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  1. I’m sure this is true, but I’m also sure the book is going to be boring as hell.
  2. You might want to Google the circle punch game. It is definitely not white power.
  3. I’ve heard them use it many times. Even Joy asking Jill if she was ‘Pregnit yet’ a few weeks after she was married.
  4. They all use the word pregnant numerous times over many years. It’s not shocking.
  5. Who’s the non-Duggar with Jana? On the left...
  6. Are we sure that these were sanitization wipes? Maybe she was just teaching her how to make quarantine pickles?
  7. Michelle seems to have a more 'old lady' demeanor. Also, Fuck TLC for showing her and Jim Bob at all.
  8. And yet she still needs her mothers little helper?
  9. To be fair, pretty much everywhere is/will be a hotspot soon enough.
  10. Big Sandy is still going on at the end of the month. Infection is inevitable for this gang.
  11. I was referring to having random people coming over to the house, along with no masks etc. The point of social distancing is to, well, be distant. It’s definitely safer Then being exposed a huge congregation, but having three people over to the house could just as easily spread the virus.
  12. Still not grasping WHY they need to livestream church. Idiots.
  13. Metaphorically. He pretty obviously tried to live the Gothard/Duggar lifestyle. A lot of people convert to their spouse’s religion, only to deconvert later. It’s pretty obvious he gave it some kind of shot, but it didn’t stick. Plus, the insidious thing about there ‘Faith’ is there’s not really a formal joining process aside from joining ATI. Now Jill is converting to his more liberal faith. What with BLM, protesting and such, I’d love to see their defense of the SBC’s Founding over slavery, and their general support of segregation. Isn’t the head of the SBC their pastor?
  14. No, I can actually agree with your position. If she just becomes a female Derreck it’s going to be sad. But, I don’t think anyone ever saw her coming this far. So, we are all optimistic and happy for her. I think Derreck himself would benefit from some counseling, and think maybe he is going, at least in a group situation with Jill. Honestly, I doubt his later childhood and early adulthood were very happy, and hers definitely was not. I think sticking with a therapist will put her on some sort of self-improvement trajectory, but who knows where it will end up. I would hope for the both of them that they grow a bit less conservative, a bit more tolerant, more hard working, and less isolated. Stopping trying to run the world would be awesome too. I absolutely do not think it will be possible to return to the Gotthardism, Once you’re out, you’re out. Derek Deconverted, and Jill probably can’t talk her way back in at this point either. I think the best thing to come out of this, is breaking the breeding cycle, and producing offspring that are psychologically OK. Israel and Sam becoming whole people, not stilted robots, who are free to make their own choices, own mistakes, Not forced onto a like trajectory like their parents were, will be the happiest possible outcome. On an unrelated note, apparently Derreck has a new post up. It has generally good advice, but says that you need to be having sex five or six days a week. Relax horn dog, relax. Just because a woman wouldn’t give you the time a day until you bought one from her dad doesn’t mean you need to overcompensate now.
  15. You Must’ve missed Jingle’s post about working out at home. Her hand has been getting really buff. Lots of YouTube workout videos, and scrolling through her phone.
  16. I don’t judge Jingle’s quarantine grooming.
  17. A Zebra doesn’t change it’s stripes all at once. It’ll still be years of sifting through what is appropriate and inappropriate for these two. If they can eventually stop the grifting, advice giving, white saviorism, lust for worldly power, and general distrust of the outside world, I think things will be much more improved. Getting the boys in school, Jill in therapy, and maybe steady jobs for both parents will do a lot. I wish they could make honest friends, but given their pseudocelebrity status it’ll be a while.
  18. Jill’s voice is a lot more natural. It’s amazing how much more healthier people can act when they are being authentic and not just trying to maintain a facade because it’s what they’ve been told to do their entire lives.
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