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  1. So Boy Band Kenny posts naked pictures of himself onlIne. You do you, Kenny. He's in great shape, but all I could think of when I stumbled across these was "six more weeks of winter, I guess."
  2. I'm not gonna miss Chasen. But thanks to him, I got pretty good at typing "Broke-Face Val Kilmer" really fast
  3. If they keep bringing back former contestants, we'll inevitably get a Hannah!
  4. it’s always fun on this show when the villain goes home, and there she goes! Poor Dale just wanted Clare-ity but got Clare-mydia instead. “Dale, you are contractually obligated to get Clare pregnant before the end of the fiscal year.”
  5. I forgot about Alayah. She did get sort of a bum rush with Peter and his inability to grow a spine. I think they were going for a bigger splash than a 25-year-old who basically fits the same mold as everyone else. (Does she identify as Hispanic? We didn't really get to know her.) But at least she's not a Hannah.
  6. "Hi, DeAnna -- would you like to come stay at a high-end resort on ABC's dime, even if you only get about 45 seconds screen time? You'd have to be away from your kids for a month." I bet she didn't drop below 85mph all the way to the LaQuinta.
  7. It looks like we're split on Tayshia. Personally, I love her, but different strokes... I am curious, though. Given that they would possibly need a replacement Bachelorette -- not just because Clare is a lunatic flight risk, but because of the pandemic -- who should they have brought in? There wasn't anyone on Peter's season both suitable and available. Especially not for a cast built with a 39 year old in mind. Hannah Ann and Madi are, what, 24 now? Kelly is unavailable. Victoria Fuller would have caused a huge backlash and I think was with Chris Soules at the time anyhow. Kelsey? Looking farther back to some of Tayshia's castmates: Hannah G is involved. So is Caelynn. Hannah B already turned them down, apparently (and thank Jesus for that). Demi would be entertaining, but... I dunno... kinda young for this group, sort of a mess, and I think a lot of people are sort of over Demi by now. So I don't know who else besides Tayshia they could pick. Plus having a second Black lead would have gone over well during these racially charges days. (Given that, maybe they should have skipped Clare completely and had Tayshia from the start.) I only started watching with Arie's season, so there might be others I don't know about. (I did hear Tia's name come up, but I don't know. I think they'd go with Kendall before dealing with Tia.)
  8. He must be laughing his ass off someplace.
  9. After thinking about it, there was Elizabeth Hasselbeck, former Fox News Blonde, who was on Survivor in the early days when she was Elizabeth Filarski. I don't know how much leverage Survivor gave her to get into broadcasting. Survivor also gave us Brendan Synott, a co-founder of Bear Naked granola. He was on Survivor Tocantins but got dragonslayed. AGain, don't know if Survivor played into that.
  10. Fair enough 🙂 You can't argue with biology. I just meant if any of these guys are interested in her as a 39-year-old, that shouldn't change in 5 months when the big 4-0 arrives. Has Clare said anything about wanting children?
  11. Oh for sure. They probably stole a few towels and that's it
  12. It would be interesting to know her in person just to get a sense of her motivations. I'm new to the franchise, so my first exposure to her was on Winter Games and I thought she was crazy. I have no doubt she gets a lot of attention day-to-day in her real life. But as one of my favorite Demotivator posters says, "The one constant in all your failed relationships is you." In any case, if she wants fame, running off with Dale less than two weeks into filming seems like bad tactics. (The question of how much fame you can get on a reality show is a larger question. How many people outside Bachelor Nation know who, say, Becca or Sean Lowe is? Or Boston Rob or Dr Will or any of the icons from specific shows? Which leads to another question -- how many people have leveraged their time on a reality shows for genuine fame? DIDN'T WORK FOR JED YET I SEE)) Sorry... babbling now 🙂
  13. I don't know about the contracts. I thought if they broke up within two years of the end of filming, they had to give the Neil Lane ring back, but I don't know of any obligations to pretend to be together. Certainly previous couples have broken up very quickly. I might be gullible, but I do take Clare at her implication she wants a husband. The army of 23 year olds trooping through might be willing to role-play for awhile, but Clare turns 40 in March. Not that that matters in any real way, but these aren't adults -- they're reality show contestants.
  14. Maybe we can start a pool for whether those two are still together by the ATFR? My guess is they announce their breakup after the season is completely done.
  15. I had nearly forgotten that. Does she know yet?
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