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  1. Its been speculated - I don’t think anyone knows for sure. It’s been said that the school Dayton goes to has fantastic resources for autistic students and that may have been why they made the move. In general, I don’t see anything wrong with parents wishing to be closer to their child, especially since some autistic children struggle with change. But this move had bigger implications for the rest of the family.
  2. Totally agree. More than a dozen kids running through my home at all hours? No thanks. It would get old very quickly. A covered walkway would have made way more sense.
  3. I was just joking around about the spin-off. No one has to watch anything they don’t want to watch. Her life improved 10-fold once she got with Kody. She’s never suffered. They even funded her dumb jewelry line even though they got nothing out of it. IIRC, one of the wives said Robyn sleeps in until about noon nowadays even with very young children. Doesn’t sound like she’s suffering at all.
  4. And I need to know why Janelle keeps calling the muddy puddle a “pond”. It looks disgusting. I would be terrified of what’s beneath the surface. It’s not like it’s a beautiful, scenic body of water. Prairie dogs just seem to shit in it. As far as Meri opposing the kids going through her apartment to get to another part of the house in Lehi....I don’t blame her. I’d suck it up for the kids because it’s cruel to have them go outdoors just to come back inside, but a bunch of kids walking through my house numerous times a day would bug me. But I also didn’t choose Meri’s life. She should have conceded or at least bought something for her floors if she was worried about possible damage. Meri, if you’re reading, pitch an idea to TLC about you living on your own and managing the B&B. It could be called Moving Meri, Meri Moves Forward, Meri Finds Love, Meri Finds Her Mojo, Meri On Her Terms...you don’t have to miserable! The relationship clearly isn’t working for anyone invoved with a pulse.
  5. I don’t get it either. And quite frankly, this all should have been figured out before they moved. Meri can be manipulative, but I do think she’s thinking long-term about her place in the family and accordingly, it affects her willingness to commit to the land. Because once that home is built, she’s basically saying she’s staying for some time. Kody was fine with Meri until Robyn came into the picture so I am not sympathetic towards him at all. Robyn does the same thing Meri does! She’s just as manipulative.
  6. Christine seemed to have no issue then, but like most, she’s seen a different side of the lifestyle. I try to remember that Christine grew up in a plural family so her views were shaped by that. Now, she’s been exposed to having her own home and having to raise her own children. She admits her identity as a mother changed when she had her own home and was responsible for her own children. I also think that seeing the impact of the family dynamics on her children has also played a part in how she feels.
  7. A lot of people, even fundies, pick and choose what they wish to adhere to according to religious principles. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they wouldn’t see the irony in their theme selection.
  8. I don’t get it either. When she does show up for family events, she seems awfully bored. I think she enjoys that everyone else does the work, her kids get a distraction, and that’s that. I am doubtful that she’s the one decorating, cooking, etc. I have read stories about Christine’s older girls spending time at Meri and Robin’s homes at times overnight. I’ve never heard that they have stayed at Janelle’s. Not to say the haven’t, but she doesn’t seem to have extended a welcoming hand to the other children in the way the lifestyle dictates. She just barely handles her own children with patience if her behavior when they announced the move to FS is any indication. I get that she contributed to the first home financially, but Christine nearly raising a dozen children with no help in a small home is no joke. I still remember the footage of the first season of Christine trying to help the children with school work with a cut to Janelle enjoying a meal alone during her lunch hour. Lol. Ridiculous.
  9. Exactly! And not only was Christine raising Janelle’s kids, she was doing it in a home that was smaller than Janelle’s. Christine wants to raise her own kids and I don’t blame her. It still irks me that Janelle has all of those children with no plans to be hands on. If the rumors are true and Logan doesn’t want any children, I get why. He’s already raised children just like Christine.
  10. Christine likes her new life. She has a house just for her and her children. When they had one home, she was taking care of her kids and Janelle’s kids. She’s had enough and loves the independence she now has. She loves being able to see Kody in her own space. The one home won’t happen as long as she has a say. It is honestly as if she just wants to live in a world where she’s in a monogamous relationship. Isn’t that something...
  11. Happy that Josie is pursuing her own business. I’m sure that her work hours will be family friendly so she can balance work and home life. Glad to see she’s still making use of her education. A lot of people said she’d probably be a SAHM, but she’s very young and clearly has a passion for the beauty industry.
  12. The family must single-handedly keep Taryn Yager in business with all of their photoshoots.
  13. It seems Travis comes from money or at the very least, won’t need to rely on the Bates to support Katie if it came down to it. I don’t think he’ll go the way of Bobby.
  14. Good for Jill for getting her own PO Box. She has enough followers that I’m sure she can create partnerships/sponsorships, and it’s just easier to have items sent to a box. Most influencers, even those with 500 followers, have a business mailing address.
  15. If it were up to Ben, his life would definitely resemble Jeremy and Jinger’s. Jessa strikes me as the type to order the same thing when they go out, while Ben would be the more adventurous type.
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