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  1. Which movie was that, MissyPoo?
  2. I had the complete opposite reaction regarding the plot line of Sister of the Bride -- I thought this was one of the most predictable movies I've seen, and I've seen a lot of predictable Hallmark movies. Once they got to the house, I never for a moment doubted that the leads would be the ones getting married. This movie was extremely boring to me, and I agree with you that the tart decorating was idiotic... I thought it was the height of lameness. I also kind of hated the lead actress. I didn't mind her as much in Love at First Dance, but she really bugged me in this movie.
  3. Oh wow, I don't know how I missed those! Most Painful Cancellation Favorite Performance by an Inamimate Object (I voted for Knuckles!) Also: Best Costuming
  4. These are the categories I found it in (there could be others I missed): Favorite New Show Favourite Comedy Show Best Writing Funniest Scene from a Comedy Favorite Leading Actor/Actress Favourite Season/Series Finale Best Set Design
  5. This was from a while back, but fun to see - The Kids Are Alright Cast Take Us Back To The '70s!
  6. According to this article, ABC included the following The Kids Are Alright episodes in their Emmy mailer: I think they should have substituted Valentine's Day with Timmy's New Hobby. Then again... maybe they were afraid the show they stupidly cancelled would win an Emmy(s) if they included that episode.
  7. AnnaRose

    SO3.E23 A Mom's Parade

    Yes. They're moving it to Fridays though.
  8. AnnaRose

    Life In Pieces

    I liked this past episode a lot... which is frustrating because it's ending and now it's making me care about that! Lark missing in the hospital was amusing. I loved the new math stuff. (Do they really have those elements in 'New Math'?) And nobody was especially annoying, which may be a record for this show. It was hard to believe that Colleen, with her perfectly applied makeup, would think that what she did to Joan's face was great. Then again, when she put all that horrible makeup on little Lark (and that awful pageant dress) - she thought it looked great... so clearly she is insane! Thanks for making me feel like I'm going to miss you show! (Not nearly at the level that I'll miss The Kids are Alright if ABC fails to come to their senses... but still, quite a bit.)
  9. Same here. That's the only one that doesn't sound like one I've already watched. Edited to Add: To Merry or Not to Marry is the worst title IMO. I hate that one. (Closely followed by Heartfelt Christmas which gives no indication what it's about.)
  10. He probably thinks it's the smarter way to do it because it's more efficient.
  11. I'm guessing they add the music later, after they secure licensing.
  12. Same here. I watched the preview of the June movies and the only one I'm really looking forward to is the one starring Paul Campbell - The Last Bridesmaid - with Rachel Boston. I've loved him in everything I've seen him in. I will also probably watch Wedding March 5: My Boyfriend's Back because it stars Tyler Hynes who I really enjoyed in Flip that Romance. (I originally wasn't going to bother since I haven't seen the four previous movies in the series... but the preview made it seem like perhaps each installment focuses on a different couple, making them stand-alone for new viewers. Is that true?)
  13. I too thought it was cute, and the two leads were very appealing and likeable... especially compared to the last two new Hallmark movies. And I agree with you about Jocelyn Hudon. She is gorgeous but still relatable and seems to have more substance and natural acting ability than some of the other Hallmark actresses who seem to have been hired just because they are TV-beautiful. I think Jocelyn's a great fit for these types of movies and wouldn't mind seeing her in more of them. I hadn't even noticed anything remotely close to cursing, so I'm surprised about the complaints you mentioned. Haha! That's true. I hadn't really thought about it, but in a way I guess it was appropriate since they were all still getting over their pre-adult experiences. I did like how they handle the reformed mean girl. I was never quite sure how reformed she really was until her last scene and I thought it was realistic that somebody like that could grow up to regret the way they behaved. I liked her realization that at least part of her motivation to marry him was because she wanted to prove to herself that she truly had changed. (Not that dating him would be any kind of hardship!) In some ways, even though they had the immature romantic behavior of "Do you like-like him?" and all that... the main characters also showed quite a bit of maturity, especially in the final resolution, tree-house notwithstanding. Plus it made it easier to root for the childhood BFFs because they truly loved and understood each other and they were equally gorgeous and attracted to each other... so of course they should get together. (They would have some seriously beautiful offspring!) The thing that was hard to believe was that they never dated before... but I guess IRL people do get stuck in their friend roles, even when everybody else who observes them knows they belong together.