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S05.E01: Legacy

Tara Ariano
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Season 5 begins with a deadly new criminal, Tobias Church, threatening Star City, which forces Oliver to consider forming a new team of superheroes to help him do battle. In flashbacks, Oliver faces off against the Bratva in Russia.

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Very whelmed. 

I don't feel much of anything about it, although I am surprised that Felicity does seem to be living with cop boyfriend. 

And surprised that they made Laurel even more pathetic than she already was after her last deathbed speech. Yikes.

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There was a lot I liked. The fights were so much better. I liked Tobias Church, and I'm interested in seeing what his plans are. I don't know if I liked the callbacks to the pilot. It seemed like too much for me. 

The Mayo/Felicity scene almost ruined the episode for me. I know I should watch without a shipper's eye, but I'm not in the mood to do so right now. That Oliver doesn't know is so beyond not cool. I know this episode was focused on Oliver, but what is Felicity doing? Is she still working at whatever the name of the company is? She was all power business woman dressed in the lair. 

Laurel's last wishes - I was so embarrassed for her. You know Oliver was like, I already gave you your picture back, lady, catch a clue. 

I kind of hope Thea never goes back into the field. It's okay to not want to be a vigilante. She is back to being a bit too bratty to her bro for my tastes, though.

I'll echo the above. Whelmed. We'll see if the newbies can liven things up. 

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I thought this episode was excellent.  I really like the new direction and only hope they can keep it up.  History says they won't be able to.

Paul Blackthorne really killed it tonight.  He was excellent, especially in his first scene with Oliver.

Like the Tobias Church character a lot.

Even the flashbacks in Russia were good.  Though having Russian guy from the second season (whose name I can never remember) certainly helps.

Good lord...could Thea's skirt have possibly been more shorter at the statue dedication?

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I thought the episode was a bit slow, which is a huge change from their normal premieres but it kind of dragged at times.

I hate, hate, hate Bamford's directional style and his stupid transitions 

I didn't like Thea, no idea where the MVP came from but i missed about 15 minutes because i had to make an emergency run.

Chad Coleman was a little weak/campy in his first scene

Not enough Diggle ?

OMG! Enough with the Saint Laurel crap.


Fights scenes were greatly improved 

I liked the fight scenes they were much improved

I liked the flashbacks, well ok i liked Anatoly he made them fun.

I think it's hysterical that they're writing away from Olicity because their freaking chemistry is still through the roof

I didn't have a problem with Felicity/Boyfriend. Kind of derogatory but i kind of felt like she was coming home and cuddling up to a cat. It just seemed like she was really sad when she collapsed on the couch.

Chad Coleman/Church got much, much better in the later scenes. Hopefully he turns out to be a good villain.

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1 minute ago, Morrigan2575 said:

I didn't have a problem with Felicity/Boyfriend. Kind of derogatory but i kind of felt like she was coming home and cuddling up to a cat. It just seemed like she was really sad when she collapsed on the couch.

Yeah, my no-thoughts applied first reaction was she was sad too.

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In s2 Oliver's MOM was murdered and we didn't really hear a thing about how he felt once s3 started but suddenly he's still all mad and guilty over Laurel. Doesn't add up.

And Laurel's last words make me want to vomit. No self respect. Yikes.

Oliver killing was OTT and feels a bit like regression at this point. I get there needing to be a medium but this isn't it.

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1 minute ago, Angel12d said:

How is she already living with Detective Stale Bread? I don't get it. 

I'm going to blame it on Barry. Just cuz. My hope is he has a key though I'd prefer to just believe he broke in or Felicity doesn't lock the door to her rich person loft. 

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Just now, dtissagirl said:

Also, why did he glue his hair to his forehead, I don't understand it.

Especially since he had kind of a carefree 80's cop almost mullet earlier in the ep. Perhaps he tried to tame the beast to look his best for his lady. 

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1 minute ago, dtissagirl said:

Also, why did he glue his hair to his forehead, I don't understand it.

Ha. I was wondering the same thing. What was up with that hair? Really Felicity could do so much better. 

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Was Church walking around with the baseball bat playing a game to pick his victim supposed to be an homage to The Walking Dead? Or is that just common villain behavior and it's just a coincidence that the actor is from that show too? 

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In some reviews wasn't Thea the MVP? Because nah, not seeing it. The amount of times Oliver dropped everything to help her over the years and when he needs help she's like "I need to find myself." GirlBye.

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Good to know Thea remains as selfish as always.  Oliver saved himself, the police save the other captives.

How stupid is Mayor Oliver to spend taxpayer money on a statue to someone who broke the law repeatedly?

I think Anatoli and Tobias Church saved the episode.  Coleman >>>>> better than Matt Nable.

Paul Blackthorne was heartbreaking too.

The good in the rest of the episode was ruined by the bf reveal as Oliver was being all hopeful to Diggle.  Whoever on this board called it as the worst writing for Felicity was right.  I'm not watching this live next week.

