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  1. Ok, just getting around to this one—did/do they ever mention how Lady Eve magically came back from the dead?
  2. Oh poop—I wasn’t able to see this when it aired, and just assumed it would be on the stream somewhere, but I don’t see it...? oops, nm, got it. 🙂
  3. janeta

    S01.E13: Book 27

    Well, that was... disjointed. Michael Emerson is criminally wasted on this show.
  4. thank you tv echo! 😊
  5. There was a split second shot of a very young (long haired) Oliver peeking around a corner into the office at Felicity--presumably we're supposed to think that Oliver had been in the building before the events of this series took place and saw her then? (Did *we* see that at some point? It's been a long time...)
  7. What the holy fuck?? (They cut in with a blackish commercial.). Shit now i'm going to have tomwatch the end on the stream. Fuck the local cw affiliate.
  8. Wouldn’t that bolide have been blazing hot?
  9. Dude's gonna run out of arrows...
  10. And now is not the time... get Wm back first.
  11. Yeah, I’ve given up trying to keep what world it is and what year it is and who's who straight. I just sort of coast along in a daze.
  12. Haven’t see first half of the ep yet, but Rasputin's eyeball reforming and looking out of the jar was *hysterical*. 😄
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