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  1. I was going to mention you can get fresh chocolates directly from their website. Plenty of variety too!
  2. I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but these two grown women going on vacation to Disney World with their parents, well something seems off. They are actually thrilled they are on Peter Pan’s Flight. Jane describes them as career women who do everything, they dance, they sing, they are makeup artist and hair stylist. Seems to me that are little girls.
  3. I feel sorry for the dog and cat at the mom’s house.
  4. Sarah is creating the drama, Michael does not care about her new boyfriend, she is really sick, she wants so much to think he cares about her.
  5. All she is worried about is if Michael is there yet.
  6. She’s been watching Darcey, did she practice pursing her lips
  7. HA HA! She is going to invite all of Lamar’s family and friend over for a swim and wings!
  8. I think it will be okay to swim in blessed water.
  9. Lamar knew who he was marrying. It’s ridiculous that he will not agree to a baptism.
  10. The inside of the house is nice, the outside where they were eating looked like the back of a factory.
  11. Sarah always has to make it about herself, not really her kids. He showed up what more do you want, stop saying he showed no respect for you. What does that mean? He is there the day of the party.
  12. Angie should throw him one, she might like it and he loves her
  13. Clint and his Goddess Tracey, yeah haven’t heard about them.
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