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  1. Yes to this ! Not only tiresome, but maddening as well ! Perhaps Rick will go off in search of the errant, ridiculous teens who have learned NOTHING in all their years of being a survivor of the ZA, and then someone will go after Rick, and someone else will go after them, and so on and so on until all of Alexandria is at the Hilltop. Perhaps they can all hide in Gregory's closet together when Negan and Company come a-knockin' again ? The writing this season has been... off to me. There seem to be only four types of dialogue being employed and it's becoming repetitious and annoying: 1) I'm
  2. Far too many things in this episode that made me shout at my TV like a loonie. I hate feeling like a loonie. Does Hilltop distribute Nyquil to its residents and tuck each other in, leaving no one on watch ? Did no one notice/hear the (presumably locked) gate being pulled back, a car entering the compound, and four HUGE bonfires being assembled and set ablaze ? Coorl appeared on screen and I knew, somehow, immediately, that he'd be taking off, yet again, to do the worst, most stupid thing imaginable. For the love of all that is holy - stop going on rogue missions, and stop going afte
  3. ...aaaaand now I have that in my head ! I just know I'm going to say that in front of a group of adults now :) But totally agree, especially about the race car contest - that was so bogus ! If the cheftestants (do we still say that ?) have to compete in silly, non-culinary ways to earn an advantage then how is it still a COOKING competition ? I have crazy knife skills and can competently made four of the five "mother sauces", but can't dunk a basketball and I'm lousy at Jenga. Guess that means I'm a bad cook ?
  4. I thought so, too, backformore ! All of the other "hacks" seemed ridiculous in comparison, especially the martini shaker as a double boiler (what ?!) and the Mason jar shaker, but my French press is going to be coming out of the cupboard-of-the-damned tonight when I make my garlic/tarragon chicken.
  5. If that's the case, Hecate7 (and I think that's a great observation/hypothesis, BTW !) then it explains why the plot unfolded the way it did in the episode and goes a long way toward some kind of reasoning behind Dunham's motivation for making the characters, especially Hannah, the way they are. Still leaves me absolutely reeling, though, as to why Dunham still continues to proffer her chirpy taking head on the Inside the Episode actually defending what Hannah does and why. Living her truth, finding her voice, being her best self, expressing her heart, choosing her choices, blah freaking
  6. This entire season, with the last episode in particular, has me nodding wholeheartedly in agreement with posters here who have indicated that we're all being set up for a spectacular implosion of Hannah's character, most probably in the two-episode season finale this weekend. The triumvirate of sexual acting out - going down on a random stranger at a spa, flashing the principal, and then blowing a guy she's only friends with - all add up, to me, to Hannah totally losing her shit. Even for her, and this is really saying something, this season has been a slow motion train wreck of epic propo
  7. Oh my good Lord, I KNOW !!! I'm only surprised that Lena/Hannah didn't twist her face and rubber shoulders into yet another unfortunate, wrinked, all-too-self-conscious toddler pose with the inevitable upturned eyes and batted lashes and ask, while proffering five splayed fingers to Ray, "Is it THIS many monies ?!?!" Jesus in a sidecar ! How many random, inappropriate, dangerous, rude, obnoxious, infantile, selfish, bizarre, disingenuous bullshit behaviors is she going to display before she gets 302'd to Bellevue !? Side note: Not making light of mental illness here. Not at all. Just
  8. Hey guys - hugs and hope to all, but I'm out of here. I've lost my taste for the snark. It's been really, really fun. Y'all are good, good people. I wish you all the very best, I really do. I'll be observing now and again, but I think it's time to get my butt off the couch and start living my life instead of just commenting about it. You've been good friends - real friends, and I will miss you. Truly. Please take care.
  9. Post of the day ! Bonus points for "breatessesses" ! Liquid gold, Jerry ! Liquid gold !!!
  10. You have my every sympathy, CrazyCatLady ! There is nothing in the world like dental pain ! I know half a dozen women who swear they'd rather go through labor and delivery again rather then go through a root canal or anything else more serious than a filling again. I've never had a baby, but I have had root canals - EIGHT ! - and I learned my lesson the hard way. What I do now is arrange to pick up my prescription for the pain meds two hours BEFORE the appointment, take one, hang out for a while, then go to the appointment. That way the really, really bad pain never hits me. And, you don't hav
  11. Wow ! That's a whopper of a Happy Birthday message ! Seems like Michelle has FINALLY learned her lesson about posting pathetic, generic, repetitive messages to her children like they were interchangeable cogs in a giant machine. She must have had an epiphany and had it laid on her heart and encouraged by the Lord to personalize each message to reflect just how precious every flower in her garden is ? What a spontaneous event ! A miracle ! Right ? That's what happened here, right ? I mean, it's not like they read the blogs about themselves. Or PTV ;)
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/BASA9I0AJvh/ I look at all of Ben's hopeless, judgmental, fire and brimstone, sad, Oh-Woe-Is-Moe, teenage-posturing posting as the Fundie version of a Facebook post where someone says "Oh, my God ! I just can't TAKE people anymore !", someone asks "What's that matter ?", and the response is always - ALWAYS - "I don't wanna talk about it..." Someone needs to give Ben some Haagen Daz and a Midol.
  13. http://www.webcomicalliance.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/spork_n_beans.jpg Poor Little Jackson in 20 years...
  14. Bingo ! Even though the Bateses are far, far more palatable and sometimes downright pleasant to watch I have to remind myself that the psychopathology at work within the entire Gothard crowd is pretty much uniformly hurtful, misogynistic, and predatory. Even JB and his carnival barker, hyuk-hyuk "I'm a Goober for Jesus !" bullshit is a well-crafted act that has been fooling people for decades. But Gil Bates, in his down-home, likable, charming husband and father role, is a thousand times more insidious, as another poster (whom I can't remember - I'm sorry !) noted earlier somewhere on this
  15. Gah ! And who eats/feeds directly from a can ?!?! Old timey cartoon hobos, that's who ! Not blaming Jana on that account, though - that one has Michelle written all over it.
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