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  1. Derick Cheated On Jill With some teen hussy, years before he met her! Pieces of the heart, and all…
  2. I like how his cell phone looks like a little black purse hanging off his hip.
  3. She would lose access to free housing, free childcare, free food, etc. Takes a lot of money to take care of that many children. Even at Rodriguez family levels.
  4. It’s $100,000 it would net her wouldn’t last long.
  5. "LORD I need you!" Everything with these people is something you moan during sex.
  6. CSI effect. Might work against Josh's favor. The jury would be more inclined to trust (rightly, but still...) the computer evidence.
  7. Someone took pity on them anfd gave them free clothes. Welcom to post stardom Jess! The boob clone look is growing.
  8. Thanks for this. Even in this thread a 'Canadian Grandmother' doctor claimed a virus downloaded CP to her laptop, which she dutifully drove to the police station. I knew computer viruses do not behave in such a manner, but it's such a common argument I'm glad to see your professional takedown of this urban legend. Maybe a computer virus made the Ashley Madison account, too.
  9. Its so the people they 'help' can exit the plane when they realize they're around Duggars.
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