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  1. Well, other than Kreiger's unfunny antics and more crap about Lana hating being married, this was a solid episode. Seeing Archer as a green agent on his first mission and improvising at the last second was cool. And I loved the reaction he had with his mentor dying. Everything with Reiko and Archer were the best parts of the episode. The confrontation on the rooftop was amazing. Surprised Ennio Morricone's Un Amico wasn't playing in the background. I liked this being more of a drama than a comedy. And I'd love to know more about Archer when he was first starting out. The only t
  2. So WandaVision didn't win crap. Martin Scorsese and Jodi Foster are probably busting their buttons over this. Anyway, how is Mare of whatever town? My mother really wants me to watch it but I tried to watch the first episode and it was so dark and color muted and dank that it turned me off. I do like that Hannah Waddingham won. Shows that she was more than the Septa Unella on Game of Thrones. And I like what she said about TV using more theater actors. Now if they can only release that version of Into the Woods where she played the witch.
  3. bmoore4026

    S12.E05: Shots

    Yeah, this episode has opened my eyes to why I'm not liking this season - it's a drag. Archer's torment of Cyril is just mean-spirited now, I can't stand Lana, Cheryl and Pam's antics are no longer funny, Kreiger is just there, Ray might as well be dead, and with Jessica Walter gone, Mallory will soon be dead. And who the hell is this UN lady? The writing isn't what it used to be. The gags aren't landing. And did we really need a reappearance of the Middle Eastern prince from an episode I barely remember from a season I also didn't much care about? I'd much rather find out what's hap
  4. Oh, God, what to make of this episode. The only thing that comes to mind is a song from the musical The Scarlet Pimpernel called "The Riddle". It almost prescient how it fits into this whole scenario.
  5. Wow. They really skimped on the lighting budget this season, huh? Pretty bold for a TV show to keep people literally in the dark as well as figuratively. Is it to keep us from seeing the cast not looking like their real world counterparts? I mean, I did not know that lady in the ladies room with Linda (say that three times fast) was Hillary Clinton. I guess I'm just stupid. Knowing next to nothing about Linda Tripp, other than she was obnoxious, I see that she was basically Frank Grimes from The Simpsons, feeling entitled to bigger and better things because of her "years as a civil s
  6. Tonight is Orphan Night on TCM. What is with our obsession with orphans in media?
  7. True. We had some campy movies with an ocean theme today, two of which were on MST3K - Tormented and Bloodlust. Now I like Tormented. It's a decent movie with a pretty good premise. Yes, there are some cheesy effects and I still can't wrap my head around a blind housekeeper, but those aren't deal breakers for me. The little girl steals the show. I love the wedding scene after the girl found out the song writer killed his ex-girlfriend and is just death glaring at him the whole time. She was a pretty good actress. Bloodlust kind of irritates me, largely because Robert Reed and t
  8. Today was campy movie day and I missed it :/
  9. No one could bounce back from that. I mean, this is seems to be gearing up for a mass shooting and it wouldn't have the same impact if no one died, right?
  10. Well, Grease 2 has been shown on TCM, thus making it a Turner Classic Movie, just like Citizen Kane and Casablanca. I'm going to say this upfront - I like this movie more than Grease. It's more fun, I like the characters more, Max Caulfield is hotter than a thousand blue suns, Michelle Pfiefer says she doesn't like this movie which is same because she kicks so much ass, Adrian Zmed is oddly cute, Lorna Luft is amazing (and should have gotten more to sing), and the songs, I think, are loads better than the first movie's. Yeah, I said it. The songs in this are better than the ones in Gr
  11. I can't. I can't with this show anymore. I just can't. I tried watching about 10 minutes of the show when "the eight dreaded words" went through my head. Well, it was actually nine - I. Don't. Care. What. Happens. To. These. People. Anymore. Good bye, Handmaid's Tale. Good bye. Fare well to thee. I can't take the Waterfords or lady torture anymore. Good bye.
  12. My mistake. I thought Val referred to Valarie Cooper.
  13. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard John call Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character Do you know how many X-Men nerds are going to freak out about that name drop? Also, how handsome was Anthony Mackie in his Captain America outfit. And Wyatt Russell in his US Agent costume. Seriously, the costuming department needs awards for the work they've done. And the bit at the end with Isaiah at the Captain America exhibit warmed my heart. And that same heart broke when Bucky told that old man what he did do his son.
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