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  1. I agree. He's getting Brooke's edit, if you replace Kristen Kish with renal cancer.
  2. Okay, I have FIXED THIS SHOW 🙂 You start with all the contestants -- no "more come in later" stuff. Even number of men and women. At the beginning of each episode, everyone pairs up, but you CANNOT pair up with someone you have already paired with unless there is no other choice. Maybe there's a random draw (or, since this is The Bachelor, production will assign the pairs based on Drama Potential). The pairs spend the episodes going on dates or other couple-activities, and they rehearse a song. ANY song. Second half of the episode, you all perform those songs for judges. The judges then eliminate ONE contestant. Not one couple, not one male and one female. Exactly one. Then there's a rose ceremony. The gender which just got someone eliminated by the judges gets roses to hand out. One person of the OTHER gender doesn't get a rose, so effectively a couple gets eliminated. You can give your rose to the same person every week, but if that person can't sing worth a damn, you better build some other friendships. At some point -- maybe when there are four couples left -- you all pick your Ride Or Die, so to speak. (Yes, it's a juvenile pun, but this isn't The Met.) Then there's a BiP-style ring ceremony. The couples who stick around after that then perform for judges with huge backup bands until the winning musical lovebirds are left. First male eliminated has to date Julia. How much do I get as an Exec Producer?
  3. Doesn't this just leave you with American Idol though? I think you have to keep the romance in. But it does need to change. Maybe combine the two and let people get eliminated by either performing badly OR not building a connection. You'd have to have judges AND rose ceremonies, and those judges would only eliminate a single performer regardless of their partner or their romantic connection. I think this show CAN work, but they need to tweak.
  4. So Jamie got Victoria Effed? I hope they had fun. Her dad is going to break Trevor's knees.
  5. Has anyone since the Righteous Brothers done a decent cover of Unchained Melody? Jamie and Trevor had an orchestra behind them, and they still sounded like they were singing along with the Demo button on a Casio keyboard. I know those two probably didn't arrange the music, but still.... yeesh...
  6. Say what you like about Jamie, but that young lady FEELS her FEELINGS. And she's not shy about it either.
  7. She was the same way on her original season. Seemed far too thin to be healthy. I guess she's got that mix of a slim build and a fast metabolism that keeps her body fat low. being able to see the outline of her abdomen muscles is striking tho Kim is kind of the same way, I think, with the added bonus of being 9 feet tall.
  8. So that means Mularkey can be front-of-house in restaurant wars. Yaaaaaaaas
  9. Tony does seem like he finally snapped his leash. Torching his relationship with Sarah is such an Original Recipe Tony move. It'll probably work, and Sarah and Trish can have something to bond over.
  10. You're talking about the woman I love. *tosses gauntlet on the ground* See you at dawn. But I think it's Kim tonight too 😞
  11. Tyson is the obvious choice since both Kim and Sophie have idols, but as much as I love those women, I don't think they are above being blindsided. Sophie knows Kim has an idol. Does anyone know Sophie has one?
  12. Oh, that's a good point. He would have had to see the cascade coming. Even if he didn't, I think both Sandra and Denise would have voted Tony out over Jeremy. Kim and Tony seem to be close, but I think she's cool with Jeremy too.
  13. Tony is definitely doing better than I thought he would, given how manic and over-the-top he can be. Maybe being with Sarah at the beginning kept him centered until he could make some relationships. Becoming tight with Kim was probably good for both of them to this point too. But he was fortunate -- before the merge, he only went to tribal three times. The first two, they went after Allies Of Rob (Amber and Tyson) and then Sandra sacrificed herself on Denise's altar. If Sandra had kept her idol and played it on herself, I think it would have started a cascade where Kim played hers and Denise played hers, then Jeremy played his advantage and went back to camp, then Tony would have gotten defaulted out. At this point, I could see just about any of the ones still in the game winning. Except Adam. And Ben.
  14. I moved away from Atlanta a couple years ago, and not having access to Revival and GunShow any more is a huge regret.
  15. I'm assuming this is Covid-19. Good luck, Colton, Cassie, and all the familes. ...but it would be just like Colton to freak out if he got tested positive for Chlamydia. Going from NADA to STD would make anyone's head spin.
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