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  1. Kenya is just beyond! I really start to wonder if she has some deficiency that makes it difficult for her to understand and read social situations. WTF is her mental malfunction! Funny this is that this is NOT even her worst behavior, which I think was showing up ass out in see through mesh trying to clown on Phaedra at a charity event. This!! Nene even said that in the recording Cynthia called her toxic. Um.. that ain't no secret and it ain't no news. Cynthia is on record as saying this. I just bet that the tape is no new information and more of the same we have heard elsewhere. Porsha's makeup has been terrible in her talking heads. She is usually on point. Nene's peacock dress was pretty. Her attitude - not so much.
  2. Oh to be a cockroach on the wall of Angela's double wide when this show aired. I know she was bigly mad that not only was Michael out of the house without her permission but he was also out with 3 pretty young women with millions of eggs and pristine toters. Not only that but they were talking about her elderly ass being unable to tote. Hazelhurst might just have been reduced to a giant smoking hole in the ground after she erupted. Emily Ep 1 - me and sasha are different from his other 2 mistakes. Emily Ep 7 - getting that mistake # 3 energy from Sasha. You hate to see it but ain't a lick surprised. Juliana - I got say, I've never brought her innocent poor little girl lost act. It is no doubt worthy of Oscar nomination, but not the win. Maintaining such a child like innocence after living in such grinding poverty, an arranged marriage, modelling and acting as a yacht girl just doesn't add up. She is practically like the Brazilian Elf. I'm not even mad at her. She adopted that persona to appeal to Michael's captain save a hoe nature. Hell, if he had been some daredevil adventurer, I bet she would've presented herself as the Brazilian Lara Croft. Interesting that Michael specifically said that the marriage was arranged and to my knowledge that isn't a cultural norm in Brazil. I would like to know more about that marriage. $50k-100k to host 40-50 people for a backyard wedding on your own property is ridiculous unless every guest is getting cocaine as a party favor. In which case, I await my invitation and will need an extra for....... a friend.
  3. The most disappointing thing about this episode was Kelly apologizing and hugging it out with Tamra pretty much almost immediately. I wanted her to keep her foot on Tamra's neck all season and to finish her Mortal Kombat style at the reunion
  4. But the thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if it was at the behest or encouragement of Satan's handmaiden Tamra. Yes, Vicki is grown with her own mind and should be called out for this but something about this just stinks of Hell's sulfur, which I believe Tamra dabs behind her ears and on her wrist pulse points each morning. Just strikes me as something more in line with retaliation for the Bellino lawsuit, which Kelly interjected herself into. Now we have a woman who is claiming to have been injured by Kelly and possibly gearing up for a lawsuit and Tamra's bestie (and most stupid) making contact for intel? Notice how it is Tamra telling the girls ON SCREEN about this and Gina is most assuredly working as Tamra's new flying monkey, who for ..... reasons, sees this as some sort of war crime that can't go unanswered. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I believe this with all that I am. Tamra's motives? I think this is both a revenge move and a way to get herself out of the crossfire and give Kelly a new (old) target to be mad at - Vicki. Tamra just had to much of a self-satisfied smug boss bitch air about her after it all went down in the club.
  5. This!!! I like Cynthia but she is such a try hard dork. From the beginning, the ohh child's just never seemed or sounded right coming out of her mouth. I think she has been saying it since at least her 1st or 2nd season, and as a NY transplant that is NOT a saying that gets much play in the Northeast, except maybe ironically and even then is a stretch. Surprise, surprise neither of Porsha or Kenya's quickie relationships are working out. If this was anyone but Kenya, I would say the typical - they married too quickly and Marc sounds like one of those dudes who suffers from the classic Madonna/whore complex, which probably has an element of truth to it. But yeah, I think she is a complete nutbar and Marc seems like a garden variety asshole. I hope she is able to put away the crazy and he unassholes enough to be good parents to that little doll baby. Kenya's complete personality transplant while in a relationship seems unsustainable. I think a lot of people do this though maybe to some degree unconsciously. However, perhaps it seems a bit more extreme to me because of Kenya's on-air personality. One small thing - Kenya originally announced Brooklyn's birthday as 11/4. Last night she said 11/3. Weird! Or maybe not. She probably did that to take some focus off the 11/4 RHATL premiere of 11/4/19. With this divorce, interested to see if there actually is a legal marriage.
