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  1. The day after childbirth (with the exception of being "unclean" and extra so because she had a girl) Anna is like the ideal Quiverfull wife in all her glory. Of course she's going to go to prove she is the most fertile, recently whelped, in a society that worships only churning out children over money. These are her golden days. I bet you couldn't keep her from showing up with undomesticated equines.
  2. Um, I spotted TWO WOMEN DANCING TOGETHER in the video and now I have been defrauded by their ebil homosexual vibe and I've got to run out of the house to look for lesbians! The gay agenda has converted me! (They were actually clearly just friends or sisters or something having fun together, but is the kind of thing that would usually get blown out of proportion by these numpties.)
  3. Margaret was a heavy smoker and she died at 71 (I think?) from lung cancer. Her mum died the same year, and our Lilibet continues at 93. Thank you for the correction! I've been hacking at it so long you'd think i'd know! For a real "YIKES" moment, google "king george romanovs" -- they were first cousins (through Queen Victoria, Grandmother of Europe, of course) and they look like twins in some pictures. They were said to be very close. They were about a day or two from escaping Russia to take shelter in London with the BRF, There seems to be a lot of discussion about whether the BRF withdrew their offer of refuge to the King's first cousin, or the Russians scuttled it somehow.
  4. xtwheeler


    I thought this was funny because Scola's whole "quirk" on Bones was that he was constantly eating. Do you just mean in Brooklyn or something? There is a Houston street stop for the 1 & 2 trains in the Village. I don't think it is an asshole move to tell the truth about someone who will be depended upon by the city and its residents to be of upstanding moral character, absolutely, scrupulously honest, and always ready and able to do the right thing, even at the personal cost of injury or death. OA is literally protecting the people HE swore an oath to protect. OA didn't make his final decision or say anything to the person who called for the reference until after he had seen his cousin's application, and noted that there were "inaccuracies," misstatements, and probably a few outright lies sprinkled in there. It wasn't that he ruled it out altogether, but he gave him the benefit of the doubt, and talked to the person and reviewed his application, which confirmed cuz was still sitting there with pants on fire. I think OA made the only morally and ethically justified call. This killed me too. Was he wearing his Invisibility Cloak or something?
  5. I'm currently reading "The Princes go to War" (pretty sure that's the title). Duke of Windsor, Gloucester, Kent, and York. The Windsor exiles were happy to visit with Hitler and tour a concentration camp. The author makes the case that there were communications between DoW and the Nazis that if he provided strategic information on how to break Britain, the Nazi's would install him as King after Britain was defeated. He apparently gave him some vague advice about the British people, but MAN does it ride close to the line of treason.
  6. No one is required to curtsy to the Queen, per the official website. Someone mentioned Michelle Obama above. It is a myth that one cannot touch the person of the monarch. She is said to have felt and shared Mrs. Obama's warm affection immediately, and it was neither an offence to her or her station, nor unwelcome.
  7. Olivia Coleman can't wear them. It isn't some production cheapness, or a mistake. They decided to have HBC match her with brown eyes to subtly make them look more alike. It was quite an ordeal to come to that decision, not that the producers are lazy or stupid.
  8. The "homicidal/psychopathic triad" has been abandoned, and is considered an "urban legend" by forensic psychologists. It more accurately reflects a badly abused child (who is much more likely to go on to be further abused, not to become an abuser, as another false psychological trope holds). Lots of people are aware of the "homicidal triad" but studies have not borne it out.
  9. I'm not sure where to put this or if anyone will see it, but I'm seeing Mandy Patinkin in concert next month! I'm constantly checking his page hoping for tour dates and it paid off! Mandy makes me do funny things. I strongly dislike musical theater, yet I flew cross country to see Mandy in a musical on Broadway; I've been a fan of his since I was about 15 years old along with Axl Rose and Ian Astbury; he sings almost nothing but show tunes, yet I adore him. (I'm also not too terribly familiar with traditional Yiddish music.) He truly has the voice of an angel, and was in the best movie of all time.
  10. Ignore the line here. I can't get rid of it! Oh she definitely will. Her subjects need to see her birth the savior and be instantly beautified.
  11. xtwheeler


    Senators are members of Congress. Congress is bicameral--composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate, together comprising "Congress." Senator is more accurately descriptive, but both are correct.
  12. Privately held companies issue shares as well, not just publicly traded ones. Shares just represent ownership interest in the company. If you and I formed a company and jointly invested equally, we would each own 50% of shares, or whatever our articles of incorporation and bylaws set forth. A conservatorship is not just for health related issues, though it can be. Someone can be appointed by you or by the court as your medical proxy or hold your durable power of attorney for health care. A conservatorship can really be designed with any contours the parties and the judge want. There are of course financial conservators appointed to preserve the assets of the person under conservatorship (the subject of the conservatorship cannot make business decisions, must seek permission for investments or spending, etc. They basically have no decision making power and have to ask permission), and there are personal conservatorships (like the one Britney Spears is under). Under a personal conservatorship, the conservator can make decisions like where the subject of the conservatorship lives, whether she is enrolled in school, if she is allowed to marry, etc. Conservatorships can be designed to cover all rights and responsibilities a person would otherwise have, not just to be "on guard" in case someone's medical issues flare up. (So, Britney Spears residency in Vegas was a deal brokered and entered into by her father, if she wants to marry her boyfriend, she has to have permission, and he has decision making power over what doctors she sees and what her treatment regimen is.)
  13. OK, "more punchable Ted Cruz" is HILARIOUS and super accurate! Second, that wedding picture makes me so sad. It's like pictures of people boarding the Titanic. I just want to reach through the screen and punch Josh and actually de-program Anna. Her beliefs are abhorrent, but I think then she was probably still salvageable. 6 kids later? Nope.
  14. xtwheeler


    Well, you can tell how much I was paying attention! Thank you!
  15. xtwheeler


    This is one (ONE!) thing I think the show got right. Robert Hanson (I'm assuming this is who we are all actually referring to) spied on the US for the Soviet Union and then Russia from the '70s to 2001, and is generally considered the worst intelligence disaster in US history (at least among ones that we're willing to admit). He and Ames compromised many ops and people, leading to numerous executions of US assets abroad. For a show that is handwaving Lizzy and Red's behaviors, this was actually surprisingly accurate.
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