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  1. So I guess there will be a Bates son’s wedding in under a year. Trace and Chaney just announced a courtship. Given that their “getting to know you” period has been 8 mos per the article, I’m guessing all they need is a 3-6 mos courtship and 3-6 mos of wedding planning, which lends itself nicely to a spring or summer 2020 wedding. Anyone know anything about her? Is she fundie too? How exactly did they meet? Trace has said they came across each other on a ski trip and the two families loved each other and here they are. But was this a fundie ski trip? Sure you can go skiing in Utah or Colorado or wherever and happen upon a cute girl and exchange numbers and long distance date. If you’re the love at first sight type, you can even have the families meet each other on the mountain bc you are certain you’re meeting your future inlaws. Yet the reality in the U.S in 2019 is that likely 90%+ of young people aren’t super religious and even if they are – once you tell them you can’t hold hands or kiss and need a formal “get to know you” period and btw in order to get a hot chocolate at the ski lodge, your 6 yr old sister needs to babysit you and btw before this progresses any further, there will be a formal “courtship” harkening back to the 1800s – most 21 yr olds would run away screaming . . . . So I’m not buying this – oh I ran into a cute girl at a ski lodge. Unless she really is a regular girl, and he is acting like a normal 22 yr old male -- kissing and holding hands, getting intimate, taking his future wife out to dinner without Jeb there babysitting him – mommy’s rules be damned . . . .
  2. They’ve said before that they won’t take on a mortgage and will only buy in cash. They had an episode once where they looked at “fixer uppers” in the country with land which Chad could fix (and were in their price range). Folks — we’re talking homes in the rural Tenn countryside that seem to have been abandoned 20-50 yrs ago; some looked like they should be condemned and I’m not sure how they withstand thunderstorm force winds. When it became clear to Princess Erin that this isn’t the type of home where you move in while your handyman husband redoes a bathroom or rips out wallpaper, she made some comment about how Chad would have to work fast as they will have bought the home while still paying for their rental. Chad — aging in dog years + feeling the financial pressure — made a non joking “joke” about how they could live with Gil and Kelly while he made a home habitable, hoping Princess Erin would say yes to ease the burden on him. Princess Erin who seems not to notice that her husband is the oldest 32 yr old ever shot that down in a millisecond and basically insinuated that he he’d have to figure out how to make the purchase + rental + reno work. Alas they find themselves in a 2 bed with 4 kids with at least one on a pullout on the floor . . . .
  3. Per John’s IG, Alyssa’s cardiologists think that her second ablation - done last week around the time of the hurricane - has cured her heart rhythm issue and if the issue doesn’t come back in the next 6 mos, it’ll likely never come back. As much as I snark on these people, I’m relieved for her. And for the snark — why do these people think everyone is as enamored with their kids as they are?? She brought 3 loud kids under age 5 + John to her follow up appt?? And not just to the waiting room, but they can be seen running in circles around the exam room, climbing on the table etc with the cardiologist in the room. Cardiologists generally want silent exam rooms as they listen for subtle issues . . . . They seem to treat every place like Dr Vick’s office and assume everyone is soooo glad to see their kids bc they know all 900000 family members. I can see bringing John of course but I’m sure one of her sisters in law, MIL, or a paid sitter could’ve watched the kids for an hour. I wonder if they’ll start trying immediately when Alyssa hits the 6 mo mark. I mean the youngest kid is already a yr and a half — very unusual for them to wait this long between kids . . . .
  4. Me too. These people suck. The moment they trap some loser, it's ooohhh I feel soooo close to my sisters now because we're all in relationships. The moment they get said loser to put a ring on it, it's ooohhh I feel soooo close to my sister because we're all WIVES. We couldn't POSSIBLY hang out with our single bros or sisters bc they just don't get what it's like to be MARRIED. And then -- oohhhhh soo much closer because MOMMIES. I realize the Bates are less obvious about this than the Duggars, but they still make comments like the above, they still do double dates etc. with the older ones going out but only if you have a courting partner etc. And I realize the Bates sons in law aren't bad as far as fundie sons in law go, but aside from looks and a few of them having gone to trade school -- I don't see the big deal either. And as far as I'm concerned the Bates' women hold Chad, Bobby, Kelton, and Evan's by the ba!!s -- all of them running to live exactly where their women want them to live, which of course is where their inlaws want them to live . . . . John is the only independent man among them. Sure Kelton is from Knox so maybe it's natural he'd want to live there too and yet does he really need to be over at his inlaws' ALL the time, as opposed to him and his wife developing their own life?? Honestly I wish Michael and Brandon had moved away. I know she came back for nursing school but there are nursing schools in all 50 states. There's no reason she has to live right next door and be reminded that her sisters drop a baby yearly, and make comments like -- oh you don't know sisterly bonds until you're mom or you don't know love until you're a mom -- while you are unable to even drop one. And given who she is I have NO doubt that she is expected to babysit etc. because these constantly pregnant moms who already have 3 kids under 5 are sooooo tired that can't she just help -- I mean what has she got to be tired about?? Wish they had stayed in Chicago for nursing school, or if they had to move anywhere -- move to DC, as Brandon appears to have a sister who is [gasp] unmarried and w/o kids and yet holds down a good job, has a graduate degree and her own place etc. It would give Michael a daily example of -- there are MANY ways to live life and be happy. Instead of being around her sisters and mother who I'm sure are fake when they say "nursing school oh that's soooo great" while in their heart of hearts thinking -- that's too bad that she HAS to go to school and have a job because she doesn't have the job that God put her on earth for -- pregnancy + mothering.
