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  1. I agree. I really love them together. Their oldest daughter is just so sweet and so smart. I hope she always stays that way. That psychic was also on a jersey shore episode. I think someone asked who she was ginamariespiritualmedium.com
  2. Jennifer's "big" house is so strange. The placement of furniture is just bizarre. When she walks into the bedroom there is a sofa in the walkway and then there's that Alice in Wonderland type of furniture right next to the side of the bed. The formal living room just looks like more of a mash up of the whimsical alice tea pot furniture. There are no rugs any where. It makes the house looks so cold.
  3. Elizabeth looked like a drag queen and not a good one. You can definitely tell she is not used to fake eye lashes because she was blinking non stop!! Would love to see Josiah on a future season. Capt. lee looks so sad. I can't even imagine his loss. Also, not used to seeing him in glasses. I know he usually is pretty quiet on the reunion shows.
  4. You can tell Andy likes Madison. I think Craig is definitely hitting the Adderall again. He looks horrible.
  5. I wonder what the poor people are doing... That line made me sick And I know people grieve differently... but my mom would NEVERRRRR...
  6. When the Doctor asks you if you are sexually active and you are 30 not 13 and say could be??? She is an air head.
  7. I don't know if this was said before. Pringle reminds me of Eddie Munster.
  8. Ugh this gets me to the core. We have a friend who would probably use this line... Mean while they didn't pay for squat and are the cheapest. I hope someone makes a gif of that head turn of Capt. Lee That was so funny. Also, I wish there was a book of Captain Lee'isms for all the quotes he throws out. I wonder if he will really "turn this yacht" around and kick them off. We know he has kicked off prior guests.
  9. I knew Rachel was going to be back. Kate said on WWHL last week that she worked with her before and she has quit and come back. I felt the reason why she "quit" was because she missed her boyfriend and she got caught talking about Francesca with Elizabeth. So to make herself look less guilty she threw a hissy fit about the demands of the charter guests this way they could see how important she is and take the heat off herself with francesca. Just my 2 cents... Even though their preference sheet was lengthy and demanding, they seem like they were super happy with everything (so far).
  10. Ok so does anyone else wonder what happened to the 150K+ Phantom that Kathryn had a few season ago? I am not much of a car person but she was driving around in a white suv. Agree about Danni's face. It was almost like a ventriloquist doll. The one eye was a bit slower. I never had botox but reading from other celeb stories in this thread, I will never get botox. At this point, I am here for the dogs on southern charm. Has anyone seen Bethenny? (craigs dog)
  11. Totally agree. Or work in customer service. I work with some 20 somethings in my office and I could see them tipping like that. "double the tax" mentality thinking that is enough.
  12. YES!!! Like when you go to someone's wake, you say your sorry... It's not like you put the person in the grave and you are apologizing for it. he is a nit.
  13. I loved Aesha giving it back to Jess. On instagram she had replied to someone and said "Hey I've learned it's not ideal falling in love with a covert narcissist and that i have a short fuse for being manipulated." She did not appear to be manipulated to me. WWHL was great. it was so nice to see Captain Lee have a huge smile on his face.
  14. I can't take Jess. I hope she never comes back on. I know I said it before. But She looks like she is constant pain or doing a hard math problem in her head all the time. And Rob... He sounds like he has had teeth pulled and has gauze in his mouth. I can't stand them constantly kissing each other. On any of these franchises I never remember seeing this much PDA. Poor Aesha, you can tell her arm was uncomfortable when she put her arm around him. It wasn't a loving grab the butt cheek. Sandy crying... UGH. Totally lost my respect... And I am a crier... But a leader shouldn't nev
  15. Me too! When ever I see the reruns, I always wonder how did that happen??? Ok, yeah she had a great body... But maybe he didn't see how manic she was. I had a feeling he would be back when they did that reunion on WWHL, he had said he would come back again. Welcome back Eduardo! 😃
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