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19 Questions and Counting

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Hi All,

So a few posters were wondering if a thread could be started so people could ask questions about the Duggar family as well as other Fundie info so here's your topic. This is also the topic for experts to post their knowledge of the Duggar family and Fundie deets.

Let's keep this thread clean and tidy and just add to what is already noted without quoting other posts. That way people will have an easier time reading your posts.

The mods also would love your input on a thread title and then we can do a poll to see which title we should use so give us some ideas and we will go from there. When we get a thread title sorted out all of the posts about said topic will be moved to a poll topic and deleted from this thread.

So the voting has finished and the final vote tally put 19 Questions and Counting in the lead with a wide margin. I'll keep the poll topic so peeps can see the choices and vote tally in the future.

Also, if you like a post can you please just like it and not post a comment. This thread is supposed to be a one stop shop for all things Duggar et.al.


maraleia, Rhondinella and frenchtoast

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I'll start and add as mentioned but see wanderwoman's posts below for the full on scoop.
Dugger dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, nicknames, initialisms and just plain unusual word usage:
- The TinkerToy House
TTC - Tater Tot Casserole
Nike - To look at your shoes because something might defraud you.
Defraud - Looking at something that might arouse an unfulfilled sexual desire. Mainly for the males.
SOTDRT - School Of The Dining Room Table. Because in one episode that's where Michelle was teaching the group.
Countenance - The face should be what people look for and not some defrauding body part. Example: She has a lovely countenance particularly her smile.
ETA 11/18/14:
TFDW - The Fabulous David Waller
Famy - Cousin Amy Dugger who wants Fame = Famy
SAHD - Stay At Home Daughter
ETA 11/19/14
Tube Meat - Hot Dogs

IBLP - Institute for Basic Life Principles run by Bill Gothard
ATI - Advanced Training Institute International is a subsidiary of IBLP. ATI is a home education program that provides curriculum and training to support parents in raising their children to love the Lord Jesus Christ, reason wisely based on the principles of Scripture, have world-changing purpose in life, and give Biblical answers. The Duggars follow this program.
ALERT - Air Land Emergency Response Team for boys part of ATI/IBLP training.
JTTH - Journey to the Heart for girls part of ATI/IBLP training.
Blanket Training - Training a baby to stay on a blanket by hitting with wooden spoon or another instrument. Yes, really.

JOY - Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last.

College Minus - Dig for the real College Plus program.

Quiverful -  QF is accepting any children God gives you, "in His time" and for "His purpose".

FotF - Focus on the Family is James Dobson's group out of Colorado.

FRC - Family Research Council is who Josh works for out of D.C.

Frumper - A frumpy jumper (the dress kind, not the sweater)
Fundie - Religious fundamentalist

ISB - Idle Speculation Bus what people drive when they speculate and create wild theories, especially about the Duggars.

J’Caleb - The first Duggar miscarriage that inspired Michelle and Jim Bob to become Quiverfull.

Prayer Closet - A closet space set aside in the Duggar’s home for solitude, prayer or just a time out.

Tomato Staking - Mentally handcuffing children (tomatoes) to a parent (stake) for extended periods of time to express disapproval and a lack of trust in the child. Speculation about Jana recently.

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My title suggestion? "19 Questions and Counting".

I was thinking more of a repository of the basic facts and quetsions we already have answers to. Kind of a place for newbies. A place we can refer people to. Here's what I was thinking.

What are the names and ages of the Duggar Family?

Grandma Mary Duggar - May 26, 1941 (73)

Jim Bob Duggar - July 18, 1965 (49)

Michelle Annette Ruark-Duggar - September 13, 1966 (48)

Joshua James (Josh) Duggar - March 3, 1988 - he married Anna Renee Keller - June 23, 1988

Jana Marie Duggar - January 12, 1990

John David Duggar - January 12, 1990

Jill Michelle Duggar-Dillard - May 17, 1991 - she married Derick Michael Dillard - March 9, 1989

Jessa Lauren Duggar-Seewald - November 4, 1992 - she married Benjamin Michael Seewald - May 19, 1995

Jinger Nicole Duggar - December 21, 1993

Joseph Garrett Duggar - January 20, 1995

Josiah Matthew Duggar - August 28, 1996

Joy Anna Duggar - October 28, 1997

Jedidiah Robert Duggar - December 30, 1998

Jeremiah Robert Duggar - December 30, 1998

Jason Michael Duggar - April 21, 2000

James Andrew Duggar - July 7, 2001

Justin Samuel Duggar- November 15, 2002

Jackson Levi Duggar - May 23, 2004

Johannah Faith Duggar - October 11, 2005

Jennifer Danielle Duggar - August 2, 2007

Jordyn Grace Makiya Duggar - December 18, 2008

Josie Brooklyn Duggar - December 10, 2009

Tell me about Josh and Anna? When did Josh and Anna get married? How many children do they have and what are their names?

Josh met Anna in Big Sandy, Texas, at an ATI conference. On Anna's 20th birthday, Josh proposed at a restaurant in Florida. They were married at Beuford Grove Baptist Church on Sept. 26, 2008. They moved to Rogers, Arkansas shortly after the wedding. After the birth of their third child, they moved to Washington, DC.

Their children are:

Mackynzie Renee Duggar - October 8, 2009

Michael James Duggar - June 15, 2011

Marcus Anthony Duggar - June 2, 2013

It is rumored that Anna is pregnant with baby #4.

When did Jill and Derick meet? When did they get engaged and married? Do they have children?

Derick Dillard is a graduate of the Oklahoma State University (where he was Pistol Pete). He grew up "about thirty short minutes down the street". Somewhere around 2011, Derick contacted Jim Bob and asked if he would be a prayer partner while he was on a mission in Nepal. Jim Bob introduced Jill to Derick. In 2013, Jill and Jim Bob flew to Nepal to meet Derick in person and Derick asked Jim Bob (and then Jill) to begin a courtship relationship. They were engaged in March of 2014 (in Arkansas). They were married on June 21, 2014 at Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas. Less than a month after the wedding, Jill and Derick announced that they were pregnant. They are expecting a little boy in March of 2015.

Where did Jessa and Ben meet? When did they get engaged and married? Do they have children?

Jessa met Ben, a resident of Hot Springs, Arkansas, when he came to worship at the Duggar's church. Ben asked Jim Bob if he could begin a courtship relationship sometime in 2013. Jessa and Ben were engaged in August of 2014 at Thorn Crown Chapel. They were married on November 1, 2014, in Arkansas. They have not announced a pregnancy, yet.

Which children have lived their entire lives in front of the camera?

On September 6, 2004, The Learning Channel aired a special titled "14 Children and Pregnant Again". This one hour special was filmed during Michelle's pregnancy with Jackson. From that point on, the family was filmed frequently and consistently. The following Duggar children, two generations worth, have had their gestation, births, and early childhood, documented on camera: Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, Mackynzie, Josie, Michael, and Marcus. It is believed that Jill and Derick may allow their child to be filmed as well.

What do the adults in the family do?

Grandma Mary was employed in real estate.

Jim Bob has had many jobs: grocery store stock clerk, used car salesman, towing business, real estate agent, politician and author.

Michelle used to help Jim Bob in the family businesses and held a real estate license.

Josh started a "production company" when he was 14. It didn't go very far. He then began running a used car lot. In 2012, he was offered a job with a polictical action committee (The FRC) and moved to the Washington, D.C. area.

Anna is a stay-at-home mome (SAHM)

Jana is a doula and often works at a camp named "Journey to the Heart" spearheaded by Bill Gothard/ATI.