  5. People makes it seem like she found out on the battery of tests that happens at the first appointment — she happened to not have miscarried by then so they started her on the shots to keep the pregnancy going. I wonder if they went to that old creepy dr the Bates women fancy (and I don’t usually call drs creepy but the man had this look of eagnerness and his tongue hanging out at one of Erin’s births in a way that can only be perceived as gross on an obgyn) — maybe they went to him the moment she peed on the stick so bloodwork was done ASAP bc now that they know Erin has issues, they could have the same. It’s a solo practice that favors this family so I doubt they have to wait 6-8 wks for a first appointment. Or given how eager these girls are to have a baby w their men and how much Kelly is into it, I wouldn’t be shocked if now bloodwork is done during courting just so they know 100% if they need to fly back from a honeymoon and go to the dr the next day for shots.
  6. I realize it’s rude but my reaction to the Carlin and Evan baby news — 2 idiots and a baby. Married in May, pregnant in June, and expecting a baby in February before their first anniversary. But I guess they are #goals because with a late May wedding, clearly this is a honeymoon baby. Never met a 21 year old who doesn’t even want one year of fun and relaxation with her husband and instead wants her husband who she barely knows by her side for pelvic exams and giving her shots (as she has the same clotting disorder as Erin). And Evan is still an electrician apprentice for a few MORE YEARS — as he said recently. A 24 year old who hasn’t established a career yet and is still fascinated by the idea that he doesn’t live with mommy and daddy anymore (he’s mentioned it more than once on IG) should really be rushing to make babies ASAP.
  7. Haven’t read the pages of opinion here as I just heard about this a few days ago and don’t pay attention to the Duggars much when they aren’t in season – I’m sorry but those pics look 100% staged. I’m not saying they aren’t sad – I’m sure they are. But shouting out to Carlin for coming to do her hair and makeup and then getting perfect angles of pics when Austin’s forehead against hers in the initial post announcing the news, posed pics with Carlin in the hospital bed. Come on. We get it – Armies for Jesus and all . . . but if you don’t keep some things private, even though it is totally your right to share them, normal people are going to say – you’re doing it to be an attention whore and keep your story in the spotlight for its entire 15 minutes. And I’m sorry no one needs to see pics of your stillborn. Again I’m not saying they aren’t hurting, I’m not saying they shouldn’t have taken pics, I’m not saying she couldn’t have had hair and makeup done for said pics – though I do find that freaking weird for a grieving mom – but it’s the sharing of the pics that screams STAGED for ATTENTION. Guess this pushes Si's wife out of the spotlight. How much longer can she scream about a heavy period when Joy had to birth a stillborn?? Do they know what happened? Is Joy one of the ones that sees a dr. for prenatal care or is that just Joe's wife and Joy sees Jilly Muffin?
  8. True. 10 adults involved in one very small business?? Maybe Josie and Kelton thought better of it, but to me it’s still weird that she goes and starts her own clothing thing; just don’t do a side business or pick another one — like you know, hair related?? Hopefully they’ve agreed to split any profit or expenses 5 ways no matter what, or else I can see this breaking down along fundie lines — why do Brandon and Michael need so much, they don’t even have a family to support; or why can’t we dump more work on them, it’s not like they have to get home ASAP to kids like we do.
