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S24.E11: Week 10 - The Final Rose

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Peter's romantic journey is coming to an unbelievable conclusion. After the shocking ending to the fantasy suite dates, Peter, Hannah and Madison travel to Alice Springs, Australia.

Airs March 9, 2020.

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This season is just exhausting, with all of the obvious producer manipulation, Peter changing the rules every five seconds, him keeping around obvious villains way beyond their expiration date, awkward dates, so much crying and yelling, everyone seems miserable. Its just hard to care, even in the semi ironic way that I normally do.

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Hahahahahaah did he leave Hannah Ann sitting in the car while he went in to talk to his parents about Madi?  I hope he cracked a window.

And don;t lie to your mom, Peter. You did not think saying bye to Madi was the best choice for you that night. She just left.

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Peter’s brother trusts Peter’s judgment. That’s mistake number one. But Mama Webber doesn’t seem like she’s going to let Peter make his own decisions...which is probably why Peter seemingly has little experience thinking for himself and making critical decisions.

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Even though they're the same age, I think Hannah Ann is a better actress than Madison.  Both are immature, but Madison I find more childish & stunted. 

I could be WAY off.....and I actually don't really care.....*LOL*  Just my impression. 

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“I feel like I’ve known you my whole life,” Mom says after knowing Hannah Ann for 2 hours tops. This woman is just more and insufferable--and she didn’t even get to the histrionic pleas yet!

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Oh good lord i can’t stand the mom. Blech. Wonder how many times she rehearsed that line and how much glycerin they used to coax a tear .

Peter picks mommy !! Yay!!

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"Peter's journey comes to an eh."

His family likes Hannah (Anna) because they don't have to learn a new name from last year.  I noticed they called her Hannah instead of Hannah Anna.

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Her hair looks trashed.  And is that grey in the front of her center part?

2 minutes ago, Suzysite said:

This, like, season is so, like, gross that I will need Clare to be a, like, palate cleanser to get the, like, yuck off.  

They don't make enough Purell to cleanse us from this filth.  *LOL*  Well, not that we could actually get wit this stupid virus around....

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If you don’t know what to do, my advice is RUN! Or fly, those eyelashes are like built in wings, she can be her own pilot.  Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

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1 minute ago, dizzyd said:

If you don’t know what to do, my advice is RUN! Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

Right. If you’re “barely hanging on by a string,” then listen to your instincts. She’s only hanging in there because she’s brainwashed by “the journey.” On the other hand, she expected Peter to “commit” to HER and not sleep with the other contestants when, as she readily admits, she wasn’t in love with him yet by that time. So if you’re only dating HIM and “your heart isn’t there yet,” how do you expect Peter to choose you and only you when he’s still dating two others?

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  • CuriousParker changed the title to S24.E11: Week 10 - The Final Rose

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