Derick is an accountant and the only Duggar to have a credentialed, college degree. He currently works for WalMart.

Jill is a midwife.

John David runs a towing service. He also was elected as a town Constable. He also has a fixed wing pilot's license and operates a small air transport business.

Jessa is a SAHM.

Jinger is a stay-at-home-daugher (SAHD) who dabbles in photography.

How premature was Josie? Why was she premature?

Josie's actual gestational age has been reported differently in multiple sources. The general reported consensus is that she was born at about 25-26 weeks gestation. She was just over a pound at birth, classifying her as a micro-preemie. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas at UAMS. Shortly after her birth by emergency C-section, she was transferred to Arkansas Children's Hospital's NICU and remained there for several months. She was released near her original due date, but was readmmited less than two days later for an intestinal issue. It is unknown to what extent her prematurity has affected her long term health. Josie was delivered prematurely to save Michelle's life. Michelle had developed toxemia of pregnancy- a potentially fatal disease related to pregnancy, for which the only cure is delivering the baby.

Who are Jubilee Shalom and "Caleb" Duggar?

Jubilee Duggar was a fetus in @ the 17th week of gestation when Michelle was told that the pregnancy was no longer viable. Jubilee's pregnancy followed Josie's premature birth. Jubilee was mourned for at a church service attended by hundreds of people, with a slideshow of post-miscarriage photos, and buried in a cemetery.

"Caleb" Duggar was, according to Jim Bob and Michelle, the first miscarriage they experienced between Josh and the twins (Jana and John David). He was named posthumously and was only approximately 6 weeks in gestation at the time Michelle miscarried. Why they assigned him a name and a gender before such things could be determined is anyone's guess.

When did Jim Bob and Michelle decide to have so many children and why?

Jim Bob and Michelle claim that the miscarriage of Caleb was the catalyst for their change in beliefs regarding birth control. Contrary to scientific fact and without any basis in biology, the Duggars blame Caleb's miscarriage on the fact that Michelle had used birth control at some point. They believed that using birth control was contrary to the edict in the Bible to accept children as a blessing. It is also around this time that the Duggars began reading about a Fundamentalist Baptist movement to allow God to open and close the womb without interference.

More in a bit...

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Who is FAMY?

FAMY refers to Cousin Amy. Amy Rachelle Duggar-Jordan was born on September 30, 1986. As such, she outranks Josh as the oldest Duggar grandchild (for JL and Mary Duggar). Amy's mother is Jim Bob's sister. Amy was given the nickname "FAMY" on TWOP (Television Without Pity) near the beginning of the series being filmed due to her "fame whoring" and attention grabbing scenes. Amy aspires to be a country music artist and had a short lived special of her own. When she's not singing, she works as a nanny for families in Northwest Arkansas. Amy is frequently referred to as "fun loving", "a little crazy", and "not the same as us" by some of the Duggar family. Amy attended a public school (at one point, a school that was right next door to Jim Bob and Michelle's house). She dresses less conservatively and has dated in a non-courtship manner. She has been shown to listen to contemporary music. She seems to have a good relationship with her infamous cousins and, in particular, is very close to JoyAnna.

What is the TTH?

The TTH is an acronym for the Tinker Toy House (where the Duggars currently reside). In 1999, Jim Bob purchased a steel frame house kit. Unfortunately, Jim Bob claimed (in a book he co-authored with Michelle) that the kit came with missing pieces and "the wrong bolts". The company sent him an entire second house kit and didn't require he return the first one. Seeing an opportunity, Jim Bob decided to somehow make do with the first kit and add it to the second kit to build a 7000+ sq. ft. mega mansion. Because of it's "beam and bolt" construction, it looked like a set of tinker toys. Jim Bob saw the building of the house as a "pay as you go" family project. The children, some as young as 8, were gifted with their very own electric drills and screw drivers and were put to work. Because they were, well...children, the construction was painstakingly slow. Despite hiring a friend and contractor to finish, as of 2005, the house was unfinished and unlivable. Facing their second move (wherein their homes had been demolished), TLC stepped in to finish construction of the house in the Winter and Spring of 2005-2006. The family was able to move in in January of 2006, due to the largesse of local businesses and the network.

What are the sleeping arrangements in the TTH?

Despite having adequate square footage for separate bedrooms, the Duggars house their brood in dorm style wings. The boys occupy a large bedroom directly above the family playroom. There is a slide that can be accessed from the boys' room which leads to a playroom. The boys room has a large, ante room which was once used as a video and sound recording studio- which, oddly, had no door and was accessed by a large window from the boys room. The girls room is a large space on the opposite side of the house. They have two "closet type" area- one was a "sewing room" and the other seems to be a "staging room" with large pillows, stacks of ribbons and bows, and toys/books. Both dorms have two bathrooms each. The boys room has recently been retrofitted with three, 3-bunk wooden bunk beds and two double beds. The girls room has two double beds, three twin beds, a bunk bed, and usually several pack-n-play cribs. Although, it's rumored that the pack and plays are gone and the littlest girls are now sleeping in beds vacated by older sisters.

Jim Bob and MIchelle have their own room, and bathroom, on the same wing as the girls. Their room has a tiny space reserved as "the nursery". It contains a crib and a rocking chair. The "changing station" is in the hallway outside their room.

There are two kitchens in the TTH: a pretty kitchen and an industrial kitchen with a 400 square foot pantry.

Grandma Mary lives in a bedroom off the laundry room, directly under the boys' dormitory. The laundry room has four washers and four dryers. Rather than having the clothes in bedrooms, the Duggars utilize a "family closet". This, too, is off the laundry room.

There is a "goodbye room" and an office, under the girl's wing, on the ground floor. There is also a long dining room and large, open living room. There are two staircases.

What the hell is a "buddy team"?

Buddy Teams are comprised of one, or two, older children who take responsibility for two to three younger children. The team leader is responsible for bathing, dressing, supervising chores, and keeping their little charges on task. You know...all those things mothers and fathers are supposed to do. The most recent Buddy Teams were:

Jana, Jason, Jackson, and Josie

Jill, JoyAnna, James and Jennifer

Jessa, Jeremiah, Justin, and Jordyn

Jinger, Jedidiah and Jeremiah

Since two of the girls are now married, these groupings have likely changed. Michelle claims her buddy is Jim Bob and whatever child is nursing.

* Eta- someone asked about the missing boys- Josh, John David, Joseph and Josiah- not being on the buddy list. It's not an oversight. It seems that the older boys age out of the buddy system and don't currently serve as team leaders. The buddy teams listed above were current up to Jill's wedding. Obviously, they have likely changed. The only evidence of elder boys having buddies was a small interaction between Josh and a toddler James or Justin in the first special.

What is TTC? Tater tot casserole. An epicly unhealthy combination of ground turkey, tater tots, and cream of mushroom soup. It was said to be a favorite meal.

What is the prayer closet?

The prayer closet is a small room reserved for prayer and contemplation.

More to follow..

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What's the deal with pickles?

In one of the early, pre-series specials, one of the children (I believe it was Jessa or Jill) was asked what "individuality" meant and if the Duggar kids were individuals.  The child answered, "Well..some of us like pickles and some of us don't."  That was their only way to guage individuality.  But, to be fair, those Duggars love their gosh darned pickles.  The Bates' bought four gallon sized jars of pickles before the Duggar family visited.  We've even had entire episodes devoted to making pickles and watched kids surrepticiously hoard pickles.  Oh yeah...the Duggar love their pickles (giggle).


