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  1. xtwheeler

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    With Shelly Miscavidge?
  2. xtwheeler

    Masterchef (US)

    Separating with your fingers is the best way to get the yolk with as little white as possible, while minimizing the risk of breaking the yolk. It can be done adequately with the shells, but eggshells are by nature jagged and you run a higher risk of puncturing the yolk. Using your fingers is efficient and much lower risk than using the shell or any implement or object. When you're doing a bigger quantity, it is also much, much quicker.
  3. xtwheeler

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    Abby is the worst. Still. Always. That's all.
  4. Barb23, I think this is the story you're referring to: https://www.groupbstrepinternational.org/wren-jones.html Wren's story has always stuck with me. The thing about home birth is they're low risk until they suddenly aren't in an instant. In that instant, you need to have access to professionals. These idiots are tempting fate in the worst possible way.
  5. I cannot wait to see the registry! Only if they figure out how to monetize/grift it!
  6. xtwheeler

    S15.E08: Week 8: Amsterdam

    There are more than 4400 distinct Christian denominations in the US. Assuming that someone else's flavor of Christianity is identical to your own is absurd. That's what we have words for. For example, the church I attended as a teen did not preach against premarital sex, was active in abortion clinic defense, and began performing same sex marriages in the 80s. I am aware there are other churches and Christians who don't believe in those things, nor do they believe in the individual consulting god and reaching a decision like, "premarital sex is ok here because it is caring and loving, and god is a loving god, and consulting god and my conscience, I made a decision." Assuming someone believes the identical things you do just because you're under the same enormous umbrella is ridiculous.
  7. Animals also eat the placenta to keep it from attracting predators. I'd try it if I were her*--might keep Josh away. *no I wouldn't
  8. xtwheeler

    Blood & Treasure

    My favorite thing from last week was the guy with the metal detector finding a Nazi iron cross medal, and then being advised to "keep digging! It can't be much further!" - - ie keep digging for the *railcar* they expected to find about 9" down, judging from the digging they'd done. The metal detector finds the medal, but a full size train car a few inches down isn't something they think would set off the detector? Hmm.
  9. It isn't just famous people. The local newspaper published my brother's suicide note without even contacting any of the family, much less asking if they could. It was part of the evidence bagged & tagged, and they did what they wanted. It was not, uh, helpful to the situation or the humans going through it.
  10. xtwheeler

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I'm so sorry you're going through something like this. ❤️
  11. xtwheeler

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Reminds me of the time on Friends where Ross wore leather pants on a date & sweat so much he couldn't get them back on after using the bathroom. Joey's advice was first baby powder, then lotion, which caused Ross to say, "it seems as if some sort of paste has been formed..."
  12. xtwheeler

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    This is... incorrect in most states. I'm not admitted to the bar in their state, but in most jurisdictions a parent can voluntarily surrender their parental rights (so long as it is not to get out of child support). There does not need to be a step parent waiting in the wings to "pick up" the rights the parent surrenders. Janelle could surrender her parental rights in full if she wanted to, or she could voluntarily surrender legal and physical custody, which would let her retain the right to apply to have that change in the future. Edit: Looking at NC specifically, I can't tell if it falls in line with the abov regarding total surrender. She can, however agree to retain her nominal rights but sign over legal & physical custody to be reviewed later. I feel so bad for these kids.
  13. xtwheeler

    S15.E03: Week 3

    He's got lymphodema which is a condition where the lymph system doesn't function or drain properly. If a limb (usually a leg) becomes too swollen and won't drain, amputation may be required because the extreme swelling can destroy the tissue from the inside out. His apparently was serious enough to consider amputation, but surprisingly resolved.
  14. HIPAA only applies to health care workers and a few other categories of employees who work health care-adjacent (insurance, etc.). HIPAA has no application to taking photos or videos of one's own health care or one's spouse's health care, or someone else with permission, like a professional photographer. Professional photographers have to be careful not to invade the privacy of others or to get a model's release, but that has nothing to do with HIPAA. Not here necessarily, but just generally there seems to be the perception that HIPAA makes talking about anyone's health care in any context is forbidden. HIPAA only applies to a narrow category of people, so don't flip out that you sharing a photo of your wife in labor is a HIPAA violation. You're only going to get in trouble with your wife.
  15. xtwheeler

    S15.E02: Week 2

    There are numerous scholarly articles on the topic, which were the source of my original comment. The person who replied grossly mischaracterized the very article she chose to cite (as made clear by the fact they quoted the article, not the study it referenced). You can easily narrow your search for actual scholarly articles if you're so inclined, and they don't get paid by the click. As relevant here, I can understand it making for a frustrating viewing experience as the "beep" is annoying a hell and really takes you out of the moment. But swearing really isn't a basis for drawing conclusions about someone having poor character or low IQ, while appearing on the show really does seem to.