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  1. If it involves JB it’s probably rooted in money. But we really don’t know why some of the Duggars go to another church but a few did stay with Pa Caldwell. And the Caldwell clan was at both Justin and Jed! weddings.
  2. We may have missed Joy and Carlin at each other’s weddings due to TLC and UP not filming people not on their network. I think it is a sign of their closeness that Carlin was there for Joy almost immediately when she lost her baby. So I think this is a real friendship, not just sweet friends like Jessa refers to.
  3. Did Justin post anything for either his birth mother or for Hilaria, the mother who might actually love and protect him?
  4. Based on the last minute Mother’s Day posts, it seems like there was a gathering at TTH, but that’s probably true of any random day. Maybe they spent the day praying, either for Josh (JimBoob and Meechelle) or perhaps for a quick resolution, one way or another (everyone else)
  5. Just reading another book and saw a quote that to me, sums up the Duggars and others in their cult. Paraphrasing- the more you invest in a set of beliefs, the more you resist evidence that suggests you are wrong. You don’t give up, you double down. So the fact that Josh was alone so much suggests that JimBoob believed Jesus jail was a success. And Anna believed it too.
  6. JimBoob ever admitting he is wrong about anything seems highly unlikely. They will continue to “pray on it” and do whatever it takes for Josh. Meanwhile they barely know a thing about their other kids or grandkids. I have little hope that the grown kids who depend on JB for everything will have any other thoughts but what JB tells them.
  7. Watched a bit of JillR’s post of some guest preacher at a revival (I was really bored) There was quite a bit of “if you aren’t being persecuted you are not being the right kind of Christian” in his sermon. Explains a lot of JillR and Shrek’s motives. Especially JillR, who must be upset at all the focus on the Duggars.
  8. Well since they are always praying or asking Jesus what to do, they will probably continue to spout that and change nothing.
  9. Probably announcing where one can buy two right and two left socks.
  10. Izzy seems much happier and goes to public school. Both Jill and Derelict are calmer with both kids.
  11. Looks like Jackson and Hannie in a lot of the pictures. Maybe another double wedding between siblings in the future?
  12. I can just see JillR’s post about the newest member of her Plexus team - Meechelle!
  13. JillR is the worst. The video was so phony too. The younger kids all looked bored or tired until the fake smiles while singing. Makes you wonder what JillR does to control them. Is Shrek not musically inclined? Is he the one filming?
  14. We have never seen him piloting a plane. I think JD, sinner twin Jer and Josiah have been shown flying a plane.
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