Why does Jim Bob have Ken doll hair?  Jim Bob loves hairspray.  See! He's a friggin' individual.  He's a guy who has a weekly, three can, Aqua Net habit.  Although some label it "Ken Doll" hair, I think it resembles Lego hair.


How do the Duggar afford all of those children? Do they depend on public assistance?

Jim Bob claims that he can support his clan soley based off the income of commercial property rent and a cell tower that he maintains on his acreage.  Ten years of reality TV money doesn't hurt, either.  It's critical to remember that, in all likelihood, every trip taken and every product consumed on camera has been donated to the production.  Therefore, most families of this size, in that area of the United States, would not experience the same lifestyle.  One only has to look at the Bates and Duggars, pre-tv-show, to see the economic realities of living as a Quiverfull family.  The Duggars do not depend on public assistance in the traditional sense.  Jim Bob claims that the family never received AFDC or Food Stamps at any point.  There was some discussion about WIC, once upon a time, but I don't think they ever qualified for public assisstance given their land holdings and savings.  They did, however, depend on the generosity of neighbors and "the public" many times.  They used to accept donations of food and clothing.  They depended on neighbors to help with laundry, piano lessons, fiddle lessons, child care, and other needs. 


Do they really "Buy Used and Save the Difference" (BUSD)?

Before the show, I think they did follow this mantra pretty faithfully.  The ten year house project is sort of evidence of that choice.   Also, prior to TLC, they lived a far more frugal existence.  They refilled large plastic jugs of water from the tap and didn't allow the kids to drink anything but water and milk.  They didn't buy new shoes or clothes.  Several pieces of home furnishings and appliances were bought used, at auctions. 

HOWEVER, THEY DID RECEIVE THOUSANDS IN NEW APPLIANCES AND FURNISHINGS FROM BUSINESSES.  It's easy to "buy used and save" when people hand you stuff for free. 


What is "modest modern"?

"Modest modern" is the style the girls claim to dress with.  Prior to the series taking off, the girls wore homemade, frumpers with puffy sleeved turtlenecks or t-shirts.  It was very "Little House", Prairie Style.  The Bates' one-upped their gig with technicolor monstrosities on many episodes.  The Duggars believe women should be covered from knees to neck, at the very least.  They also believe that women should not wear pants or wear anything that "might stir up desires which cannot righteously be fulfilled".  As the show progressed and the girls got out more, they realized that they were fashion backward and started wearing layered separates.  The boys wear pants with polo shirts or t-shirts most of the time. 


Who are the Bates?

The Bates family hails from the hollers of Tennesee.  Gil and Kelly Bates met in college and, for similar reasons and with similiar influences, decided to have as many children as God would give them.  They now have 19 children, too.  The Duggars met the Bates through ATI.  Despite having beautiful children, there have been no Duggar-Bates weddings.  The world mourns.

The Duggars "helped" the Bates' build a TTH of their own...which, really, means they started a project that took two years to finish and required TLC to step in and complete.  Now, the Bates have a studio ready house, complete with film lighting, too.  Isn't that special?  The Bates had a short lived series of their own: The United Bates of America.  When that show folded, the Duggars continued to feature the Bates in many epsiodes of "a bajillion kids and counting".  Because nothing bad ever really dies, another network has picked up the Bates for a new series... my TIVO weeps.


Why don't the Duggars kiss before marriage?

The Duggars believe in purity of body and spirit.  They believe a person's worth is directly tied to their virginity and see inexperience as a virtue.  They believe dating encourages one to "give away pieces of their heart" to someone who might not be their spouse - and that's bad! They believe fathers are charged with protecting their daughter's hearts and uterus.  Boys are expected to approach a girl's father before approaching her and ask for permission to court the girl.  Prior to a courtship, the only acceptable way of "dating" is to speak chastely on the phone or via text with other people watching to insure that no rules are being broken.  Texts and phone calls are never private.  After a courtship has been approved or announced, the couple can begin going on "dates".  Of course, they can never go without a chaperone and must never touch!  Side hugs are the only acceptable contact and that is reserved for "hi and goodbye" and always under the watchful eye of parents or chaperones.  After you're engaged, you can hold hands.


What the hell is hand sex and why were Josh and Anna doing so much of it?

"Hand sex" is essentially holding hands with a purpose. :)  After you get the ring, you get to hold hands.  Occasionally, this hand holding leads to steamy thumb-on-thumb stroking and sweaty palms.  Jesus is cool with this.  Jesus encourages this.  Josh and Anna got enaged and never stopped holding hands, hence the term "hand sex".  If you want to engage in safe hand sex, be sure to wear a latex glove.


Why don't the Duggars listen to contemporary music?  Why was Jackson chastized for swaying to a toy's music in a toy store?

The Duggars believe that any music that doesn't celebrate Christianity is bad.  If the music has a thumpin' base and a killer hook, you might never recover.  You may actually start to dance and this is like Footloose-times-eleven.  Dancing is sinful because the moves are suggestive and your swaying hips might draw eyes from your countenance to your powerfully sexual gyrations.

Jackson was chastized by Jana for boppin' along to an infant toy in a store.  She defended him by saying he was too young to know that that sort of movement could damn him to hell. 


More later... sorry, I've become more sarcastic the longer these have gone on.

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Ok. I've had a forbidden cup of coffee (pregnancy is really messing with my coffee jones) and ate a banana. I think I can wade back in.

Who is TFDW?
TFDW stands for "The Fabulous David Waller". David Waller is married to Anna (Keller) Duggar's sister, Priscilla (Keller) Waller. David comes from a missionary family and is commited to conservative, Christian values. He works for ATI. I'm not sure when people started referring to him as TFDW. He's pretty "fabulous" - he has an outrageous, theatrical personality, that comes across strongly at all times.
David and Priscilla have two children: Paul and Davia. These would be the cousins of McKynzie, Michael, and Marcus Duggar.

What is the SOTDRT and the Church of the Holy Basement?
The SOTDRT is shorthand for the "School of the Dining Room Table". Michelle Duggar homeschooled the Duggar children around a formaica serving table for many years. In the first specials, it was this table in which we got to witness such lessons as "bankruptcy doesn't mean you go to a bank" and other gems. It was at the SOTDRT that the kids learned about "per-pen-dic-u-lar" and other important academic topics. In the beginning, after God created light, but before he took a nap, he created the dining room table...and saw it was good. Unfortunately, the dining room table was benched to the laundry room and the family moved to an online education system.
The Church of the Holy Basement was a riff on the Duggar's Church at the airing of the first episode. When we first saw the Duggars, they were attending a home church. Someone jokingly mocked that they probably attended church in the basement, where one of the J kids was born (btw). In reality, the Duggars don't attend a brick-and-mortar church. In fact, the closest thing they get to a regular service is Bible Time in the boys' bedroom. With the filming, travel, and other things, it's quite unlikely that they could maintain a regular Sunday worship schedule. Now, they attend a home based, family friendly worship group in a location other than the basement.

Did Michelle have a nervous breakdown?
To avoid any sort of litigation, we need to tread carefully here. I'll stick with what Michelle, herself, has admitted to. There was a time, when she had like eight kids under eight, and she was crammed into a tiny house with one bathroom and ONE washer/dryer, that she dropped her basket. It was in the middle of the night. Jim Bob was asleep. The kids were asleep, but had been sick, and she was very pregnant. She was doing laundry and realizing that this was, in fact, the life she'd chosen, and she cried out to God to help her accept this life and help her accept the burden. The next day, at a piano lesson, she fell asleep (one imagines that the toddlers were drawing on walls or climbing over dangerous couches and stairs). The piano teacher, seeing Michelle's fatigue, volunteered that she loved doing laundry (??? Who loves doing laundry?????) and felt like God was leading her to help Michelle with that. We're lead to believe that this woman continued doing laundry for the Duggars for many, many years.

