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  1. Irate Panda, I couldn't get through it either lasted about 10 mins and then just clicked it off.
  2. I think that noise is the dogs collar, I heard it in other videos and the dog could be seen right there near the counter when Amy was going back and forth getting things. Also licks her fingers preparing the cake. How about the potato pancakes? Just left the shredded potatoes on a dish instead of in cold water, they turned completely brown. I am sure they were fine but they looked disgusting and so did the finished pancakes.
  3. Check out the latest brisket and potato pancake video. Another gem!
  4. I don't why she insists on mentioning that she will share with her kids, she even had the top of cheesecake marked into four parts, if I saw that correctly. She did it with the chocolate cake too, said she would give equal shares to her kids. They probably threw it away when she wasn't looking.
  5. I agree with your whole post. I was shocked she made it to the last round.
  6. He is like the monster in young Frankenstein with that Mmmmmmmm
  7. He acts as if talking online for 7 years was a full blown relationship. He is such an ass. She is right in taking it slow.
  8. How long was she in Nigeria, her hair looks like crap
  9. More cooking news
  10. Oh I forgot to post this, Amy on Chopped will be shown on the Food Network on Tuesday June 2 at 2pm EDT.
  11. I was shocked at that also, what was she thinking, no common sense.
  12. It's a bad picture, she looks like she has 5 o'clock shadow.
  13. He is very cute and so is Ember. He is a big boy!
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