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  1. She should have some kind of sleeve, would have been more flattering.
  2. Yes, this is nice. Maybe the wedding has thawed the relationship between the adults.
  3. Before or after they deposit a gift and genuflect before the pictures?
  4. No that's not it and there more than that and plenty of Instagram stories featuring other peoples children.
  5. Great pictures, I think they are very cute!
  6. Amy has probably forbidden anyone to post anything wedding on social media today. She needs to sell the pictures first.
  7. If anyone disrespects Zach it's Tori. She posts videos of him mispronouncing words while she laughs at him. Also, she if fond of calling him and her son knuckleheads.
  8. Well this is sort of like Chris is throwing his own funeral
  9. Bode looks as big as Jackson in those pictures. I noticed Tori doesn't post any pictures with Bode and Ember included. Audrey does post pics with the Bean and Baby J Roloff as they are commonly referred to in Tori's pics. Tori only posts her kids and Zach. I think she is the grudge holder.
  10. Looks like a "in memoriam". Picture board with flowers around it.
  11. Now that would be an episode I would like to watch where Matt actually uses the words "go screw yourself Amy"! Wouldn't it be funny if one of the chickens or goats got loose and ran up the aisle during the ceremony. If stupid Zach is put in charge of the animals there is a good chance it could happen.
  12. No matter what would go wrong, it would be all his fault, even if Amy pops a seam on her dress!
  13. I have never really seen a collage full of pictures of people at a wedding. I have seen many at funerals so people will be reminded of the good memories of the person. Amy really doesn't know when to stop. She probably has someone tying tin cans, ribbons and a just married sign on the back of the bike, so they can dramatically ride off when the reception is over.
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