What does Michelle do?
It's a fair question. Between buddies, laundry fairies, and other helpers (not to mention, a bunch of young adult daughters), most duties are covered. Let's look at what Michelle doesn't do.
Piano or violin lessons.
Cooking for the family. (She occasionally cooks something special for Jim Bob or breakfast for herself).
Getting her children brushed, dressed, and presentable.
Changing diapers.
Cleaning house.
Packing or unpacking for her kids
Organizing the house

Basically, the woman doesn't have many jurisdictions other than not making Jim Bob sandwiches. If she's not gestating, she's really not doing much.

Who are the "howlers"?
The howlers are a fluctuating, but identifiable group of boys. At this point, it's Jason, James, Justin, and Jackson. If you watch with a critical eye, you'll note that these four do very little other than running around, howling and crashing into stuff. They're usually seen in the background: lassoing a stair post, jumping off furniture, dragging a spare sibling by a leg, and other "boys will be boys" foolishness. They might also be spotted outside, swinging from a barely safe rope swing or using rusty nails and pallets to build forts. Their scientific name is Homosapiaduggar Arkansasnis. They're generally spotted in herds and are fairly aggressive. Approach with caution.

Who are the "littles", "middles", and "bigs"?
I think Michelle started this cutesy classification system. As near as I can tell, they are as follows:
Littles = Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, Josie
Middles = Josiah, JoyAnna, Jed, Jer, Jason, James, Justin
Bigs = Josh, Jana, JD, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, Joseph
There's wiggle room.

ETA: What is a leg humper? Do I want one?
A "leg humper" refers to the hoardes of people who surround the Duggars and spin all of their strawmen into gold. Like Rumplestiltskin, but more rabid and vapid. You know you're a "leg humper" if you think every word that spills out of Michelle's mouth is a gem and Jim Bob is just the most-bestest father you've ever heard of. If you want to join the Duggar family, and you go to their house uninvited and steal a diary to put on Ebay (yep! It happened.) you move from "leg humper" to "stalker". Tread lightly. You may want a leg humper. It depends on how your self esteem is these days. Most adults don't need a leg humper, but if you have a tv show and have extreme views on religion, a leg humper is kind of nice to have around. They'll go to forums and defend your honor. They'll buy items off your bridal registry and send you gifts for no reason. Actually...
Fudge! I'm now accepting applications to be a Wanderwoman leg humper! I got babies on the way and mama needs some Mountain Dew. *

*not really.

anything I missed?

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Still looking for a thread title?  A Duggar Dictionary? This would follow TLC's great fondness for alliteration. Or Duggarpedia?

It would be a really neat blessing and encouragement for you to purpose to train our characters in this fellowship. I purpose to be slow to anger and keep a cheerful countenance while you're purposing. (Did I forget any Key Words?) Wait, PERPENDICULAR. Like, totally, PERPENDICULAR.


Edited because I have a few definitions:

Unrighteously fulfilled desires - Usually being attracted to some you aren't married to. Apparently, horniness on the level that will force you to immediately engage in a Roman orgy and then go straight to hell. Unrighteously unfulfilled desires are caused by women in pants, female collar bones, being in the presence of a member of the opposite sex without a chaperone, any physical contact besides a side hug, secular music, romance novels, etc., but never, ever feet.  

Giving away pieces of the heart - Extremely traumatic outcome of liking someone/dating someone not parental approved and outside a courtship. Dating splinters the soul worse than Lord Voldemort creating a bunch of horcruxes. 

Righteously fulfilled desires - Heterosexual marital sex, which hopefully leads to a baby.

Blanket training - Training your baby to stay on a blanket by terrifying him/her by tempting him/her off the blanket with toys, then shaking a can of pennies and/or hitting with a spoon until they are too traumatized to leave the blanket.

Neat - The proper reaction to basically anything and everything. Possibly one of the few adjectives besides "blessed."

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Duggar terms and jargon , if I may?

Blessing - a word that is sadly overused. Everything is a "blessing " in Duggarland. Your car was stolen? What a blessing! You have the chicken pox? It's such a blessing!

Countenance - a word to describe someone's facial features. Michelle is obsessed with drawing attention to her countenance, lest you get turned on by her hawt bod.

Investment /invest - Not used to describe finances or the stock market. Rather, it is used to describe "emotional investment".

Season of life - a fanciful way of describing the current period of life, i.e. menopause, grandparent-hood etc.

Purpose - Jim Bob "purposes" to overpopulate the Earth with his spawn.

Encouragement - everything is an encouragement. Can't think of an adjective to describe someone? By all means, use 'encouragement'.

Servant's heart - Chances are if you have a "servant's heart", you've slaved away for Jim Bob and Michelle at some point in time.

Neat - Every thing is neat. No matter what it is.

Stirring up desires that cannot righteously be fulfilled - Basically referring to arousal.

Modest - the opposite of Jim Bob and Michelle.

Tube meat - hot dogs. Get your mind out of the gutter and into the prayer closet.

Prayer closet - a room in the TTH where one may go to pray to Baby Jesus and/or Gothard.

Vibrator - a baby's bouncy seat. Not THAT kind of vibrator.

Aaaannnd - the annoying way to pronounce 'and'.

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What were the Duggar Family Rules? 

The first Duggar special, 14 Kids and Still F****ing, spent time trying to show us just how special and precious the family was.  One of the ways this was done was to have the children recite a family "sing song" poem listing all the things they weren't supposed to do.  I have pulled the rules from their first book.  There are 22 of these "guidelines", so I'll abbreviate where I can.

"Always use soft words, even when you don't feel well.

Always display kind actions...

Always be enthusiastic and look for opportunities to praise another's character.

Always deflect praise and be grateful to God...

Always use manners.

Always do what is right, even when no one is looking.

Thank God for how he made you.

Dont' mock or put down others. (we are soooooo going to hell)

Never argue or complain or blame.  Don't wait til your caught. Your sins will find you...

Have a tough accountability/prayer partner.

Be attentive and look for ways to serve others with sincere motives.

Think pure thoughts.

Always give a good report of others.

Never raise a hand to hit.

Never raise a foot to kick.

Never raise an object to throw.

Never raise a voice to yell.

Never raise an eye to scowl.

Use one toy at a time. Share!

Do you best to keep things neat.

Never let the sun go down on your wrath.

AMMENDMENT JOY: Jesus first. Others second.  Yourself last." (sic)


Of course, on screen, none of the kids could name them all and it was a garbled fun-fest.  The take-a-way, "be an automoton". 


What is "sin in the camp"?

This one has some controversial beginnings and no one reallly knows what the full story was.  It's best not to get into this one.  But, the context was, someone lost an election and said there MAY HAVE BEEN sin in the c amp.  


What was Jim Bob's political experience?

Between 1999 and 2002, Jim Bob served in the Arkansas House of Representatives.  If you ever watched Big Love, Jim Bob was the Bill Hendrickson of Arkansas.  A business man turned politician in a state capacity.  Some people have said that he served in DC due to pictures from the family in front of the capitol.  This isn't accurate.  Jim Bob only made it as far as Little Rock.  He was vice chair of a committee or two. 


He ran for the Republican party in a NATIONAL SENATE bid, primary election in 2002.  That's where they got all those cool signs that you see them use for sledding and building forts in subsequent episodes.  He lost.  The end. 


