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  1. bmoore4026

    S03.E08: Unfit

    OK, why are we supposed to be rooting for June again? Her actions not just caused OfMatthew to go ballistic, but got Janine beaten senseless, too. And her imperious take down of Commander Lawrence felt hollow to me. And hypocritical.
  2. bmoore4026

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    Colin and Christine won! Colin and Christine won! Leo and Jamal lost! Thank you, God! Really, I wanted Tyler and Korey to win, BUT LEO AND JAMAL LOST! Yay! Oh, the catty looks Rachel and Elissa gave them were delicious!
  3. bmoore4026

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    All the time. The majority of gamers are straight men and they pick the characters they feel most comfortable with and/or find more awesome. Chun Li and Cammy of Street Fighter and Kitana, Milenna, Sonya, and Jade of Mortal Kombat are proof of that. Also, there are characters such as Samus from Metroid and Bayonetta, who have male fanbases more for what they represent rather than their sex appeal (Samus is a space bounty hunter, Bayonetta is a gun wielding witch.) And a good portion of these men have absolutely no romantic feelings for other men. I've been around plenty. There may be a handful out there (4chan types) that are resentful and hurtful toward women and those of other sexualities who would like more inclusion, but I think the vast majority of video game playing men are more accepting of such things than one may think.
  4. bmoore4026

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    As someone who has played many a video game, this episode really hit home for me. There is an eroticism to some video games and, on top of that, an intimacy between two people when they play head to head. As video games have been largely been targeted toward men, I've wondered if any of them had an inkling that there may be more than a slight homoerotic undertone to a number of these. (When I was nine, I first played the game Final Fight, which featured many muscle bound men in tight t-shirts, no shirts at all, or in leather. On top of that, the continue screen featured the hero character of your choice tied up and put in a perilous situation. Seeing all this stirred something in my young mind but I didn't understand until much later what it was. All I knew is that I wanted to put more quarters in so my hero wouldn't get blown up - I wanted to save him.) So, I'm glad Black Mirror has done this episode. Not just about the subconscious male eroticism in games, but of positing what might happen if two men who never really thought of themselves as gay ended up learning much about themselves if given a more immersive and intimate video game experience. Say what you will about Anthony Mackie, but he brought his A game to this. He was stellar. He moved me. He and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II have the most amazing chemistry together and I loved the scene of the two of them meeting and kissing to "make sure" and then subtly acting like they do have feelings for each other. (Also, super mad props to Pom Klementieff for her acting. Having to express the conflicted feelings of a black man while at the same time having to be an anime character is no small feat. Also, it's great to see Nicole Beharie again. Love you, Nicole Beharie. Also, who was the hot guy playing Lance?)
  5. bmoore4026

    S03.E03: Useful

    I think so. If June did reveal that she knew what Lawrence was talking about, she would have been in danger of losing a finger just like Serena did.
  6. bmoore4026

    S03.E03: Useful

    I thought this was a decent episode. Yeah, Lawrence humiliating June in front of the other commanders hurt, as did his brutal take down of her, saying she was not as smart as she thought she was, and then making her choose who would become Marthas and who would be sent to The Colonies. At the same time, I saw it as him pushing her into really using her intellect and she does end up choosing five women who would be beneficial to the resistance. Lawrence is the villain this show needed - someone who is charismatic (Bradley Whitford can act circles around Joseph Finnes), someone who is a challenge to June as she cannot read him, and someone who instills a love-hate dynamic with the protagonist. He's the shot in the arm this show needs and hopefully the showrunners don't blow it. Finally, they seem to be addressing something that's been bugging the hell out of me - all the radiation and its effects. That one wife at the prayer meeting is obviously dying, and admittedly I was getting frustrated in them not addressing the radioactive elephant in the room of a huge radiation zone covering almost all of Missouri and several surrounding states. Hopefully, this will addressed further in future episodes. Why are the Waterfords still a thing? And Nick?
  7. bmoore4026

    S03.E02: Mary and Martha

    Well, I'm enjoying it so far. Commander Lawrence and his wife are far more interesting than the Waterfords ever were. And I like that June has more Marthas to work off of than just Rita. What did June see in Luke again? Am I supposed to like the Americans in Exile? I mean, Emily is whom I'm rooting for, even though that eye exam does not bode well for her. But she got in contact with her wife. Hopefully, they'll get back together again. Probably not, though, because this is The Handmaid Universe.
  8. bmoore4026

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    Oh, God, we're still stuck with Leo and Jamal. I'd take Rachel and Elissa over them any day. I mean, yes, Rachel and Elissa were villains, but they were entertaining villains. Leo and Jamal are just a-holes.
  9. bmoore4026

    S10.E01: Archer: 1999 -- Bort the Garj

    Wow. I didn't laugh once during this whole thing. I'm disappointed into what this show has become that I don't think I like it anymore. So many of the voice actors just sounded bored and stiff like they're tired of it, too. Jessica Walter, especially.
  10. bmoore4026

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    Well, it was a moot point on coming in last, wasn't it? Means we're still stuck with the queens of evil.
  11. bmoore4026

    S08.00: The Last Watch

    Thank you!
  12. bmoore4026

    S08.00: The Last Watch

    OK, what was the song that was playing during the filming of the pyre scene? I'm going to lose my mind because I can't remember it.
  13. OK, I'm trying to figure out what I love more - half the racers running around in dinosaur costumes or Colin's dancing at the nightclub. Oh, I just wanted to give Korey and Tyler big hugs for being so brave in Uganda! And I just want to hug the hell out of Chris and Bret because they look so huggable. Fare thee well, Janella and Britney. I'm going to miss your ditziness. I've just realized that I don't want Nicole and Victor to win. It's not that they're bad people, far from it (so far), but they're just so bland.
  14. bmoore4026


    I've been seriously wondering if they're going to show Chicago losing to A Chorus Line and Gwen losing the Best Actress Tony.
  15. bmoore4026

    S08.E05: The Bells

    I just thought of something. If the Red Keep collapsed, does that mean the Dorne queen and the Grey Nun are dead too?