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  1. Stuffy

    Media for Evil

    Katja Herbers has been telling people they need time to edit. They probably should’ve just delayed the start of the season.
  2. I’m not surprised they toned down Kristen and David after I saw an interview with everyone in the show. The Kings mentioned being bitten by the obsession with two characters on The Good wife, and people ignoring other things on that show. I would be okay with Kristen and David being best friends because I really liked their friendship season one. I’d also be okay with a relationship down the road. Hopefully wherever they head with it, they tread lightly with her having four kids. Also I prefer there to be no adultery between the two characters especially if he actually goes through with being
  3. Stuffy

    Media for Evil

    I’m betting it’s an editing issue. When they found out they were going streaming, they went back and added a scene to at least one of the first five episodes. I think they said they originally cut it because they knew it wouldn’t get past the CBS censors. Plus Katja gave editing as the reason when someone asked Paramount+ to make all the episodes available. I started watching The Good Wife late, so I’ll either keep it for that or do what I usually do and cancel temporarily. I second watching The Columnist. It was interesting. Katja was great, and it had funny bits mixed in
  4. For those that were wanting to see it, Ashes to Ashes is coming to Brit Box US on July 20th. I know the Dailymotion app and website can be annoying with the ridiculous amount of commercials. I get the streamer through Prime and immediately turn off auto renew when I want to watch something on Brit Box. I don’t know if the regular Brit Box app is that easy. https://britishperioddramas.com/news/new-on-britbox-added-july-2021/
  5. I liked it too, and it’s definitely better with subtitles and the original language. I’ve been doing Duolingo, and I was that Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme while watching. “Hey I understood that phrase!!” During the beginning of the pandemic I also watched a French show called Bonfire of Destiny on Netflix. Neither of these shows are going to win awards, but sometimes you just want some cheesy romance escapism. BoD is the cheesier of the two.
  6. Flipping channels, and I was wondering if Geoffrey always comes across as a bit of a dick? He seemed pretty short with Alex. Maybe it’s only because it’s his cooking segment because he seems nicer during the other segments.
  7. No. Laura and Ann Skelly are both from Ireland, but they do have different Irish accents.
  8. I had to look it up, but I remembered it was a California school with honors. Ashton Kutcher was a biochemical engineering major or something along those lines before he dropped out to model. He may have still been taking the prerequisites before he dropped out though. I was surprised about that one too. Sometimes the actors/actresses that play the biggest airheads are the smartest people in the room.
  9. Dax graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA with a BS in Anthropology. I don’t think you meant to imply Harry is smart with the dig you made at Dax.
  10. So I guess Amalia either now has the memories of both Molly and Zephyr or always had them? That’s what I took from the flashes of the past. The only flash she doesn’t get to remember is the Myrtle vision. Of course if she always had the Molly memories then the “This isn’t my face” line doesn’t work because it’s still Molly’s face. I’m thinking the Molly memories are new.
  11. I don’t see a speculation thread, but since it involves this episode I’m going to post my probably not true theory. I think Penance being there may come back to bite her. She manipulates energy. The attack used energy. She was there trying to rescue Maladie. Then she burned her hand when she was shocked by what will be evidence. Mundi knows it wasn’t her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets overruled by more powerful men. Massen seems to really not like that she has her turn. I wouldn’t be dumb enough to mess with Amalia’s BFF though, but I can’t say the same for a group of men tha
  12. I think Frank already knew about the toeless girl. When True was walking around looking at his research up on the walls of his office, there was a section of Maladie’s accomplices. I remember seeing Bonfire Annie and the other hypno guy. I’d have to go back to see if the toeless woman was on there, but there were definitely other people.
  13. I like that Penance knows everything about Amalia, so her knowing doesn’t surprise me. The show has definitely shown that they don’t have any secrets, or keep any from each other for long. I appreciate that about their friendship. Plus the loyalty, they may disagree but that’s not coming between them. The rest of the orphanage knowing is what I found awkward. I would be okay if they didn’t end the last episode asking who was sending the message then immediately cutting to everyone knowing the next episode. Explaining “the who” to everyone would’ve been an interesting scene and helped
  14. I assume she’s okay with it because she seems like the type to stand up for herself if she didn’t want it. Also Joss wanted her specifically after seeing The Ferryman in London, so she probably could’ve had the power to veto nude scenes if she really wanted to. While I think Laura is fine with it, I do always wonder if actresses are okay with the nudity and sex scenes or extremely unhappy with them like Emilia Clark was. Also many actresses have admitted they only did nudity early in their career because they thought they had to for employment. That’s always in the back of my mind.
  15. How does no one involved in this show realize it’s strange the characters are talking about a word/name we’ve never heard. Or even how Amalia and the doctor are suddenly hooking up after he was clearly trying to avoid that again. Did I miss a time jump title card at the beginning of the episode? Was this the plan or a consequence of Whedon quitting? I’ll take being labeled a prude, but it seems like the show would benefit from keeping the nudity to the sex club.
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