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  1. Maybe I was too harsh. But I'm mad at the character not the actor. Also, is Hydra really gone?
  2. No! No! No! That guy is not the new Captain America! You put that shield back! You put it back now! Anyway, I'm assuming Sam was pardoned along with Steve and the others after the Civil War event. I mean, in Endgame, Steve was not in prison so I'm guessing things were smoothed over. Also, Steve better not be dead.
  3. OK, I could kick myself for missing this and I need to know: does anyone know if this will be rebroadcast?
  4. Had to look her up. Nope, we're not near corrupt-as-hell-authoritarian-superhero-parallel-Earth time yet.
  5. "Boys, handle the military. Mommy will be right back." OK, give Elizabeth Olsen all the awards now. Ditto for Kathryn Hahn and Paul Bettany. I really loved that little bit with Emma Caulfield begging Wanda to let her see her daughter again. Hell, great acting from all the supporting cast. They did fear and desperation so well, along with being so hateful toward Wanda at the end and all without saying anything.
  6. I just caught this on the second viewing - when see the flashback of Wanda's first talk with Vision, there are some DVDs in the foreground. I didn't catch that on the first viewing but they're the DVDs that Wanda's father was trying to sell. However, there was one DVD set missing - The Dick Van Dyke Show boxed set. They were probably destroyed when Maximoffs' apartment was bombed. I also just realized that she didn't replace them when she could after becoming an Avenger. It's because The Dick Van Dyke Show reminded her of her family, isn't it?
  7. OK, give Elizabeth Olsen all the awards. All the awards now. She kicked ass. She took names. She needs something. So many things make sense now, including why Westview became what it did. I mean, my God, what a shit hole it was until Wanda came along. And we finally got to see how she and Vision got close and the meaning behind the sitcoms. I have a feeling searches on Hulu and viewership on MeTV and Antenna TV are going to go up because of this episode. We still don't know how Wanda got rid of her accent so fast. So, does Agatha view Wanda as a kindred? A threat?
  8. OK, I am so dense that I didn't notice, during Agatha's song, that the aspect ratio changes at the beginning and widens when we get to the 80s era. Agatha's so genre savvy that she can manipulate the screen to suit her style.
  9. Ooo, I didn't even consider that.
  10. OK, that song at the end was ridiculously catchy. I'm guessing Robert and Kristen-Anderson Lopez wrote it? Even more props to them. Loved the bits with Wanda subconsciously trying to keep Vision from getting to their house. The road workers. All the kids crossing the street. Two episodes left and I am all in
  11. A Malcolm in the Middle style opening. God love this show. OK, how awesome was Billy in his not exactly Wiccan costume and Tommy in his Speed colors. Tres bien, show. And Elizabeth Olsen truly could pull off a real life version of the comic Scarlet Witch costume. Just flawless. And can we give it up for them recreating Pietro's weird comic book hairstyle. Loved the bit with Wanda and Pietro trick or treating as kids. The war torn background, getting pickled herring. "Why didn't anyone tell me the plan?" Oh, Darcy, you're adorable. I did notice we're skipping the 90s and jumped straight into the 2000s style of sitcoms pre-"The Office". It dawned on me why - the 90s were not a good time for Wanda. It was a time for war in Eastern Europe and it's when she and Pietro got trapped in that bombed out building with the Stark missile ready to go off anytime. And that commercial was actually frightening. "The snack for survivors", huh? Only two episodes left. Correction: Three episodes left.
  12. Oh, my God! Wanda Mary Jo from Designing Women hair! And things go goofy right off the bat with the awkward "Do you want to hold the babies" line. And the babies are suddenly five years old. And then 10. And it happened in front of Agnes. And we get a Family Ties style opening. Did anyone else notice that the boys looked rather sinister in the painting or am I reading too much into that? And we're calling it "hex power" now. And then there's the Lagos commercial.
  13. Oh, my God, Monica was one of the people taken during The Snap. Holy crap! Loved the hospital scene with people just returning. We only got to see a bit of that in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but this did The Return much better, in my opinion. And I loved Teyonah Parris' acting when she finds out about her mother and that she was gone for five years. Glad we got more Monica this episode. She's been a favorite of mine in the comics and I'm really liking her in this show. Randall Park. Always nice. And I'm surprisingly liking Kat Dennings' character. Not going to lie, I rather like this "Under the Dome" situation. It's intriguing.
  14. "You are to me." Oh, that got me in the feels. And Rachel Maddow's back! And we had a fun chase with the Batmobile. Hopefully we get more of the Batmobile.
  15. More freakiness with that glitch when Vision said something was wrong with Wanda, the odd Kubrickesque look into the nursery, Wanda bringing up Pietro and singing that lullaby. Nice touch with the naming of the babies Tommy and Billy. And I admit, the house going haywire during Wanda's contractions was kind of funny. Another nice touch was "Daydream Believer" at the end. And yet another commercial involving Hydra.
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