  9. Have watched parts of the specials aired in the last few weeks. Across the board, I can’t help but notice how much weight Tori, Carlin, Josie, and Katie have lost in the last few years. In addition to modernizing their look even more, hair, makeup etc., you can tell there’s also weight loss involved. Reinforces my theory that all 4 of them have been shrewd about landing themselves a handsome fundie man while they’re still 20-21 before all the good ones are snatched up and they’re left with the John David Duggar types. Seems like they 100% went to Crown to meet their husband – whether he be a student there or the brother/cousin etc. of another student, and they sure as hell were going to make sure that happened during the college years. They weren’t going to be like Erin who just ended up getting lucky that Chad noticed her at some banquet or Michael who noticed Brandon and then spent years praying that his sisters would poke him in the ribs and tell him she was the one. Interesting that Carlin has already moved Evan to her area, rather than even doing the “good wifely duty” of moving to where her man was even for a year or 2 to show that he’s the headship. Post honeymoon she posted a pic of them standing at their house/apt door and she states it’s good to have their first home in East Tenn. Again – shrewder than what a “true” fundie woman is supposed to be. Josie and Kelton seem obsessed with themselves if you look at their Instagram pics. And Josie isn’t doing the sisters’ boutique but has her own “Josie’s Boutique.” WTH!? Is she trying to separate from the fam even though she’s not moving away like Alyssa did? And I love that all the husbands are now roped into the sisters’ boutique as well – they showed an IG video of Chad and Bobby sitting on laptops handling “finance,” Brandon, Evan, and Zach packaging the dresses etc. These women hold down no employment – they really can’t ship out 10 dresses/wk w/o their men?? Looks like Alyssa and John did a 5 yr anniversary photoshoot when they came to Knox for Carlin’s wedding. I will say marriage suits those two. They haven’t aged a bit in 5 years – even though John is 29, working at 2 businesses, they have 3 kids back to back, and Alyssa just underwent a heart procedure. That being said, I hope they slow down the baby making. Alyssa posted on IG again that she isn’t feeling well, has had to go back to the cardiologist etc. It may not be medically required to not make babies, but why do these women continue to torture their bodies for more when there are other health problems? Or maybe try one more time for a boy and then live with what you get and be done w 4. And last thought – in every special, when they do some “special” reveal to tell Gil/Kelly they’re expecting, Kelly’s SCREAMING like a loon is freaking ridiculous. I get it. They want 10000000 grandkids bc each is a gift, but get a grip. When a daughter who has a husband and isn’t using birth control hands you a card or blanket or picture and you don’t know what it is – WTH do you think it is announcing? That she got accepted to med school? That she is graduating #1 from her ivy league law school? Sad that the only time you’re celebrated in these families is at your wedding + announcing a pregnancy + when people are looking at your crotch as you push. The end of baby making must be a bitch for these women.
  10. Can you explain why/what they said? Just catching up now and had no idea this happened - so sad, she legit seemed like a nice woman who cared.
  11. My impression is Chad is the most fundie of the sons in law. He grew up in a fundie family and like Gil and Kelly I think he and Erin prioritized him working for himself so he can make his own hours, only work with who he chooses, be home anytime there isn’t business etc. And he believes in paying cash for homes even if that means all you can afford is falling down. Contrast Zach who is fine w working for city govt with full benefits and taking on a mortgage for a gorgeous home. John who is acting like a fundie with baby making but has no problem working full time in one business while starting a 2nd one and taking on a mortgage for a proper home for a family of 5. And the new sons in law - Evan, Kelton, Bobby - are all fine going to trade school, working for others, and likely will take on mortgages because all 3 grew up living well and I don’t see them wanting to raise 4 kids in 2 bedrooms forever. All that is to say I think he’d have NO problem taking on Medicaid. IDK how it’s determined but couldn’t they be close to the poverty line anyway? How much could these odd job construction projects pay esp when he is paying out something to Jackson and Trace? Fundies like Gil have no problem using whatever they can get from the system as long as it helps them in having huge families while not having to hold down w regular job with benefits. I’m sure Chad is no different. And to give him the benefit of the doubt, if he is buying insurance — even the most basic plan will be 1k+ for 5 people; and the basic plan will likely have a 5k+ yearly deductible. Is he really paying out 5k yearly to have a baby??
  12. For a man who is aging in dog years, trying to start a business which needs to be lucrative enough to employ at least 2-4 brothers in law at any time, doesn’t seem to have the money for anything beyond a 2 bedroom rental or shacks that look like they may fall down if the wind blows (when they went out looking for properties), he sure is anxious to make baby after baby in quick succession.
  13. Well I guess Chad’s dog years of aging continues as they’re expecting baby #4. No surprise really as we heard Chad saying at a dr appt when Erin was pregnant with #3 - we need a brother for Carson . . . . How does this dude not look back to 5 years ago at age 27 and not miss his life? Watched just a few min of last weeks Zach and Whit special and Chad stops by to help with Bradley’s nursery — he looks like a different guy — younger and genuinely happy.