23 minutes ago, Chaser said:

Am I the only one who thinks SA is bad with the russian? 

It was terrible.  And just when did Oliver learn to speak Russian?  Anatoli didn't teach hi as he promised and we didn't see Poppy giving him any lessons.

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  1. Fights
  2. Flashbacks
  3. Felcity's wardrobe
  4. Flashback wig
  5. John Diggle*


  1. WWLD
  2. BF Mayo
  3. Giving credit to Malcolm Merlyn
  4. No Oliver running scene to open the season premiere.

Can't Believe They're That STUPID:

  1. Mayor Queen's speech justifying the expense of commissioning a statue of LL/BC. Like seriously, if he's ever outed, it seems like such gratuitous self-glorification. He's using his position of power to control the narrative about how the Green Arrow and his team should be admired. I thought superheroes were uncomfortable with being idolized--they normally don't allocate the funds and give speeches about how awesome they are.
  2. LL's deathbed speech.  Just Ugh times a gazillion.  She is so pathetic.  Her last words about always wanting a part of her out there with Oliver nullifies anything heroic about her being the BC. And, if I'm not mistaken, she was planning to give up the mask the night she died anyway.  
  3. Keeping BF Mayo a secret from Oliver. 

*When Oliver said "Hey, Buddy" to John, my heart melted a little--partially from their closeness, but also in remembrance of Tommy.  

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Because discussing LL still makes me so mad I skip words.
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OMG Laurel scene. I can't. I can't. I can't.

"You are the love of my life. Make a new Canary. I want to always be with you." 

I can't believe I'm saying this, but take a cue from Barry and RUN OLIVER RUN.

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2 minutes ago, Chaser said:

Olicity is chemistry.

I can not be the only who laughed at Oliver saying that you can't just put on a suit and get a name and be a hero. That's literally what Laurel what she did. 

I feel like it is some meta comment on the folly of Laurel's journey.  Maybe Oliver is saying it because she is the example of how that's really not the way to go, since she's dead now?

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2 minutes ago, Chaser said:

I can't believe I'm saying this, but take a cue from Barry and RUN OLIVER RUN.

But he did!! Dude ran off to a deserted island where some really terrible things had happened to him when Laurel hit on him after Tommy died, and she still did not catch a clue.  

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Very Oliver focused, but Thea and Lance are also getting some good-ish character moments. It's Felicity (not that she isn't getting good scenes cause she's been my favorite this episode), Diggle and Curtis that aren't getting them. I think it's because this episode is more about Laurel's legacy and Thea and Lance were the ones closest to her. They could tie those all together. 

Next episode, I think it's going to be flipped. 

Felicity and Curtis weren't even at the unveiling. 

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Ooooo!  We got two tied up Oliver scenes right out the gate.  Me likey.

Yeah, building a statue to a vigilante might cause the approval rate to go down.  Maybe if he had the statue to Assistant DA Laurel Lance instead?

Felicity is loads better than Laurel.  Loads.  This is a given by now.

So how corrupt is the Star City police force?  New Orleans level?

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Hey! Anarky! I'm glad I remained unspoiled on some stuff!

I was getting some motion sickness from some of the shots. Thanks, Bam Bam. That being said, the fight scenes? Ten times better. The flashbacks are also ten times better. I'm actually interested. No stupid #Poppy (I still don't remember her actual name on the show). 

I still am a little stunned that the response to people complaining about too many masks out on the field is...to add more masks to the team. 

So, instead of Lance, we get Detective Mayo. As much as I actually like Tyler Ritter, I don't think I'll be liking his character. Man, I still wish the Barry is Felicity's BF theory was true. I liked the Oliver/Felicity scenes. They still have it. But yeah, her purpose this episode was very minimal. And please tell me Detective Mayo isn't living in the loft and just got there before Felicity. 

At least we have Oliver looking out for Lance, though. Clearly the man can't take care of himself, not that I blame him. He's lost his daughters countless of times now. Laurel's dead-dead (thanks for not reversing that, Flashpoint!) and Sara's lost in time. 

The jury's still out on Tobias Church for me. I think he's alright, but nothing fantastic yet. I did laugh when Oliver called him stupid, though. Man, I missed snarky Oliver. I will need another episode with Tobias to decide. 

My favourite Thea is non-vigilante Thea. I loved her in the first three seasons. The fourth season had me very bugged by her, so I'm glad that she's stuck to her guns about not being a vigilante. Although she really showed up just to escort Oliver out. 

The LL/BC propping still makes no sense. Comics aside, her show character didn't do that much to warrant a statue and ten different WWLD speeches. Laurel's last words was laughable. Girl, your sister is still alive. She's the last Canary. Just because she's stuck in time travel mode doesn't mean that there's no Canary. It's just not in Starling City. Goddamnit, Laurel. 

I've also decided that I can't call it Star City anymore. 

John! Yay! I'm thrilled that he still needs John's advice. 

I fully expected a worse premiere, so I think I found the episode better than most here. Actually, I'll agree that I was mostly whelmed. 

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