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  1. I've never thought Jason was a bad guy. In over his head, yes. I'm glad there are posters who are mentioning the other side. I'm tired of poor abused B.
  2. Me too! But I paid the $9.99. Have them on right now...
  3. Almost 3000

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    I think I'm mis-remembering something but didn't LisaR have scenes with Eileen talking about their mom's having dementia and how hard it was to have a relationship with someone who doesn't remember you? I thought her mom was doing poorly. Her mom seems perfectly fine to me. I was just thinking that production does it and it helps them control the event.
  4. Fair review from ytuber that doesn't know Ericka.
  5. Almost 3000

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Oh! Now this is very important because I run a volunteer group that sells donations. I always use "10 for $1" for our final sales because I can't figure out the cent sign. Help me please, how do I make that elusive cent sign???
  6. Almost 3000

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Yep, I get a "Dirty John" vibe.
  7. I'm also remembering a scene with Dorinda and Carole. Dorinda made her do the body balloon pop game and mentioned how much she loved the English country games people played and wanted to do them at this house party too. I think the games are reminiscent of her good times with her first husband. There's such a sadness in her and I think she's never gotten over that life.
  8. Almost 3000

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    The more posts I read the more I can't figure why Lisa/VPD gave Dorit's family a puppy in the first place. There's a rescue near me just north of LA that is similar to VPD but you'd never know that there is wealth behind the scenes and that the rescue is a passion project. Because I've had interest in their dogs and they've explained how they place dogs, I know that they wouldn't give a puppy or small dog to a home with little kids. They would look for a home with previous dog/puppy experience and with possibly another trained and balanced dog and definitely older kids. That said, it seems like Dorit got special consideration with the first dog and definitely with the second. I wonder if Lisa's partner wasn't 100% behind the placement in the first place but did it because they were friends of the Todd's. After Dorit didn't return Lucy and VPD had to re-rescue her the two Johns had fits and Lisa did try to keep the peace with everyone because of Ken's request to keep the story quiet. Teddy gets the story because she's a friend of VPD and from there it becomes a Housewife storyline. I think the story really starts with it being a bad placement in the first place. VPD was negligent in giving a puppy to a chaotic home that thinks a dog is an accessory with no agency. It started wrong but ended up hopefully with Lucy in an appropriate placement. And as an aside, Lucy while being put into a very stressful situation probably wasn't in danger from a kill shelter because of the micro chip and all the rescue agencies that have relationships with the shelters. There are many rescue groups that take all the adoptable dogs out of shelters. Its actually hard to find a healthy pet under three years old in a shelter around LA and Ventura Counties because the rescues snap them up.
  9. Almost 3000

    S08.E04: Strangers in Paradise

    Weird, sloths are a huge design element at the 99 cent only store. I didn't get it there either.
  10. I think many TLC "stars" with shows that were renewed in the last few years should send thank you notes to the Duggars.
  11. Almost 3000

    MAFS Honeymoon Island: Spinoff Discussion Spot

    I have a theory that they had so many people they had already interviewed that they built a show around existing resources that cost them next to nothing.
  12. Almost 3000

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I think she looks like a little gnome. And no I'm not just being a troll. I wonder if her perceived cuteness is because Jinger is currently the only likeable Duggar. There I said it...
  13. Almost 3000

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I think the homemade bread recipe is a Gothard thing that many of his homeschool families used.
  14. You got me and that just proves I don't own any but would love to!
  15. I so agree with you but with a caveat I would sport brands that have my initial or initials. Cole Hahn, my first and last name and got loafers with CH on them Calvin Klein, first and middle and just got some cute CK initial sandals at TJMax Coach watch has a big "C" on it. and finally Channel, well just because... ;^)
  16. Almost 3000

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Josiah heard there's good money to be made making Mukbang videos for YouTube? Not a bad idea really but probably better suited to Josh because it combines his eating and sharing it obsession.
  17. Almost 3000

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Funeral Potatoes. We've had pages of discussion of this variation and the many others.
  18. Thanks for that fun episode. I think that was where Dorit (or PK) got her Beverly Beach inspiration from. French cut high rise swim suits were the bomb and I looked hot in them, at least I thought so...
  19. I never thought B was a cook. She mentioned in an interview that she loved Costco for her catering events and intimated that one of the reasons was so much was pre-prepped. We've really only seen her grill a protein with vegies or salad and there was kitchen help in the background and a mediocre omelet for her in-laws. She messed up a turkey for holiday dinner too that her guests figured out how to fix. Nothing has looked appealing nor particularly healthy considering that's her supposed expertise. So both Kelly and B were right. Kelly isn't a writer and B isn't a chef but man did they both produce a product that fit its time and that had good marketing.
  20. Almost 3000

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    Reality stars aren't union. That's why these shows are so cheap because there is a flat fee paid per season or episode and there are no residuals. There have also been participants not paid anything if the show didn't air which if in a union they would have been paid.
  21. Almost 3000

    S05.E12: My Big Fat Baby

    Years ago when Cabbage Patch Kids were hot and hard to find, I was on a flight from Korea to US and it was filled with souvenir (fake) CPKs and adopted (real) Korean kids. So many kids that it was sort of a surreal experience and it seemed like the adoptees were souvenirs.
  22. Me too. Heather did appear last season at an event so I'd say they are still friends but don't see each other much because their lives are so different.
  23. Almost 3000

    S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    Angela Jolie had a phase a few years back dressing in similar kaftans for the red carpet. She didn't get any worst dressed throwback but it may have been close to the time she had breast surgery. Anyway, I rather like a non body con option for the red carpet.
  24. Almost 3000

    S05.E10: Who's Your Buddy?

    She's the Countess. I guess you're not a Real Housewives watcher. :)
  25. Almost 3000

    S05.E10: Who's Your Buddy?

    My lame RHoNY joke about LuAnn's now ex. but Heather is as stubborn about Buddy as Lu was about Tom.