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  1. This moment actually made me feel bad for SA, and it's not often I feel bad for him. It's one thing to make a joke about Oliver's stoicism, but this becomes a joke about SA's acting ability at his expense. I'm also tired of people constantly shitting on Oliver (and Arrow) who keeps sacrificing everything, even getting to be there when his daughter grows up, and without whom the Arrowverse wouldn't exist, so that plays into it too, of course. And to give credit where credit is due: throughout the years SA's without a doubt the person who's championed the Arrowverse the most, promoted it more than anyone else, and seen his show suffer because of the expansion of the Arrowverse. Sigh. (Pic credit: 1 and 2.)
  2. The people whose tweets I've seen who have gotten autographs and photos with SA seem happy and pleased, but there have also been tweets like the one below, and more, complaining that he's been nearly two hours late for photo ops -- Of course, he could have been late signing autographs or having a late lunch. I only feel bad for the people there who have bought multiple signings and/or photo ops and have scheduled them and who might now be missing out. I hope that doesn't happen.
  3. Apparently and unfortunately it seems there are no Olicity photo ops at this weekend's con --
  4. From 2x10: Blast Radius -- Same ep, after Felicity babbles about Barry -- And from before that, from 2x07: State VS. Queen -- .
  5. Some nice parallels and callbacks -- Taken from here.
  6. Soulfire

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    Preliminary --
  7. Soulfire

    S07.E22: You Have Saved This City

  8. Soulfire

    S07.E22: You Have Saved This City

    Here we go... will continue updating this instead of making several posts. Most from here. Bonus: