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  1. I agree, not sure who said that but I think she threw some shade.
  2. I didn’t hear her agree to it being held at the farm either. I first thought it would be there, but Amy has such deep love for her man and her second act, she would never have it there for the TLC paycheck. The wedding is way too sacred and important to her to save a buck.
  3. Who said ‘Always praise him”? Maybe just have some loyalty to the person who may be providing a paycheck for your babe huh.
  4. I must have missed this statement, was it on last night’s episode? I will have to rewatch.
  5. Zach and Tori are boring, the whole show is really Amy, her man, Matt and Caryn. Wow, Amy’s man really got the stink eye from her when he expressed interest in the farm in front of Matt and Caryn, it even carried over into the kitchen when they left. I think the consideration of the best man’s place for the wedding was all for show as was Amy’s “biker” outfit complete with faux leather tank top. What does she think she is in a biker gang? Maybe the over the hill gang. The conversation between Zach and Matt about the statues etc gave me the impression that perhaps Zach’s offer on the north
  6. Amy posted this picture today for Zach and Jer’s Bdays. I can’t imagine why she would wear whatever those are on her feet with a floral springtime looking dress. LOL, they look ridiculous IMO.
  7. Jeremy just posted on an Instagram story that one year ago on his birthday they put in an offer on the north side of Roloff farms and the offer was not accepted. Strange to word it that way, I am sure there is more to it than that, it is your family’s farm not strangers who would just reject your offer because of the money. The point was that they put in another offer for a different property again near his birthday (which is today) and it was also not accepted. He said they will continue to search.
  8. Jeremy posted a story on Instagram from yesterday. He was presenting Audrey with her Mothers Day gift. Audrey’s family was there and so was Amy and her man.
  9. I sure wish this show would end it with Angela. She keeps getting worse with the cackling and dirty remarks. I really don’t want to hear about how much Michael loves her boobs and how he likes to pull on them. An overweight 50 something woman acting like she is some kind of sex kitten and flirting with doctors and making a fool of herself. It’s embarrassing to watch. Go away Angela, Please!
  10. I can’t believe I actually watched a video of Amy where she didn’t mention “her man” and her undying love for him. Even though it was Mothers Day themed I thought for sure she would work him into the mix.
  11. I agree, I think she always looks nice and knows what looks good on her.
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