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  1. islandgal140

    S04.E15: Cayman We Get Along?

    I'm thru!!! Mr. islandgal140 is convinced that Michael, while on that exercise bike, has the following type of image on the screen and is chasing it at 50 mph.
  2. islandgal140

    S03.E04: Little Lies

    This show just never disappoints. I think Darcy is a very pretty woman and I am all about a woman dressing and grooming herself however she g-d pleases, especially if she is paying for it, but seriously, has Darcy ever dressed casually? Has she ever worn a dress that was at least knee length? A simple tailored pantsuit? Or jeans and a classic white blouse? Hell, jeans and a t-shit? Sneakers? It is like she is always on her way to the club. I get always wanting to look your best but she really needs to embrace a broader range of looks. I mean even during the pillow talk shows, her and her sister were always done up to the nines, even in their pjs they looked like they were going to a jammy themed party at The Tunnel (old night club in NYC really popular in the 90s). It is always just a ton makeup, a ton of hair extensions, the most dramatic of lashes. Its tew much!!! Tom did catfish with his pics but him and Darcy did video chat, which we saw last week and even then people were thinking he looked different from his pics so I'm thinking Darcy had some idea the pics weren't 100% accurate. Darcy's first husband was no looker so I could imagine she doesn't require a David Gandy look alike, however, I think Darcy like a manly man and Tom ain't it. Tom has a complete lack of big dick energy. He doesn't even have medium dick energy. Tom looks as old if not older than Darcy. Yes, Avery is an adult, however, I don't see how with no signs of a steady income or employment, Avery could possibly qualify and be approved for a K1 without some type of sponsorship. So, in a sense, mom is indeed underwriting Avery's foolish dance with death. Avery has just as many (if not more) blinking red lights of doom than her intended groom. I just question someone who flits from one fade to another who then converts to Islam out of the blue and after a few months flies off to marry some dude she has never really spent physical time with and marries within 2 days of landing there. Make that make sense. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that after 5 years or less of marriage, she gets tired of all the oppression and flies back home to be a porn star and confesses to have been eating pork and drinking hard liquor the whole time. Omar seems nice enough but again, we've seen him for a span of what 15 minutes? It is good that he has an actual profession as opposed to most of the ne'er do wells we see on this show. However, it should be noted that once he comes into this country (if he indeed does) I bet his degree won't mean shit. It might be better for them to go to another nation that will recognize his degree. Otherwise, it will be a case of Omar working as a warehouse worker at Amazon regaling his co-workers about how he used to be a doctor in his country Even frigging Tom was bringing him up and went so far as to show a suggestive photo of Jesse to his barber. That was just weird. Angela is an idiot for still entertaining Mihkul but she is a hoot. She said something about coming at something 4 ways and doing it that way she will inevitably be right. The way she said it, that accent made it a hoot!
  3. islandgal140

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    Dude proposed to her via G-chat and never gave her an engagement ring. I feel like she married him and accepted less out of fear of never getting married or having children. I think she stays to keep her family intact and she loves the extended family - her inlaws, since she didn't have a good relationship with her mom due to mom's mental illness. I'm picturing not studying for the bar, but AT. THE. BAR. which probably has a glory hole between the 3rd and 4th stall. Gina is a waste of my time - with her unseen husband, empty house, horrible speaking voice and ever worsening makeup, fashion and hair. Usually wives have a glow up their 2nd season where their appearance improves. But not Gina. She looks like she is getting her weaves in the yarn section at Joanne Fabrics. Bruhaha and her husband's V-day getaway? Y'all have 7 kids - we know you two get it in. They do seem to have a nice rapport though. For some reason, her husband looked cuter last episode. Bruhaha's mother? Who knew Burning Man could have such an effect? I'm all for women of a certain age (hell, any age) living life by their own standards and rules. Do you woman!!! I hate giving any compliments to Tam-rat, but I absolutely love her house. LOVE!!!! Just my style down to a damn T! It is sweet of Eddie to give Tam-rat a gift but those were some ugly ass shoes. Seriously, I wanted an update on Eddie's health. I'd rather her that than hear Tamrat recount who is mad with whom over what. Jolie seems like a lovely wise young woman, but I do think Kelly exposes her to way too much. I side-eye any mom who wants her 13 year old daughter to pimp product on the gram! Vicki sure does love her sleeveless fur vest. I find every iteration of that now dead fashion trend hideous. Every time I see her in one I think of that Simpsons episode with Mr. Burns signing "See my vest" For a split second when Shannon's daughter came out in that yellow dress, I thought she was Tamra. Don't kill me! But yes, that yellow dress was far too short. I can't even imagine sitting on public seats like that. I don't care if it is being held at a nice hotel or whatever.
  4. islandgal140

