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  1. I couldn’t make out a brand-name or model number, but it just struck me how expensive they looked. And why they even needed two.
  2. Perfect hair and makeup, for a podcast! Expensive looking Mics too. So much talking from people that have nothing to say.
  3. They didn’t have a garden for quite some time. I supposed to clean all their food comes from farmers. Bullshit on the grass fed beef and poultry. I’m surprised lightning didn’t come down and strike the book about processed foods. Just look at Jessa’s recent ‘pizza’ recipie.
  4. The Hope We Sold Out will have to literally air audio of car crashes every day to keep me more morbidly curious than Jill R. Yeah, but I’m really curious about how she sells things emotionally. The inflection she uses, the sounds in the background, etc. The Jingle’s are going to be so pretentious and vanilla it’s going to be like listening to the background music at the local Old Navy.
  5. Forreal? I’ve never been so intrigued, or so frightened. This is 1 million times more interesting than whatever these two posers are gonna come up with.
  6. “ we are afraid of what 23 and me would show about our relationship.”
  7. I think Bill also made a vow to God never to see a movie in his life, and kept it. Because holiness. Jill certainly broke that one, too.
  8. The Dopes Who Sold Out podcast? Come on, even Josh Duggar had a radio show.
  9. I did a little googling and couldn’t find that confirmed. Every article I looked at mentions a 40 hour labor which ended in a C-section but was otherwise vague. Remember, they didn’t really post a detailed account of this birth like they did with Israel’s. The only announcement, at first, was Derreck posting a picture of Sam with a bunch of wires and tubes attached to him, which got the (correct) speculation bus rolling that it was a rough birth.
  10. Oh God, I thought that was Jeremiah Duggar on the left, until I realize this is hair dye it doesn’t actually help you regrow hair! I feel like Jeremy is more of a hair club for men kind of guy.
  11. I thought, according to Derreck, there was no mortgage for this house and it’s already paid for. It’s part of the ultra top-secret financial stuff that is supposed to come out with the tell all book.
  12. The kind that is canceled after three episodes... just like their spin off will be!
  13. I’m not ready to assign saviorhood to Derreck, but I’m glad Jill looks a bit happier. The boys certainly do, too. Hopefully Israel isn’t being talked to like he is an annoyance any longer. I think that was one of the worst things I’ve seen any Duggar do to their kids. It’s not like you could blame the sheer volume of kids like her parents could. I wonder if the upcoming book is really written by Jill. That would make more sense than having Derreck just whine about the past few years. Finding out why she is getting therapy, or at least suddenly growing as a person is much more interesting then anything else they could sell, and would move the most books both inside and out of their little world.
  14. Don’t forget - they need money and attention, too.
  15. Did Jingle invent a selective hearing aid that fixes tone deafness?
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