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  1. You really think those girls know they have a choice? And Jessa is pretty much fucked, her teen groom works for her father scrubbing toilets. Neither of these girls have had any time to discover what they want. They went from the control of one man to another in a tightly controlled environment. You may think because Jill ran off to SA and Jessa isn't dorming with Anna and her sisters that they have freedom. And, technically, they do. But it's useless because they don't know. They weren't raised to see the choices, just what daddy chose for them. It's going to take a while for them to open th
  2. W-well coming up with J names is hard, y'all. It would mean you have to care about the spawn for something ither than a head count.
  3. Yeah, Jill and Joy Anna seem to be the only two older girls who don't seem to care too much about weight. I hope no one pushes poor Joy into weightloss, and I also wonder why Jill never seemed to care? I get why Jessa was so uncomfortable though. All she has going for her is her beauty, and weight from pregnancy is not beautiful in gothard land. And since women are blamed whenever their husbands leave, and the Josh scandal happened when she was pregnant, I can't imagine what she was thinking. She's easily one of the most miserable Duggars imo.
  4. I'm uncomfortable with the way he's holding the baby. I'm also uncomfortable with looking at his face for prolonged periods of time. (Or any period of time)
  5. They'll purpose to pray to God about it, and then send them to Jesus jail like the demons who took over Josh.
  6. But if Anna watches porn with Josh, wouldn't she become defrauded by the man bits? Or is it okay because Josh can righteously fulfill her?
  7. Disagree here. Fundie men will never go out of their way to be in pain. Childbirth is messy and painful, therefore it is woman's work.
  8. I think both of them wish for this. I think if they weren't on the teevee, they'd be finding a way to get a divorce on the down-low. I feel for poor spergy, he's going to grow up in a house where both of his parents are, at the very least, *very* uncomfortable with each other.
  9. Yeah, Derrick is a grown man who chose to be on the shitshow, I simply see what others are saying about him calling a horse a horse. I do feel bad for him though, he was a decent enough guy back in nepal, it's like marrying a Duggar made him physically less attractive. Jill, feed your man!
  10. If you think Michelle isn't getting cold hard cash in her hands when boob gives his last "hey hey hey" i have a bridge to sell you. The rest of the girls will probably have to fight for nickels unless they have a headship, though.
  11. You guys have it wrong, Jing is the busy one. She has to cook and clean after like what, 15 other people? Michelle can't be letting her work mules off the hook like that.
  12. Well you see, she was too busy raising her mothers kids when she was 12. Now that they're older, she can finally have some me time. She's gonna be one happy empty-nester I'll tell you that.
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