynthia choosing random ventures that you never hear about after the season is over.
  5. Oh, I don’t think she was sick either. LOL. But Karen has attended all of Monique’s events and Monique could have given her the benefit of the doubt about missing this one. Instead, she acted like Karen was trying to play her. It was just weird - a reliable friend misses one event and Monique calls their character into question. She is so extra.
  6. I don’t see why it’s a big deal people don’t want to go to Monique’s events. Look at how rude she was about Karen letting her know that she’s too sick to go, only for Monique to act like Karen was lying. Karen has been nothing about supportive of Monique.Something ain’t right with Monique. I hope she apologized to Karen for that.
  7. Absolutely. After Sherman, Gizelle didn’t have much of a storyline. Jamal allows her to appear like she has something going on. Her home renovation wasn’t as interesting as Chateau Sheree. And from the looks of it, her line Everyhue Beauty isn’t on Target’s website anymore and they haven’t updated their social media in months. I like Gizelle, but the Jamal storyline is a terrible one. She needs to do better.
  8. Oh, is that what happened? I laughed so hard seeing him try to rip the second wig off.
  9. Monique is absolutely not sorry. In recent interviews, she still sounds genuinely pissed. One would think the fight happened yesterday the way she carries on. She is doubling down on social media. Doesn't matter that she's embarrassed herself and even her pastor had to check her, she can't get out of her own way. She's too damn prideful and arrogant. And I don't think Candiace actually wants Monique's money. I think she wants to teach a lesson that you can't put hands on other person. I've never believed that just because someone is talking shit to you or about you that you have a right
  10. Justina is up there are my favorite. Just love the way she dances! Also, Nelly growing/improving through the weeks is incredible to watch. Skai...has there ever been a contestant who went back and forth from the top scoring to bottom scoring? I'm so rooting fo her, but she seems to be quite disconnected from the music and her partner. I feel bad because she often looks like someone who is very uncomfortable even though she has the skills and technique to be a winner. Maybe it's the live aspect that is tripping her up and making her lose confidence.
  11. For me, it’s not even that Tyra flubbed the bottom 2. It was more that she couldn’t recover fast enough which you absolutely must do on live television. She seemed genuinely flustered. She could have thrown a quick joke in there about “hey, that’s live television folks!” and laughed, apologized for the confusion. But Tyra was clearly caught off guard. I feel like Tom would have been fine and shrugged it off. I think Nelly isn’t used to this kind of setting which is why he comes off stiff. He’s a great performer if you’ve ever seen him live, but he’s not used to more buttoned-up performan
  12. Its been speculated - I don’t think anyone knows for sure. It’s been said that the school Dayton goes to has fantastic resources for autistic students and that may have been why they made the move. In general, I don’t see anything wrong with parents wishing to be closer to their child, especially since some autistic children struggle with change. But this move had bigger implications for the rest of the family.
  13. Totally agree. More than a dozen kids running through my home at all hours? No thanks. It would get old very quickly. A covered walkway would have made way more sense.
  14. I was just joking around about the spin-off. No one has to watch anything they don’t want to watch. Her life improved 10-fold once she got with Kody. She’s never suffered. They even funded her dumb jewelry line even though they got nothing out of it. IIRC, one of the wives said Robyn sleeps in until about noon nowadays even with very young children. Doesn’t sound like she’s suffering at all.
  15. And I need to know why Janelle keeps calling the muddy puddle a “pond”. It looks disgusting. I would be terrified of what’s beneath the surface. It’s not like it’s a beautiful, scenic body of water. Prairie dogs just seem to shit in it. As far as Meri opposing the kids going through her apartment to get to another part of the house in Lehi....I don’t blame her. I’d suck it up for the kids because it’s cruel to have them go outdoors just to come back inside, but a bunch of kids walking through my house numerous times a day would bug me. But I also didn’t choose Meri’s life. She should have
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