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  1. Every very early 20's couple with a kid and a pregnancy can afford a random trip!
  2. Jim-Goddam-Bob and Michelle are doing talking heads? They go that show back. FUCK.THIS.NETWORK If anyone wants to know how to watch the show via - ugh, streaming means which do not give them hits/ratings PM me. These assholes DO NOT deserve a show. Only took them 4 years to slither back. Shameful. I bet Josh gets the season finale. He probably honks a random boob and everyone laughs.
  3. Yes, like "choking hazard". Jesus Christ, Jill, cut that hot dog up before you do two funerals in one day.
  4. There's a passel of very homely, very stupid, very lethargic boys all lined up waiting to get married. That might do it, unless the wives are spectacular. Jana's wedding might nab them a year. (Two if she and Laura are pregnant at the same time.)
  5. Looks like that book is about failure to launch. Appropriate for Jill in many ways.
  6. Isn't tht woman the R&F rep? A real MLM friendship there, Jill. Sell her a females & women dress for revenge!
  7. Sure, Jan(a). Ironic that Josiah is the real life version of the closeted Brady dad.
  8. "And when you're a d-list reality star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the baby bump. Park a helicopter in the front yard. You can do anything."
  9. Ugh, they stole my money whorehouse with a sack of bananas re: Derick.
  10. They're waiting for a special needs baby. I put this up there with the theory that Jer's family is secretly rich The boy twins both have Robert as the middle name.
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