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  1. wanton87

    Little House On The Prairie

    I had forgotten all about the podcasts until this post reminded me. I remember the last time I went to play some of the older files, the link was broken. Some of them were actually pretty entertaining though, and it would be nice to see it make a comeback.
  2. wanton87

    Alaskan Bush People

    Best of luck to your uncle PN. At the time that my father was diagnosed, the survival rate was around 50% over the first year (My father only lasted 7 months). However, since then, there have been at least one, or perhaps a few new drugs that have been approved by the FDA, that have extended the lives of lung cancer patients. My father did smoke, and for many years. Oddly enough, he had quit for almost 20 years prior to his diagnosis. But such habits have a way of coming back to haunt a person, as it did with my father.
  3. wanton87

    Leave It To Beaver

    Totally going from memory here, but I seem to recall that the kid that played Larry, moved to the mid-west or east coast, effectively ending his role on the show. Don’t remember what happened to Judy. Gilbert (Stephen Talbot, son of actor Lyle Talbot) stepped in where Larry left off. It seemed to me that Gilbert was an even bigger rat than Larry, and managed to get Beaver into even worse trouble. I also recall that the later episodes centered more around Wally and his friends. It seemed that puberty was an awkward stage in a young Mr Mather's life, and he had somewhat morphed into an awkward and goofy acting teen. Almost overnight, it seemed that his natural ability to act and recite cute kid lines, in a way that cute kids do, was gone. That was about the time that you noticed that the episodes shifted more over to Wally. Bit of Trivia: At one point, Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) and porn star John Holmes, were thought to be one in the same person (Which may or may not have been a good thing, depending on Mr Osmond’s success with the ladies 😜 ). I once saw some footage of Mr Holmes, and I can totally see how they could have been mistaken for one another. At that time, they looked very much the same, and he (Holmes) even had very similar sounding voice, with the same wise cracking “Eddie Haskell like” demeanor.
  4. wanton87

    Alaskan Bush People

    I suppose that could be understandable, if you try real hard to imagine any girl saying to herself: “That Noah Brown has every quality that any girl could ever want in a man” 😜
  5. wanton87

    Alaskan Bush People

    Perhaps rmontro, but if the boyfriend in question came from money, something tells me that Billy would warm up to the idea real quick. I think that marrying into the Brown family would probably be the same as it is in many non-western countries, in that you would be marrying into the entire family (And Billy's pocketbook) . So Noah is going to be spawning some offspring huh? I’m truly sorry to hear of this unfortunate turn of events. Way to reach for the stars there Rhain 😜
  6. wanton87

    Little House On The Prairie

    This was before my time here, but it’s my understanding that the little house topic was reduced to a single thread over at the television without pity site (The predecessor to this site as I recall) and that it was an immensely popular thread none the less. I came from IMDB, and we had a fairly active little house forum over there, and I was really sorry to see it go. The members from the IMDB little house forum went on to a variety of different sites, but those that didn’t disappear altogether following the closure of IMDB, either ended up here, IMDB 2, or at MovieChat. IMDB 2 has a single thread, but no one ever posts there. MovieChat has some activity, but very little. That site doesn’t seem to have much of a future either. I’m going through the little house series again, as I recently purchased the complete DVD set, so I’m hoping to be posting here more often as time goes on.
  7. wanton87

    Little House On The Prairie

    Season 1 Episode 24 Founder's Day Just watched this episode again the other day. And who do they have judging the pie contest? The one town resident that certainly doesn’t need any extra calories, Reverend Alden :D Give it to the malnourished mine worker with 6 kids, and let him take the remaining pies home (Which is how I suspect it might have gone down in real life). I must say, I’m generally not a big fan of Chuck (Charles). But he really shined in this episode. It was kind of classy the way that he explained to Laura that being younger, he had an unfair advantage over Mr Tyler (Played by Forrest Tucker) and was just evening the odds, without outright suggesting that he threw the contest. Not much to say today, and this is my first post since we have been reduced from a subforum to a thread. I hope this thread doesn’t die off as a result.
  8. wanton87

