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  1. I don't think they bought used but they were once on someone's head because it's real hair. So I guess you could believe the hair might still have energy from the host.
  2. The father owns the big house and doesn't want rando guys living there.
  3. I noted Kathy was busing cake and dishes in her cute cactus dress.
  4. No one has mentioned it but I saw the waitress take those drinks back. It looked like there was an issue with their sodas. Odd.
  5. I just saw a pretty influencer showing fashion Amazon Prime deals and surprise, surprise she showed the visor hat. It was cute too. I guess its all in the presentation. I wonder if someone can make the bra purse look good.
  6. Puppucinos that are milk and sugar sound worse. Just sayin'.
  7. I'm probably late but its a Nurse Jamie or Youthlab beauty roller.
  8. I'm to lazy to find it but somewhere in the Gothard/ATI teachings there is info about what to put on the walls in your home. Basically it suggests inspiration like bible quotes or Hobby Lobby type word art or family photos. No secular stuff.
  9. Yes! If she's smart she'll just let us see the fun and quirky in small doses as a "friend of". Hopefully she can rehab her frosty, bitchy and questionable image. There's stuff floating around from the "Hilton" book, her previous reality show and things her kids have said that has always made me give her the side eye. But if she can entertain me as an almost wife, I'll be grateful. I was ready to drop BH, still might but I'll take some chuckles if she provides them.
  10. Yes, I heard that too. I just think something wonky was going on about announcing a baby.
  11. I've been meaning to post this for a long time. There were rumors she was pregnant and she really looks like she may be here. She probably didn't want the pregnancy announced if they weren't married. I bet Mike was going to send her home, she got pregnant so he finally married her but as soon as he did she lost the baby. This explains the weight gain and all the wedding drama ending in a quick separation.
  12. One of the funniest threads that I ever read on twop was about homecoming pom poms. The discussion somehow took over The Newlyweds: nick and jessica thread. I'm from an area that didn't have such things and the absurdity of the gaudy garlands made me LOL.
  13. Now we know why Jana isn't married. No suiters have made it to the end of JB's ever changing document of near infinity.
  14. In the 70s a friend and I discovered and laughed at the bad and sad amateur photos in the back of a popular men's magazine. These photos are also bad and sad and the only difference is they're less hairy.
  15. Is there a MAFS Australia forum? I'm tried a search but can't find one. thx!
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