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  1. Yeah the steak was G&K and it was a teenage Nathan (or maybe Law) who revealed that if mom and dad go out for date night and have ANY leftovers they bagged them up - even 1 bite of steak (bc Gil was probably like I paid for it, why would I leave it) and then the kids would fight to get it. I actually don't think the Bates kids were as stretched thin for food as other fundie families. Like I feel like we've seen coverage over the years with Kelly saying out how many pounds of potatoes or chicken were needed and it always seemed like it was a TON of food to feed the army, in fact with G
  2. John also isn't a contractor. He's an HVAC guy who happens to be handy enough that he could finish the house enough to move in, yet there are LOTS of rough edges. Things like the filler around the stairs. Where he put in the cabinets, he just put them in as they fit - leaving a 4 inch gap between the ones above the fridge and the ones next to the fridge. That happens because of fridge width but there are panels to close it off, which is what they do in a completed home. Same thing with the pantry, put in shelves but no door bc it is a tiny narrow pantry that won't take a standard door you can
  3. Exactly. Hospitals are overwhelmed right now. If you really wanted to be a nurse, you'd jump in right now. I'm sure it's scary but you'd also get career altering experience in like a few months given how busy they are. And yeah I thought of a friend as well who is doing fertility treatments now. She's an attorney for a large health system in her state, worked all thru covid mostly in the office - esp early on when lawyers were brought in to find masks/PPE and quickly draw up contracts w/ any co. that could sell any masks. She didn't quit her job for this. She says it's tough to constantly have
  4. No way they're paying Warden. Or if they are it's some paltry $100-200 lump sum to cover his travel costs and allow him to buy a new pair of sneakers or something he wants. No way they're paying anywhere close to contractor rates or even handyman rates for what those jobs would cost. Yeah I imagine she doesn't want to show W doing work bc she's trying to get YouTube viewers, but yeah I also don't think he's working 40 hrs/wk or even 20 hrs/wk, as there seem to be a lot of afternoons in the pool, out to Top Golf at night etc. I assume he probably does some little project/task each day while the
  5. Man all the Bates are on fire this week - like a dumpster fire. Alyssa posted that I guess someone commented earlier this week on her ability to spell "hydrate" (she claimed to misspell bc there's some brand name that spells it wrong) - and now she's posting about how you don't know the amount of negativity people's IG accounts - especially popular people's accounts - get. LOL sweetie you're a D list celebrity at best and when the show ends, there goes your YouTube following that you use to make some income while sitting home, so maybe save your money. Interesting that the middle bro
  6. I haven't read all the responses but the simple reality for me is that I can relate to Jill & Derick more than Jing/Jer. I'm a lawyer on the east coast. I can relate to a law student who is married to a housewife and they are raising their 2 kids in a single family home, while he studies for 3L finals or the bar or job searches, sends their kids to public school etc. Sure they are conservative, but they are conservative southern Baptist types like most people in the deep south. While I am not 100% agree with their views - those folks still go to college/have careers; don't have litters of
  7. Carlin is so stupid it's painful. They were headed to a high risk OB today. She's apparently seeing a high risk OB and that one wanted her to see another one. NORMAL people would be like - yeah wow they saw some issues on the u/s but I hope everything is fine, kinda nervous. These people - OMG we're sooooo excited to get an u/s and see the baby OMG it's gonna be soooo great, yeah the dr specializes in something like genetics and the last u/s had some issues, which is over my head and he'll deal with my 2 clotting disorders to see if I need heparin daily but OMG PICTURES!? Uh? I guess it's good
  8. I mean you can doubt Harvard or not, that's your choice, I didn't go there. But reality is that schools like Harvard, Yale etc. set the tone for acceptable scores, employment etc. A C student from Harvard Law can still go really really far in his/her career simply bc he/she was one of a few % of people that got accepted. You get a certain benefit of the doubt coming from the ivys that you simply don't coming from places like UA. Seems like Derick maybe doesn't understand that. An ivy grad failing the bar once or multiple times is viewed differently than a UA grad failing even once -- if he doe
  9. I mean a 3.2 is fine in law school - it suggests a B/B+ student; you graduate from the ivy law schools with a B+ average, you'll get picked up by one of the top 50 law firms in the nation. But he's at UA. It's fine but by no means are you a top of the class, editor on law review (which is a big prestige thing in law) type of student. You're more a middle of the pack student, so maybe take the bar exam seriously.
  10. Damn he failed. Just looked at the Arkansas list. Having taken the bar myself (NY), it isn't that hard BUT it is one of those things that requires ALL your time and you must study for it like a full time job - 40 hrs/wk minimum; it is a memorization test, it doesn't matter how smart you are - if you don't know the little details backwards and forwards and can't apply them to the questions, you will fail. Given what we saw of Derick's study habits in the video from his 3L finals, I can't say I'm shocked. I mean it was all about - study for 30 min, then Jill comes in here and stares at me e
  11. Haven't followed in recent months - have they said what Derick is doing for a living? At this point it's been 4-5 weeks since the bar, so bar results are probably coming out any day now if they haven't already. Most people who have jobs lined up pre graduation also start in Sept, though IME it doesn't have to be THIS early - I personally started at my big NYC firm in the last week of Sept and I knew plenty who started Sept 15 so he may still have a few weeks to go if he has a job lined up. If he doesn't have one lined up, I suppose he's frantically interviewing now.
  12. I'm so puzzled by the pregnancy test in Walmart thing!? I know there are people who take these tests at WMT, CVS etc. but I always assumed they were teen girls without money for a test/afraid to take the test home or women otherwise in some kind of abusive home life situation who will be seeking to abort if pregnant but don't want the dad to know, not an "upstanding" married couple actively trying for a baby. They stopped at WMT bc they both needed to go to the bathroom. Uh did they not just leave church - couldn't have gone there? Or how far is their home from this church - can't hold it
  13. I'm so confused. The baby announcement photo shoot was at . . . Target? With Carlin sitting in a cart and also C&E sitting on the FLOOR of TARGET!? WTH?? That's gross. And while we know that their means of keeping kid #1 fed is throwing her doritos and cheetos, did we need to photograph how important those foods are in their lives? So I guess after the ONE month where she tested and was -, they got it done the following month. Yet to see her crying after that one negative you'd think she was told, no more kids. These two idiots can't even handle one kid without being in Nashville eve
  14. I mean Josie can get over the miscarriage or not, that's her call. But it's soooo emotional for them that they must mark the day and in order to do so must bring a photographer/3rd person so you can have proof that it's soooo emotional for them!? Give me a break. The first shot is of Kelton's ass as he walked ahead carrying the balloons so I figured, J was filming. And then shots of the family of 4 releasing the balloons, privately praying, and lovingly staring at the sky presumably thinking about the baby. Give me a break -- you're sooooo sad that you have the presence of mind to be in coordi
  15. IDK if they went all the way to IVF. Might just be that they used the various drugs which stimulate the body to release the egg and then had sex hourly during that process to make a baby and that was enough. In that case no guarantees of a boy of course. Though I imagine they're going with the law of large numbers - you have enough babies, one will be a boy though not necessarily, look at John. IDK if it's accurate but google says IVF nationwide costs about ~25k on average and there are clinics in Tenn. saying it costs 10k-12k per cycle. I could see them doing a cycle of that just to see
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