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  1. I think some of the girls were filmed before and after their dental surgery. IIRC that is when Jill got so scared and it seemed over the top. But that was before we knew about The Sex Pest. So it must be an event in Duggarland to get your wisdom teeth out. As we all know, they do things a little different.
  2. Ozziedad and I got first vaccine yesterday, we got the Moderna. Here in Florida vaccine registration has been quite the cluster f**k. Sarasota County finally set up online process and we had appointments the next day. It was held at a park with huge parking lot, so we never left our car. Whole thing took 5 minutes than additional 15 minutes to make sure no serious problems. We both have a sore arm today but not bad at all.
  3. Maybe they are having one of their famous joint bachelorette and bachelor parties this weekend. Then all traveling to Texas for the festivities there surrounding the actual wedding. Since it’s the first Spivey wedding it should be quite the party. Who cares about those pesky pandemic rules! I wonder if the banner was used when Justin joined TFDW’s church in the Dallas area last year?
  4. Or Anna thought the extra e made it more elegant
  5. So sorry @Happyfatchick for your family’s loss. Also big hugs to @Scarlett45 it’s hard to lose people who were an important part of your life
  6. Jessa referred to the queen bed as where guests sleep. What guests? Can you imagine JereMe and Jing visiting and being told “here’s your bed”?
  7. Happy birthday @Turquoise, sounds like a yummy lunch treat. I too could eat cake every day 🎂
  8. IIRC didn’t the early TV specials show Meechelle and her color coded scraps that seemed to be a very rigid daily schedule? Somewhere along the way that all fell apart, perhaps as the Sister Moms were more in charge. And Meechelle was off on her treadmill drinking Starbucks. That might be the way Jessa raised her buddies so to her the lack of a schedule is normal. The sleeping arrangements at the Mold house have always been strange. Didn’t they only recently move the boys into a separate room?
  9. Always good to hear from you @lookeyloo. I just wanted to thank everyone here for the kind thoughts and condolences on my mom’s passing. It meant a lot.
  10. In another 2 years her older daughters will be ready to cook, clean and take care of the younger siblings. It seemed like John was ready to stop at 3 but Alyssa definitely wants a boy, so they will be trying again. They also mentioned a while ago that they are house hunting, I guess the prospect of 4 kids crammed in a tiny bedroom made them realize they need more space.
  11. And I still don’t understand why they just don’t get a TV. Watching on a laptop seems so silly. I can see one person but 2 or 3 or more at once doesn’t look comfortable.
  12. One thing Boob taught his boys, you gotta be first no matter what.
  13. Some more sad news. My mom passed away in CT where everyone but me lives. She lived in a lovely assisted living facility for the two years since my dad passed. Unfortunately with COVID she was very isolated and could not go out except for doctors appointments. Just before Christmas my sister went to pick her up for appointment with my mom’s gerontology doctor. She was shocked at how confused my mom was. When they arrived at the doctors office, the doctor took one look and sent them directly to the hospital (across the street). My mom had pneumonia so they admitted her since she had just had pneumonia at Thanksgiving. Well she never left the hospital. The last week they moved her to the hospice floor so at least family could visit. She was peaceful at the end, but hard for me as I couldn’t travel safely to see her. Even though she didn’t have Covid, the pandemic certainly affected her end of life. It’s just second guessing but I can’t help but wonder if the isolation she must have felt contributed to her passing.
  14. @Happyfatchick so sorry for you and your family. Sending hugs.
  15. I don’t think we ever heard anything about the broken engagement of Lauren and Titus. Very mysterious.
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