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  1. I guess Claritin is not playing the LLC game like the rest of the Duggar clan with their flips.
  2. Looks like a Family Camp photo dump by Hilaria last night on Instagram. Spotted lots of Duggars, including Boob but I didn’t see Meechelle. Seemed to be a few of the M kids too. No Bateses but I think they have Nate’s wedding coming up in Pennsylvania soon and there has been lots of trips to Florida too. Claire does not look like she’s pregnant, so maybe they are not rushing into parenthood.
  3. Right now it seems like Carlin can barely handle Layla by herself so I think another child will be overwhelming. But I think they will keep on having babies until Evan gets his boy.
  4. Layla looks just like her Stewart relatives! Looks like they were all in Branson vacationing.
  5. So Alyssa posted about her recent trip to Miami and all the visitors beforehand. KJ, Katie, Ellie, Addee, Carlin and Layla all came from Tennessee to pick up Katie’s wedding dress. Travis flew in for one day since it was Katie’s birthday. Then KJ, Carlin, Layla and Ellie flew back to Tennessee leaving Addee behind to babysit while Katie and Alyssa went to Miami. I think Up was filming the wedding dress stuff. Oh, Nordstrom is Alyssa and Katie’s new favorite store. They were in Miami about 48 hours and shopped or ate the whole time. Their hostess is seen briefly but just referred to as a friend
  6. JillR has posted about all the wonderful qualities of Plexus so I’m sure Nurie has been drinking one concoction or another most of her life. Or at least as long as JillR has been a Plexus rep. JillR probably wants Nurie to push Plexus on all her new church people too.
  7. She’s like a character in an old movie, bad makeup and loads of self indulgent drama. Maybe Nurthan has their RV in the yard at the new house and uses that as the guest accommodations. The Rodlet boys are back in Ohio doing construction work on the Barndo, JillR wants that done by Thanksgiving. She must use all those fall decorations.
  8. Congratulations! Losing weight plus exercise is a health gift to yourself. It’s awesome you were able to stay the course even with family drama and a pandemic. You should be proud of yourself.
  9. Even in her own post she said she was going to Florida to “help” Nurie. Sounds like she never intended to be of actual help, she was just there to be blessed MeMe (kudos to whoever posted that first) and to take photos. She really is despicable. So while Shrek drove her to Florida, all the Rodlets were back at the Barndo? Must be nice to leave all those little kids behind with Renee and NotNurie.
  10. I guess it depends whether Justin has gotten away from Boob’s financial shenanigans or not. Mr. Spivey seems to be fairly successful, he has a construction company IIRC. And Claire was working for him, so she may be a bit more knowledgeable than the other Duggar wives. LLC’s are usually used to separate business from personal assets, so for a flip, an LLC makes sense while if they purchased as individuals, it’s probably going to be their principal residence.
  11. IIRC yes, at least until the Reber girl marries David, I’m sure they will live on the Keller Florida property just like Nurthan did as newlyweds.
  12. Jessa thinks we will all be as amazed by her kids sayings as she is, so we should be thanking her not snarky!
  13. Who thinks JillR will be sticking around to help Nurie and who thinks once she does her SM posts she will have to get back to her grifting and Nurthan is on their own? This baby is just another thing for JillR to boast about and use as a prop for own glory.
  14. Well Addee was in Florida when they all picked up Katie’s bridal dress but not on the Miami trip. Carlin, Layla and KJ went back to Tennessee so I’m just assuming Addee was at Alyssa’s to babysit. Not implying that she was forced, but I don’t think she had much choice.
  15. Pictures today on Instagram of the crew going to church. Appears Katie and Addee are still in Florida. So while Alyssa and Katie went to Miami, was Addee babysitting for all of Alyssa’s kids? How old is Addee, 15 or so? Seems like a lot of responsibility but I guess Addee could be a mom in a couple years, so it’s ok?
  16. He has recently started posting Bible verses with music in his stories on Instagram, so he’s posting some religious stuff.
  17. I guess this is what happens when you’re trying to be a YouTube star but you’re boring and have to create conflict.
  18. Is this a joke? He’s posting about a 10 minute workout!
  19. The Webster girls will never go to school, that would be more work for Alyssa. She posts on Instagram on the days they go to co-op and makes it seem like a miracle they got out the door.
  20. I get creepy vibes too. I think the woman’s IG name is Tikki something or other. If you go to her IG it doesn’t appear she has a store or anything like that. So she just sends clothes to Alyssa out of friendship? It seems like it’s a fairly frequent occurrence too, not just once or twice. Alyssa has been asked about this and her answers are vague at best.
  21. And JillR is so nuts, she doesn’t even realize what a parenting fail it is that none of the kids ever praise David. We hear plenty from JillR about how hard working etc he is and what a hunk he is, but not so much what a great father.
  22. Meal prep does not seem to be Alyssa’s thing. KJ is similar to Meechelle in teaching her daughters how to be buddies/sister moms, but not much else in the way of skills necessary for life on their own.
  23. Is part of Josh’s release to the Rebers that he could only have phone with no internet? So maybe now his internet is limited but I would guess before that he was not.
  24. I think Katie and Alyssa are visiting Tikki (?) in Miami. She’s the one who gifts Alyssa all those matchy match dresses for the girls.
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