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  1. The full deleted Olicity scene (TV Line only posted about half) --
  2. The Season 7 gag reel in HQ -- Not sure if this is the correct thread, but wahey!
  3. GIFs of the scene, because why not?
  4. Soulfire

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

  5. Some new old photos of the one and only OTA: http://www.brendanmeadows.com/
  6. So the replies on this are fun. My favorite? Someone called them ITA = Incomplete Team Arrow. Love it!
  7. @tv echo -- thanks for all the work you do transcribing, linking us to things and keeping us updated with everything! This board wouldn't do without you.
  8. During the ET Live interview, Leanne asked if we'd see EBR back next season -- What SA went on to say about EBR was nice. SA: "Did you read her New York Times review of her off-Broadway play? She's killing it. She's living her best life. So proud of her. I'm going to see her play next Sunday. I'm excited, she's doing great. We miss her, a lot. I was very... I was actually -- I texted her when I was on the plane to Vancouver last week and I just texted her that I was sad. The show feels different, you know, in no small part because EmBett's not with us anymore. Feels different." This is really nice, too.