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  1. I think it's next Sunday at the same time.
  2. I can’t believe not a single person at the table said McVeigh. He immediately came to mind, and I thought it was common knowledge he was a vet. It would have immediately proven the absurdity of Meghan’s point. Being a vet doesn’t automatically make you a good person.
  3. I think Theo purchased or made arrangements to get the X-ray machine last season. If I remember correctly both he and Margo learned how to operate it, and he does X-rays. Although she may have just been his assistant. It’s been awhile, so I don’t remember for sure if she learned how to use it. I think he sees the patients for X-rays.
  4. She completely disappeared, and the actress who played her mom is still on the show. It’s completely bonkers. I swear sometimes Hallmark thinks their audience is dumb. There was another red-headed actress that was a main character in season one. I remember she was leading church services in a wooded area. They also accused her of burning the church down. I know the actress had another job, but the character completely disappeared. If there was an explanation, I missed it. I liked that character.
  5. Yeah and she was one of the OTH creator’s main harassment targets. People were ridiculously mad about her leaving for years even with it being obvious he had an obsession.
  6. Yeah the actor playing Larry had to do The Crown. I don't think they do long term contracts the same way the US does. I think it was news when Keeley Hawes agreed to do the fourth season and added an executive producer credit.
  7. I like Erin Krakow, but I continue to be mystified about how she not only got into but graduated from Juilliard. I was under the impression it's hard to get into the school. Maybe she's a great stage actress.
  8. They're doing a second season but taking a short break. Madden said the character was hard on him. Unless something changes, they said it's going to have a time jump. Re. Line of Duty If you're not there yet, wait till you see Keeley Hawes' Lindsey Denton in season two. It's definitely Keeley's best performance and most interesting character. Jedd really likes to put his characters through the ringer.
  9. I can’t remember if it was the podcast or another interview, but I think the “Watch it, handsy!” line was a Betty ad-lib because she was getting pissed off. It’s been a year since I listened to the podcast or any other interview that covered season one.
  10. It’s goofy and I really enjoyed it. I believe it’s coming to the IFC, but I don’t know when. It’s on Dailymotion for now until they take it down.
  11. I don't know if it's near where she lives, but Ronstadt was at Dolly's music cares honors this year.
  12. Ha ha. Or the billion nominations for a poorly reviewed season. Or that ridiculous supporting actress category. There were better performances from other shows left off in both supporting categories.
  13. Yeah season two was better than season one. It should have more nominations not less. I kinda hate the drama nominations.
  14. Andrea Brooks was promoted to series regular on Supergirl. I’d expect it to affect how much we see Faith. She wasn’t a series regular last year when she was gone.
  15. The last three episodes were eligible for this year since they aired after the cutoff.
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