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  1. These brain trusts decide to go fight a power replicating robot and choose to bring, not just Supergirl and the Flash, but Superman, one of the most overpowered superheroes in all the Earths? That was by far one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen on the DCTV shows and that’s saying something. That red cloud really must be dumbing everyone down. Smallville theme was cool though.
  2. When the kid kept insisting his seemingly correct sets of legos were wrong compared to the ones he used to have, I thought we were going the Mandela Effect route. I was kind of disappointed to find out the original and correct sets were just in a storage locker.
  3. That food critic segment was the squickiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he thought the Kobe beef prophylactic was just inspired by the story the prison guy was telling, eating what he thought was Chinese dissident is indefensible.
  4. There was a third guy in the quinceanera segment, who SBC said he chose not to use because of body type. I’m guessing he actually figured out this was a scam or that even if it was real, it would result in the police being called. Either way, it looked odd that he was in the “training” section and not there for the actual “sting” operation.
  5. Blame Emma. She got herself a kid and a husband so he could no longer be her selfless best friend (bleach) anymore.
  6. If we’re lucky, she’ll go to The Good Place ? Offscreen, of course.
  7. I have to say the Evil Queen theme is probably my favorite Regina-related thing.
  8. They made my Charming bow to her. Twice. I’m afraid he’s finally been converted, as much as it hurts me to say so. And I think Snow has influenced Snowflake into Regina love. Or he just really didn’t want to be a ruler. A truly gracious person would have pulled an Aragorn after the first bow. “My friends, you bow to no one.” But she’s no Aragorn.
  9. I've wanted something like this for a long time. In the early days of the fandom, it was easier to find more fic that was considered Snowing fic but could also basically serve as genfic, since the show itself was basically lowkey Snow and Charming fanfic. I haven't found much of that since the Summer before Neverland, when ship wars took over.
  10. Oh, and something else I'll really miss is the amazing soundtrack. I really feel like half of the barely there emotion this finale squeezed out of me was from the music. Of course, the True Love theme has been making me emotional since the Pilot and shortly after won me over completely when Charming shot that arrow in Snow Falls (sniff) but I'll also always adore Hook showing up to face danger with his wonderful pirate theme blaring.
  11. I am so glad to see this thread! I will forever be convinced that Cricket Game was this show's point of no return. I was sure during the early half of 2B that Regina was truly trying to be better and was only pretending to go along with Cora. I actually really liked Regina in 2A and thought that was what they were going for, Another thing I wish is that Going Home had truly been a game changing reset. I really liked the spec at the spoiler thread at the time that the EF characters were cursed to forget and Emma and Henry had to somehow get to the EF and help them remember who they were. I guess that would have been a sort of retread of season one, but with the heartbreak of Emma knowing these characters and them not knowing her. Thank you! Maybe one day some skilled fanfic writer can rework all this and do a total rewrite of the show.
  12. Same same same. I'll never be over it. *whispers* Do it. I'd read it. I'm seriously wondering if all the votes counted equally or if the clearly curse-addled citizens of Storybrooke's votes counted more than say, Neverland. Same here. I'm a little stunned over how much it meant to me at one point and how cold this finale left me. Oh well, maybe in a few years I'll rewatch the show with a fresh perspective. I'll always be happy we got what we did of the Charming Family and some of their friends, even though I'll always want more. As for the Spoiler Thread, I'll miss it most of all, and all the posters here.
  13. Thanks. I’ve been reading along tonight. Im just not near a tv so I can’t watch yet. I already feel like I have a general idea of how things went. I’ll watch of course but I’m not very excited about it.
  14. I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out if the highs of this show were worth the incredible lows. Still, I did love this show when it was great. I haven’t watched the finale yet, I don’t know if I even want to.
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