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  1. These are federal charges, aren't they? There is no parole in federal court, though they may reduce a sentence for "good behavior." Not my jurisdiction, but generally, unless the offenses were against their own children, offenders are unrestricted around their own children, and others for that matter, aside from schools, parks, etc. (depending on the level of offense). Everything in his life, if convicted, will be regulated by the specifics of his post-release plan. Christ on a bike. Before this I had no idea there were "sex offender rights" organizations. I don't know how to
  2. They're evangelicals. She has a vested interest in going soft on them.
  3. I just cannot connect with Willie's music. He's obviously insanely talented, and has a beautiful tone to his voice. I've never heard him hit a wrong note. But it just leaves me absolutely cold. Maybe it is easier to connect with him if you have a background filled with church music, but for me -- I don't find him distinctive or memorable. He'd be a great studio singer, but I would never be able to pick out and identify his voice. I won't remember him a week after the show ends. Grace just has my number, somehow. I don't usually like the kid of music she is singing -- I've only watched
  4. Am I the other one who felt... Deeply uncomfortable with Luke Bryant's performance? Just me? Marijuana is a hell of a drug.
  5. In my practice I've only conducted... I think 1 bench trial (in 24 years). Jurors are just easier to sway, and as you say, judges are less emotional. There are a few categories of cases where you're not entitled to a jury--in equitable cases (asking for the right to do something or not, like Dec relief actions). The number of jurors varies on civil cases, and jurors also don't have to reach a unanimous verdict, unlike criminal cases. I wish people were enthusiastic about jury duty! I would LOVE to serve, but they can't get me out of the box fast enough. I don't subscribe to the "but firs
  6. Being incarcerated does not mean you can be deprived of one of the most fundamental human rights--to parent your children. Without extreme extenuating circumstances, that deprivation is cruel and unusual. Bless you. You are doing the work of angels!
  7. Try to imagine saying, under penalty of perjury, "nah, I'm not bothered by looking a CSA videos, even the ones the arresting officer said were in the top 5 of worst he's ever seen." Jurors do not get a choice about which cases they serve. It is going to be presumed the photos will gross everyone out, but he's entitled to a jury of his peers. During voir dire most jurors would say they find it sickening and can't stand to see this material. The judge will then inquire with the jurors if, even given being a victim of SA they think they could judge on the evidence. The lawyers will also hav
  8. I'm sorry, but this is just false. The vaccines have been tested in, now, millions of people. Before they were approved for emergency use, they went through rigorous testing. The FDA did not just throw these out there. The rapidity of their approval is based on the FDA waiving the waiting periods between evaluations. The research as testing was still done. Moreover, many of the components had otherwise been determined safe. The vaccines began development in January, and entered the third, large-scale FDA required testing months before they were approved. The FDA did things like shorten the wai
  9. The only thing creepier than The Surgeon is CZJ's immobile face. It is really disturbing.
  10. SAME.It is such a beautiful moment of true, confident, optimism in a song that is so tentative and vulnerable. I'm going through some shit right now, and I'm pretty emotionally numb--Grace's performance absolutely shook me and flooded me with emotion. It was powerful not just because her voice is powerful (obv it is). The emotion and vulnerability she showed were equally moving to me. Wow. (sorry if that is too personal)
  11. I'm sorry I responded in haste, and was trying to communicate that I knew I was missing pieces of what you were trying to say. I apologize again that I didn't understand your comment, nor the many nuances. My anaesthesia is still wearing off, and I'm absolutely not at my best right now. I apologize I didn't understand.
  12. You mean if he'd never been arrested but wrote a book about liking pictures of CSA? Or about his childhood in general? I'm sorry, I know I'm missing what you're getting at, and I'm sorry! We have a good example of how a civil suit might factor in, in the Goldman v. Simpson case. He was found legally responsible for Nicole & Ron's deaths, and has a HUGE cash judgment against him. ALL of his "income," including the proceeds from "If I Did It" (what a bastard) all go to satisfy that judgment. That's actually how he go caught up in the Nevada case -- he was trying to get cash on the sly s
  13. Ah, yes, I see what you mean. Most Son of Sam laws have been revised not to prohibit the writing, but affecting the money earned. The Arkansas Son of Sam law does not prohibit him from writing, but from profiting. Any profits must be turned over to the board to compensate crime victims. I don't know if AR's also prohibits friends, family, etc., from writing about them, but some do.
  14. Arkansas has a "Son of Sam" law that prohibits criminals from benefitting from their crimes, including income from selling their life stories, a tell-all about the crimes, etc. So if Josh were able to string a few sentences together, he will never be able to make a dime on it. I'm sorry if this has all been covered, but if not: Often what brings CP under federal jurisdiction is the use of a computer in procuring or sharing it. Just like conducting nefarious business on the phone, committing a crime using a computer is by nature across state lines. This includes texting, social med
  15. Federal district judges (before whom Josh would have appeared) get paid a little over $200k a year, and have the job for life.
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