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  1. I never got the sense that Erika was jealous of LVP over her looks or success, but rather I saw it as that she saw LVP as competition for the fanbase she catered to - the gay community. No secret that LVP had/has (?) a huge gay following, bordering on becoming a gay icon and a huge proponent of LBGTQ rights. Erika as her alter ego, Erika Jayne's niche was touring at gay clubs and events. I just think she felt she was in competition with LVP about being a fave of that particular fanbase. I watched the recent Tom video. That was such a vague question. The reporter just asked if Erika knew
  2. This was funny because I was thinking those dining room chairs were something out of Beetlejuice, but Alice in Wonderland is more on point. I half expected them to come to life and hold down that poor construction guy. More shocking than Whitney's robot sex reinactment was Mary talking about fishy vaginas. Firstly, I thought as a church cult leader she would be counselling her son NOT to engage in pre-marital sex. Secondly, what a weirdly inappropriate conversation to have with your construction guy/male relative. Jennie is so pretty to me. She also looks young for her age and in
  3. Tom's driving record is as bad as SNL's classic Toonces the driving cat
  4. I reluctantly think there is some truth to this. I think all the things she has said and done were at his behest and direction. I don't think he is mentally incapacitated. I don't believe Erika was in on it from go, but I believe once he saw the walls closing in, he confessed his sins (or at least some of them) to her and then did what he could to protect and shield her. The only question I have is whether it was days, weeks, months or years. I believe Tom's protection included squirreling away funds and also naming her as payee on various lawsuits instead of himself or the firm. That is
  5. When you give it more thought, this isn't a family law case. These are public lawsuits, and as long as they are not violating any laws, rules of procedure or attorney client privilege, WTF not share! These are our tax dollars at work. Might even learn something
  6. I am becoming too engrossed in this case. Whoever thunk that Erika's life would end up blowing up to reveal financial fraud with Dorit around?!?! I need one of the HW to turn that into a dance single. I'll even take Luann's tone deaf ass. I've learned over time that some of the best shade is legal shade. Kylie Minogue objecting to Kylie Jenner's attempt to trademark the "Kylie" name was my first introduction to legal dragging, but it was done in a professional way. Ronald Richards is a messy ass bitch and I have never seen a practicing lawyer, besides the recently impriso
  7. I have real trouble buying the dementia/Alzheimer story. Just seems awfully convenient.
  8. It looks especially bad in the previews for the 'or what' (with accompanying bared teeth like a feral wolf) fight next week with Sutton. The line of demarcation between that awful wrong colored foundation on her face and hair line is particularly egregious.
  9. I'm just waiting impatiently for her and PK's house of cards to come crashing down! Nothing will convince me that Boy George's current career proceeds are sustaining their lifestyle. Nothing!
  10. There are just way too many horrible women on this show between Erika, Rinna and Dorit. I abhor violence but just once I wanna line them up stooge style and just: Nothing Erika says makes sense. She can't figure out if Tom was degrading in front of her from dementia or Alzheimer or if the accident turned him into a criminal mastermind. She was trapped in her marriage to an awful man but her every whim and stupid desire was catered to. Her career was a way to earn a living but she herself said there was never ever any return on investment. She couldn't leave years ago but she can le
  11. Another 76 year old I see. Seems like he has a type. Just a quick google search turned up nothing but Barbi types, with the exception of Barbra Streisand. He was married to Pam Anderson for less than 2 weeks. If true, Erika fits the bill. He is allegedly worth several hundred million. She lives in an expensive rental and still has assistants and household help. She was photographed last month boarding a private jet so I assumed she was able to land another sugar daddy. I knew she would be back on her back in no time.
  12. Erika to Sutton: "You look real handsome in green." Is it me or is that shady as fuck!
  13. Even though I was disappointed with the spinelessness of some of these women, this was a great episode. Love Christmas in BH! When Sutton pulled out her notes at the summit meeting: That to me was worth 10 Monique binder moments! When Garcelle said fuck Tom, the victims are what matter Erika is a stone and ice cold ass bitch!
  14. This episode was misnamed. This wasn't a grilling. It was barely a light searing! Erika you want to know where the money is? Girl you wrote a song about it. Like to hear? Here it go: It's expensive to be me The 1st 10 minutes of this episode was EVERYTHING! I loved most of the girls (less revolting Rinna) putting the pieces together and seeing that the math ain't mathing. To see so many of the ladies soft peddle and tongue bathe Erika when in her presence is positively nauseating. Erika must have some serious big dick energy because the ladies (less so Garcelle) do seem to
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