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  1. One Direction is a boy band that Simon put together and manages. I thought BAD Salsa had impressive "tricks" but I didn't see a whole lot of dancing. Their transitions were mostly setting up a new trick and looked kind of clumsy for "dancing." Lots more acrobatics than dancing. They were very entertaining and clearly quite skilled at tricks, but no artistry, to my eye. I loved the poet, and found myself pretty mesmerized.
  2. One hires a lawyer specifically to receive advice that is "calculated" and strategic. There's nothing wrong with timing your lawsuit to have maximum impact. That's what you're supposed to do for your clients. It has no bearing on whether or not the complainants are telling the truth. Publicity is a powerful motivator for defendants' willingness to settle, and these strategic concerns are precisely what you're paying a lawyer to handle. Finally, while Jerry may not have lots of money to pay off a judgment, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that the suit managed to include allegations against the school, which will have a hefty insurance policy. One could allege all kinds of negligence & other causes of action. If the school in included, any judgment would likely make the school pay out for Jerry's damages, too (joint & several liability). Long story short, there's nothing unethical or inappropriately predatory about filing a suit against Jerry, regardless of the timing. You use whatever you have as leverage for your client. Plus, filing sooner rather than later makes it easier to serve all the defendants locally or in your jurisdiction. I can't believe the number of concussions these kids had! My daughter plays HS waterpolo, a concussion-heavy sport. She has a cognitive baseline done every year so a concussion is easier to identify. School policy is 3 concussions over 4 years makes you ineligible to play any sport.
  3. You're not wrong. Attorneys have up to 10x the substance abuse problems than regular society.
  4. It was on one of her IG stories. I think those may get sent as DMs? Totally worth it. I've never actually engaged with any of these people, but correlating political parties to religious faith really chaps my ass. People get SO MAD when you tell them Jesus was the original social justice warrior. Right when they're on the verge of fury, tell them Jesus was brown. Guaranteed apoplectic hysteria.
  5. Is there a record for getting blocked by Jill? I got blocked on my first comment! I commented on her stupid picture of a billboard saying something about how even Democrats would kneel before the lord or such nonsesnse. I told her Jesus would be ashamed of followers like her and the cruel self-service of many so-called Christians. I told her Jesus would be amongst those helping refugees, feeding children & elderly her fake Christian president cut food benefits to, and would be providing free universal health care. Threw in a few Bible verses for good measure (I'm an atheist, but have a degree in religion, particularly biblical interpretation). It was like a one night stand with a bad boy you knew you shouldn't mess with. The buildup was fantastic, the deed immensely thrilling & satisfying, but you knew there'd be a price to pay. Therefore, I think Jill is the clap.
  6. My god, you don't punish the CHILD in that situation! Buy the SIL a crappy xmas gift, but dear God, "Spurgeon" is a horrific punishment to inflict on a new baby who didn't do anything wrong! And the most famous Elizabeth of all, Queen Elizabeth was called Lillibet by her family.
  7. Places like Claire's use a piercing gun, which are absutely impossible to sterilize adequately between customers. A qualified piercing shop will autoclave instruments it reuses (the way surgical instruments are) and open new, sterile equipment in front of you for single use products. The "care" instructions Claire's give out are similarly dangerous and dismal. The last thing you should be putting on healing tissue is rubbing alcohol (or peroxide). It's the easiest way to lose a new piercing. If you wouldn't get a tattoo or hell even a flu shot from a teenager at the mall with equipment they can't clean thoroughly, please don't get a piercing there. Crappy consequence is localized infection. Serious consequences are MRSA, various kinds of hepatitis, and whatver said teenager has on his/her hands. Did Anna pierce her daughters' ears? Any of the other Duggars? I don't recall it..
  8. If you had told me in the first season that Bellamy would be one of my favorite characters series-wide (MASSIVE exceptions) I would have laughed. If you'd have told me JOHN MURPHY would be my favorite character, hands down, I'd have questioned everything about you. But here we are. Murphy was extra awesome this week, and I'm really hoping that his redemption arc does not end in a massive sacrifice to save everyone. He went from a sniveling little shit only out for himself (he practically out-Baltared Gaius Baltar) to a guy who has been putting himself on the line for people he doesn't even really know, because it is the right thing to do. This is one of the few things the show has paced really well. He didn't just flip a few weeks ago -- this has been a great buildup. Pacing on everything else has been pretty awful.
  9. The 15¢ was on the dollar, not per acre. There's also specific csselaw in many jurisdictions which essentially states just because you have had a sweetheart deal on offer, that does not necessarily establish "fair market value." Just as when purchasing a house, you still need an independent valuation for your bank to approve your mortgage. Just because you offered a certain amount of $, even if there were multiple offers, does not make that the fair market value that your bank is willing to finance. Are we go assume Teeter and (cowboy whose name I can't remember) are dead? How did the guy they killed end up on stage? And why is the ranch failing financially?
  10. I have a good friend who has a PhD in biochem, and he has worked at companies developing computer models /software for all kinds of things from computer prediction of efficacy of pharmaceuticals, and pandemic projections. He's a scientist by education, microbiologist/coder by profession. He's a scientist who advises coders, I will but patterson as a coder who advises scientists. Actually, if you gave Patterson my friend's software for predicting the efficacy of new pharmaceuticals, she could could come up with the antidote theory & then set a computer up to collect data then analyze... Not even Special Agent Jane Doe gets to walk into a room and just shooting people who are not in that instance threatening her life. If they'd been coming at her, sure but you don't get to accused murderers or terrorists just because they're standing there, in full possession of their rights to due process.. 1 second later when they rushed her, yeah.
  11. xtwheeler

    Normal People

    PLEASE do not perpetuate this very dangerous falsehood. Domestic violence crosses every socioeconomic, racial, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, etc. range. It is an absolute fallacy that a person (men are DV victims too) with a powerful job or lots of money cannot be a victim of domestic violence. Being a married lawyer in an abusive relationship makes it more humiliating, more embarrassing, carry more of a stigma, and causes more victim blaming. Money, education, and profession do nothing to prevent domestic violence. I live in a county that has a city that has one of the highest rates of overall violence and poverty in the state, and several of the wealthiest zip codes in the country. Guess which cities fields more domestic violence hotline calls? I know this is not directly on topic, but I thought it too important not to address. ON TOPIC, I've watched a couple of episodes so far, and I like it. I loved that their first sex scene was like a love letter to consent. Enthusiastic, ongoing consent from all parties involved. And, proved that consent can be really hot. I feel like Connell is who Holden Caulfield was supposed to be if he hadn't been written as a poncey, narcissistic asshole.
  12. My aunt & uncle had to stop digging their pool upon discovery of Native American artifacts. It took a couple of weeks, but they had people out from both tribes that were identified, and they did a blessing or ceremony to release the land. Nobody seemed to find it as funny as I did when I sent around a clip from Poltergeist. I'll always have a soft spot for Joy. Anyone who comes through what she has is a warrior, and I mean that for all of you here who have, too.
  13. If it helps, a "swim diaper" only serves to contain poop when baby is in the water. They have no absorption power whatsoever. After all, your kid is in water, which would saturate an absorbent diaper on contact. Kids are expected to wear them, but all they do is keep that #2 from escaping.
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