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  1. Shades of Josiah parking a helicopter in A POPULATED NEIGHBORHOOD.
  2. "Uh, they're already born. I'm done." -Michelle/Anna Duggar
  3. Jessa won't risk sending her kids to school and having them still get shown up by Jill's kids. Which is exactly what will/would happen.
  4. Well, not publicly. It’ll be just like when they knew Josh was a monster. Common knowledge that they all pleasantly ignore. They’re such slimy snakes that they will never stop trying to find a way to get him off the hook. Ever. Much easier than having to admit to themselves that they are not perfect and that their empire is pretty much toast.
  5. Isn’t he in his 80s as well? They really need someone Jeremy‘s age. But I guess these kind of groups don’t really turn out the charismatic type. And even our Jeremy could not do it.
  6. The thought of him eating a bologna sandwich in solitary confinement cell brings me so much joy. It won’t last forever. I imagine once the sentence is actually handed down and appeals go nowhere they’ll break out of this denial phase.
  7. Hey, godzgirl384, godzgirl385, and godzgirl386 are totally real people! How dare you imply they are fake!
  8. #ZingersofJessa ( we need to have a best zingers of Jessa contest. Winner gets five massively overpriced bags of prison canteen chips mailed to their house.) edit: There’s a lot of Michelle in Jessa
  9. Missing the picture of Toddler Josie wandering around with guns drawn about on the ground. It was a good run, but the cult won’t last forever. I’m sure another one will be along in a minute to take its place.
  10. “Lose enough weight to just slide through the prison bars!”
  11. “ mommy, mommy! I want to live in a crawlspace!” #sayingsofspurgeon fwiw reddit is saying the house they purchased is listed as belonging to a Christian adoption agency. Apparently it was used by one of the 16 and pregnant families and had a reputation for being very predatory. So basically they’re doing Reno on an old office. So really, maybe they did not get the house from boob. But definitely not totally above board either. I feel like there’s a “bring the (diaper) mountain to Mohammad “ pun that could be made for the new title, but I am too tired to find it.
  12. Looks like boob rewards loyalty (or silence) with a fixer-upper.
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