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  1. Patricia in Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amandalauren/2021/07/30/patricia-altschul-talks-hsn-interior-design-and-southern-charm/?sh=cc91dbf6f5e5
  2. Instagram lurking for Season 8 clues: So Kathryn just posted a picture of her boyfriend marking 12 months together, so as of that moment, they are/were together. I am convinced, noting her past emotional stability and healthy relationships, that they’ve had at least 12 breakups/makeups in the same time frame. Shep is still dating Taylor. I don’t know if he’s matured, if she’s crazy, or if she’s being held hostage. She seems normal and very pretty, even after a year of Shep. Craig’s store for his pillow business looks darling. He’s a lying dumbass but even I can recognize that h
  3. I keep saying that I am going to quit these goofy bastards, but here I am, scouring the internet for any gossip I can find. According to the Instagram account, bravoduckingbravo, Season 8 will start shooting soon. Venita Aspen is supposed to be a new cast member. The rest of the main cast all appear to be back. Rumors: Madison and Austin are supposedly back together. Just in time for filming. Of course. Kathryn and her boyfriend broke up. Craig is dating Paige from Summer House. I’m wondering if any of the off season antics of past and present cast members will make
  4. I read Cam’s book, too, but read it knowing that it was much more of a parenting book than a biography. I expected it to be terrible but it was fine for a what it is. I also got it free, so probably wouldn’t be so sanguine about it if I had shelled out my own money for it. I agree that a biography, or a reality tv tell all, would be much, much, much, much interesting. She really does have an interesting backstory. Plus, because I am a truly terrible person, I want to know all the dirt on the SC cast mates. Has anyone read Shep’s book?
  5. How many times has Kathryn moved in the last 7 years???
  6. I’m picturing the Bravo executives, all looking like Montgomery Burns from the Simpson’s, seated around a conference table at Bravo headquarters, happily exclaiming, “eggsellent, eggsellent.”
  7. Just when I thought I couldn’t like Kathryn any less…
  8. This is brutal. Make it stop. And yet I am watching this shit show. Kathryn must be beside herself that there is an arguably better looking, attention seeking female cast mate who has monopolized the tabloids for weeks with her celebrity hookups, both real and imaginary. Kathryn’s pregnancies, both real and imaginary, just don’t generate the same tabloid fervor.
  9. Cameran. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/southern-charms-cameran-eubanks-on-why-shell-never-return/
  10. Did I hear this right: Kathryn thought she might be pregnant because she missed THREE periods/or had THREE messed up cycles? So, as a woman of nearly 30 years, who has been pregnant at least TWICE before, why didn’t she go to the doctor/seek prenatal care earlier? Because bitch knew she wasn’t pregnant, that’s why.
  11. The Tamara Tattles article is xenophobic, racist and absolute trash. So because Leva’s an immigrant she can’t speak about civil rights issues? The article is very disturbing.
  12. Well, this has been fun. I’m torn between a root canal or a kidney transplant as a chaser for all this merriment. Maybe a flooded basement, too. Bring on the joy!
  13. I like Leva. I think she’s getting far too much hate for trying to knock some sense into this cast, specifically Kathryn. Leva isn’t tedious; Kathryn is, and therefore the storyline is. As an immigrant with a mixed race family in the Deep South, she adds much needed perspective to this menagerie of miscreants. I want more of her and far less of Kathryn.
  14. Yes, I think that’s the biggest part of it. The whole thing is such a pathetic attention grab.
  15. https://people.com/tv/madison-lecroy-shares-jay-cutler-text-messages/ This is probably easier to navigate.
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