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  1. One has to wonder if the new "Meet The Putnams" on TLC is the beginning of the end.
  2. They would not be allowed to assist. After all, the people affected are not godly and probably deserved what happened to them according to the Law of Gothard. Slightly OT: How many of you read that Tony Perkins (Joshley Madison's former boss) had to leave his palatial home via canoe? Fun Fact: Tony Perkins has said before that natural disasters are God's punishment to those who are accepting of the LGBTQ community....
  3. Considering the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people right now in Texas that desperately need help, going to Malawi to "missioncation" is frigging ridiculous. He's a plane ride away from all kinds of opportunities to assist other human beings who need help. Then again, I'm sure they would not appreciate his interpretive dancing or his hair-growing talents. Then again, I think you're right. It was the easiest way to get him out of everyone's hair for an undisclosed amount of time.
  4. PRE-SCHOOL MINISTRY? You're kidding me. How exactly does this mesh with their "college ministry"? Also, is he so desperate to never be challenged in life that he's resorting to those who can't talk back? Pre-school "ministry". OMG.
  5. Did he get a scholarship (or money off) for being the school's mascot? The program Triple D was in Nepal with is engaged in sending young Christians to the field to work at other jobs while stealthily sharing the Gospel with those they come in contact with. Nepal does not allow missionaries, if I remember correctly. It's all done on the down-low by these orgs. IMHO and if someone remembers something that contradicts this, please share.
  6. Hope Danielle has a workable plan on how she intends to support six kids on her own. She's married to a child if the above response is accurate and he is not going to stick around. Also IMHO of course, but Adam's high maintenance 'do doesn't scream "married guy with six kids". He's trolling for another option, IMHO.
  7. One can only imagine a convo with Jilly Muffin; most adult women would want to run. JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS headship headship JESUS JESUS JESUS don't wear pants JESUS headship. I know I couldn't do it.
  8. I saw a rerun earlier today. It was a doozy. I'm sure I'm going to mix up the order the brides were presented in, so I apologize in advance. The first bride was married at the family horse farm where she grew up. It was lovely. Her reception seemed nice but was deemed "boring" by at least one of the other brides. The next bride had a Jewish ceremony with a lavish reception in a banquet hall, if I remember correctly. The horse farm bride decided she did not want to talk with the other two brides during the reception and actually moved her seat to talk with other people at the table, which
  9. I have very wide feet. In other words, I might as well wear the shoebox instead of the shoes. The only shoes that fit are either Munros (dress shoes, made in the USA, $170 per pair or so) and New Balance. The NB's are $140 per pair. I have two pairs of shoes. The Munros are 7 years old and I get two pairs of New Balance per year as they wear out. I'm glad Jinger is getting clothes and shoes that are new to her. Why shouldn't she enjoy the money she makes?
  10. If Jinger is fine with delaying pregnancies, good for her and good for the Holy Goalie. I'm not his biggest fan, but he's made good decisions so far, IMHO: Told the families that they would not be visiting for six months so he and his wife could get on a good footing as a couple, bought a house, and (maybe) are looking for a pet so they can see how it goes with another being that depends on them for care before the babies arrive. Hopefully they are saving. I also think he is positioning himself to get on staff at a megachurch in a larger city; he'll be shaking the dust of Laredo off his shoes
  11. Imagine Triple D forcing himself to look away from the enticing young cheerleaders while he was Pistol Pete. It must have been soooo hard for him. I'm sure he still has nightmares. I think Triple D protests a bit too much.
  12. I wasn't feeling well last week so I spent more time watching TLC than I have in probably six months. To say that I was disturbed by the incessant advertisements of Adam's "talking to his dad" about his depression is an understatement, especially the clip in which he says "Sometimes I just want to check out." THIS IS A THREAT of self-harm at the least. Anyone who didn't take it seriously is out of their minds and anyone who did not attempt to get their loved one help (in the same state and immediately, thanks) isn't taking it seriously. If anyone I loved had said anything of the kind, they'd b
  13. IMHO of course, but please look into the Calvinists. I realize I have a real bug up my butt on the subject, but I live just outside of Seattle and we spent years with the biggest Calvinist of them all -- Mark Driscoll. He's desperately trying to "relaunch" his "ministry" in Arizona and not getting a lot of takers. Here's some of Mark's greatest hits for those who might be interested in reading about them. If Bin's beliefs mirror the Calvinists, his kids are in for a rough time. Period. http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/church-or-cult/Content?oid=12172001 Some of the ads on the websi
  14. Just throwing this one out here. I went to Gothard's Basic Youth Conflicts multiple summers as a teen, which is the old-skool name for his seminars. Anything with "syncopated rhythm" (aka, a beat) was out. Our pastors went so far as to rail against classical music from the pulpit as well. The only "acceptable" music was sacred. Don't ask me what the difference between "sacred" and non-sacred classical music was because I don't think the pastors knew, either.
  15. I may or may not have been a pastoral studies major during my fundie years... (And yes, I understand that I had no chance of ordination in the Assemblies of God at that time. I would have completed at LEAST 5 years of school to become a volunteer "helper".) It's unfortunate that Triple D does not know he also has NO chance of ordination unless he completes seminary studies and earns a MDiv at the least. They're either giving him a stipend because he's famous and they think the heathen college kids will FLOCK (yeah, right) or this is strictly volunteer and a plot contrivance for the next season
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