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  1. So can anyone catch me up on Jill and Derick. I know she’s distanced from her parents; hasn’t been to the TTH in a few years; wears pants, drinks and goes to therapy; has said fewer kids is better bc you want to pay attention to your kids. What about the kids? All I remember is back on the show, Iz seemed kind of scared of his parents, Derick seemed kind of critical of him even as a 1-2 yr old who didn’t listen. Are they raising their kids more normally? Have they said whether they home school vs sending them to Christian or public school?
  2. I was glad to see that Derick graduates tomorrow. It brings some happiness to Jill's life and home right now that she needs. And thing is this is likely the first graduation she has ever attended with caps and gowns and speeches etc; I don't think anyone in her family even when to an unaccredited Christian college like the Bates family does so she's never even been to a small graduation let alone a big state U. It's a new fun experience for her in the midst of an awful week. Hopefully it'll just be her and the boys and Derick's mom and maybe brother/his wife in attendance; or if the broth
  3. I mean I don’t see him getting a job at Target or Sbux or even a family owned restaurant bc all do background checks. They see CP case pending — they move on and hire one of the 10,000 other ppl out of work without such issues. Any work will have to come thru JB or some “sweet friends” from church like the Rebers who don’t care/don’t believe what he’s done, they are loyal to his godly family. But yeah if one of those jobs happens to be say at a candy store or school, the PO nixes that option as there are kids around - it runs afoul of the court order which doesn’t allow him near minors. Daddy
  4. Yes. I think POs generally want to see their defendants do well both before and after prison. But they’ve seen it all and aren’t going to be fooled by dumb Duggar excuses like oh I didn’t know there was wifi at that rental house when I picked up Jed’s phone, I just wanted to see the weather blah blah. Or oh no this isn’t my phone, Anna didn’t get me this, Jason carries 2 phones blah blah.
  5. I think the latitude on work tends to be wide because they want the defendant doing productive things not just plotting how to score more CP. I think working at dads rental properties is fine but JB will be required to be there or have another trusted person there who won’t provide him a cell phone etc. Last thing they need is JB letting him sit alone in a rental house all day only to find later oops the wifi was working in that house and oh oops Anna got him a phone. The brothers would be “reliable” ppl to have working with him as they wouldn’t provide him phone access bc they prob hate him a
  6. Yes normally he could go to work, Church, drs and lawyer meetings alone. It wouldn’t be the Rebers obligation to accompany him. Theory is his Probation Officer approved it so it’s ok for him to be there — ie PO believes there’s no computer he can use at church or his work or drs office. Now what if he stops at FedEx Office on the way and looks at something on those public computers? That’s between him and the Probation Officer. If ever there was a time for a construction job in the hot Arkansas summer sun, this is it. Construction notoriously is very loose on background checks (esp for wh
  7. Generally no. The house arrest is for him not them. They are allowed to come and go. He is not to leave the house but if he were to leave while they were out, that’s between him and his Probation Officer. They also are to make sure they’re not leaving him with things he’s not allowed — ie internet. If their only internet is phones, they could take those. For ppl with WiFi you can turn it off and make sure he doesn’t have the password. If they have something like dial in, I assume you disable that though IDK how. This is normally how it works. I haven’t seen a court order here (does anyone know
  8. Mrs. R doesn't want to be alone with Josh. I think honestly they're about to fall into a pattern where she "encourages" Anna to come over daily with the kids. So Anna shows up daily at 9-10 am or whenever they wake up and stays until 5 pm until Mr. R comes home. Anna likely feels this is best for the kids bc it's just like being home as a family -- except they're in someone else's home. And with that comfort a routine will develop where Anna will put kids down for naps; make lunch; take the kids out to play etc. -- she won't be sitting and staring at Josh watching his interactions with any kid
  9. I read somewhere (here? Reddit?) that Josh turned himself in and Anna went with him -- is that what is being said? Because damn there's a woman that'll stand by her man. He's out of prison today (maybe already for all we know). Do we predict the J&A reunion happens today at Mrs. R's house? Do we predict she brings all 6 kids? Or do we think it'll be JB going with her and then stepping aside with Josh to give him a "talking to" -- because we know how effective those are -- and maybe Michelle hugging her baby boy for all he's been through?
  10. But how? We have so many different professions here -- wonder if there's anyone who has worked in this space and can speak to this. IDK how old Josh's kids are exactly -- 11 down to in utero I guess. But how exactly do you ask a kid - did daddy ever do x - AND trust that that kid is telling you the truth and not just saying no because mommy/grandpa coached him OR not just saying yes because he's mad that daddy didn't buy him ice cream last week or whatever!? Like the litigator in me needs concrete examples of Q&A to understand this - lol.
  11. Feds wouldn't overrule CPS/any child services agency involved here. -Speaking as a fed. lawyer. Feds don't have the "expertise" to do that and they worry (both US Attys Office and judges) that if they were to dismiss a CPS recommendation, a child WOULD be endangered and maybe CPS is seeing something that I think is NBD but from a child safety perspective is a huge red flag of danger.
  12. Loosely speaking the CPS reports will be going to the prosecutors who'll be scrutinizing them. If there's something in those suggesting that Josh should not be around his kids/is a danger to them, the prosecutors go back to court for amendment of release conditions saying -- when you made this decision, you didn't know x. If CPS makes a clear recommendation that Josh shouldn't be around the kids, that goes to the court with prosecutors not doing anything to sidestep -- they'll 100% agree -- and then I can't see a federal judge overriding CPS as they don't have the "expertise" in child saf
  13. Which brothers used to work at the car lot around 2019? Anyone know? I feel like JD has always done other things like towing or pilot lessons but what about the rest?
  14. We don’t know that they don’t have the evidence on the preceding - esp proving that it was no one but Josh. This was a bond hearing. It isn’t the governments burden to prove the case at the bond hearing nor do they want to show all their cards. I’d be surprised if this goes to trial. I think we see a plea to get it done quietly. It’s already going to be a light sentence, a plea makes it even a bit lighter - at least that’s how it typically worked in my fed court days.
  15. Yep we have to take her word as does the court bc what other guarantees are there. But knowing what we know re wives in this cult, I’ll believe it when I see it. If she has the sense that her husband and JB 100% want Josh not in prison, she’ll pretend not to see certain things. I mean who else will tell - Anna? Lol no.
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