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  1. Yes to this. Of all the HW couples on BH, Lisa and Harry I think are the ones most likely to not have a mortgage and to have their primary home fully paid for. But yes lawd, the interior needs a makeover! That kitchen needs to be cleansed with fire after that rat infestation and ugh tile counters are the devil. I am personally offended by the leopard print carpeting I saw on the stairs.
  2. During that segment, I keep thinking this was just a slightly better acted Heidi cries in chair scene. Erika made sure to wear the non-waterproof mascara for maximum effect. It was like a baby mudslide running down her face. How convenient! My thing is: she is setting up this dementia bullshit but she looks cold and callous cause the morning she "left him" she dropped his ass off at work, went home, moved out and hasn't called or talked to him since?!!? Didn't even leave a note. She didn't seem concerned when she allegedly left a man she thinks is melting and degradin
  3. As strange as it may sound, of all the things that happened this episode, I am aghast at Harry and Rinna paying $310 for what looked like 3 small bags of groceries. What did they even buy? Small pumpkins/squash, mushrooms, soda, artisanal pasta, beef, cheese. There was very little in that little baby cart. Kathy's house is what dreams are made of. If what they say about her mom, big Kathy, is even 10% right, I don't believe for a minute that Kathy Jr., is dense. She had me up until the whole 'hunky dory' thing. I hated Erika's old house, which was basically Platinum Shady
  4. Harry is favored by the gods. Now if only he would smite that demon he sometimes lives roommates with.
  5. Sutton is always so aghast when people ask or talk about how much things cost but she just so gauchely dropped to Kyle and Kathy that she spent $35k on that party. Who wore it better Kyle or Rinna? Loathe as I am to admit it - Kyle. I love that sorta 80s rich bitch dynasty vibe so that dress was serving to me, but was Kyle's bra showing in the back? I love Kyle's present and past home. The decorating choices (by the morally bankrupt Faye Resnick) in her present home are a bit questionable though. I was kinda annoyed with all Kyle's references to Sutton's rental being her hous
  6. That music career was nothing but the world's greatest money pit. So much money wasted for what?!?! Ego! She never made a dime, just spend millions. I shake my head to think of the waste. Not one, but 2 top of the line tour buses (one mega lux one for her and another less fab for her crew) to go lip sync for free drinks at gay bars and events. Back up dancers, hair/makeup artists, ridiculous sequined cat suits, Mikey's bullshit not to mention the huge carbon footprint that shit left. Meanwhile, orphans and widows can't get their settlement money to just try to attempt to lead a normal life po
  7. Just finished watched the doc on Hulu and wow! I haven't been following it as closely as some. I knew the broad strokes but not the finer details so this was really illuminating to me. PK saying to Erika: "You're not deliberately cold, you're inherently cold" seems almost prophetic to me now. Re-victimized orphans and widows after a horrific tragedy? Blatantly stealing from a burn victim? There is special place in hell for Tom and Erika.
  8. The experts doing all that back peddling and pussy popping to justify keeping Dan and Jess on the show was to me, as disgusting as Dan and Jess. I'd rather they just admitted it was for ratings! I've taken to fast-forwarding Martha segments. Just a vacuous, amoral bitch. No wonder her and Jess get along so well. She needs to pull up on the tanning. She is getting oompa loompa'ish. Did she say she didn't want to paired with Cam for the couple swap? Cam?!!? Who doesn't like Cam! Mick did seem genuinely hurt. I admit I felt less sorry for him after he hugged Dan. Why exactly did he do t
  9. This may be a my fave franchise, but I am starting to feel disappointed in it this season. I think the cast is too small and it doesn't really have boss bitch in charge of the girls. I hate, hate, hate to agree with Ramona but such graphic sex talk at the table is just gross. There is sex talk and then there is sex talk. Leah always takes it to sex talk, which is vulgar, crass and graphic just for the sake of being vulgar, crass and graphic. I don't want to hear about eating ass while trying to enjoy a meal. I usually don't mind Leah, but I am starting to see what others have been s
  10. You sweet summer child! The AUS "experts" make the US ones look like actual experts (with no quotes). The way they were going in on Mike while letting Jess and Dan's bullshit slide every week is rage inducing. I am not a fan of Mike and Heidi should run hard, fast and far, far away, but Mike was the hero we I needed this episode. I am kinda just sick of the Dan Jess show and Jess's trout pout seems to get worse every week. Dan isn't that good looking and by the time he hits mid 40s I bet he looks like a squat, neckless middle Earth dwarf who wears flip flops and loud Hawa
  11. Heidi is better than me, because my ass would have been going to jail that night. Sorry, not sorry but you go out for food for us both and come back with only food for yourself? Bitch, that is pushing play on the whoop ass machine. The only reason it would be assault and not murder is because I would be too weak from hunger. lol! just kidding. Heidi may be extra, but Mike is an asshole. I think she spins out because the "experts" are telling her to ignore her gut instinct, which was right. I kind wanted more information about the towel situation. How can someone use allll the towels jus
  12. I agree, but worse (outside Dan and Jess) are the therapists. It is just so ridiculous that they sat and watched the dinner episode, saw the goings on with Dan and Jess (who snuck off to be together and kissed) and didn't say a damn word! During the Dan/Tam session, they actually asked the question what happened in the last two weeks to make Dan pull away when they know damn good and well what happened! To some extent I get that they don't want to interfere in the experiment like it is some kind of National Geographic documentary, but they are active participants in the mess and if they want p
  13. I have to admit to myself that this show is pretty much scripted reality tv and then just relax and enjoy the mess. How else can Jess and Dan disappear for hours at a time, but literally are just on the patio located right next to the dining room divided by GLASS French doors, but yet no one sees them?!?! At least Ines and her snack found a backroom away from the group with a solid door. Cyrell has her detractors but I like her and appreciate her airing the BS because it was getting exhausting to watch this go on and on. I hope she got a bonus for her performance. I don't know why bu
  14. I just don't understand why they let June live? The more shit she pulls off and gets away with, the more ridiculous it seems that Gilead lets her keep trotting around to mill in the general Handmaid population. She has escaped multiple times. Is suspected of outright murdering a freaking Commander. She orchestrated the escape of 9 Marthas and the pride of Gilead - 86 children! For all intents and purposes she is the face of a movement. She is an enemy of the state. Instead of putting her on the wall as an example to quell the rebellion or at the very least get the Handmaids in line, th
  15. Kody: "Robyn's always really good about taking the time to get me to understand the paradigms and understanding the viewpoints of others." Translation: Robyn always controls the narrative and help sets the tone for the family dynamic. Classic manipulator. Robyn, just say you want another baby! Just come out and freakin' say it. How is that worse than saying some bullshit about seeing a little dark-haired unborn baby hanging around! Haley Joel Osmont's character In The Sixth Sense saw dead people, Robyn sees the ghost of her unborn children! I've got to say, out of all the odd s
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