Why do they homeschool?

Put simply: it's a control thing.  There's actually a little controversy because, before the show, Josh was said to have gone to a public school for a year.  But, in "A Love That Multiplies", Michelle claims that she and Jim Bob decided to homeschool long before Josh was school aged.  Not that it really matters.  They claim they homeschool because they didn't want outside influences on their children and they wanted to fulfill a Biblical edict (Deut. 6:5-7).    They say they wanted "...the children to be who God wants them to be without negative peer pressure and without the infuence that could lead to criminal activity, drugs, alcohol and immorality".  HEY!  I know Kindergarten is a hot bed of immorality and drugs - the Graham Crackers alone are sinful - but,... give me a break.  The third reason they state is that public schools are indoctrinating kids into atheism, socialism, and evolution, and worldly philosophies.  The fourth reason was that they wanted their kids to be best friends. 


I believe that they figured out that if the kids went to public school, it would invite criticism of their parenting philosophies (blanket training might attract social services) and they were too insecure about their own ability to raise ethical kids without isolating them.  Also, public school means activities and lessons that you don't control 100%.  Public school also means you have to get up at 6am and get your kids ready for the day and adhear to a reasonable schedule without week long absenses for house building and political stumping.  That just won't do.


But...didn't Jim Bob and Michelle go to public schools?

Yes.  Yes, they did.  Jim Bob went to a Christian school for grades 6-12.  But, primary school was public.  In fact, this whole school issue sheds an interesting light on one of his claims about his dad not providing adequately.  At the same age where his mom was going to use rice from a craft item to feed her family, Jim Bob and his sister were attending a private, Christian school.  Something seems off about that.  Michelle was the result of a public education and never fails to blame the influences of her sinful friends for the bad choices she made...like washing a car in a bikini and being a cheerleader.  The irony is: Jim Bob and MIchelle think they're fantastic Christians...they don't believe the "secular lie of evolution" and they're raising a Godly family...after being public school pupils. 


Do the kids watch tv?

No.  Despite growing up in the golden age of television, Jim Bob and Michelle forbid cable in their home and, allegedly, have one small television that they use for "important news days".  Jim Bob and Michelle had a tv when they got married and they started zoning out in front of the tv, instead of talking.  So, once again, because Jim Bob and Michelle had no self control, the kids don't get to have  a television...or boyfriends...or dates...or the radio...or activities outside the family. 

The children do watch videos.  Mostly Christian, Focus on the Family productions.  Andy Griffith somehow gets a pass, too.  As for bigger screens, when they attended the Christian Film Festival in 2008, it was noted that that was the first time most of the kids had ever been in a movie theater.  Now, those worldly Duggars promote movies with "positive moral values" (Kind of like Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL).  They are on television and have made movies with Kirk Cameron and the folks who brought you Courageous and Fireproof.  They make their money off of being on television.  But, they don't trust their children to watch television. 


I thought NIKE was a shoe company.  WHY do they yell it in public?

According to their books, screaming NIKE isn't really slut shaming immodestly dressed women (like, people wearing shorts and tank tops).  It's about reminding the boys to look at their shoes and not see anything that could make their naughty bits tingle.  I'm not sure why there's no reciprocity for the Duggar girls.  The boys don't yell "PRADA!" when a shirtless man walks by! 

Essentially, it's more foolishness to draw attention to the fact that they are holier than you in every way possible and that they care about their children's hearts more than those of you who allow your teenage boys to see girls in shorts. 


What is a countenance? Where can I get one?

The Duggars use countenance to refer to your face.  Yes, that beautiful mug that God gave you is the only thing the opposite sex is supposed to see before your wedding night.  Unless your pregnant and the producers want to film your ultrasounds and birth,...then you can show off that skin, baby!  The good news is: we all have a countenance.  The Duggar girls strive to improve their countenance mightily.  Lots of make-up and product! 


How can I "purpose" to do something? What does that even mean?

Ahhh....don't think too hard about this one.  To "purpose to do" something just means you're going to try really hard.  But, since "try really hard" doesn't have a cool ring to it, you're supposed to turn a noun into a verb. 

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What is Duggar Time? Do I have to set my clocks back ah hour?

"Duggar Time" is their attempt to make their tardiness and disrespect for other people look cute and justifiable. 


What exactly is a "desire that cannot be righteously fulfilled" and where can I find one?

Definitely, start looking for them at public schools and on television.  They're everywhere, according to the Duggars.  Anything that makes you feel the slightest bit aroused or lustful or even appreciative can be unrighteous.  If you're not married, pretty much everything is bad.  The good news is, once there's a ring and an "I do"...game on, player!  You can ask your partner to do just about anything --- remember, anyone can make him a sandwich, but only you can give him hot, backdoor action with a side of role playing.  Keepin' it righteous since 2010, here!


Let's get serious, for a moment.  What's the deal with Quiverfull?  Are the Duggars adhearants to this philosophy?

The short answer is "yes".  The long answer is, "Yes. They are QF, but they don't want that label."   In the beginning, after creating light but before the nap, the Duggars had a self-created website and no publicist.  Back then, their website had links to prominent, Quiverfull-mentality ministries.  They also had a Quiverfull logo that identified them as QF amongst other Christians.  These things were downplayed later.  The Duggars are savvy.  There's no way they'll attach a label on themselves because that label could go south...ala Bill Gothard.  QF is accepting any children God gives you, "in His time", and for "His purpose".  The Duggars fit that. If it walks like a duck...


What is ALERT?  Where is Josiah?

ALERT is an acronym for Air Land Emergency Response Team.  If you're on the water, they cannot help you! Sorry. 

ALERT is a psuedo-military, religious training program for young men.  They claim to be training people to be first responders in the event of a national emergency.  And, perhaps that's what they're doing.  However, ex-ALERT cadets have shared that there's more to it than meets the eye.  Some ALERT sessions are focused on redirecting and rehabilitating character faults.  Some sessions focus on how to minister at a missionary level and how to use disasters to get into a society and spread the gospel.  I think most, if not all, of the Duggar boys head off to ALERT training at a certain age.  Josiah just happens to be the one in that age group, at the moment. 


Odds are, there's a gay Duggar or two? Who do you think it is?

Even if the odds are correct and there's a gay Duggar or two, there's no good that can come from speculation.  If you're the "gay Duggar", do you think the public speculation would be helpful?  Do you think it would make your parents more or less scrutinizing of your behavior?  Yeah.  That's why it's best to leave it alone.  The kids didn't get themselves into this family or on this show and, unless they give their permission to film an engagement, courtship, honeymoon, wedding night, and births on tv, we have no business putting it on front street.  That's why we have TFDW. :) [Note from mod: Forum policy is not to speculate about sexual orientation in children under 18 years old.  The adults are fair game--Rhondinella]


Who are the lost girls?  Are they really lost?

The "lost girls" would be Jordyn and Jennifer.  Johannah might've been a lost girl, but she is too big of a personality to ignore.  The origins of the lost girls go back to Josie's birth and subsequent drama.  At Josie's birth, Jordyn wasn't even a year old and Jennifer was barely two.  Because Michelle is such a delicate flower, she had handed Jenny and Jordyn off to buddies so that she could gestate Josie.  When that went south, and Michelle spent almost a year in isolation with Josie, Jenny and Jordyn lost out on their mom.  Let's be real.  If the ship is sinking, you triage.  Josie needed round the clock care.  But, Michelle essentially abandoned the lost girls to their buddies and we see the problems that caused now.   Jenny and Jordyn are devestated at the loss of their real moms to their own households.  That's one of the unmentioned costs of this lifestyle- that you abdicate parental responsibilities and the kids can suffer.

