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S09.E02: Groomzilla

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Maddie called from upstairs, "mom, it smells like the dinner nachos are burning", jolting Janelle out of her reverie to realize she will have to stir her stumps and make a run to the supermarket for more Velveeta and corn chips.

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More wedding planning hijinks and moody Mariah and since they are so behind on these episodes we already know Madison had a baby. Why do I put myself through watching this? It's not much better than the Mama June show.

Mykelti has gained an extra tire around the middle, I hate to see her and Tony after a few years married.

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Asypn has beautiful hair. What do you expect Mykelti when you invite 7 plus people to your dress choosing, they are going to give their opinions. Tony is an immature asshole. English spy? Who is this dick?

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I hate hearing the plural marriage love stories...Christine talking about her dad singing to court her mom just skeeves me out.  Seems like pligs just grab the girl and marry them....the younger the better...not much courtin involved?

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FT (I like it) shoves Mykelti and says I'm sitting here *rolls eyes* I don't see any redeeming qualities in him. I wish Mykelti didn't dye her hair black, it doesn't suit her.

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12 hours ago, peaceknit said:

I may have missed it before, but this is the first episode where at least two of the SW are showing cleavage. Guess they aren't worried about that anymore...

Oh and we got to see Mariah's bra via her backless shirt.

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