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  1. Thank you for your reply. 😊 I apologize that I didn’t explain what I meant well- i meant separate spoilers thread and opinions thread, not separate for opinions on different topics.
  2. The are both pretty, great dancers, and represent the DCC well. Every point and triangle girl has been criticized on this, or the previous board. In the end, TPTB know what they are doing to create the team THEY want. If they didn’t, the DCC wouldn’t be the best in the NFL. Whoever they pick for point will be perfect for the image DCC leadership desires. Otherwise, TPTB will make a change, like they did with Jenna. I’m curious if would be possible to have 2 separate threads, so one could be for spoilers and the other could be for people to post/read about their opinions of the girls and TPTB? That would help cut back on the questions, as well, since the spoilers would be easier to read through. 😊
  3. Gabby was not in the photo of the returning team members before finals today.
  4. The all star game for the NFL. Each cheerleading team sends 1 girl to participate. Kashara went last year.
  5. Maddie, kashara, and Lacey. I hope Lacey gets pro bowl this year.
  6. So sad for Lily being cut in her first visit to the office.
  7. Maddie’s bikini does not fit her well, and she does look thick in the beach photos. She looks good in all the other photos posted in CA so far. Maybe it was a bad day in a suit 3 sizes too small?
  8. laney

    S02.E10: The Last Ceremony

    Semen is supposedly a natural inductor for labor. Orgasm by the female may also help with contractions, but I imagine Fred was only focused on the semen, since it’s all about the men. Unless there is something wrong with the mom or baby, having sex at 9 months will not hurt the baby. It was a horrendous scene.
  9. laney

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    Massachusetts is pretty liberal, too, yet the story is Based in the Boston area.
  10. laney

    S02.E07: After

    It’s so nice to see June showing some sassyness. It’s interesting that the handmaids knew to run. How could the person in the front row near the bomb make it out fine, yet the handmaids did not? (I cannot see the preview, but am referring to the red coffins someone said were in the preview)
  11. I thought the same thing the first time I saw the commercial for Jazz’s show, and then every time since.
  12. After watching the first 2 episodes, I am sad that Kaitlynn from OK didn't make training camp. She seemed to be a good fit. Anyone else surprised by those who did or didn't make training camp?
  13. laney

    S05.E08: The After Show, Part 2

    When this was filmed, Jessa and Ben had a 19 month old and a 4 month old. I'm sure they are exhausted and are still adjusting to life being about the boys who depend on them for everything. Jessa is controlling and obviously felt they should know the most about each othe, since they've been married the longest. In reality, the couples with no kids have more time to talk and focus on each other and their relationships. I thought Joy and Austin came across as a normal(ish) young couple in love. They and Jeremy/jinger seem to be challenging their spouses to be better versions of themselves, which gives hope for their futures.