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  1. I have no desire to see The Good Place (despite me liking Kristin Bell and Ted Danson). It's right up there with Community with annoying over hyped, over rated, over gushed, and over troped sitcoms that aren't that damn popular.
  2. He wouldn't. He'd do everything to make sure Cartwright would live to face Gotham City "justice". Kate doesn't have that qualm, however. And I'm not going to condemn her for it. I mean, who wouldn't snap if they found out a psychopath was keeping a family member's head in the freezer, especially if it's your mother's.
  3. Well, Rachel Skarsten brought her A-Game this episode. Loved the part where Beth stopped being Beth and became Alice by flame broiling the old hag. Shouldn't have kept her mother's head in the fridge...or repeatedly scald her hands...or stole those earrings. Well, Mouse is loose now. Wonder how that's going to play out. Whoops. Kate killed someone. Don't know if this makes her an anti-hero considering she wasn't in costume at the time. Still, this is going to have ramifications. Wonder what those will be?
  4. Well, thanks for a great night, guys. It was fun. This cheered me up immensely.
  5. And they're going to make their speeches! Screw the time!
  6. Now I have to see Parasite. And Joker. And Bombshell. And Little Women. And 1917. Good for Parasite, though. It's great when an underdog story happens in real life.
  7. It made a shit ton more money than all the nominated movies combined, that's for sure.
  8. Wow. Jane Fonda is unrecognizable with her hair cut short.
  9. That's nice for Renee but I was hoping for Scarlet. Has anyone seen Judy? How was it?
  10. Well, I'm sorry, Joaquin. I am actually allergic to nature and I like milk.
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