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  1. I don't know if this is a new thing but I noticed most of the wives had blush that matched their lipstick. It was applied in a line through their cheek like contour as opposed to on the apple of the cheek. It didn't do anyone any favors and I hope if a trend it goes away.
  2. Alot of the MLMs highly suggest posting aspirational photos. Jill would probably do it anyway but this biz model would give her a good reason for glamorous shots.
  3. She had a guy pushing her luggage so I was imagining her tossing Avi on the cart as soon as they were out of sight of cameras.
  4. I remember reading about this awhile ago and there seemed to be a settlement from the company who employed them both. Perhaps its still back in this thread.
  5. In a nutshell. Big Kathy is the mom. Kathy Hilton is the oldest sister who did some modeling and married well. Kim, who also married well comes next and Kyle is the youngest and they were both child popular actors.
  6. When you go back look at the amount of dark dog hair she's vacuuming with the Dyson. The floor was black with it in one scene.
  7. OK, you may think I'm part of the problem but I fell into the LLRoe hole while watching this documentary. Never wanted any of this product but have been following the problems of this company for a long time because I find MLMs interesting and this one was particularly fascinating because the stuff was so goofy looking. I generally like mismatched outfits but not this stuff. Anyway while watching the show I wandered over to ebay and looked up LLRoe Halloween leggings just to see the prices and crazy patterns. Well, I bought some and just got them. They are buttery soft, fit well and have a fun
  8. I've known a couple of entertainment industry guys the live in Frazier Park where it snows and they commute to the studios and filming locations around the Valley and LA. Pasadena and LA are both about 75 miles from there. Doable if you like rocky mountains that look more deserty than green and lush with some winter weather and cheaper home prices. There also can be snow and fog on the Grapevine going out to the Bakersfield area so somewhere out there maybe. The snowy vacation areas of Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear seem a bit to far at 90 miles. That's all that come to mind. I've lived around th
  9. Ericka was about to show us a nip slip. Renna did her a solid by handing over the dog to hold in front of the failing bust line. Fast thinking for being black out drunk...
  10. Yes, yes yes. Probably the creepiest thing I've seen and really more like B-movie horror characters expressions than reality show parents.
  11. I like the idea of B&J and the story but I think J is a player and while B may have had a crush on him, she sensibly side lined him irl and on the dating site she used.
  12. I don't think they bought used but they were once on someone's head because it's real hair. So I guess you could believe the hair might still have energy from the host.
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