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  1. From the current HWs, I believe only Dorinda. She was definitely the only current HW who attended.
  2. Both Dorinda and Jill were at the dinner Luann and Tom had last season (Bobby was there as well). Just because Carole is no longer friends with Bethenny doesn't mean she will have a contrarian attitude to everything Bethenny, likes, says, or does.
  3. Someone must be buying whatever she is selling. And in good amounts, also. Ramona I guess tried to take her down last season, sort of. Not as quite as hard as Jill tried in Season 3. Much as with the BH trying to take down LVP, it gets boring after a while.
  4. That doesn't mean either of them are in a rush to have her on the show. Ditto. Based on...? I mean, yes, she and Dorinda bonded over that, but it's different when it's someone who is already on the show, plus someone who isn't. I'll stand by mine as well. I'd say she has as many people who like her as they do dislike her.
  5. The only ones who I think would want her on are Luann and Dorinda. The rest I would guess don't care or probably aren't dying to have her on.
  6. For a second I misread that as Mrs. Wiggum and thought of Chief Wiggum's wife... Yeah, that was all pretty much on Jill. And as Bobby said, he stood with Jill, even after finding out what she did (she is his wife, after all). I think it would have been awkward for all three of them if Bethenny continued to see Bobby without Jill being there.
  7. Living, not loving lol The way I originally typed it takes on a whole new meaning ;)
  8. I never saw Carole as her mouthpiece. Why would she need to apologize and admit to a bunch of asinine rumors started by Aviva, a woman who in her own way is just as Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs as Kelly? I do wonder how that "Carole is worth $50m" idea came about.
  9. Possibly because Jason's faults weren't quite as evident at Tom's faults initially. Also, did anyone confront Bethenny with a picture of Jason making out with another women weeks after their engagement?
  10. Yeah, I think hotel loving works better for people with no kids. Or at least teenagers. The younger the kids get, the less sense it makes.
  11. And if she had mentioned Brynn, she would have been accused of exploiting her own daughter on social media...
  12. Mug Shot Etiquette could be the name of her next book too.
  13. If that is true, then Porsha is screwed next year. Will any of the remaining HWs want to film with her?
  14. Brooke and Dmitri would have been interesting. But yeah, Erica and Dmitri for me as well.
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