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  1. THIS! My kids are older now but I would have totally worn something like this during their baby/toddler days. Jill looks terrific. I have loved watching her 'glow up' these last few years.
  2. https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2021/04/28/former-teen-mom-2-dad-david-eason-threatens-to-smack-daughter-during-live-video-after-she-accuses-him-of-killing-baby-chicks-watch-the-disturbing-video/
  3. Was just going to say Axel looks like a split between Logan and Hunter. I dont know who Evie looks more like but she is just an angel baby. I think she is just beautiful!
  4. I like this version of Pauly D 😍🔥🔥
  5. Plot Twist: Julianna and Sarah fall in love and run off together. I would watch the shit out of that show.
  6. I love this thread because it's fascinating to me how the tables have turned on these two from earlier pages. I like Chelsea and Cole and best out of the Teen Mom couples (in a "Would you rather clean up vomit or poop?" type way - they are the best of the worst), but they lost big point with me once I heard Cole quit his job and they just shill shit on Instagram. I also hate their constant "Smokeshow" "Hottie" etc overcompensation like many of us here. I get that it's their brand so to speak, but in my experience those who are vocal about their relationship on social media have the
  7. I think Bri and Bryan had been trying for a while for a second with no success. They spoke about it on their podcast. I'm happy for both of them! What an exciting thing to go through with your sister. I was pregnant at the same time as my brother's wife and it was fun to experience it together and have someone to chat with going through the same things.
  8. I've always been quite impressed with Dayton in his THs and what I've seen on the show. He seems like a reasonable well-spoken young man.
  9. https://people.com/tv/jenni-jwoww-farley-boyfriend-zack-carpinello-split/
  10. The names people are putting on there are giving me life. I'm copy and pasting them for our pleasure: Ke$ha Loves Nugget $5 Envelope Eason $25 I. C. Molecules $5 Pete’s Dragon $5 Jenelle’s Beef curtains $50 Eyes Feel Huge $5 Amber’s Couch $5 He’s Olivia’s son Nachors $5 Nate’s Breadstick Boners at Olive Garden $5 Blotches Vitiligo $5 Jenelle’s Receding hairline $5 She Shed Swamp Monsters, Inc. $5 Dude Babe Dude $6 I said I was going to save lives but instead support dog killers. So I kill, not save. $5 Kails Cheetofingers $25 Flat Tummy Tea $5 Janelle’s CP
  11. Ronnie is a douche. If Roger would have been on the show than I might feel differently but he wasn't whereas his crazy baby momma was. I hope Jenni tells him their friendship is over after what he was saying about her. Also, was it possible this was filmed after their postings and abuse accusations on their blog and she was advised by a lawyer not to talk about it? That was my first thought. I never thought there was any fire to Jenni and Roger. Even in the beginning.
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