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  1. I remember those food runs from when Carlin and Evan came to help at the new house and also a later visit. Coffee and ice cream for wild times, especially late night. So I don’t think John is running out to McD’s every night for a second dinner but there may be times when he’s working late and grabs something. He works as AC repair guy in Florida where a lot of people run their AC all summer, so I would guess he’s busy.
  2. Thanks for doing this, it really is helpful.
  3. I love London too! Ozziedaughter lives there and we try and visit every other year. But with pandemic, we haven’t been able to. Luckily she has UK and US passports so she visits us. But there is so much to do in London, especially if you enjoy walking and museums. Can’t wait to go back! @Jeeves 2022 should be a good time in UK, the Brits do pomp and pageantry better than anyone else.
  4. Poor Lauren probably had to take all her siblings shopping while Mom and Dad are alone together. Or if Mrs. Caldwell was there, she is happy to let her older kids wrangle the little ones.
  5. Date night seems to be a very important thing in Fundie land. G & K are probably of the same mind set as Boob and Meechelle, that a Christian marriage is sacred and more important than the children.
  6. So sweet friend Maria is on the scary ride with Timbits? Isn’t that almost courting or something? JillR mentioned only the older kids were at the fair so where were the little girls? I guess they aren’t worthy of a fun time.
  7. So Jessa was shopping for kids clothes at that ReLanNWA (?) event and looks like she bought more than 10 things for Spurge……plus plenty of dresses for the girls. Seems like her minimalist theory on kid’s clothes is not 100% true since she also just got free clothes for the kids.
  8. I think Boob is all about control so he will support Anna and especially the M kids for as long as he can. Even without the TV show, the optics of tossing them out on the street or fleeing to Florida are not good. He enjoys the patriarch Christian persona so he will always support the Smuggar family. Plus I don’t think Meechelle would go along with cutting them out.
  9. Bread takes me back to my college years, listening to their music while pining away for Ozziedad, lol. Thanks!
  10. I know we’ve assumed Boob is footing the bill for Josh’s legal team but if the Smuggars have assets, ie $$ from home sale, wouldn’t Boob use that $$? Cos you know he has control of all that too. I doubt Anna has access to any cash or assets regardless of how many LLC’s are in her name. Boob (or his accountant) probably pay all the bills and Anna has a debit card with a $500 limit. I imagine Jana has more leeway with her spending than Anna does. Also, Anna’s sisters who broke away did not have 6 + kids.
  11. @hathorlive sorry to hear about Jake, it’s hard to lose a member of the family and I think pets are generally the best members of the family. Also thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with Josh type cases.
  12. So Jessa had Meechelle’s birthday at the mold house? On the birthing couch? Yay!
  13. Based on some of the clips we’ve seen of Nathan he seems a little off. His mother supposedly scheduled 15 minutes per week for each of her kids. So maybe he enjoys JillR’s attention.
  14. Yes, definitely, they have a regular group of listeners who call in weekly and they are entertaining too. They have a lovely interaction with each other, I usually listen to them just before bed. I still love Rob and his podcasts but they are more strategies and game play. Can’t wait for the new season! Also the weekly predictions game is fun too. Gives you something extra to watch for.
  15. Does this open up the Nurthan RV for the brother who is engaged to the Reber daughter? Is there a wedding date for them yet?
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