  6. I only started watching Days around 2007-8 (and even then it has been on/off) so I don't have the same connection and nostalgia as others that have been watching for eons. That being said, I was never impressed with Stefano Dimera as a villain, however, if the spoilers are true about Stevano, I find it disrespectful to the deceased actor and the character. Joseph Mascolo has been playing the role since the 80s and launched a thousand storylines. He made that role his in every way conceivable. He died - so should Stefano. Like in sports, I think they should "retire his jersey." No one should play him again, no transplanted consciousness or whatever the hell they claim Dr. Rolf is doing. Not only is it disrespectful, it is also lazy and unimaginative. The writers haven't been able to create a viable new baddie in ages. Deimos - fail. Stefan O. - fail, along with countless others. I don't like Dr. Rolf. Nothing against the actor but what he is for the writers. He is essentially a walking deus ex machina or plot device. So basically the writers are like oops, our bad, we shouldn't have killed off these characters - lets have Rolf bring them back to life via a medical procedure that essentially amounts to magic as it is impossible from any earthly standpoint.
  7. So Kelly's brother is the one who said that she pushed their mother down the steps? That to me is more than a rumor (like the train BS) but rather an allegation that warrants investigation and yeah, even discussion. Kelly acts like anything that is said about her is entirely false and untrue and should never be talked about by the ladies. I take her side on the train thing but really most of the other things have rings of truth. Yeah, she has been to anger management. Years ago, she did get into an altercation at Jolie's school but notice how careful she was to say she wasn't banned AT THE MOMENT. She did get into an altercation in public over Brian. Kelly is ratchet as hell but I am here for her VS Tamra. Tamra truly is a human cockroach. She not only survives - she thrives in the face of adverse conditions. I'm as disappointed and disgusted by her ability to outmaneuver these dummies as I knew I would be. I genuinely dislike Gina. When she talks about hooking up with Matt or him being jealous & wanting her back she gets this shit-eating grin on her face and pauses waiting for a reaction. I really think she is trying to soothe her bruised and battered ego with this "revelations" that probably aren't even true. Bronte's husband? I am fascinated by his Countess Luann statement necklaces and also I spent my time wanting for him to turn around so I can see the back of his head and shirt because part of me expects to see the hair dye, Grecian Formula in galaxy black, bleeding down his neck and staining his shirt. Notice how Bronte never really has the HW over to her home? I am beginning to think that Bronte's sex apartment is just a ruse and a recent acquire that she got just so she wouldn't have to have these OC bitches all up in her house. Miami? So I am guessing no out of country HW trip because of Gina's DUI? Vicki is all about female empowerment. LOL!
  8. NO. MORE. CESEAR. EVER! I don't want him to have a new season. I don't want any updates. 90 days just needs to ghost that sucker. Paul does have a dick worm - the swimming condom had a hole in it (possibly caused by Karrine). More Paul running. No more Pao and Russ. Just no! Danielle finds herself another more age appropriate Tunisian loverat. Amen to different host who actually watches the show. I vote for the dude who hosts Married at First Sight reunions Kevin Frazier or even Chrissy Teigen (who seems to be a big fan), even though I am not a big fan of hers I'm willing to take one for the team for a more interesting reunion. Couples with less of an economic divide. Hell, less of a power imbalance that seems to favor the American sponsor No more broke asses. They don't have to appear as well off as CT Michael is but at least be able to comfortably support their sponsoree without family (or gov') assistance. A Love After Lockup and 90 Fiance mashup? My heart couldn't withstand the fuckery that would ensue but I am here for it!!!
  9. It does seem that Tania has the least amount of fans overall here, but I have to go against the grain and say that I dislike Anna more. She continued to entertain a man that wants her to leave her kids behind and thinks that having him come here, while still refusing to tell his parents about them, is her being a good mom and putting her kids 1st. Bitch where?!?! There is nothing I dislike more is the type of parent who acts like their top priority are their kids but their actions tell a different story. Hello Molly & Nicole. Good on the son for calling her out and saying he didn't believe her. The words shopping spree and thrift store should never be in the same sentence. He could have at least taken her to Forever 21 or Ross. Sure, she could've got bags of shit she dare not wash more than twice, but at least it wouldn't have been as insulting. I am no fan of Anny, but dusty ass Robert has no business bringing over another dependent when he can barely take care of the one(s) he got. Seriously, after seeing that apt, Robert's clothes and 1 bd apt, did Anny really think she was getting Chanel and Versace? Sequim guys property looks nice but was there any mention of what he grows on his farm? I can see how he has a money management problem though. I noticed a few recreational vehicles and also that lovely seating area by the pond, with build in grill, beautiful paver stones, etc., looked like it cost a penny or two. I somehow doubt it came with the property when he bought it. I noticed Robert's ass did NOT shop at the thrift store for lingerie. My guess is because it was really for his sexual enjoyment, his budget was a bit more forgiving. So it appears that throughout the history of 90 days (and all its iteration) the two having the most sense to actually research the culture of a person is Michael's 2 minor children. They really just made most past contestants look like boorish lazy morons. I really do like those 2 kids. Michael (and his ex) did something right with them. That hospital made me think of the HBO Limited Award winning series Chernobyl. If anyone hasn't watched, I highly recommend it.
