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  1. I think Vi was just blindsided by the woman (daughter?) showing up. The immediate instinct is to deny everything, gaining time to think about it.
  2. I'm not sure what the whole blood thing was supposed to do—your average person has about five quarts of blood in them. What was the three pints supposed to do??
  3. Are there supposed to be more, or was this a one-off?
  4. Nash is supposed to be “in his sixties” in this, but..yeah.. no. DJ is 72 and looks every year of it.
  5. Nah…he totally would have policed his brass….
  6. Great, first Teddy, now Clark. 🙄 But the argus (?) was pretty cool, and Charon is always a welcome sight.
  7. Today I learned that Melonie Diaz is 37 years old. 😳 That is all.
  8. FINALLY. Been watching waiting for Ryan to show up. Glad he's finally on.
  9. I freely admit I lost track of which gang was which about halfway through. That scene with Dante and Mallory in the car at the end was great. 😁
  10. Wasn’t the watch evidence in a pawn shop break in? Someone stole it from the congressman and hocked it? (Although I thought they were talking about cufflinks…)
  11. Can someone remind me—what was in the safe deposit box the bad guys took?
  12. Unpopular opinion: I don’t care about Delilah.
  13. Huh. I figured Peggy was dead…
  14. They couldn’t find shell casings, and he realized that the shot came from a section of the shop where they found bits of a crossbow. And he found footprints from an orthopedic boot in the shop; personally, I didn’t notice the sister was wearing it but he must have.
  15. I don’t—couldn't stand Hodges.
  16. Woot! So glad this is back. 🤗
  17. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to have Axe back in the country and back in business legally in the last ep of the show. As for Taylor and Wendy being stuck at the new company—both of them made more last year than half the workers in this country make in a lifetime. At this point, they’re working because they want to (unless they have some contract that they can't get out of without losing all their savings and investments). Wendy is a therapist or whatever; she can always go into private practice (and will have half of wall street banging down her door for appointments); Taylor is, if no
  18. | Am I wrong or was this the first time Bonnie has appeared in this set of episodes? I believe that’s right.
  19. As scummy as Ax is, I still think Chuck is slimier and I will always root against him.
  20. I think Liam drank the bottle that was supposed to be a gift for the woman adopting the horse.
  21. …all over the broken crockery..? Uh, no. So Liam wrecks the truck and loses the horse- did the thought never cross his mind to *call for help?* 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  22. Well, I just read somewhere that it got renewed for next season, so it will be interesting to see how they get out of this one.
  23. So Ross and Matteo are at this party and do E but then Matteo seems to vanish, even after shots are fired? You'd think he'd been looking for Ross….
  24. Have we seen Chelsea before? If so, someone pls remind me who she is? The egg scene was ridiculous.
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