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Hey everyone- can you just post your questions and wait for someone to post a response? Also, for those posting a response to a query please quote the question so I can delete the original question post. That's the only way to keep this thread organized.


If you like someone's post can you please just use the like button so this thread can stay clean and tidy? This way newbies can come here for a primer and then go into the threads and comment away.


I'll be deleting posts here that don't have any questions included.

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What is ATI?  I think it has to do with their home schooling.  What are its principles?  Does it have a mission statement?  Clearly, it doesn't prepare students for college.  What does it prepare them for?  


ATI stands for "Advanced Training Institutes".  From their own website (ati.iblp.org):

 The ATI curriculum uses the teachings of Jesus Christ, given in the Sermon on the Mount, as the primary source for teaching linguistics, law, history, science, and medicine.  This approach makes ATI unique, as it builds education on the foudation of faith in Christ...


ATI is a subsidiary of IBLP (Institute for Basic Life Principles), a ministry developed by Bill Gothard. Viewers were first introduced to the ATI curriculum via the first episode (14 Kids and Pregnant Again).  ATI uses "Wisdom Books".  These books are fill-in-the-blank style workbooks that the child responds in during the lesson.  One of the major criticisms with the curriculum is that, being geared to large family, homeschool patrons; the lessons repeat every four years.  So, for example, a chid starting in Kindergarten could be using the same resources as a senior in high school and the high school has been exposed to that particular lesson three times.  After three exposures to a week long unit on bankruptcy, you better hope the kids knows how to define it.  And, that's the bigger issue- the lessons in such lofty subjects as "law" and "medicine" are so basic and repetitive, and only use a biblical perspective, that it's nothing more than a vocabulary lesson with very little application.  The Science text refutes evolution as a secular agenda and misrepresents evolution to represent the theory of cosmogenesis (the Big Bang Theory...no, not the Sheldon Cooper show).  


We've seen Michelle supplement this with Sing Spell- a phonics based program used in many public schools in the United States.  But, that's about the only supplemental material the older kids were exposed to.  The family now uses ATI and Switched on Schoolhouse.  SoS is an internet, laptop based interface where all lessons and tests are administered online.  Reports about performance and mastery of skill can be accessed by the parent/teacher.  In the Duggars case, one of the older girls has taken over this responsibility.


What can you do with an ATI "diploma"?

Not a whole helluva lot!  State competency isn't part of the curriculum.  It is the responsiblity of the parent to have the children take the testing required in the resident state.  Alot of homeschoolers claim to use the Iowa Standard (which used to be the gold standard of standardized testing).  But, it's completely voluntary.  The sad part is that the ATI website never claims that this system prepares a student for higher education or mastery.  It very clearly states that the goal of the system is to raise Godly children with a ministry heart.  Most ATI teens opt to go for a GED, issued from their homestate.  With their GED, the child can then begin using College Plus (an uncredentialed "college" that doesn't actually exist). 


What is College Plus (a.k.a., College Minus)?

College Plus claims that you can "pursue your degree" "on your own schedule..." "debt free".  So, why isn't every student in America following this program?  The ATI crowd would have you believe that the general American public is stupid and so attuned to a life of debt that they can't function without it.  The truth is simply this: College Plus is not a university.  College Plus attempts to give the student just enough mastery of a subject to "test out" of the course requirement at a University.  By doing so, you can accumulate transfer credit at the handful of brick and mortar schools that accept this method of credit transfer.  Unfortunately, as anyone who has actually obtained a degree knows, testing out of something doesn't guarantee that you're not responsible for the material in another course and universities usually require the student to take the "next level" of whatever it was they tested out of.  For example: I can take a college entrance exam for math and test out of remedial math.  That doesn't mean my math requirement, say, Statistics, simply vanishes off my list of required courses.  And, if I had tested out of Stats, I still might be required to take a higher level Math. 


The real goal of the program, and this is stated on their website, is to have you take Leadership Training and Study Skills courses and network.  I think the proof in the pudding is that there's no guarantee on the College Plus website that tells you exactly what is transferable and how much the program costs.  

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Why do the Duggars refrain from eating pork when they don't (appear to) keep kosher? Do they also refrain from shellfish, etc.?

I KNOW, RIGHT?  What American, especially an American raised in the South, doesn't eat bacon.  Oh.  Wait!  Shoot.  The Duggars are shown eating bacon all the time on camera?  *insert ticking clock noise here*


Well, maybe it's turkey bacon?  Oh.  Shoot.  You've seen the package?  Yeah.  Well, that's because the whole "we don't eat pork" is bull.  We've seen the Duggars order pizzas with pepperoni and Canadian Bacon.  We've watched them throw enough bacon bits on a potato to draw the wrath of Juno's dad! "Liberty Bell, if you put one more baco bit on that, I'm gonna' kick your monkey butt!" - Mr. McGuff


For a while, there was a Baptist movement toward Political/Emotional sympathy with the state of Israel.  As a result, a lot of Southern Baptists, the Duggars included, started sporting the Star of David and upholding Kosher diets.  Some Christians, especially those who feel Leviticus is still applicable, follow the prohibition against pork as outlined in Leviticus and the Mosaic Code.  But, mainly, it was just a phase and we've seen them scarfing down Babe, Porky, and their beloved Razorbacks in many episodes.  "Oink, Oink, my good man."

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Fundies love us Jews.  We have a hand in the return of Jesus.  It's not so much that we are loved; we are a means to an end.  Thus, Shalom was a great middle name for Jubilee.  Read about it here:  http://lamblion.com/articles/articles_jews12.php


ETA: Prior to her courtship, Jill wore the Star of David around her neck.  (Ticked me off every time I saw it.)  Now, of course, she wears the heart that Derick got her.  Awww. 

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Why does Jordyn have two middle names?  My theory?  I think the Duggars are fame whores and they let their teenage daughters choose the baby names for the girls.  Just like the thousands of teen moms who choose names like "Neveah", Renesmee, or throw extraneous "y's" and "z's" in names to look cool.  Jim Bob has been gunning for a Julie Grace for years and didn't get it.  He was outvoted.  So, poor Jordyn got the short stick and was stuck with a completely made up middle name "Makiya".  Really, "Makiya"? 


As for Jubilee- I don't think she would've been named that had she not been a miscarriage.  I believe the Shalom was some evolution of their visit to the Holy Lands and might have been a nod to where she was conceived. 

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Yes, it was a Jewish practice in ancient times that is mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures (Lev 24:8-13). Every fifty years (or possibly 49, there is some debate) there was a "Year of Jubilee" when all lands reverted to their original owners, all debts were forgiven, and all slaves set free.  It was seen as reflective of the grace of G-d and his desire for everyone to experience freedom in all its forms, among other things.  There is some debate about whether it really was observed or not, or it possibly was observed only in some places.  You can read more about it here:




Interestingly some of the African slaves in the American south latched on to this concept, for obvious reasons, and referred to the time when they would be freed as the year of their jubilee.


/Bible Professor Nerdosity

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Why does Jordyn have two middle names?  My theory?  I think the Duggars are fame whores and they let their teenage daughters choose the baby names for the girls.  Just like the thousands of teen moms who choose names like "Neveah", Renesmee, or throw extraneous "y's" and "z's" in names to look cool.  Jim Bob has been gunning for a Julie Grace for years and didn't get it.  He was outvoted.  So, poor Jordyn got the short stick and was stuck with a completely made up middle name "Makiya".  Really, "Makiya"? 