  10. Yes, Ryan was cursed with a shit stain for a mom, but yet, my sympathy for him only goes so far. Like his conservative brethren say: "pull yourself up by your bootstraps." I get that he may suffer from depression but once your actions extend to threatening and harming others my well of human kindness runs dry. Opportunity after opportunity has been laid at his feet but yet still he fails. His stepdad Simon tried only to be undermined by Tamra and scoffed at by Ryan while he sat under that man's roof not paying rent, eating his food & soaking up his A/C, spending money on ugly ass tattoos and steroids. I'm also tired of the Simon slander. Is Simon a saint and perfect? Hell no! But I think his main crime was being socially conservative and trying to turn trailer trash into treasure. I think not enough weight has been given to the fact that the person calling Simon so controlling and oh so abusive is fucking Tamra!! How convenient that Tamra started feeling that way as soon as Simon lost his job and was experiencing financial difficulty. Wanting Tamra to NOT act like trash and stop dressing like a corner hooker at the piers to me is a good thing. And really given the fact that since the divorce, Bravo has had to blur her botched titties at least twice per season, was he wrong? Why have we never been given a proper update on his medical condition? This was Tamra's entire s/l last season and this season I think we got a 'Eddie's good' and that was that. I guess given the fact that he seems back at work and is hiking for miles around Scottsdale means he is back on track but I would still like to know what treatment finally worked for him.
  11. Forget is mild. She is full on back in demon mode. She is vomiting pea soup, levitating and her head rotates 360 degrees. I expect to see her spider walk backwards down her magnificent stairs any minute.
  12. The title to this episode is "The Orange doesn't fall from from the tree" which I believe alludes to Tamra and Ryan so the more apt title would've been the turd doesn't fall far from the asshole! Shannon looked like a chastised catholic school girl in Mother Superior's office getting read the riot act. I should've known better than to think for a minute that Tamra would ever face consequences for a decade of evilness. The look at her face during that meeting was just naked menace. This whole BS episode was a waste of my time. Did I really need to watch Bronte, her husband and child tour a college campus? I usually like Shannon's girls, but I think I sprained a cornea upon learning her daughter was writing a book about children of divorce. I also find it hard to believe that uptight control freak Shannon waited until her daughter was a senior in HS to get serious about the college admission process.
  13. Poor love starved Bryson. He is cute but he could use some actual parenting, which does not include being called a cry baby by his own damn father. My money is on Anny being a scammer but I still think she handled a kid rubbing his underroo-ed buttocks over her fresh DR blowout and toddler cockblocking quite well. Michael may have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on Julianna but poor Robert only has tens of dollars. LOL! The preview for the shopping spree at Goodwill almost had me needing to get an oxygen tank. I don't hate Michael per say. He has 2 great kids and I do believe he has some degree of wealth, however, I hate all his mannerisms and I do think he is a dirty old man. The you are a poor Brazilian girl when I'm not here says it all. However, I was pretty yucked by him marveling over how skinny she has gotten. Plus all the little things: the way he tilts his head in TH when he speaks, his too tight shirts and this almost petulant way he has of talking. Because people won't ooh and aww over him saying he has a 23 LV gf like they would when he mentions his fiancee is coming in from Brazil - like the clerk at the jewelry store. Julianna is a pretty girl but damn she is thin. Thought is was interesting that during Pillow Talk Tarik and Dean didn't really flip over her but Dean did over Anny. Mursel is basically a cafeteria Muslim. Will balk at women having alcohol but will check into a hotel room and have sex with a woman with kids he isn't married to. Also, he is disrespecting his parents because he is lying by omission.
  14. Her eyes aren't glassy. She just usually has an evil glint in her eyes, especially when she is about to strike or hears information she can later use against another.
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