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  1. Well she is the Duggar expert packer, so there's that.
  2. Interesting. I noticed she took their intricate drink orders without writing anything down. So being a fake wait person aka production plant makes sense.
  3. So much yes, and I did notice that they went right into the kennel and immediately settled down so I'm pretty sure it had been their home for at least a few days.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was We Care Holistic Health Center. I used to go there many years ago when it was sort of funky since then the second generation has taken over and there seems to be many well know people that hid out there. They won't say they're a weight loss center but you will lose weight and they have lots of spa, heath and beauty procedures you can add to their colonics and fasting diet.
  5. I'm old and my friend who has grandkids says they use "dude" for boys, girls. pets, etc...
  6. I so agree plus he gave her a gravitas she doesn't have naturally and she's trying pretend she still has it.
  7. Ed should offer to give the sister money (the exact amount she secretly asked for) to care for Prince while RM and he go on "holiday". He's seen how they live so by giving her the money this way, everyone knows about it but he doesn't have to out the sister's request to RM.
  8. Bethanny Frankle of RHONY had her wedding album cover designed w/ her spouses head cut off. Yes, really.
  9. I used to love Karen Kane dresses cut on the bias and yes in 100% cotton. The bias gave them a bit of stretch or "ease" and they draped beautifully.
  10. thx ~ I somehow lost it about 90 days ago...
  11. Man, oh man, this reminded me of something my elementary school principal said to me when we met again when I was in college going for my teaching credential. The school was and is a parochial school and I went there in the fifties just to give perspective. There used to be paddle on his office wall that was used (it was the 50s people and it was a thing then and not now) as punishment. He told me it wasn't about pain but about the shame of whatever behavior brought the student to his office. I've since then thought a bit of shame along with accompanying accountability helps keep things running smoothly. Without a bit of appropriate shame we might become a society of narcissists and sociopaths. On topic, I've always thought Whit was probably narcissist.
  12. I've never thought Jason was a bad guy. In over his head, yes. I'm glad there are posters who are mentioning the other side. I'm tired of poor abused B.
  13. Me too! But I paid the $9.99. Have them on right now...
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