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  1. Fuck you! The baby’s name is Ecclesiastes Judas Confederacy Satan Seewald! -Jessa
  2. I’m so behind on my fun days. I just learned that Lawson has a GF. And a fairly famous one. Sorry Jana, you won’t be getting into your safety school!
  3. I don’t think so. This is the man who basically got away with everything, just like Josh did. I think Josh got his ego from the same source Jim Bob did. He’s been able to bully, bullshit, and bribe his way through life this far. That kind of thing just doesn’t start until you hit a brick wall of consequences. And not even then.
  4. Hope springs eternal. I think it will be very telling if Anna skips her baby every other year schedule and goes straight to getting pregnant again before Josh goes in the big house.
  5. I'm shocked they are both still in business. PPP laons, maybe?
  6. I’m waiting for Jeremy to take a picture with a tarp over some boxes and claim he has a Porsche! Also, that screenshot makes it look like he aged about 10 years!
  7. She had shirts printed up that rejoiced in her beating her kids with a wooden spoon. Christmas present, you see. That said, I don’t think there was a blanket involved.
  8. I screenshotted it in case she tries to take it down. She really learned nothing from that incident.
  9. No, but she did leave Derreck in the freezer a little too long. It explains his looks and worldview...
  10. I’m not sure if linking is OK, but Reddit found Medic corps 2019 Taxes. I only made $23,000 that they reported. I’m pretty sure they still stole that $20,000 of fuel, though....
  11. I see a very repressed orgy in the making...
  12. Does he know that Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism? Way to call your own religion fake and made up, Jeremy.
  13. Jill’s special recipe vs 6 fundamentalists, 1 toilet. That face off could save the show!
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