    Blind Journey/Welcome to Olesonville

    You might be thinking of this Thread ALTSO. But yeah, the writing was all over the place with this series. There was the vague Albert death episodes. And we had the strange situation with Royal’s family (first the two bratty sons who disappeared, then were replaced by Jenny). It’s like the producers contracted the scripts out to 5 year olds at the local preschool :D
  9. Last I checked (though it’s been a little while) all of the adult men (with the exception of the young men such as Adam and Almanzo) were gone, but all of the adult women (Minus Harriet now) were still with us. I just checked on Hersha Parody (Mrs Garvey) and she’s still alive. Sorry to hear that we lost Mrs Oleson. I’ve been watching through the episodes again, and have been thinking about her, since I knew that she must be getting on in years, having been middle aged at the time the show started.
  10. wanton87

    Alaskan Bush People

    It’s been a few years, and so I can’t say how much has changed in that time, but here is what I recall. 15% of lung cancer patients survive to the 5 year mark. So if we break that down into everyday numbers, 15 out of a 100 lung cancer patients will still be alive over that time frame. 50% of lung cancer patients are gone within the 1st year (My father lasted 8 months). I wasn’t trying to be dishonest in my claim, but was speaking in statistical probabilities. It sounds as if your mother was exceptional, and that you got to spend considerably more time with her than most families get, and that’s a good thing, minus any suffering that she had to endure of course. In the case of Ami, is it possible that she responded well to the treatments? Sure it is, but again, statistically, the odds would not have been in her favor. Do I believe it? Well, I suppose I’m a pessimist, especially when it comes to the Brown’s, but no, I do not believe it.
  11. wanton87

    Alaskan Bush People

    I wouldn’t doubt that they have some decent qualities. My main problem with them is the manipulation. And as someone that has direct experience with late stage lung cancer, I’m not buying that Ami cancer scare for a second. Lung cancer is simply not something that is so neatly and conveniently taken care of, and in so timely of a fashion. For anyone doubting this, try looking up the statistics on lung cancer (I’ll save you the trouble though, by stating that they’re very poor is an understatement). Rain won’t have any problems scoring a top notch mate. Truth be told, Birdy really isn’t bad looking either. But we live in a vain society, and that missing tooth is gonna hurt her SMV pretty bad in the dating market :D (I jest, but in all seriousness, I meant what I said about her looks being decent).
  12. wanton87

    S01.E16: Family Quarrel

    With all the grief that Harriet caused Caroline every time that she tried to engage in a simple transaction such as receiving payment for eggs, I would have more expected Caroline to slam the bowl of eggs down on Harriet’s head, with the parting words of “Here you go bitch, the eggs are on me, or rather you, today” :D
  13. wanton87

    Little Women

    Okay, now I remember this episode. Funny, but I was just over at my cousin’s house earlier today, and the Walton’s were on, and I mentioned that the girl, Aimee Godsey, was in an episode on little house one time, and he remembered it too. But yes, you are right. In the episode titled Ma’s Holiday, Ma and Pa were at a play, and Ma’s constant worrying led to them leaving early for home.
  14. wanton87


    I agree, and that’s why Les is my favorite over all the others. I’ve watched Bear Grylls, and Dual Survival, and while I like them on some level, Bear Grylls is all about sensationalism (even though I do believe that he’s the real deal) as is Dual Survival. And most of the crew members featured in Dual Survival can’t be taken seriously, particularly Cody, though I do like Dave Canterbury and frequent his youtube channel from time to time. My favorites were when Les survived in the Sierra Nevada, and the winter plane crash episode in Ontario. Les has mentioned that though he carries a satellite phone with him while out on his excursions, his tests while out in the field have shown no connectivity in about 50% of the cases, so he’s truly on his own in many of these scenarios.
  15. wanton87

    S01.E20: Child Of Pain

    Way to go Mary. Pawn the rooster off on the biology challenged kid (No one wants those). Damn. Was that not the most terrifying case of the DT’s that anyone has ever saw ? :D