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  1. Layla was also pictured eating some fruit and avocado the other day, clearly in response to all the comments about her junk food diet. Carlin and Evan are a couple of idiots, I feel bad for Layla and Izzy once “baby boy” gets here they will be overwhelmed.
  2. Some kids struggle in public school for various reasons but something clicks in high school or like Ozziedad, in college and they flourish. The Duggars seem to just give up at some point, like Joy, so no chance for any of them to be passionate about learning as they age.
  3. Well JillR has Plexus to keep her warm, surely that’s another miraculous thing Plexus does for you.
  4. Callie is probably in charge of Whit’s kids too while Addee and Ellie travel to Katie and then Alyssa’s house.
  5. The Rodlet girls are always barefoot, I guess JillR is preparing them for a lifetime of being barefoot and pregnant.
  6. Jana definitely has earned Boob’s trust. She seems to be the accountability partner for various siblings and also Meechelle. Her life isn’t one I would want, but given her childhood and education, she seems happy enough. Obviously we don’t really know how she feels, but she does have more freedom and choices than say, Joy.
  7. This whole project probably was a homeschool activity. The Rodlets really looked thrilled. Isn’t the smiley face thing their printing ministry? So JillR would consider this the most important part of the process.
  8. Noticed that GWE is reclining in his usual spot, gazing at the “map on a panel”
  9. Is JillR still trying to grift her way to that Plexus event in Florida?
  10. Thanks for your sacrifice, hopefully there wasn’t too much of JillR’s screeching going on. Sounds about what I expected but that’s 40 minutes you saved me. Hope you feel better soon. Have you considered some Plexus, lol.
  11. So JillR has posted on Instagram that we can go watch the whole Barndo renovation process over on YouTube. Anyone willing to take one for the teams and go watch?
  12. Yeah I was expecting to see Boob up front and center. Who was the guy who “pitched” to Jed!? Was it Katey’s dad? All in all a very lackluster jinder reveal.
  13. If Michael had a 9-5 job she wouldn’t be available on short notice to babysit for her various nieces and nephews.
  14. Maybe Brandon, who is her headship after all, was fine with her studying nursing but won’t allow her to have an actual job. I think he is more Fundie than some of the other son in laws, so it is ok to study something for helping family members. Sort of like Tori getting a teaching degree so she can homeschool.
  15. My printer was acting wonky today so I dusted the router and things seem to be working properly now, lol.
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