As for Jubilee- I don't think she would've been named that had she not been a miscarriage.  I believe the Shalom was some evolution of their visit to the Holy Lands and might have been a nod to where she was conceived. 

Michelle was the one who chose "Jordyn-Grace Makiya" - I guess it was a compromise.  I assumed they thought Jordyn might be the last one and wanted to cram as many names in there as possible just in case.  Makiya is just a bastardized spelling of "Micaiah," which is a Biblical name - a man's name.  So much for strict jender roles. 


The Bateses also have a miscarriage named Jubilee. 

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Why does Jordyn have two middle names?  I would think coming up with just one would be a job.

I vaguely remember the entire family sitting in the girls room pulling names out of a bag or something, and seeing what got the most votes.  IIRC, Jordyn was a slam dunk, but the middle name was pretty much evenly split between Grace and that horrifying Makiyah or whatever it was (I remember some of the girls lobbying hard for Makiyah).  I believe that giving her both names was a compromise since it was so close.

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Wanderwoman or anyone have the original source for the story Michelle tells about defrauding the neighbor while mowing/working in the yard? We were talking about it elsewhere and I know she said it but I'd like to revisit it to see how it comes across.


eta: Dejana found it and posted in the Duggar fashion thread. http://www.popsugar.com/moms/Interview-Michelle-Duggar-Mother-18-Children-PART-III-2727153

Michelle in her own words:


I told my kids, (growing up) I mowed the lawn in a bikini and had no idea what I was doing to my neighbor's husband across the street. No wonder the woman hated our family — you know? And, I think I had no clue as far as the responsibility I had in that the way I dressed caused men to have struggles.


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"God laid it on my heart." - a phrase often used to deflect responsibility for one's own decisions. In particular, Jim Bob likes to use this phrase and wouldn't ya know... GOD and Jim Bob often think alike. Jim Bob has God on speed dial apparently, as God often lays a lot things in Jim Bob's heart.

"Pray on it" - a phrase that means "I'll give you my decision once I erm...I mean,God lays it on my heart."

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"Telling the truth in love" = an excuse to put another fundamentalist on blast for something YOU believe they are wrong about.


Example: I'm guessing your mowing the lawn in a bikini, Michelle Duggar, had nothing to do with why the neighbors "hated" you. I'm fairly sure there were other problems, and it's not always about you. In the meantime, Jim Bob Duggar, continuing to slut-shame your wife because of something she did when she was a teenager borders on abuse.

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Does anyone know if the twin boys are identical or fraternal?  

The only reason I ask is because I believe the forums on TWOP mentioned that this was made clear on the show in the earlier years. I know they look alike, but ordinary siblings can look very much alike. All the Duggar boys look alike to me. Anyway just wondering if anyone knows. I also remember reading Michelle always dreamed of having fraternal twins girls, since she had twin boys and boy/girl twins.


Jed and Jeer are fraternal.

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I found this archived article from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, written when Jim Bob was running for senator. I thought I'd post it here, although there wasn't a specific question, as it addresses several topics that have kind of become Duggar lore. So it's a reference for who this family was before TLC showed up. Unfortunately, photos were not archived with the article.


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How would/does the Duggar family handle when other religions come to the front door of their house?

I'm going to guess that's never a problem since the compound has a coded gate and their house is so far back on the lot that trespassing would definitely apply.

But, if I had to guess, short of an Islamic Jihadist or a Scientologist showing up on their doorstep, I don't think they'd react poorly. They'd probably explain their own beliefs and try to witness to the missionary.

[bold] Is Michelle afraid of identical twins?[/bold]

Not sure how to answer this because it seems to be an odd question/statement.

Michelle views twins like most of us view a financial bonus. We have seen, and read, that Michelle hopes for twins every time she sees that double pink line on an EPT. Twins are wanted and celebrated. It's a two-fer.

Jana and John David are obviously fraternal. Jed and Jer are also fraternal. Since that is result of two eggs being released during menses, they're not identical genetically. They are no more "similar" than the other Duggar kids, they just share a birthday.

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Is it true that Jim Bob spoke to the TLC crew to edit the film of Jessa's wedding so we cannot see his and Michelle's faces when the newlyweds decide to leave the sanctuary and have their first kiss in private?  If so, major bummer!!!

I've had some time to research where these wedding rumors started and, although there are conflicting "eye witness" accounts, I don't see a reality where Jim Bob would need TLC to re edit anything. Even if the Duggars were shocked by the private kiss scenario, I think they would quickly turn it to a positive about cherishing that commitment to purity and giving their first kiss to that special someone in private as a testament to the principle of chastity. Jim Bob makes shit sandwiches into bbq tuna on a daily basis. This hiccup, if it wasn't pre planned, is probably not what would get his knickers in a twist.
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I know about "Nike'' when any male Duggar comes into contact with a female they deem to be dressed immodestly. 

 Is there a code word for the female Duggars if make genitalia is pronounced or acting up so to speak?      Do they yell "New Balance"?

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What is their estimated wealth? How many properties do they own? Do the children have a trust, like the Gosselins?

Their estimated wealth depends on who you include as "them" and where you source it. One site puts Jim Bob at 3.5million.

I have a feeling most of the benefit from the show would be the product placement, vacation, and home products. For example: the TTH (tinker toy house) received at least $200,000 in services and comped materials/furniture. Jim Bob and Michelle own several commercial and residential properties. A search of county records lists multiple properties under Duggar ownership. The show brings anywhere between $15,000-18,000 per episode. Kate Gosselin was making about that much, too, so it's not unrealistic. If you use the Gosselins as a guide, the Duggar kids may be splitting as little as $1200 per episode amongst them. Split even 10 ways, that's not much for your privacy or dignity. The adult kids, especially Josh and Anna, likely negotiated a separate rate for themselves and I would guess the other married couples do the same. I know people have said being over 18 years old might entitle the kids to a separate paycheck, but it may not. I suspect that part of the reason Jana wasn't filmed during Josh and Anna's road trip was part of a contractual issue- she likely hasn't signed a contract for herself and is covered as part of her parent's contract. If that's the case, TLC didn't film her on the trip because it would've necessitated a negotiation for Jana as her own entity.

I doubt the younger kids have any money set aside for them.

As far as I know, there's no female equivalent to NIKE. Girls aren't supposed to be hot and bothered by the physical- Jim Bob said so. Lol.

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I have two questions about this series.
1. Have there ever been any attempt to rescue some of the younger children? Show them what goes on in the real world? Get them some adequate schooling?

(Yes, that counts as one question.)

2. Has there ever been any public blow-back towards the network that films this show, in terms of aiding and abetting the neglect of some of the kids, the dishonesty inherent in the ultra-selective editing? Has there been a tell-all written by a former crew member? Why does so little leak out about this dysfunctional mess?

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Derick is a tax accountant at the Walmart in Bentonville, AR.


AFAIK Ben does not have a real job yet.  He supposedly has an associate's degree in political science and has said he wants to become a preacher.

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To all new posters in this forum. Please read the other posts in this thread before asking any questions. Most of the questions have already been answered by the fantabulous wanderwoman.

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Again, unless you have verifiable answers to the questions that people pose please refrain from posting in this thread. This is more of a resource guide for all things Duggar and their fundie friends. What I'm saying is knock it off everyone because I keep on having to delete posts since they fall outside of those parameters.

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My questions:

1) what age do they let these girls shave their legs? I wonder if they make them wait way beyond the embarrassing point.

2) probably no tampon usage either, huh?

