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  1. I don't remember that scene, so he actually left 2 babies alone in the park? About Steve marrying "Mrs. Harper" didn't the family members besides Katie and Rob spend any time getting to know each other. It's like all that was important was that Steve and Barbara were in love. Chip or Ernie refers to Dodie as "little what's her name" the day of the wedding and I think Charley called her "Barbara's little demon" in the episode when Steve finally realizes he has to get to know Dodie. Also, how old is Dodie? How old are Steve and Barbara? Ridiculous sloppy storylines.
  2. Goodnight, hope to see you all Sunday! Have a good week
  3. So the Skipper is indicating that Aladin was in it for her money. Where are all the wedding gifts of money they were showered with at the ceremony?
  4. Corey repeat after me "Yo quiero agua". There you go Raul, he wins Evilin now!
  5. Evilin found a sucker to fund her beach bar business. She has no interest in Corey. He is not her type at all. Why did she accept the ring. Wake the fuck up Corey, she is making a complete ass of you and she stole all your money.
  6. Laura's issue is he does not "do everything" you know the same problem Elaine (Seinfeld reference) had with John Jermaine, her Jazz musician boyfriend.
  7. This moderator is horrible, dead air and awkward moments.
  8. He was sent to his room without dinner or TV
  9. Guess it ended badly for the Skipper and Alladin.
  10. Deavan is never happy, she is always complains about something.
  11. We have seen all these pictures before. Amy, it is Daughters in law, not Daughter in laws. I really have to stop following these people.
  12. The funniest is that her father called her Akinyi, shouldn't he be calling her by her given first name. I say it's scripted.
  13. Darcy is an idiot, Tom is there to salsa dance. Darcy does not know how to salsa. Tom should have let her know that in advance or maybe tried to show her some of the steps. Now he has created a blubbering fool.
  14. Did father Akini say the offering Benji brought are something you bring for a death in the family? Didn't Akini tell him he has to bring those food gifts when he negotiates the bride price? That whole thing is ridiculous. Can't stand Tim and Jeniffer, can't even watch them.
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