  14. So I imagine they got a huge COMP from Castleton Farms for their wedding? It is a real wedding venue and looks gorgeous – I can’t see how lunch/dinner there is less than $100/head (maybe less since it’s the rural south) and they had 500 guests!? In any event, it was a REAL wedding venue for the first time. I know the Bates do it better than the Duggars – we haven’t seen any parking lot receptions with dixie cups of ice cream. But as I recall from Erin and Tori’s weddings – it was just church basement receptions with punch and cake; Josie’s appeared to be at that house/venue at the state park where they married and that also looked like a quick punch and cake and then we’re off to have sex type of reception. Michael was also a church reception, but I seem to recall theirs involved at least casual food – bc Kelly was planning out how much BBQ chicken was needed. We never saw Alyssa’s but I imagine punch and cake and we want to get out of there ASAP to get to the hotel. Castleton Farms OTOH is a real wedding venue and IDK if they would let you book the place on the Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend – which tends to be a huge wedding weekend -- if you intended to do the vows and get everyone out of there with a slice of cake and not spend any more money; places like that don’t allow food catered by your aunt, nor do they allow you to rent their space if you don’t intend to drop money on their catering. It looks like the first dance etc. were on an outdoor patio so it’s very possible it is a huge venue, where they can be having an short outdoor wedding; a longer indoor wedding; and setting up another ballroom for nighttime weddings. If they only used the outdoor setup, maybe they were able to just do a “nicer” version of punch + cake – with heavy appetizers + cake. Afternoon weddings are obviously cheaper, but for these fundies it’s not even subtle that the point is – do the vows, barely say hi to anyone, cut the cake and get out ASAP because SEX. I mean Tori was literally tugging at Bobby’s sleeve being like – ok let’s go – as he was at least trying to be nice and say hi to aunts/uncles and the various 5000 guests. I imagine Carlin was similar though I feel like Evan doesn’t act like a grown up either, so it doesn’t seem like AS big of a contrast in personalities as juvenile complainer Tori and adult Bobby. And to those who are saying Carlin will be pregnant in a month. Well the wedding was Saturday afternoon – it’s now Monday night, for all we know depending on how she timed it, she could be pregnant NOW. And frankly she shouldn’t/won’t even have to gush about OMG – it’s SOOOO quick bc in her mind she’s already waited an eternity for said baby, since she’s known Evan since the Fall of 2016. In fundie time, 2.5 years is like 25 years.
  15. IDK if Trace has officially decided on a career, but the one he’ll fallen into is construction with Chad. IDK if he really wanted to do construction, but as with most people in that family they have so little exposure to the world that they are never really able to figure out what they actually want and thus their options end up being what their brothers/brothers in law ahead of them are doing – because at least they know they CAN do that since they know someone doing it with as little education as they have. These kids don’t know that they CAN be doctors or lawyers bc they don’t personally have 1 peer who has done that, so to them – it’s some highfalutin, book learnin’ kind of thing that is not even an option. He tried out flying with Nathan and cop stuff with Zach and wasn’t cut out for either; he just has a fear in him that those 2 didn’t have. Trick riding is a pipe dream and I think he knows that, so that leaves . . . construction with Chad. He could have trained and done something like HVAC like John or plumbing like Kelton or electrician like Evan, but I have a feeling he is jonesing for a wife NOW and does not have any desire to be in “school” even for 6 mos. The show has been an infomercial for Trace lately with all the girls talking about how he was the big man on campus and their girl friends were always asking if Trace was coming to school today. And Nate and Law have said while they are off living their wild lives (LOL but I guess they are fundie wild), Trace is the type of guy that ladies want – a family man – i.e. he desperately wants to put a ring on something and have sex and then have kids 9 mos later. And BTW Bobby is now a plumber working with Kelton at Kelton’s uncle’s co. Kelly posted an IG pic. Obviously Tori’s whining about how it’s sooooo hard to take care of Kade without sister help is what led them to run back to Knoxville, but I have to imagine at some level Bobby was dying to set up a life where he’s around Kelton daily. Now it’s probably as he imagined it – they’ll see each other daily; they’ll hang out at least a few weekends a month so their kids will grow up together etc. Because as it had worked out previously, while he got to pursue ministry, he knew that unless he got into a church in Knox, he wouldn’t see Kelton much – bc Kelton has a more settled life and wasn’t about to move to Nashville. Interesting that the Bates sons in law have jumped on the trade bandwagon. Bobby had to notice that Kelton (and John to the extent they see him though they may not now given distance) has money. Josie has said that Kelton is always hanging out downtown (pre marriage); and they go on plenty of little trips together all the time – a hotel room/airBnB here and there costs money even if you’re driving to the destination. So I guess Bobby realized that making 30k in ministry wasn’t going to cut it given the 8 kids they’re sure to have – or at least 4 kids if his wife is bad at the child rearing thing.
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