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    Kareeny really, really missed an opportunity when Paul went into that doghouse to "calm down" No court in Brazil would convict her for neutralizing a terrorist. Pole is just a born loser. Didn't graduate from college. Majored in Spanish and doesn't even speak it. No discernible skills. Fired from picking up cow shit. No social skills. Runs like an arthritic frog in need of double hip and knee replacement. Kareeny was charmed by white skin and light eyes and thought that all Americans had money. She basically tied the albatross known as Pole around her own neck. How has Pole managed not to pick up more Portuguese than he has? Immersion in the culture is the best way to learn which is why study abroad is a thing. Tiffany is the birdest bird that ever birded. Dummy now you wondering about your child's safety? But yet dummy is still talking about having kids right away on Ron's low income wages.
  5. islandgal140

    S04.E14: Open House and Closed Doors

    I did not want to be the one to say it so thank you. When I first saw his pic online I was like .... I. WAS. NOT. READY. At least he seems like a healthy baby.
  6. islandgal140

    S03.E03: Pack Your Bags

    I gave a hearty guffaw at how fast that saleswoman snatched that 1 carat ring back when Cesar said his budget was $200
  7. islandgal140

    S04.E14: Open House and Closed Doors

    The fact that Giselle's reaction to Monique's rather innocuous observation is "guess what I don't care" and "Fuck you Monique" shows that Monique's thoughts are at the very least valid. Yeah, I am gonna be the that bitch and say it was NOT shocking to her either. She seemed to pull herself together with a quickness and the crying just seemed a bit off to me. Does she deserve such harsh reaction from her father? No. of course not. However, Ashley ain't stupid. Annoying, selfish, and nosy yes, but not stupid. I think this was done to garner sympathy and get some of that heat off her geriatric ass grabbing hubby. I said what I said! I'm glad Karen called Ashley out on her messiness in respect to bringing back that information about Monique to Gizelle. It wasn't done in the spirit of trying to heal that relationship it was done in the spirit of messiness. Ashley shared that info with a shit eating grin on her face and dropped it like she had hot delicious tea with no effort to soften it or frame it as a way to open dialogue. It was just to cause conflict with a person she claims was the only person who gave her support. Seriously, F*ck Ashley!! The fact that Candyass doesn't think holding a knife while behaving in an unhinged fashion is threatening boggles the mind.
  8. islandgal140

    S03.E03: Pack Your Bags

    I tell you what, Angela's poetic ability to liken the miracle of the human gestational period to lugging a suitcase through an airport makes me think we need look no further for a new American Nobel Laureate after Toni Morrison's passing (RIP).
  9. islandgal140

    S03.E03: Pack Your Bags

    The travel advisory for Syria lists making a will as something to do before you travel there and that dummy Avery doesn't think a phone is necessary! Seriously, I think the mother has enough here to seek guardianship over Avery. DJ Doug had me both feeling offended and laughing outrageously. Both Angela and he are tone deaf as hell. She wants to marry a black man at a the Cotton Patch and his suggestion of how to make the wedding have an African flair is to BBQ a goat?!?!? To top it all off she wants him/them to decorate in an African theme. That sounds like a hate crime in the making. Dude seemed high as a kite too. Line of the night goes to Angela: "I can tote it.. I just need yo' egg" Followed by: “So beautiful. But not like the picture.” Honorable mention to: "Champagne taste on a malt liquor budget" I am now officially seriously feel sorry for every customer service rep on this damn series. Can't these people just go to buy some drawers or jewelry without subjecting these service industry people to their jacked up love lives? Tim has the biggest damn head I think I have ever seen. I am not talking about ego either - just the sheer height and circumference of his head. I think I am the least interested in his story.
  10. islandgal140

    S04.E12: Good Will Haunting

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS REUNION! Can you say LIT !!!!!!
  11. islandgal140

