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  1. They called this praying for a heart for children.
  2. They're gonna add skydiving without a parachute.
  3. I think an eating disorder is very unfair. We never see how much of the food he eats, we don’t truly know how much he exercises, nor what his diet is like a non-Instagram days. I would imagine he is decently active and understands fitness being a former athlete. However, if he is still relatively thin at 45 I will be amazed.
  4. Her siblings basically said that Michelle is the type of person who only does exactly what she wants to do.
  5. I agree, but I will give Joy a pass on this. It’s not like she grew up watching television. Just for cultural competence sake she has catching up to do.
  6. I love how not a single male offspring is capable of independence. AT ALL.
  7. Sacking areas after major disasters must fill the gap.
  8. Oh, hush about Anna. Jingle will be doing a 'how to forgive your sleazy husband's cheating' podcast in 2-5 years. You can wait until then. "Anna and Jinger: Queens of Denial".
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