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  1. Mar78

    Season 2 Discussion

    A lot has changed changed in algeria over the last 40 years. My husband is algerian (and yes, we did a 90 day fiancé visa!) and I’ve been to visit his family there multiple times within the last few years. The people have always been warm, friendly, and welcoming. I don’t cover my head, and I’m as white as it gets, so I do stick out, but no one has made me feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. The biggest issue I had was when strangers would try to kiss my baby! A lot changed after the the civil war in the 90’s. And I’m a Christian and have never been pushed to convert by my husband or anyone else in his family. I think Marta’s profession and the fact that she’s an unwed mother would be seen as more problematic than her faith would be!
  2. Mar78

    S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    They were together as of as of about 3 weeks ago. My coworker saw them at Mcdonald’s with the kids (she also saw Ashley at the pharmacy said she was sickly skinny. I usually never run into anyone, except I did see Cameran, her husband and baby at target the other day).
  3. Mar78

    Season 3 Discussion

    I’ve had 5 miscarriages, and i can say from experience that if she just had the miscarriage 2 days before her trip, there’s no way she’d be wearing that skintight white dress that she wore to see her grandmother! As much as Paola annoys me, though, I do feel for her- miscarriages suck! But I think Russ and Pao are completely mismatched, and she seems completely unwilling to compromise with him, so I don’t think a baby would help their situation.
  4. Mar78

    Season 5 Discussion

    This. My husband is from algeria, and I remember the first time I went to visit his family, I remarked on how all of the family members, men and women, young and old, all doted on the children. They were constantly picking them up and kissing their cheeks, bringing them presents, etc. Even the 13 year old little boys would help take care of their cousins, and hold them and hug them. Mae will not have a lack of attention in Morocco. That doesn't mean that Nicle isn't ridiculous! She has barely spent any time with Azan, and when she left last time, he actually said on national television that he was glad she was leaving.
  5. Mar78

    S04.E11: Boys Gone Wild

    I've been an old married lady for 10 years, but I always thought that going on outings regularly with someone and having a sexual relationship implied "dating." Obviously they are more casual and not in a relationship, but why the semantics over the word "dating"? I'm no big Landon fan, but I was a little impressed with her turning down her father's job offer because she wants to do something on her own that's not handed to her. Then I remembered last year when she was hitting her dad up for money for one of her "projects," and that turned it back around for me. ETA: that scene from the bar in Charlotte where Shep told Austen that Chelsea was slumming it with him was brutal! And Thomas was laughing right along.
  6. Mar78

    S04.E05: Craig Of All Trades, Master Of None

    I'm not a realtor, but the local market is short on affordable rentals, so if he were to find a lower priced property and could keep a reasonable rental rate, he might have a decent idea. Also, Charleston is growing like crazy, so I think the property prices will keep rising for a while. Craig seems to like being a handyman, so he could always do a flip and make some good money.
  7. Mar78

    S04.E04: Shepwrecked

    So it looks like Craig passed the bar....
  8. Mar78

    S04.E04: Shepwrecked

    I have just a few things to add: 1. Results of the SC bar exams aren't sent out to the candidates before being posted online. Everyone finds out at the same time, publicly. Results will be posted tomorrow at 4:00 pm here: https://barapplication.sccourts.org 2. The Charleston School of Law didn't start out as a diploma mill. It was actually begun as an alternative to USC, with very well respected judges and attorneys as the founders. It's definitely had some problems over the last 3 years or so with the ownership, but that probably didn't start until Craig was already admitted there. I work at a very well known law firm, and we have several Charleston School of Law grads here, so I don't think Craig necessarily went into it with no intention of practicing law. 3. I organized and attended a party last month on the boat they used in this episode, and it is amazing. There are 3 levels, a large dance floor, a great sound system, and the views on the harbor at sunset are out of this world. I wish they had shown more of that instead of shep and cameran talking about Chelsea for the 85th time. This season is kind of meh. If it's becoming scripted like some people are suggesting, then they need new writers.
  9. Mar78

    S03.E04: Birds of a Feather…

    I'd have to rewind it (and it's not that important), but I thought that Jennifer told Craig that when Kathryn was released, Thomas wasn't there, not that he didn't show up at all. I feel like he has the temper to do something crazy. He talked about shoving her in the pool, head first. I thought that Kathryn handled the polo thing badly, and she completely overreacted, but Thomas' interaction with Jennifer wasn't much better.
  10. Mar78

    S03.E01: HashtagNewCraig

    For any of you curious about Craig's girlfriend's house, it appears that it was sold in October for $1.195 million. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1320-N-Edgewater-Dr-Charleston-SC-29407/10871166_zpid/
  11. Mar78

    Season 3 Discussion

    Did anyone notice when Mark was talking to Nikki in the guest bedroom about his ex-wife or some such, and she leaned over to kiss him, he immediately shut up and said "ah, we should go to bed." Gross. And poor Nikki. I have to say, if she is a scammer, she's doing a better job than Mohammed did last season! She wasn't flinching from him at all. Maybe she has developed feelings for him after all. I think Alexandra is adorable, and Josh is so moony over her. They are actually fun to watch, at least without the parents there to ruin it. Was that Melanie's ex at the house when she came home with Devar? I was having some satellite issues, so I missed the introductions. He kind of looked like Melanie's son.
  12. I saw Patricia Altschul around town over the weekend. She was with a gentleman at the Macaroon Boutique. She looks tiny in person with great skin- carrying what looked like an Hermes bag.
  13. Mar78

    S26: Tyler & Laura

    Saw tyler at the new kids on the block concert last night. He must have stayed in contact with Jonathan.
  14. Well, I don't know of Thomas and Kathryn will be "on again" at some point, but he has been seen with the same brunette all around Charleston recently (as in, within the past 2 weeks), and they appeared to definitely be more than just friends.
  15. Mar78

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Looks like starcasm has done an update on Danielle and Mohammed- it just keeps getting nuttier! http://starcasm.net/archives/308951