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  1. I think you have a valid point. I actually thought the same exact thing when all this blew up. In the latest vids and pics of her, she looks so normal/casual and sometimes even bored or unemotional. Same as always. Perhaps in reality they’re in the friend stage and nothing is official yet. If that’s true, it’s kind of douchey he made a public Instagram for the attention. Another attention tool?
  2. I know he’s from the Hartono family, from Indonesia. They’ve been hanging around the Duggars for a real long time.
  3. I’ve heard about the Bowers a few times but don’t know them too well. I recognize 3 Bowers. I think the oldest boy is Charlie whose wearing dark red (he’s 21). Cooper has been around taking pics with the Duggars for years now. People always thought he was trying to pick up a Duggar bride. Don’t know who the others are. HOLY CRAP Jenny is tall and looks so much older!!!
  4. Ew. That’s why I find him repulsive. He knew that by commenting it would bring tons of attention on him and have all the stupid fans talking about him. He’s an absolute fame whore and a tool. It’s one of those things that looks like an innocent comment but he knows how to play the game and take advantage of the moment.
  5. At the restaurant? It’s Jeremiah on the left and Jason on the right.
  6. Or it could be the other way around and we just never really knew
  7. I read on reddit that someone commented on that livestream to FreeJana. Amy then started to talk about how it wouldn’t be bad to live like Jana, referring to her singleness, and Deanna cut her off.
  8. I don’t get it. How would he know that Jana Duggar watches the show?
  9. Correct, in their world among other Christians. I should have specified. Most of the rumors that come about are from absurd sources or the oh so precious fans that assume things and before you know it, national gossip mags are posting about it. Even in secular society, starting rumors rampantly about someone in school or at the workplace is very offensive and can even be damaging to your reputation.
  10. Don’t see that ever happening in reality. I see it more as something fans push for. These people will do anything to get attention. I’m sure part of the intention for releasing the story was because they know DAMN WELL This will cause the world to erupt with speculation. It’s happened plenty of times before. If that’s the case, I find it to be really disrespectful to Jana. I feel bad for her. IMHO, all these constant rumors of Jana make her look promiscuous. I know it’s not her fault but it makes her look bad. I’ve heard others say the same unfortunately
  11. I remember right after Carlin got engaged, Jana had sent her a little care package with books and tips on how to plan the wedding out. I thought it was really random at the time, and that was like a year and a half ago. Some of the Duggar boys were in the Nashville area a few days ago, and Joy visited her a couple weeks ago. Idk
  12. She’s only been doing it for the past couple decades or so.
  13. Jana commented how they were in the last lane and someone was able to take a pic from a walkway. But yeah this looks boring. Jana is doing the fake ‘having a blast‘ smile for the camera as usual. Stupid.
  14. It doesn’t appear that any Duggar went on that trip.
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