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  1. I had postpartum depression and I'd bet my stash of TP that Ari does too. I was angry when my husband went to work and felt I never had help, which wasn't true. I hope she gets the help she needs.
  2. I just watched this episode last night.. Wow, Heather is a freaking lunatic. Dylan was very polite and charming to her Aunts. I can't understand why she was so upset. He showed amazing charm and manners. Heather is the same "model" Lacey is. Cam Girl. Tyrice and Jessica. Ugh. My son had RSV at 2 weeks old, reflux and collic. Having a baby isn't as easy as it sounds I love my son more than I can express, but he was a difficult baby. Now he's a difficult teenager. Lol. Parents get what my point is. I don't even to know where to start with the rest of these people
  3. My opinion on living by Daddy's rules is these two don't act like the average 46 year old. They worked when they wanted to, then lost interest when they were "searching for love". Normal adults have to, oh IDK, act like adults.. We have work, responsibilities, bills to pay, taking my kid to the dentist, orthodontist. These two act like 13 year old girls with their first BF. I think Daddy takes care of them for the sake of his grandchildren. I hate listening to Darcey whine about love when there are really people suffering in this world. Real suffering. Sorry, I'm stepping down from my soapbox now.
  4. We actually went back to buy it, but it was gone.
  5. Look, I found David's coat at a Thrift Store.
  6. Actually I'd be more shocked if she could read now that I think about it
  7. So, I know a decent amount about IVF and if Lacey was just ONE week post transfer, she'd get a false positive due to the HCG hormone they give you during the treatment. She must not have listened to the doctor or read any of the literature.
  8. I don't think Lacey knows 7 x 3 either...
  9. Very true and I've thought the same. I think she wants to relive her teenage years through her daughters
  10. I haven't watched yet, but did Twin 1 and Twin 2 move out of the house to quarantine with those guys? Did Darcey's kids stay with their Grandfather? And does anyone think Stacey married Flouride just to show off the Darcey?
  11. The face reminds me of Lacey from Love after Lockup
  12. All I feel is pity for Darcey's daughters. They are really beautiful young women. I hope they get away for college and don't follow in their Mom and Aunt's footsteps. Talk about children parenting the parent!! My 14 year old says she thinks she's a teen too, not a parent.
  13. So if Daddy lost his investment on House of 11 because these two choose love 💘 💕 💗 over work, how are the bills paid? I know they get TLC money, but certainly that's not enough to survive on. Shame on him if he's supporting two middle aged, YES MIDDLE AGED wanna be teenagers Ugh!!! FTR, I'm 49 and have no desire to act like a teenager, raising one is plenty.
  14. Lol, me too!! Sadly these 2 are pretending to be young and failing miserably
  15. Well, she looks fake and plastic, so my guess is she thinks she looks fabulous, or is it Snatched?
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