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  1. It was planned surgery. Just couldn’t break wind, let alone a Jaw.
  2. Seriously not sure if that’s his or her legs!
  3. Don’t forget he basically raped a woman. I think it is more about power and control with him, but he is still a pedophile, too. The part of Danica Dillon’s account where his eyes went black was telling...
  4. Please let bankruptcy be true!
  5. Wow. That was an excellent video. Have the Duggars ever had sweet friends they haven’t screwed over?
  6. “Have mercy, no to tell all! We sent Derreck a $10,000 check to happy mail!”
  7. Will we accept Harlem Globetrotter Duggar? Laguardia Baggage Claim Duggar? Hudson Empire Duggar?
  8. Thank you, and that’s interesting. But I’m still on team Pyrrhic victory for this one .
  9. Still not seeing how that translates to end-user purchases. My admittedly quick reading a Wikipedia says that USA today does not break up sales between stores /buyers. regardless, it doesn’t matter, this won’t save them. I also wouldn’t be terribly surprised at MacArthur bought a ton of copies.
  10. They already have a bad family construction business going!
  11. BestSelling just refers to the number of stores that buy copies. It doesn’t count the number of actual people that bought copies. I’m guessing that number is much, much lower. Bestselling Artesian Toilet Paper.
  12. Keep in mind, this was pre-Ashley Madison, too! 😅
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