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  1. I can tell you why it makes me angry. That woman is clearly not Shelly Miscavige. They know it's not her they talked to Mike Rinder and other people who know her and they all said that woman is clearly not Shelly Miscavige. She looks nothing like Shelly. But Scientologists and other doubters will be using this story for years to say "See she's fine, she was on the Freewinds. She's just choosing not to be public." It's just a cash grab that will actually hurt the chances of ever getting justice for Shelly.
  2. I kind of like it when Peggy is mean, and I loved that she bonded with the pastor over it. This wasn't the best episode that they have done but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.
  3. You can call me crazy but I cracked up at the “I’m the pastor now” line.
  4. This video by Aaron Smith-Levin details how one of the episodes got scrapped. It's a pretty amazing/ insane story!
  5. Tony Ortega wrote about that case in January. https://tonyortega.org/2019/01/07/a-scientologist-on-trial-for-double-murder-a-story-the-church-is-very-nervous-about/ I do think it would be hard to find people to testify for the defense because CO$ is going to throw it right back at them as ammunition. See, these people can't be trusted they are trying to help a multiple murder! Also they do a Superbowl commercial every year it's just not a national ad. It only air in certain markets that have lots of Scientologists. The Mr. Peanut response was great.
  6. This is where I am. I'm just happy to know season 5 is happening. If season 5 is the last one at least let them tie it up nicely and keep the quality level high. I would rather 5 great seasons than have the show falter and peter out for 2 or 3 more seasons.
  7. Good news ahead of the new season!!! https://tvline.com/2019/01/22/the-magicians-renewed-season-5-syfy/
  8. It will never go to a jury. All Scientologists have to sign agreements with fine print that states any disputes will be handled by Scientology arbitration which is binding. The arbitrators are all Scientologists in good standing with the church and will never side with you over the church. Look into the lawsuit filed by Luis and Rocio Garcia to understand better. The suit dragged on for many years and there are lots of articles on it so I can't really link it here but you'll see how they could never get around the who arbitration thing no matter how clearly biased it was.
  9. Gellis killed her husband because she believed it would help her travel but there is no sign that actually had an impact. She mostly made blood sacrifices because she was a psycho. Claire told her repeatedly she didn’t need a blood sacrifice but Gellis didn’t want to risk it. There was buzzing in the cave when Claire looked at the pool but there were also drums happening outside so it wasn’t as distinctive. And just because Gellis didn’t mention the buzzing doesn’t mean she didn’t hear it. We already know that she can travel and those who can travel hear the buzzing. Ergo she can hear the
  10. It was Old Alec the head groom at Castle Leoch that said it in the book, but yes I thought just the same thing once she started spewing her nonsense about Jamie sending Claire away because he didn't want kids. I can totally accept the rage filled I hate your mother stuff. BUT the underhanded your father never wanted you stuff was just such a vindictive, mean-spirited thing to do.
  11. Exactly, they need a better shelter than the one they currently have before winter hits. So build a small cabin now and then you can start working on a big house in the spring.
  12. I would argue that because she left the way she did her family knew she wanted out and thus would be expecting her to leave so they would notice if she were being held. Before that they think is everything is fine and just think she's been reassigned so can't talk as much. Also every communication into and out of that base is monitored so the church could easily keep her from getting out where as the other way the family would know something is wrong if she never left again.
  13. I really enjoyed this episode and for once I didn't cry. That escape in the trunk of a car was great stuff. I love that she was watching a story about brainwashing in the Korean War and was like OMG that's what they are doing to us. Time to take these bastards down. (In a totally legal nonviolent way of course).
  14. The show has addressed it some but I agree not particularly well. What they really haven't shown is how dangerous travelling through the stones can be. Every time Claire travels it is much harder on her. When she returns to Jamie in the third book she is certain that another trip would kill her. Also people sometimes get lost in time during the trips or just show up dead at the stones. I often see stuff like why doesn't Claire just pop over to visit Bri and come back. The answer is because it is super dangerous to do that.
  15. on the A&E website JW episode is listed as S3 E0. The Emotional Aftermath from last Sunday was S3 E1.
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