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  1. $50 million is a lot to pay someone to not host The Bachelor. I would not host for half that. But then, I don't know where the bodies are buried. A $50 million NDA is big enough to hush a whole lot.
  2. She let a lot of bad haircuts go. Is this the first time showing up in a full body costume has worked? I get furries need love too, but I always assumed a stunt like cat guy came from people not really interested. I guess we'll see. This still might be one long-form pussy joke.
  3. If Sara annoys you, Jamie must make you homicidal
  4. I know CH is only on screen for about 45 seconds a week during BiP. So it should be fine -- a little David Spade goes a long way.
  5. Eager to see how this works out
  6. See, this is what I want from this franchise: stupid scandals. I don't need racism or life-altering accusations. I want bachelorettes too stoned to call their moms when the season is over. Keep your Matt James and your Rachael Kirkconnell. Give me two scoops of Whaboom with a sloth girl chaser.
  7. She looked at her final four, then looked at her vibrator, then sighed and sent those doofuses home.
  8. Maybe so. Honestly it's been a long time since I've paid much attention to anything Hannah B has done, thought, or said.
  9. The theory i've been hearing is this was taped awhile ago and this is where she met the current boyfriend
  10. This is not a headline for which I was prepared. https://themuse.jezebel.com/should-fessy-have-eaten-the-testicles-1846690664 Is he still dating Hayleigh? (ETA: I looked it up - they broke up last summer.)
  11. I guess you could read it that way. To me, it's clear he was allowing Rachael to believe what he told her so he had someone else to sex up.
  12. Turns out it's WAAAAAAY more awful. https://people.com/tv/rachael-kirkconnell-feels-matt-james-broke-her-trust-after-she-stayed-with-him-in-nyc-source/
  13. My bad. Internetting without coffee. I just pretend they're all Kendall wanna-bes
  14. Are you sure? I'd swear that was Bri from Colton's season -- the one who faked an Australian accent then made Ol' Matt Donald look stupid on BiP. But I would not put money on it 🙂
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