Michelle claimed, in one of the books, that she goes out for a special lunch date with her girls around age 11-12 and gives them a box of "special women's things". I would assume it includes a razor and feminine hygiene products. As to tampons/pads, I'm not sure why it matters. Do we really need to know? I don't know if there's a special, Gothard prohibition of tampons.

"Righteously fulfilled desires - Heterosexual marital sex, which hopefully leads to a baby."


Since this is an 'acceptable' activity, what is the agreement now that Michelle's eggs are all gone. Is Michelle's shop forever closed to Jim Bob. What's the point of fulfilled desires if there's no baby outcome? I know Michelle says the women must be submissive to their husband, but I would like to know if Michelle is still putting out? I would think Jim Bob is on his own because aside from a baby, I have a feeling he had nothing more to offer her in the boudoir. What's the scoop on their sexual frequency?

They claim that any sexual activity in marriage is a gift and perfectly acceptable. When Michelle moves into a different "season", she's still Jim Bob's buddy and the only one who can make him a "special" sandwich.

As to frequency,...once again, why would that be our business. I'd assume that they're pretty active based on the sandwich analogy.


What will Michelle's new assignment be now that she's not going to produce more baby blessings? Will she be required to actually participate in the rearing of the children she has produced? This is a job that so far has been the responsibility of the oldest girls.

Michelle's assignment won't change. She's been an observer in her own home and she'll continued to observe as her children raise each other. She will continue to shirk her responsibility for children too old to nurse, and indeed has (as proven by Cinder Jana). Michelle will continue the difficult job of sitting by Jim Bob and gazing at him while he speaks platitudes and gibberish, while Super Grandma does laundry, Joy teaches the kids, and everyone else cooks, cleans, and takes life seriously. She will keep pretending that she can have another baby and living vicariously through her pregnant daughters. She has a charmed life and is fundy royalty. Why change?
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Who is the pastor who did Jubilees's memorial service? He says that he married them also - I'm just interested as to whether he is pre Gothard or part of that world as well or whether JB & M are coming back round to a different non Gothard influence again?

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Factoids regarding Michelle Duggar's breast feeding for 17 pregnancies


1. Michelle has pumped breast milk for one full hour, 6 times a day, every 4 hours

2. She pumped 3 bottles of milk every pump, approx 7 ounces in each bottle, or one gallon of milk every 24 hours

3. Michelle has breastfed babies for 275 months of her life

4. Over 17 pregnancies, Michelle has lactated 20,000 gallons of breast milk

5. Michelle has spent a total of six hours every day pumping breast milk


These are statistics taken from an earlier episode, when Josie was in the hospital. The Duggar's were compiling and sorting out all the frozen bottles of breast milk that had been stored in the freezer. As a group activity, they organized these bottles of frozen milk into neatly packaged rows and put them all back in the freezer. The little freezer was filled to the lid with the bottles of her breast milk. From the looks of it, Michelle shouldn't have had to pump another ounce of her breast milk for the rest of her life, but she was. I think that she relished the quiet time sitting and pumping her breast milk every four hours while the older girls did all the chores and babysitting the younger kids.



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I read a line in a post in the last couple days that said (paraphrasing of course) "...and then they went to Disney." I'm curious if they really went to Disney or it was a figure of speech? I vaguely remember seeing a picture of Michelle and one of the daughters at Disney (I think).

If they DID, in fact, go to Disney, WHY??? Why would they go there? This boggles my mind. It had to be a tremendous gift from someone who thought the kids might enjoy it. It would have cost this family upwards of $20,000 to spend 3 days at Disney. Someone who loves them ponied up I guess. But still...WHY???

Disney is filled with MAGIC, dancing, horrendous crowds (think of all those non-fundie cooties touching me!), heat and everything else the Duggars are opposed to. There are rides that you will leave drenched with your shirt sticking to you. (Nike!) The whole entire premise of Disney is magic and drama and wonderment and awe. I don't get it. I know it's not a big deal, but it bugs me nevertheless. Why would anyone pay that amount of money (or allow someone else to do so) if there's absolutely nothing from front to back that encourages your walk with God (I don't recall ever seeing a Bible at Disney at all, although there was one in a drawer at the resort). Every single icon connected with Disney is a fairytale, and there are actual fairies there, I've seen them. This is like Billy Graham spending a week at a casino in Vegas doubling down at Blackjack. It's expensive, it's hot, it's crazy crowded, it's magical, and it's full of unpredictable heathens. What's not to love?

Sorry, mods, this could have happened 10 years ago, I'm relatively newly addicted to this train wreck. I truly am curious how they afforded Disney, how long they stayed, what they said about it later, etc.

Also, Wanderwoman is a virtual encyclopedia of all things Duggar. How did this happen? p.s. I love Wanderwoman!

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I'm relatively new to the forums here...can someone tell me the backstory on RickJames?  I think it's code for one of the grandchildren, but I'd like to be sure!



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I'd like to know how the duggars snagged the tlc gig? Did boob and mechelle reach out to tlc (if so how did they know about tlc with no tv?) Did tlc reach out to the duggars (if so how did tlc know about them?) Or did a neighbor or someone contact tlc about them?

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I'm relatively new to the forums here...can someone tell me the backstory on RickJames? I think it's code for one of the grandchildren, but I'd like to be sure!



RickJames is Jill's special and sweet and awesome son. She's the first Duggar daughter to have a baby. His real Name is Isreal, but RickJames is his special nickname.

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RickJames is Jill's special and sweet and awesome son.




So called because Derrick's dad was Rick and JimBob is  really James.  So someone named him after the fathers, but snarkily after the late Rick James, the singer known for "Super Freak" and "MaryJane" and all things heathen.

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Okay I have a question for anyone who follows this show about the Duggars. Has anyone every tried to speak and sound like Michelle Duggar? I have to admit that today, with my bedroom door closed so nobody could hear me, I tried doing 'Michelle-speak' and actually tried speaking her very words in her soft, slow voice that just resounds with Duggar wisdom....


“the idea of overpopulation is a not accurate, because really the entire population of the world, if they were stretched shoulder to shoulder, could fit within the city limits of Jacksonville."


So let me know, has anyone else taken a shot at 'Michelle-speak' ?

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Okay I have a question for anyone who follows this show about the Duggars. Has anyone every tried to speak and sound like Michelle Duggar? I have to admit that today, with my bedroom door closed so nobody could hear me, I tried doing 'Michelle-speak' and actually tried speaking her very words in her soft, slow voice that just resounds with Duggar wisdom....


“the idea of overpopulation is a not accurate, because really the entire population of the world, if they were stretched shoulder to shoulder, could fit within the city limits of Jacksonville."


So let me know, has anyone else taken a shot at 'Michelle-speak' ?

Yes, HumblePi, and it did not go well. I did it as a goof for my boyfriend, who has only recently started with the show because I love to "hate-watch" it and wanted to bring him into the fold. I did it for about two minutes. My throat hurt for two days, and my BF said I sounded like Linda Blair from the Exorcist on helium. 

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Stupid question of the day!  After ten years I realized Monday I have been pronouncing the name wrong.  I think.  Seriously, is it Dug-gar as in I dug a hole or is it Doo-gar?  I've always said Doo-gar.

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Stupid question of the day!  After ten years I realized Monday I have been pronouncing the name wrong.  I think.  Seriously, is it Dug-gar as in I dug a hole or is it Doo-gar?  I've always said Doo-gar.


I've always said and heard it pronounced like "dug-err" (like dug a hole and rhymes with "her"). I could be wrong... now I'm curious to see what others say.

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