    S04.E12: Good Will Haunting

    I watched the found footage twice and no more than that because I refuse to analyze this mess like they were the Zapruder tapes. I definitely think Michael did more than just brush by the camera man. I was surprised but wasn't surprised by the found footage. Candyass was shown saying "someone must have caught something" too many times. Wait? Didn't Monique say it happened in the basement? I swear I want to slap whatever little edges Ashley's got left off her 5 head when she talks about people gloating about her much deserved comeupannce. Bitch has been salivating over her castmates misfortunes since the show's inception. This is exactly why I think the HW are actually going far too easy on Ashley and Michael. They deserve everything they are getting times 10. Karen, who was the brunt of most of Ashley's shit, is truly acting like a grown up but for real, for real - the petty in me wishes she would give her the business with both barrels. There is something disingenious about Monique as it relates to Ashley and her situation. I do think Monique reveled a little bit and she did talk about karma but she throws the whole rest of the cast under the bus. Why show Ashley Candyass's text messages? It is not like it was any secret what Candy thinks or feels about the Darbys. I don't. Mainly because I don't think Robyn would be quite so nonchalant and giggly about it if Michael had been talking about her glorified roommate Juan. Nor would Juan. IMHO. Rayvin has become a really beautiful young woman but nope I don't want to hear her sing. Ashley she needs to never pull her hair back away from her face because of that 5 head and lack of edges.
  12. islandgal140

    Unpopular Opinions

    My UOs are: - I am looking forward to seeing what the show will be like without LVP. - I would be fine with all of the women returning, including Camille. - I hate all these "I am the Queen" proclamations and someone is coming for my crown bullshit. I hate when LVP and Nene do it and that weirdo coronation of Queen Kyle at the reunion was no exception. That being said, Kyle might be the center spoke of which they all orbit around but she doesn't really have the big dick energy to be a "Queen" (i.e. she is a beta) - I don't find Kyle vile but I do think she has a HS "best friend to the head cheerleader" mentality about friendship. - I was shocked by all the crow's feet I saw last night. They must use a filter while filming because everyone looks so wrinkle free on the show. - I don't see the appeal of monster sized penis and I wish Denise would stop talking about it. Sounds painful and dangerous. Finally playing a little chess perhaps? She is setting up for the culmination of the prophecy that Mario will never emotionally fulfill her and will leave when the last kid is out of the house. She will be taking the Camille approach to divorce settlement as opposed to Denise.
  13. islandgal140

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    The most WTF moment for me at the reunion was the impromptu coronation of Kyle as Queen by the Archbishop of Pussypat. I feel like the only times I have seen Erika truly happy is when Rinna came as Erika Jayne for Halloween and when she is with her paid sycophants talking about hair, makeup, clothing and her performances. In short, when she is being tongue bathed by suck ups.
  14. islandgal140

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    I am lowkey starting to stan for Jenny and Sumit. They are like a jacked-mouth Romeo and geriatric waddle-necked Juliet. I thought their end scene hugging each other after learning about the marriage process was sweet. Taking a tour of the Vegas strip in the daytime seems like a waste. The Vegas strip at night is a tourist dream. Jihoon's parents are adorable and the dad speaks more English than we were initially led to believe. Deavan has what I call soap opera face. She at any given moment looks oddly vacant, unsure, confused, and afraid like she is hiding a huge secret. If that secret ever got out it would completely destroy her life. We can all guess what it is. She must keep it hidden at all costs so she can secure that ring from her Korean used cellphone salesman. As G#d is her witness, she will never walk around with a cracked cellphone screen ever again. Stay tuned when 6 months to a year from now, the baby needs a blood donor and they need to draw blood from both parents. Will they be a match?!!? Dun, dun dunnnnnn....... Laura gets and keeps that L for upheaving her life for trash dick that she hopes one day to maybe, probably, possibly train to satisfy her. At her big age, she ought to know and want better. And the Emmy goes to ..... Aladdin. Aladdin did actually seem (act) happy to see Laura upon her arrival and actually hugged and kissed her knowing it could get them in trouble but he didn't care. Nicole wishes. Funniest scene by far is Corey and that damn magic trick. When you think you are doing something to win the affection of the family but in fact you make everyone think you are an league with Satan LOL! I think Corey and Evilin are not being truthful. Corey has been to her hometown before and shouldn't be this surprised by its lack of modern amenities.
  15. islandgal140

    S01.E06: Another World

    Funniest, most self aware comment this episode: